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It started out like any other party I have attended at my friend’s house, lots to drink and lots of guys to flirt with. I was having loads of fun flirting with the guys, drinking, dancing and generally have a great time. It was during one of my excursions to the dancing area that I first noticed her. She was gorgeous with flawless caramel skin and a figure to die for. Only problem was that when we made eye she met my smile with a scowl and look of distaste. I could not understand what I could have possibly done as it was the first time I had ever seen her. Well after some thought I decided to put it out of my mind and enjoy myself, sure I would not see her again or at least not have to spend any time around her. So I kept on dancing, laughing and having fun with my friends.

As the evening wore on I saw her a couple more times and she gave me the same look as before. I talked to our hostess, Stacey, to try and find out about her and potentially why she seemed to dislike me so. I learned her name was Lindsey and she was a police officer but other than that Stacey wasn’t much help just telling me was surprised by my description of what happened. She told me that she is a great girl who is really friendly and appears to get along with everyone. Feeling all the more confused about the situation, and finding it increasingly difficult to get it out of my mind I determined that I needed to find her and talk to her. At a minimum find out what I could have done and how to fix it if possible. I am a fun loving girl who I guess goes out of their way to ensure everyone likes them.

After a quick search of the place I found her talking to a group of girls, laughing and carrying on. So I gently eased up to them and introduced myself. The other girls were really pleasant and friendly; however Lindsey still was a bit cold and disinterested in carrying on a conversation with me. After a few awkward minutes I excused myself. A few minutes later I asked one of the girls in the group if I did anything wrong and she told me no and asked why. I told her that Lindsey must not like me much and tried to laugh it off.

About 30 minutes later or so Lindsey came up to me and reintroduced herself to me saying that she was sorry if I got the impression that she did not like me. She told me she didn’t know me and not to take it personally. We ended up talking and really seemed to warm up to each other, laughing and discussing life. I started to really enjoy her company and felt at ease with her. After a bit Stacey asked if I would be a dear and make a beverage run as they were getting low on supplies. I reluctantly accepted and started to excuse myself. Well Lindsey grabbed my arm and said that she would join me to which I was extremely grateful.

Being as I rode with Steven, my date, I did not have a car so Lindsey said she would drive but we needed to walk to her apartment building to get her car. While we walked to her apartment she asked me numerous questions about my youth, boyfriends and just about everything else. I felt that I was doing all the talking in-between her questions and really was not learning anything about her. When we got to her apartment building she told me that she needed to get her drivers license so we headed upstairs to her apartment.

We started up the stairs and Lindsey stopped for a few seconds which resulted in me being 8-10 stairs further up than her. I looked back and she had the same expression as the teenagers caught trying to sneak a peek up your skirt at the mall. Lindsey smiling just looked me in the eye and stated that I had one of the most spank able asses she has ever seen. I know I blushed a deep shade of red, muttered thank you. I thought I would have a little fun and decided to shake my ass a little for effect. Right after I did it I thought how silly it was to do that, especially to another girl but we both laughed and started back up the stairs.

When we got to her door she leaned over and mentioned that she thought my black thong was hot. I blushed and felt extremely embarrassed realizing that I had exposed myself to her. Lindsey proceeded to step around behind me putting her face by my ear and told me that she thought I was very good looking as I felt her hands rest on the side of my thighs. She gently giggled when my body went tense and I stammered that I think she may have the wrong idea that I was not gay. She just leaned into me and told me she didn’t want me gay, she just wanted me.

Feeling very uncomfortable I stammered that we were supposed to be getting drinks. She moved her hands up a few inches and stopped and told me not to worry about it, someone else was getting the drinks. I started to protest but she just moved her hands up a little higher. I know I sounded alarmed when I told her that we are outside in plain view of everyone and I was uncomfortable with this. She giggled and moved her hands slightly higher raising my skirt up a bit. Then Lindsey told me only one way to go in was casino oyna to tell her that I wanted her. I was mortified and reminded her that she was a police officer. She just laughed again and raised her hands a little more.

