Kinzy’s Dance Class Lezdom Pt. 02

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During the ride to wherever we were going, I sat in the middle back seat between Jennifer, her name I now recalled as she helped sit me in the back seat between her and the other girl I recognized from my dance class. I had not yet learned her name, but she smiled softly, almost sheepishly at me. Renee sat in front with the Uber driver, who looked like he just hit the jackpot. Why wouldn’t he. We looked like a car full of young college aged strippers.

As the Uber pulled away, Renee whispered something to the effect of “fuck it” under her breath, turned and told me, “Kinzy, lean up here and bend over a sec”. I put both my hands on the headrests and leaned forward, lifting my ass off my seat to talk to Renee. Because of my heels, my back was almost touching the roof liner.

Recall my rather lame attempt to describe “Jeweled Butt Plug Extraction 101”. Well, the girl to my left hadn’t read it either. And, coincidentally, the “just rip it off” method does not apply here either. She had pulled my leotard to the side and ripped that plug out of my ass, apparently under Renee’s visual cues, so fast I swear I could hear my asshole pop open and shut like the snap of a finger. It felt like it to, to the point of making my back arch touching the roof and my knees buckle.

Lube, more often than not, with some limited exceptions, is a girl’s best friend. I was grateful Renee had not been stingy were my asshole was concerned. Jennifer repositioned my outfit and both she and the girl to my left helped me back to my seat. I felt my hole pucker and retreat and it felt kind of hot, like it was trying to grab that thin strip of fabric. My ass was sliding on the car seat as some lube managed to trickle out of me. Our driver had obviously repositioned his rear view mirror to my crotch, which didn’t bother me, Except I don’t think we were in a Tesla.

Our car stopped in a renovated older part of the city just a few blocks off campus, from what I could figure, at the end of a long, dark and basically empty alley. I sort of knew the area, basically between recently renovated clubs, restaurants and bars I could hear on the main street side and older yet to renovated homes and businesses on the opposite side. I was not at all familiar with this specific art of town. The alley was blocked by a high chain link fence with barbed wire on top.

Jennifer exited the Uber and to my surprise, had a key for the gate, which she unlocked and opened. Jennifer unclipped my ankle cuffs and helped me out of the back seat. We had all exited the Uber and he, I’m sure somewhat reluctantly, drove off. I wondered at that point if my ankles had been cuffed together so I couldn’t run, which would have been interesting to watch in ballet heels. Plies and arabesques and other motions sure, but the thought of running in them kind of made me giggle to myself.

Renee reached around me and loosely Velcro fastened a wide yellow belt with little pockets around my waist that rode at the top of my hips as Jennifer fastened a really short purple cape over my shoulders barely covering my ass cheeks around my neck, tying a knot in front.

Renee, a devious little smile on her face, gave me a prolonged open mouthed tongue to tongue wet kiss and motioned for me to walk through the gate. She gave me a playful spank to my ass and told me they would be right back, but closed and locked the gate behind me. I guess I should have felt somewhat safe.

After all, I’m standing in a dark alley with a locked gate, although probably on the wrong side of the locked gate, dressed in just a leotard that is way too small for me barely covering anything, a pretend utility belt, fishnet tights, a cape covering basically nothing and ballet boots.

If my superpowers are being cute and naïve, I thought I should be okay.

I started to walk away from the gate down the alley. I could hear my heels and the sounds from my dangling ankle cuffs, almost like spurs. A light breeze caused my cape to flutter, fully exposing my back and ass.

About midway down the alley, on the side with the unrenovated buildings, a metal door swung open and hit the bricks surrounding it. I could only see a red glow from whatever lights were on in whatever building it was. A moment later, a girl came stumbling out, walking, stumbling and tripping over her own feet as if drunk. She eventually dropped to her hands and knees.

