Journal Entry

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I am writing this journal entry as a task for my Domme.

Today, Miss asked me to stand in front of the window where anyone could see me and touch myself until I came. Miss also asked me to record a video of myself completing this task for her. After, I was told to write this journal entry describing what I thought about while I was touching myself and post it here.

At first, to be honest, I was not thinking about much of anything. I wondered if that person down on the sidewalk could see me and if I knew them. I worried that a friend who lives in my neighborhood would be walking home from work at this time. I felt my stress levels rise as the mailperson pulled up to the curb outside of my house. Standing in front of the window always does this to me. Miss knows that, which is why she makes me do it. I shut my eyes, turned my head, and tried to think of something else.

I smiled slightly when I recalled one of the last times she kissed me. We were both drunk and in bad moods because of separately annoying nights. In hindsight, I should have just spent that night sitting on the porch and drinking bourbon with her. On the bright side, that is where we ended up anyway. It was 3am and cold outside so we finally decided to go back into my apartment. The entryway was pitch black because the timer on the lights was out. I was drunk and tired and not expecting anything as I made my way toward the stairs. Which is why I was surprised when I felt her fingers catch my wrist and turn me around sharply. I was even more surprised when she shoved the center of my chest hard. My back collided with the wall. I smirked at her boldness – one of my favorite things about her, so unlike myself. In one quick motion, she stepped toward me, pinning me against the wall, and kissed me harder than she ever had. Her hands were on my waist, pulling up the hem of my shirt and drawing gentle scrolls on my skin just above my belt. My hands hung awkwardly at my casino oyna sides, damn my slow drunk reflexes. She pushed her knee between my legs. I wanted to bury my fingers into her long hair, to deepen the kiss, to fuck her right there.

Before I could she was moving purposefully away from me and toward the stairs. For a split-second I wondered what I had done wrong. Then I felt a tug on the front of my jeans and realized she had me by my belt, pulling me up the stairs behind her. I followed obediently. I clumsily skipped one step to catch up to her so that I could pull her hair to one side and leaned forward to kiss the side of her neck. She stopped short and gave me a stern glare over her shoulder. I recognized the look and took one step back down to show my patience. Her face didn’t soften at all before she turned back over her shoulder and continued up the stairs, still pulling me along. I couldn’t help but hide a smile in the darkness. I love how she always puts me in my place.

Once we were inside of my apartment, she turned to face me. Her lips met mine again but she never lost her grip on the front of my jeans. I did not miss my opportunity to tangle both hands into her long blonde hair. She tasted like bourbon and oranges from the old fashioneds she had been drinking all night. She kept pulling me along into the bedroom. Her hands grabbed my wrists to remove my hands from her hair. I grumbled in protest but begrudgingly gave in to her will. She shoved me backwards again but this time the back of my knees hit the bed and I landed sitting on the edge. She joined me on the bed moments later, straddling my lap, her black dress riding up. I bit my lip as I slid my hands up her thighs and under the skirt of her dress, pushing it up even further.

She started to unfasten the buttons on my shirt but only made it through the top three before she sighed impatiently and pulled it from the bottom up over my head. She shoved my chest canlı casino again so that I was laying on my back with her hand in the center of my chest. Without breaking eye contact, she slowly dragged her hand down my chest and stomach. My breathing grew deep and heavy under her touch. Her hand found its place on the front of my jeans again, this time unfastening my belt with a metallic clank. She unbuttoned my jeans for good measure while her hand was there.

She tenderly threaded her fingers into the front of my hair. I shut my eyes to this gentle touch only to have them jolted open by her hand closing around a fistful of hair. I winced in painful pleasure as she used this control to pull me back into a sitting position. She released her grip with a smile, leaving my hair disheveled. I was certain it would be even more a mess by the time she was done with me. She grabbed the hem of her dress, pulled it over her head, and quickly fixed her own hair back to perfection with one easy comb of her fingers. At that moment, I realized that I had been so lost in her kiss, I hadn’t noticed where she had dropped her panties from under her dress, somewhere between the front door and my bed. Now she was sitting across my lap, black bra and nothings else, and I couldn’t help but whisper “fuck” under my breath at the sight of her.

I wrapped my hands around her back and spread my hands wide, my left between her shoulder blades and my right on the back of her waist, pulling her as close to me as I possibly could. I desperately kissed, bit, and licked every part of her skin I could reach – neck, collarbones, chest, breasts, hips, stomach. She rocked her hips into mine. The sound of her breathing finally catching up to mine pushed me over the edge. I was patient and now it was time for my reward.

I laid back down as she had me before, first running my hands down her back, over the tops of her thighs, then between them. She inhaled sharply when kaçak casino I teased her with my fingers. I smiled when I noticed how wet she already was. No time for teasing, I need to taste her right then. I wrapped my arms under her thighs and used them to pull her up toward me. There was no hesitation as I took her in my mouth. My tongue made quick work licking up the wetness that was already there, making way for more that was sure to follow. She leaned back, placing her palms on my stomach to steady herself. Her hips and my tongue found their pace. Just the sound of her alone could have been enough to make me come, but I stayed focused on her.

Her thighs started to shake slightly and her breath quickened. I tightened my grip on her thighs and raised my head slightly into her. Her fist grabbed the front of my hair again and pushed my head down into the bed, away from her. I whimpered at having what I had worked so hard for taken away for me. But I knew the lesson I was being taught: patience. She used her hold on me and her hips to control my pace and pressure, pushing me away again every time I got too overzealous and forgot who was in charge. I complied, letting her use me to get exactly what she wanted.

When her legs started to shake again, I waited patiently this time, letting her hips and hands dictate what she needed. She rolled her hips so hard into my face, I thought she might break my nose, though I honestly wouldn’t have noticed if she actually did. Her moans were so loud and gorgeous, I figured all the neighbors would thank me in the morning. She came so hard, I could feel her twitching against my tongue. She collapsed forward, one hand slammed against the wall while her other was still holding me in place, threatening to rip a fistful of hair out. When she was finally done, she released her grip on my hair, rolled off me and laid down beside me. I watched her chest rise and fall as she caught her breath and wondered how long I would have to wait before I could kneel at the edge of the bed and make her come again.

This is what I was thinking about when I came, standing in front of the window in my apartment where everyone could see.

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