I went to push her hands down and away from me but she leaned into me pushing me towards her door. I had to option of fighting her hands off or stopping myself from going face first into the door so I instinctively put my hands up to stop myself from colliding with the door. Lindsey purred in my ear that I was a good girl and moved her hands further up so my skirt was up around my waste and her hands were at the side of my thong. She then crouched down and took a look at my ass and commented that yes it is a very spank able ass, but we will get to that later. She then stood up and leaned back into me and told me I knew what I needed to do.

I am not 100 percent sure where it came from but I muttered that I wanted her. Lindsey just responded that she knows, and slowly slid her hands down pulling my skirt back into place. She then moved around me and unlocked her door and ushered me in. I entered with a lot of thoughts running through my mind. Lindsey then sat down on the couch looking me over saying that she is glad that I was so interested in talking to her. She went on to tell me that had I asked she would have stopped what she was doing outside, but assumed I liked it because I didn’t ask her to stop. Then Lindsey went on and said she was having a little fun. I laughed it off and told her that it did scare me and I didn’t mean anything offensive if she was gay. She then got serious and told me that I may ask when I was ready. I just stood there puzzled, not sure what she meant.

After this quick exchange she got up and walked over to me, standing directly in front of me and leaned in like to kiss me. I froze again then looked into her eyes as she moved closer I saw her parting her lips and my heart took off. I could feel the warmth of her breath as she stopped about an inch from my mouth. After a slight pause she moved away and went into the kitchen. When Lindsey returned she repeated the process of standing inches in front of me. I looked into her eyes again which she slowly closed in anticipation of a kiss. Not sure again what happened but our lips connected and she started to kiss me. I was thinking did I move or did she when the sensation and warmth of her lips hit me. I felt her tongue start to enter my mouth and after a slight pause I opened my mouth to allow her access.

By this time my head was swirling and I was not sure what I was doing, not that I cared that much at the time. Everything felt right, the warmth, and the pressure, just about everything. I really started to get carried away in the kiss, tongues running over each other my breath coming in shorter gasps. Without a doubt I was lost in the sensation and moment. This was not the first time I had kissed a girl, but it was far different than the truth-or-dare and spin-the-bottle games I played when I was younger. Almost instinctively my hands moved up to her face then looped around her neck as if trying to pull myself further into the kiss.

My concentration was jolted when I felt her hands at the side of my skirt undoing the clasp. Again I stiffened up, but she continued to kiss me with a passion I have never felt before. Not caring that the clasp had been opened nor about the sensation of the zipper being pulled down discouraged me from engaging in this wonderful kiss. I felt my skirt slip down and fall down my legs as she moved her lower body away from me slightly. Still wrapped up in the kiss I just let out a small moan of protest but did not break the kiss. Next I feel her hands work up my shirt undoing buttons on the way up. Once completely open Lindsey slid her hands around me under my shirt and pulled me tightly to her, working her leg in-between mine.

Once her thigh contacted my crotch I my knees nearly buckled, it was amazing. Numerous questions were flying through my mind asking how she was doing this to me. What is going on? What am I doing? I then notice her breaking the kiss and a small involuntary whimper escaped my lips. She took a step back and looked me up and down smiling. I realized that I was down to my panties, bra and a wide open shirt.

A fleeting thought entered my mind that that this is how Steven was probably hoping to see me at the end of the night. Like a lightening bolt it hit me that I was at the party with Steven. I started to try and re-button my shirt stammering that my date was at the party and I needed to go. She just looked at me and laughed asking do I think it would be better if Steven was here and not her. When I paused she went over to the stereo and put on some music. Lindsey sat down on the couch and asked me not to leave. I tried to apologize, telling her I had no idea what just happened. She just looked down at the skirt at my feet and raised her eyebrow and asked “Really?” I started canlı casino to bend down to get my skirt and she simply said “Stop.” I looked up at her quizzically and actually noticed that I had stopped midway. Lindsey was smiling at me with a smug expression.