I ran up to her as best I could. I turned to look in the doorway but only saw an empty hallway. She was a dark haired girl, probably my age, very pretty but looked as if she was drunk and had been beaten, not on her face but damn near everywhere else. She was whimpering softly, mumbling incoherently and panting as if out of breath. Although she was not now, I could tell she had been crying, heavily at some point. Mascara and her other makeup had run all the way down from her eyes to the base of her neck. Her hand movements were chaotic; reaching, grabbing and pulling for things that were not there. Oddly, although barefooted, she too was dressed casino siteleri in a leotard similar to mine but it was white and her blue tights had been torn to shreds. I looked her over for any signs of actual bleeding or broken bones, but I couldn’t see anything obvious in the darkness. She tried to get up and when she went to both knees and started to raise her back, I noticed her ass cheeks looked like they were on fire. Bright crimson red even in the darkness. The crotch of her leotard was soaked all the way above her belly button.

I tried with no success to talk to her, learn her name, her age, her phone number. Anything to help her.

My back being to the door that had opened, I hadn’t noticed Renee was now standing in the open doorway. Renee, rather politely, asked me to come in there for a second. I turned back to the girl on the ground. She still had that horrified look on her face and grabbed onto my arm with what little strength she had. She looked at me with pleading, tear filled eyes, tying to fill her lungs with air and forced out three words I randomly hear almost every day of my life, in her exact terrified soft voice, as vividly as I heard them the first time that night, “you should run”.

Her head dropped and her grip loosened. I patted her gently on the top of her sweat matted hair.

I stood and walked towards that door and into the worst night of my relatively inexperienced young life. I was hoping there was a phone or someone who could take care of this girl.

I wish now that I would have taken pause and looked at the stars and the crescent moon glowing so bright in the clear autumn night sky. I wish I would have taken a deep breath of the chilly night air and appreciated how clean and fresh it was and the goosebumps it gave me on my exposed flesh. I wish I would have listened to the muffled sounds of laughter and music coming from the clubs and bars on the other side of the alley. I wish I would have appreciated the smell of barbeque, pizza and other food being prepared for young, hungry revelers.

I wish.

I walked through the door and down that long hallway where Renee now stood at the end waiting. As I got closer, I noticed two open doors, one on either side of the hallway across from one another, with bright white light glowing against the red in the hallway. As I was passing the doors almost to Renee, a streak flashed in the room to my right and I was pulled or pushed into the room to my left. I almost immediately tripped and stumbled to my hands and knees, the wind slightly knocked out me. What wind was left was basically forced out with a knee to my tummy as I started to lift myself.

As I gazed around at my surroundings, I realized this room was occupied by Jennifer, the other girl in the Uber and two girls I recognized from dance class but had not yet memorized their names. They were all dressed the same. The floor was squishy under my hands and knees and it looked like gray padding, the same material covering the walls.

It was difficult to try to get to my feet and maintaining balance in my boots was a dilemma the other four girls did not seem to have.

Behind me, Renee must have tripped as she came into the room because she pushed me forcefully forward into the wall and back down onto my hands and knees towards the other girls. As I tried to again regain my footing, I watched one of the girls smile, ball up her fist and strike me in the lower part of my tummy. It made me a little dizzy as I realized all of the girls, including my roommate and who I considered my best friend at the moment, started to punch me and knee me in my sides and back. Two girls stood me up and in unison, flung me face first into the wall.

I was thinking of my older brother’s counsel, their words of wisdom. Never give up my back and fail quickly, meaning suffer and get over whatever failure and move on quickly. I thought of my own mental and physical toughness. And I thought about that girl outside. What had happened to her in here, and that was not going to be our shared fate.

I admit I have fetishes and fantasies. What 21 year old girl doesn’t. I don’t feel the need to apologize for mine and others certainly don’t have any need to apologize for theirs. I love spandex, the feeling of being snuggled in it and the sight of other of other girls wearing it. I also love to wrestle and often imagined being in role plays like superheroines and villains or their arch enemies doing mortal combat amongst themselves. So, yes, being honest, here and now this was absolutely erotic and hot to me.

Had I mentioned this to Renee at some point in the less than two weeks we had known each other? Someone else? Did I talk in my sleep and what did I say? Do I give off signs or clues to others to which I am unaware?

I would not suffer any humiliating or degrading fate, pretend or otherwise, at least not if I could help it, and I took my best swing. They seemed to be taking this a little serious, so I balled up my right fist and hit one of the girls in the canlı casino upper chest, although I was honestly aiming for her eye.

