Letter to L: A Massage to Remember

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Hi there, I have to share last night with you. It was truly unbelievable. I visited Marion’s Massage studio because hubby was out and I was extremely horny. She had told me that she was expecting two Russian girls for a few days so I had to take advantage of them.

When I arrived I had a coffee with Marion who had experienced the two girls earlier that day and was telling me that they were into total satisfaction. I went into the room they were both there. One handed me a towel and unlike normal sessions, where the attendant leaves while the client gets undressed, they stayed and the younger one helped me remove my clothes. There was something really sensual in the way she did it.

She unbuttoned my blouse slowly and slid it off me. Then she knelt down and unbuttoned my jeans and slid the zipper down and pushed them to the floor. Her face was right in front of my pussy and she leaned forward and kissed it through the material of my undies.

The casino oyna other girl came up and stood in front of me, reached her arms around me and unclasped my bra sliding it off, exposing my breasts. She cupped them in her hands and kissed the nips gently. I could feel my undies being slid down along my legs and felt the younger girl’s mouth on my woo woo. She licked nicely and I actually orgasmed, right as I stood there. The older girl held me up while I shook from my climax.

I saw the older girl unbutton her smock and let it drop to the ground. I looked and she was nude. I looked down and saw the other girl lick her, while she was still on her knees in front of me.

They both stood and ushered me to the table and motioned for me to lie down. I did and one, the older one, stood by my head while the younger one was at my feet. She picked up my legs by the ankles and raised them, parting them at the same time and stepping between canlı casino them. She raised my legs in the air and passed my ankles to the other girl. She took them in her hands and pulled on them so they were well over my head. I saw the older girl spread her legs and straddled my face while she pulled my ankles further over my head.

The younger girl leaned forward and began to eat me while I felt the older girl lower herself onto my mouth. I was so ready and munched hard bringing her to a climax while I reached my second one, followed by a third right away.

We rested a minute while the younger girl played with herself. Then older one motioned me to turn over onto my tummy and she began to give me the most wonderful massage. The younger girl was massaging my shoulders and standing at my head and she pushed herself against my face and as I looked up my mouth was right where it should be. I licked her as she pushed herself toward me and she tasted kaçak casino so sweet. I could feel the older one’s hands between my thighs fingering me. Another orgasm.

I was spent and watched the two of them finger each other. When they both came the walked to where my legs were and opened them. They both ate me until I came. When I finished they both kissed me deep and all I could taste was my own juice. Their faces were wet, so I guess I squirted a lot.

They cleaned me up and I dressed and went out to see Marion. She was just with another client so I waited a minutes. She asked me how it was and I told her it was heaven. She said she could smell satisfaction all over me and leaned over to kiss me. I returned the kiss and we actually embraced. I felt her hand reach between my legs. I let her and helped by unzipping my jeans. She reached in and began to finger me and I realized the other customer was still in the waiting room. She was watching us and I didn’t care. I let Marion finger me to an orgasm and didn’t hold back any noise. When I finished the other woman smiled. Then I left (after I paid my $150 and a $100 tip for each girl).

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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