Lindsey told me to stand back up and leave my skirt where it was. Without thinking I stood up straight and she said “good girl.” I was semi relieved that I had buttoned up a few buttons and my shirt hug down covering my panties. She patted the seat beside her on the couch and asked me to come and sit down. I hesitantly walked to the couch and sat down. Lindsey stroked my hair and again stated that I was being such a good girl.

Lindsey asked me why I was so interested in talking with her at the party. I told her that I wanted to find out what I could have done to receive the looks she gave me. She explained that when she was growing up she had a Barbie doll and I reminded her of it. She also explained that blondes appear to think the world revolves around then, but my interest in talking to her intrigued her. Lindsey then looked me in the eyes and asked if I had always been submissive, or only to black people. I was shocked expressing that I had no idea what she was talking about. She explained that I was worried about the “gay” thing so she figured it wasn’t to women in general. She could see I was confused so she went on to explain her theory. Lindsey mentioned that I did what I was told to do and she motions over to my skirt on the floor, I sat down next to her though I didn’t seem to want to. She also mentioned earlier that all I had to do was say no and she would stop, and I had failed to do that also. Lindsey then asked me why I leaned in to kiss her if I was not interested. Finally, asked me why I would allow her to practically undress me if I was not interested.

I stammered that I was taken away by the moment and had not been thinking straight but each excuse sounded hollow. She said interesting word, straight, from a homophobe. I said I am not a homophobe and have no problem with anyone either racially or their sexual preference. Lindsey just kept looking at me smiling, she then leaned in again and I was again captive to her kiss. She leaned over me pushing me down on the couch as her tongue explored my mouth, her hand running down my side to caress my hips and ass. Lindsey then moved so her leg was in between mine again applying pressure to my crotch. Her hands pulling my body so my crotch was grinding into her leg. I instinctively started to gyrate my hips in time to her pace. Once satisfied with my effort Lindsey moved her hands to undo the buttons I had managed to redo and opened my shirt again.

Her hands started to stroke my stomach and skin running up to the bottom of my bra. I felt her undoing the front clasps and then felt it fall away to each side. Lindsey started to fondle my breasts and the sensation of her lips; thigh and hands were sinking me into a fog. My hands holding the back of her head so I could continue to kiss those wonderful lips, feeling the warmth of her tongue invading my mouth.

She reached up behind her head and took my hands and placed them on my breasts as she broke the kiss. Lindsey straightened up and looked down realizing that I had stopped and was looking at her. She told me to continue. I again applied pressure on her thigh while my fingers toyed with my hard nipples. I applied more pressure with my crotch against her leg, staring into her eyes as she smiled down at me. Then she asked me if I was her new Barbie doll. Feeling the pleasure continue to build I gasped “yes.” Lindsey leaned down and kissed my forehead and told me to continue until I am about to cum.

She moved her hands back down my sides to my ass and pulled me into her thigh and held me in place tightly as she told me to continue. Once she was pleased with how I was doing she moved her hands up over my ass and slid her fingers through the straps of my thong and pulled it up my body to make it really tight on me. The sensation against her leg changed to become more intense and I started to pant and gasp. Lindsey kissed my forehead again and stood up and moved away walking to the back rooms. Stopped before she went down the hall and told me to remove my shirt and undone bra and follow her.

I obediently did as she requested and followed her down the hall frustrated that everything was going so wonderful and it stopped. Lindsey had me sit on a chair as she sat on her bed and she looked me over again. She asked again if I was submissive and I murmured that I must be. She smiled and asked if I was in general or just to her. Tears involuntarily welled in my eyes as I looked up at her and told her that I was submissive to her. She leaned down and stroked my face then leaned further and kissed me. After Lindsey broke the kiss she told me that she was not a domme but was enjoying playing the roll with me. She then said she is very interested in me and would like kaçak casino to get to know me much more. I jumped up and hugged her, telling her how happy that made me. Lindsey laughed and pulled me down on the bed and started to kiss me again. She worked me onto my back as her hand cupped my crotch and started to rub me.