They all backed off for a minute, maybe surprised that I would fight back. Maybe they weren’t serious and thought I was. Renee gave me an approving glance.

But then they regrouped and circled me on my hands and knees into a corner. I wrestled myself out of the corner as my brothers had taught me, not giving my back to them and found the middle of the room, the door just across the room, almost within reach, to my left. I knew I could get my footing if I could just get off this mat and onto that floor.

As I attempted to work my way to the door, I slipped onto my tummy several times. Those damn ballet boots are sexy as hell, but really not very practical for everyday tasks, like crawling.

Each time I would lose any sense of balance, a girl would manage to grab each of my arms and twist them making me fall back flat on my tummy on the floor. Why I was still on my tummy bothers me to this day. Why am I the only one breathing hard and the five of them are not. I should have known better.

My legs kicking and my arms flailing about as much as I could, I struggled with all my might. I finally balled up as if I was in a cocoon on my tummy. From under my body, my arms were pulled straight out and twisted and legs stretched apart, keeping me prone to the matted floor. Cuffs I had worn earlier in our dorm were put tightly back on my wrists, little metal clips dangling from each.

The girls had somehow put me on one of the girl’s shoulders standing in the middle of the room in what I would learn later is called a back breaker. That move when done correctly hurts, badly. From there, two girls grabbed my ankles and wrists and forcefully flung me to the floor face down, again knocking the wind out of me and making me dizzy.

All at once, I felt myself lifted to my toes, my arms twisted, being walked out of that room and ran down another hallway and down a set of stairs into a large dimly lit space with a high ceiling. The room had the heavy odor of leather and burning candles. In my brief visual assessment, I could make out what looked like large oddly shaped pieces of furniture every where I looked and some kind of large metal frames and wooden arches.

I actually thought I was in a body shop because of that metal frame contraption and there were several car batteries just sitting around. There were lighted candles everywhere I looked.

I was violently turned on my toes and thrown on my back down onto a narrow surface like a bench padded with leather, still trying as hard as I could to free myself from any of the girls tugging or twisting at each wrist and now my ankles. I heard the sound like a beautician’s or barber’s chair when the lady would pump a lever with her foot. I felt whatever this was start to lift me higher. My knees were forcefully bent with my ankles drawn down towards the floor and back towards my shoulders and cuffed to something I could not see. Maybe my own ankles. My wrists now cuffed, drawn down towards the floor and towards my feet and also cuffed to something I could not see. A wide leather strap was tightened firmly across my quivering tummy. Whatever this was, it tilted my head downwards with my head lower than my feet. I was completely immobilized and beyond vulnerable for the first time in my life. I was unable to move. I had been captured.

I found myself staring back, realizing the ceiling was completely covered in mirrors. I thought it was kind of a hot look. Cute girl strapped and immobilized to some kind of contraption and unable to physically resist. I could wriggle ever so slightly. Then I realized it was me. I looked down towards my tummy, now erect nipples and swelling pussy struggling against the confines of that leotard. I thought., okay, I’ll play along. I squirmed and wriggled, made cute little whimpering sounds and begged them to let me go.

My fantasies always kind of ended there. Boom, done, pretty superheroine in her slutty costume trapped and vulnerable. Sure I had some thoughts about what would be done to the me, but I hadn’t really had anything set in mind at the time.

Well, my fantasy and some of my fetishes had ended. Since I hadn’t really discussed any of mine with anyone else, I soon would learn that when and where one fantasy and their associated fetishes ends, another might begin.

I heard the familiar sound of wine bottles being uncorked. I watched as Renee and Jennifer poured two bottles of what I thought were red wine, at least the sound that’s made when full wine bottles are poured for the first time, into a metal bucket. There was a long clear tube about the size of a garden hose extending out of the bottom that filled with whatever it was they were pouring into that bucket. I felt Renee’s slippery finger as it brushed across my ass pull the thong of my leotard to the side and glide her finger into my ass. I offered no resistance and to be honest, it felt really hot. I watched kaçak casino her take that same finger and run it up and down a wide metal nozzle. That nozzle, much wider than Renee’s finger went into my ass with little, if any resistance from me.

