Kim’s Night Out… Ch. 01

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My friend Leah and I were sitting at my house wondering what to do on a Saturday night. We had seen the latest movies and nothing was on TV. Leah suggested that we go to the club across town. “But,” she said, “let’s dress sexy and wear no bra or panties.” I had never done anything like that before but thought, “What the heck, let’s have some fun.”

Leah and I both slipped into silk spaghetti-strap dresses that barely covered our asses. Mine was black, Leah’s was red. We left our hair down, painted our faces and were ready for fun.

While we drove to the club, I couldn’t help noticing how good Leah looked…and for the first time I ached to touch her, to kiss her.

“Do you need cigarettes or anything before we get to the club?” Leah asked.

“Yeah, I could use some cigs,” I said.

“Okay, I need gas anyway.”

We stopped at the closest station. When I got out of the car, immediately, I felt the cold air hit my pussy. I smiled and opened my legs. “You feel it too, huh?” Leah said. I smiled and walked into the gas station to get my cigs.

Inside, a guy was checking me out. Of course, I was looking back. I walked by him, wiggling my ass. I could feel myself getting damp.

He set a six-pack down on the counter, and I went in the back to check out the wine coolers. Seconds later, he came up behind me, touched my ass, and whispered in my ear, “Very nice.” I said, “Thanks, your kinda sexy yourself.”

Leah came in to pay for her gas, so I grabbed the coolers and headed to the cash register. When I walked past the guy, I squeezed his ass and gave him a smile. I have to admit he was a sexy one, and he made me hornier then heck.

When we were back in the car, Leah was smiling at me. “I saw that,” she said.

“Can you blame me”? I said.

“Heck no.”

We left the gas station and headed for the club.

“He sure had my juices going,” I said.

Leah looked at me, her eyes drifting down my dress, stopping at my pussy. She said, “You wanna find a place to stop and I can lick up those juices”?

I was so shocked I turned red, but I heard myself saying, “Sure.”

Leah pulled onto a dead-end dirt road. We drove to the end and parked.

I had never been with a woman before, and was nervous. Leah looked into my eyes and said, “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want, but I’ve been longing to touch you and caress you and fuck you for a while now.” Hearing that made me wetter. I told her I was wondering about it myself, and with that she reached over and French-kissed me. Her tongue darted in my mouth and touched my tongue. I could feel her hand go to my breast, my nipples hardened and a moan escaped me. Leah broke the kiss and said, “Let’s get on the ground. I have a blanket.”

We got out and spread the blanket. I was bending over on my knees, fixing a corner, when Leah lifted my dress from behind and started kissing my ass, licking it from ass to pussy. I moaned and opened my legs wider to casino siteleri let her do as she pleased. Her tongue darted out, licking my buttocks. Then I felt a finger touch my pussy. I moaned and ached for more. “Let’s strip,” Leah said.

I had seen Leah naked plenty of times before, but tonight she looked so good it drove me nuts. We lay on the blanket beside each other and kissed. Leah squeezed and pinched my nipples, making them hard and erect. Then she started to use her mouth, sucking and biting my nipples till I was squirming under her. Leah’s tongue moved down my body, leaving a wet trail behind. She opened my pussy lips and dove between my thighs, sucking my clit, flicking her tongue in and out of my wet pussy.

I was squeezing and pinching my breasts, ready to cum at any moment. She took my clit in her mouth. While she sucked hard, she stuck a finger inside my pussy. My hips were moving to meet the thrusts of her finger. She slipped another finger inside, then another. Three fingers thrusted in and out of my pussy, all while she sucked my clit. I started to jerk and scream, “Oh…Leah…yes…baby…yes…suck my clit…finger my pussy…taste my juices…ohhhhhhh, yessssssssss.”

I had multiple orgasms.

Leah licked me clean and then kissed me. I could taste my juices on her lips. I pinched and pulled on her breasts.

Leah stopped kissing. “I know you aren’t comfortable with this yet,” she said. “So if you don’t want to do this to me you don’t have to.”

“I want to please you like you pleased me,” I said. “I want to taste your juices and fuck you.”

She smiled and laid back.

I started by squeezing and pinching her nipples. I took them in my mouth and sucked. I heard her moan, and I was pleased I was doing well. My other hand reached down to her pussy — she was so wet. My finger slipped between her lips, and I immediately started fucking her. She moaned louder and shouted, “More fingers, fuck me with more fingers.” I inserted another, then a third, then another. I couldn’t believe four fingers could go into a woman’s pussy.

I took my fingers out — I just had to taste them. Mmmmmmm. I loved the taste of her pussy juice. I licked my fingers dry. Then I started to lick her pussy. I drove my tongue inside her, tasting her. I couldn’t get enough. I opened her lips and went deeper. Leah moaned and squirming so wildly that it was hard to eat her pussy.

Once I started on her clit, she went wild, screaming and bucking. I wanted her orgasm to last, so I sucked harder. I inserted four fingers into her pussy to get them wet. Then I pulled them out and inserted one in her ass, slowly. Gradually, I added more, until I had four fingers inside her bum. With my other hand, I slid four fingers in her pussy — fucking both her holes. And I still sucked her clit. She went nuts, screaming louder, telling me she loved me, that she wanted to fuck me again and again.

