Learning The Hard Way

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In my senior year, my history teacher was fine!

I fantasized about tasting him. I wanted to feel his lips dance across mine. I wanted to feel the heat of his mouth and his tongue raping my lips. There was only one thing to do and that was to walk right over to him and tell him what I thought.

He sat across the room from me, looking so handsome in that suit. His lecture was not supposed to be happening today, but here I sat, and the more I sat, the hotter I got looking at him. I wondered how it felt to touch his chest, to rip that tie from his neck and the buttons from his shirt and tear into his flesh with my nails, clawing at him hungrily.

I could feel myself tingle the more I thought about what could go on between us, what could be done to our bodies, how wet the sheets would get. To hell with the sheets, right here in this room on this table on these chairs. I sat with my head propped on my hand while I listened to him lecture everyone.

I felt dreamy and lightheaded as I watched him. He got up from his chair and walked towards the place where I sat.

“Excuse me Miss Winter, but I would like to see you naked after class.”

I abruptly sat up and said, “Excuse me?”

“I said, I would like to see you after class,” He repeated.

“Yes, oh yes,” I said in a dreamy tone.

“What was that?” He asked.

“Nothing.” I said.

Class drug on and I continued to drool over him. When class was over, every one of my friends ribbed me about getting busted as they left the room, leaving me in my seat and waiting on him to come down hard on me. Oh, if they only knew how hard I wanted him to come in me.

He walked over to my desk and propped himself against the one next to me. I was not really listening to what he said at first, and then he reached down and touched my hand.

“Holly, are you even listening to me?” His voice was steady and solemn.

“No, I guess not, canlı bahis I was too busy thinking about other things.”

“You seem to be doing that a lot as of late, is there a problem?”

His cologne wafted to my nostrils and I could feel my body tingle all over, I felt myself blush as I spoke softly to him, “The only problem I have in this class is you.”

“There is a problem with me?” He cleared his throat and continued, “Then we need to resolve that, don’t we.”

“I would love to, but I do not think that there can be any resolution until after I am finished with your class or you expel me.”

I stood up to face him, my pert breast hard with excitement and nipples stiff against my thin shirt, just wanting to be released from their bounds.

“There is always a way to resolve things, it may take awhile, but I am sure we can come to some type of common ground.”

I had always been quiet and never went after what I wanted outright. I always found another way to get things, usually by making things work to my advantage and winning them in the end, why should this be any different.

Something told me that this time I needed to go after what I wanted full force, and then if got expelled after the fact, so be it.

“Yes, Doug, there is a common ground,” I ran my hand up his tie and to the collar of his shirt and back down to where his tie met his belt, “but as I said, I don’t think we can resolve the issue at hand.”

I let my fingers trace the top of his belt and his pants. I could feel him tense up.

He cleared his throat but didn’t speak, all he did was stare at me with those gorgeous eyes.

“Yes, Doug, you have see me watch you. Do you really think I wear these outfits because it’s the style?” I shot him one of my innocently sexy smiles, and I could see him squirm.

“Holly,” He cleared his throat again, “It’s not a matter of me watching you. The way you conduct yourself bahis siteleri in my classroom is, eh, no worse then how any of the other girls do. Well, actually you…” and he stopped speaking as if he didn’t want to admit to anything more.

“Doug,” I pressed my body against his and he leaned further back against the desk he was sitting on, putting his hands back to brace himself, “I only conduct myself the way I do because I want to turn you on.”

I whispered, “I’m so hot for you now, I’m wet. And the hotter you make me, the wetter I get.” I batted my eyes at him and that was all it took.

He was on me and his lips met mine with mad force. You couldn’t stop the heat building up between us. He pushed me back, picking me up at the same time and walked me over to his desk, sitting me at the edge. He started hiking my mini-skirt up,then stopped.

“Wait,” he said, and walked over, locking the class room door. I sat there waiting to reap that which I had sewn in his eyes.

Doug came back over to where he left me sitting and knelt down before me. I teetered on the edge of his desk and he threw my legs over his shoulders, peeling my pussy juice soaked panties away from my body. Looking up at me, he said, “I have wanted to do this ever since the first day you walked into class,” and his face was down between my legs, licking and sucking like a hungry animal.

I had to brace myself against the desktop while he greedily took my pussy in his mouth, making me cum all over his face, lapping at all of my juices and folds.

He finally stood up, face shimmering with my cream, and undid his pants, letting them drop. His member was throbbing hard; I swear it had to be at least 9 inches in length and almost 2 in thickness. “Take off you top, I want to see those luscious breast!” He growled.

I quickly disrobed and his mouth went back and forth between my nipples as his cock rubbed my folds. bahis şirketleri I swear, I felt him get harder. I reached down to finger myself as he licked my hard nipples, then rubbed my juices all over his massive manhood.

“Holly, I am want to make you scream!” He said as he positioned himself to push inside my pussy.

“Yes, Doug, yes, make me scream, make me come, make me wet, fill me with all of your heat and cream!” I seductively spoke.

He pushed deep inside me, picking me up off the desk and bobbing me up and downon his massive member with his hips and hands. It was all I could do to hold on to his shoulders, and I clawed into his shirt for grip.

His face met mine with hot, tonguing kisses and breathing as he stroked me with his hot rod.

I felt his body quake under mine and knew it wouldn’t be much longer before he shot off his load deep inside my body.

I couldn’t help it,I felt my body quiver and was ready to come. I wanted him to come with me. I had to tell him, ‘YES, make me come, come baby, come with me, come for me, give me that juice when I give you mine’.

My juices flowed over him, causing him to moan loudly and shake violently as his wad blew.

He sat me back down at the edge of he desk, his throbbing cock still inside of my body, slowly relaxing. His lips found my nipples that were ice hard and he stroked them with his tongue and worked up to my lips again.

“You are so hot!” he said to me, while catching his breath, “If I knew, I would have kept you after class a long time ago.”

“You can keep me after class again, anytime you like.” I whispered, still trying to catch my breath. I felt him slip and cum run down my leg and his. We just smiled at each other.

Class was never the same after that, and neither was detention. Eventually we parted ways, he obtained job teaching with college in Huston Texas, but that will never change the success I had my senior year, teaching him how bad nice girls can be.

Mr. Austin, if you are reading this, I dedicate this to you. You were so hot, and I should have taken that one chance when I had it. You were my high school crush!

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