Her fingers skillfully traced the outline of my pussy through my panties, hitting all the right places. My hips quickly found her pace and I forced my crotch against her hand as she slid her fingers into my panties directly touching me for the first time. My whole body shuddered when she made contact and applied pressure to my clit. After a few seconds of this she got up and pulled my panties off of me. I noticed she was still completely dressed and I was totally naked. I reached up and pulled her sweater off and like a teenager fumbled with her bra in my anticipation. As I removed her bra I was amazed at how perfect her breasts looked, so firm and flawless. I leaned down and gently flicked my tongue over her hardened nipples, then slowly taking them into my mouth. Her chest arched out as she inhaled deeply and let out a slight moan. Her breasts were warm and had a very slight taste of her perfume. Her nipples were amazing and I circled them with my tongue and then pulled each into my mouth to nurse on it.

After the momentary distraction I slid my hands down her body and pulled her skirt off after she raised her hips to allow me to do so. I only stopped suckling on her breasts when I could not reach them as I removed her skirt. As my eyes stayed locked with hers my hands moved back up her legs seeking her panties so I could discard them also only to find out she was not wearing any. Mildly surprised I glanced down and was shocked to see a glistening, but bald, pubic area. I stared for a few seconds then looked up to her face and she just smiled and asked if I liked.

I stammered that it was very nice. Lindsey laughed and told me to take a closer look. I immediately slid my body back and lowered myself to get a closer look. I was immediately fascinated with the pink peeking out and the wetness I observed. I shifted a little further up, moving closer to her. I suddenly felt her hands on my head attempting to gently pull my face into her. I moved to a few inches away from her and tensed up and heard her whimper as she asked me to please lick her. My first thought was revulsion; did she really expect me to eat her out? Lindsey raised her hips trying to reach my face with her crotch, trying to coax me into licking her.

I leaned a little closer and breathed in deeply through my nose and was treated with a musky, but not unpleasant aroma. I moved my hand so that I could open her up a little and see more of the contrast in the color and to see the fluid that had formed. Lindsey again asked me to lick her, this time more sternly and with more determination. I took a deep breadth and let my tongue caress a woman’s pussy for the first time. My tongue gently touched her, and then moved slowly down with the underside of my tongue making contact. Once I reached the bottom I ran my tongue back up actually collecting a small sample of the fluid that was increasingly present. I ran my tongue down and up in a steady rhythm and quickly swallowed when I needed to afraid of what it would all taste like.

Lindsey immediately started to move her hips to match the pace of my licks trying to force my tongue deeper into her. After a few licks I let my tongue go a little deeper into her, taking more of the juice and for the first time allowing myself to actually taste it. I was really surprised that it did not taste bad at all, not musky like I first imagined. Really do not know how to describe the taste other than it was not bad. After a few minutes of licking, and trying to imitate what I enjoyed when guys went down on me, she roughly grabbed my head and hair and pulled my face into her as she had an orgasm.

After she released me from her grasp I slowly moved up so I was lying right next to her, looking at her breathing deeply and regaining her composure. She opened her eyes and looked me in the eyes and told me that was incredible and rolled over to wrap her arms around me and started to kiss me intently again. As we kissed she snaked her hand down to my crotch and inserted a finger into me. I moaned a little then continued kissing her. Lindsey then removed her finger and inserted two into me and started to thrust in and out of me. I rolled over on my back legs spread apart and started to drive my hips towards her hand and she continued to finger me. It was not long until I felt the pleasure increase. My body went rigid and I screamed as my body let go and wave after wave of pleasure swept over me.

Lying their trying to catch my breath she kissed me and told me she loved a vocal lover though she doubts her neighbors would then she laughed. Lindsey mentioned that the neighbors may not though. Lindsey lay back as I placed my head on her stomach with my arm draped over her. I was quite taken by the contrast of my white skin against her black skin as I drifted off to sleep. After a few minutes she nudged me back awake and I sat up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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