Soon I felt all her juices gush out like a stream, canlı casino and I knew she had orgasmed. I waited till she settled down, and then I licked her clean, starting from her asshole and licking all the way to her pussy. When I got to her clit, she jumped, still sensitive to my touch. She told me that was the best orgasm she had ever had. We kissed, drank our wine coolers, got dressed and went to the club.

We went straight to the dance floor when we got there. We were dancing and having a great time when out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a guy…the hunk from the gas station. I told Leah who was here, and she told me to talk to him. But before I had the chance, he was right next to me, asking me to dance. I told him I was already dancing. He smirked. “But you can join us if you want,” I said.

He said his name was Frank.

A slow song started. Leah said she was going to get a cooler, and Frank asked me to dance. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me close. I put my hands around his neck.

“I can’t take my eyes off you, you’re so beautiful,” he said. “I want you right now, right here.”

I was a bit shocked that he said that, but at the same time I wanted him too.

“Let’s just dance for now,” I said.

He pulled me closer, his hand moving to the middle of my back, then lower and lower. I didn’t mind, though. He squeezed my ass — it felt good. I could feel his bulge on my stomach. I looked up at him, pushed my chest against him. I moaned a bit. Frank lowered his head and kissed me. I don’t know what had gotten into me, but all I knew was that I like what was happening.

When the song ended, I invited him to sit at our booth. He said he’d be over after he got a beer. I went and sat by Leah and told her what happened.

“Are you going home with him?” she asked.

“I don’t think so,” I said.

I couldn’t leave Leah, unless she wanted to come along.

Frank returned. He brought me and Leah another cooler. We got to talking and we were having a lot of fun. Frank asked where we were from, and he told us he didn’t live but 20 minutes from us.

Some guy asked Leah if she wanted to dance, so Frank and I were alone. He asked if he could kiss me. I nodded.

I started sucking his tongue like it was his cock, and heard him moan. His hand reached up and cupped my breast. I stopped, looked around, and noticed no one was even paying attention, so I went back to kissing and teasing Frank. He was pulling on my nipples through my dress.

He said, “I would love to suck on your breast right here, right now.”

I laughed and told him I wanted to fuck him. He looked surprised at my boldness but smiled. He got up and grabbed my hand and led me outside, behind the club.

Outside, he kissed me hard and passionately, his hands pulling the straps of my dress down. He cupped and pinched my breasts again, this time making sure to pull and twist my nipple. I unbuttoned his shirt to reveal the most sexy, kaçak casino hairiest chest I had ever seen. I kissed his chest, my tongue darting out every now and again. I found his nipple and gently bit it…he moaned.

Now, my hands were undoing his jeans — I just had to see, feel, suck his cock. Frank had to help me get his enormous prick out. When I saw it, I immediately went down and starting sucking. It was thick and long. I could hardly get my mouth over it.

Frank started pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. I could feel it hit the back of my throat, but thank goodness I’m not a gagger. I took in as much as I could. I tasted his pre-cum, took out his cock, and rubbed it over my lips.

I looked up at him, licked my lips and moaned, “Mmmmmmm.”

“I better stop,” Frank said, “or I’m gonna cum in your mouth.”

I stood up. He knelt down and pulled up my dress. He put my leg over his shoulder and dove into my pussy, licking, fingering, tasting, fucking me — it felt so good.

I was grabbing my breast and continued with them where Frank left off. He was pushing so hard into my pussy that my back slammed hard against the wall, but it was so good that I didn’t care. My legs went weak and I almost fell.

He stood up and kissed me gain, lifting me up. I wrapped my legs around him and reached down to guide his cock into my already drenching pussy. At first I didn’t think he would fit, but eventually he was in to the hilt — and I was having orgasm after orgasm.

He was stretching my pussy to the max. If he was any thicker, he would never even fit inside me.

The next thing I knew he was blowing his load in me. I could feel it hit my vaginal walls — and I orgasmed again.

As I was coming down from the excitement, I felt his finger pull out of my ass…and wondered when he had done that! I looked up at him and kissed him hard and long. I could feel our juices dripping out of me. His cock was limp but still inside me. He must have felt the juices too, because he set me down, again put my leg over his shoulder, and started to lick me clean.

I had never in my life seen a man lick his own cum. My clit was still sensitive, and as his tongue touched it, I shivered.

He told me I was going to cum again before he was through, and he dove back in and gave special attention to my sensitive clit. Within minutes I was cumming again.

When I was all cleaned up, he got up and helped me fix my dress. He told me he’d love to see me again. I said that I’d love to see him again too, and we exchanged phone numbers. He took my chin in his hand and kissed me again, this time it was slow and sexy.

When we went back inside, Leah introduced us to her friend Will. I looked at Leah, she looked at me, and she knew what Frank and I had done.

“Us girls have to use the ladies’ room,” Leah said, and pulled me away from the guys.

I told her all about it, and that Frank was the sweetest, sexiest man I had ever known. Leah then told me about Will. We were like high school girlfriends again.

We returned to our new guys — who we hoped would be around for a long time. And who knows, maybe we could try a foursome sometime.

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