Renee took the metal bucket and attached it to a chain hanging from the ceiling and started to pull on another chain making the bucket rise towards the ceiling. It was one of many chains I could see as they sparkled in the dim light. I could see the clear tube, now filled with bright red liquid and I felt the liquid begin to enter and course involuntarily into my rectum and eventually into my colon. I was able to see my tummy start to bloat and feel full. My clit tingle and my nipples became erect at the sensation and my chest heaved up and down under heavy erotic breaths. I loved that sensation, squeezing my ass as hard as I could but unable to slow or stop the flow of liquid into me.

My tummy started to cramp as I felt my canal pulsing, attempting to slow or stop the flow. In a moment or two, I began to feel curiously light-headed, then a bit dizzy. My focus was almost three dimensional, the little lines and blurred vision in a 3D movie before you put those glasses on. I started to see things move in slow motion. Sounds were confusing, although I didn’t really hear any that I could identify.

Was I drunk? Was I getting drunk? How could I be getting drunk? I’ve been drunk before but it usually took some time, like most of the night. I was lucky to some degree because I had a high tolerance to alcohol.

I almost started to giggle at myself because I could not say what I wanted to say, even though I didn’t have any idea of what I wanted to say, without my words slurring in my head. I felt my body warm and relax. A stunningly beautiful woman I had never seen before, much older than me or any of my friends, stood silently over me at my head. She had long curly brunette hair and her lovely and compassionate clear gray eyes stared into mine, as if searching my soul for some answer to a question I did not understand. She pressed two fingers to the side of my neck with one hand and gingerly brushed my hair from my face with the other. She only said two words that I could understand, “that’s enough”, and walked away, the sound of her stiletto heeled boots disappearing into the distance. I saw that hose fall limp. I felt my head rise above my feet and my tummy fall empty almost immediately. Into or onto what I have no idea, but it sounded like splashing into an emty metal pail. My tummy flattened as I felt the sensation of the fluid draining effortlessly from my bowels and the nozzle pulled from my ass.

I was then lowered and released and allowed to stand u and wander. I stumbled aimlessly on my toes a few circles using that padded bench contraption for support. I tried to visually take in my surroundings but was unable to focus. I could see shapes, a giant “X” and a giant “Y” from floor to ceiling. Another giant X laid flat on legs. A big black leather covered barrel laid on its side. A giant wooden chair with long wings on the side. A giant circle like on Wheel of Fortune, only all black. A huge black thing like they used to put witches in Salem. A long table with a spool of some sort at both ends. That metal frame with big circles at each corner. And those car batteries. Everything seemed to be covered in black leather and had shiny sliver clasps everywhere.

The girls again surrounded me and I was again spun on my toes. I was literally thrown back onto that padded surface face down, again a girl at each wrist and ankle. I was positioned and cuffed back to that thing in a manner I can only relate to a rider on a crotch rocket motorcycle. My cuffed wrists close enough to grab pegs, which Renee whispered in my ear that I might want to use, and my ankles cuffed with my heels over foot pegs. The same strap across my tummy was now across the small of my back. That contraption was again raised and my head was lowered almost to the floor with my ass and pussy exposed and raised toward the ceiling. I felt a forceful tug on my thong, which did nothing but crush my swelling pussy. I could wriggle a little and I felt my clit had swollen because I could rub it against an edge of the bench and it made me feel kind of really hot as it made my asshole pucker.

Renee and Jennifer put my hair into one long ponytail down my back. Renee produced what looked like a really long and thick black fishhook, about the length of her forearm. Renee was rubbing what looked like thick sour cream on the end like she was applying bait. I giggled as I tried to explain to Renee in my slurred and confused language that she wouldn’t catch any fish because that thing didn’t have a point. It had a ball on the one end about the size of a golf ball and a big ring on the other. I giggled more thinking with the size of that thing and the ring, she was going whale fishing. I could feel Jennifer reach over my back and with her soft hands spread my ass cheeks even further apart. Renee’s arm and that whale hook disappeared about the same time I felt my ass pop back open and almost shut, like Renee’s finger was in my canal. Whatever Jennifer continued to do with my ponytail, it kept pulling my head up and back.

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