Jim and Uncle John Ch. 03

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“Look Joe, you need to get out and get aerobic exercise, you’re starting to get a bit of a paunch,” Marie pointed out, “come biking with us, Jim and John are in great shape, but they are not experienced cyclists and we will not be going very fast and I’m sure we’ll be stopping a lot, plus you know Baldy and they’ve never done it.”

“Marie, biking is your thing, you go with Dad and I’ll go out for a run and work on upgrading to Windows 10. You have fun and don’t push dad too far, I’d hate to see him have a heart attack.” Joe replied.

“Ok, this is depressing since last time we went it was beautiful and I keep thinking how much fun we had.” Marie said sadly, “I’d like to spend more time with you. What if I call them and tell them that you and I are going riding and those guys can go on their ride, it’s not like they can’t ride without me. Let’s do the old interurban, it’s smooth, no hills and we can be by ourselves.” Marie pleaded.

“No, you made plans with them, go. You tell someone you are going to be there…” Joe said sullenly.

“Damn! You sure are stubborn.” Marie snapped. “I’m trying to be as flexible with my plans as I can, you want me to go running with you instead? Let’s do that, we can run the old interurban.” Marie said excitedly, “I love that trail, shaded, cool, runs along the river.”

“Marie, I said I’m fine, go meet with dad and go biking, I actually have other plans…” Joe snapped.

“What other plans? I thought you said you were going for a run. You didn’t tell me you had other plans.” Marie replied.

“I’m going running with Michelle, she asked me if I would be her partner since she wants someone to push her, and I’m not sure if she wouldn’t feel like a third wheel if you came along, it’s not like I don’t want to be with you, it’s just…look, you and dad seem to have gotten really cozy and I’m guessing you really just want to be with him…and Uncle John. Go, I need to get ready for my run.” Joe said heatedly. “I know you slept with them, with both of them and then didn’t have the balls to just tell me, or make something up, like one thing led to another…or some other bullshit women always say.” Panting, Joe paused in his rant. “Why is it all you women just fuck my dad and uncle and then every time, every single time say, ‘Honey, it wasn’t anything about you, you know how it is, one thing led to another and before I knew it I was filled with sperm, I really was going to tell you and it will never happen again.’ Why not just say, ‘Joe, I fucked your dad and uncle, I saw their huge dicks, I wanted their big dicks inside me. Will you forgive me this and the next time?’” Red faced Joe stopped and looked at Marie, “If this is not true, say something…tell me I am full of shit.”

Marie looked stricken and placed her hand on Joe’s arm which was snatched away, “I can’t tell you that, I can’t deny any of it. But, no, I wasn’t going to tell you, I knew it would cause you pain, I don’t want forgiveness and I’m not planning on doing it again. When did you know?”

With tears forming in his eyes, Joe softly added, “When you called me Joey. At least tell me you have regrets, regrets that you cheated on me, with my own father and my uncle.”

“I can tell you I’ve had regrets for hurting you and what you must think of me, but I’m sorry for saying this, but I don’t regret the love-making, no, the fucking we did. It was…different, so different from when you and I make love. I love you, I do, and when we make love, it is tender, and safe, and nice. I love that, I feel so close to you and love having you inside me, feeling your warm body on mine.” Marie said pleadingly.

“Ok, I hear a ‘but’, I love being with you, but…” James said. “What about with them. What did they do, do to you that I cannot?” he continued bitterly.

“Joe, I’m sorry, but with them it was more exciting, raw…no love at all, simply animal lust. They didn’t caress me and gently take me, they tossed me on the bed, they drove into me, pounded me and set off a series of mind blowing orgasms, basically I let them take over and use me any way they wanted, I loved the feeling of powerlessness in their hands. You father and uncle almost ruined me and I loved it.” Marie said with dilated eyes and nipples now poking out of her tee shirt.

“Marie, are you leaving me for them? Is that what you want? You want to be used, pumped full of cum and left draped over the sofa by two men who have been using women like that for years?” James said seeing that she was getting excited. “You would rather have the lust and animal pleasure rather than love? Tell me and I’ll leave.” Joe said.

“If I had to choose one think and live with it for the rest of my life, I’d choose love, tenderness, your warm body close to mine…safe, comfortable love.” Marie said softly stroking his face.

Joe didn’t pull away, “But you’d like to have the other periodically, the raw animal passion. I’m not sure if I can live with that, with knowing my dad’s cock is inside you,” James continued painfully, “but casino siteleri I also love you and as crappy as this sounds, I really resented the fact you were the happiest I’ve ever seen you the last two weeks…the two weeks after you got pounded. Of course, we have made love a lot more since then also, Shit! I ask you to just love only me and you will always miss the raw fucking, I give my blessing, I let you go to my dad for passion, I will feel horrible pain.” James slumped down on the seat with his head in his hands. “Perhaps breaking up is the best thing to do.” He finished sadly.

“No! James I will not touch your dad or your uncle ever again, I choose you. I love you, I don’t love them. Frankly, they are both assholes and I’m not sure how you ever turned out like you did, but if it causes you pain, then they will never touch me again…Ok?”

“ARRRGGHHHH!!” Joe pounded the heels of his hand against his forehead. “No, No, I cannot tell you to never touch them again, as much as the last two weeks hurt knowing it was them, those two with their stupid cocks, those cocks that brought you so much pleasure…No! I cannot tell you to stop…stop fucking them. If you are telling me to trust that…that you truly don’t love them and that basically they are just hunks of meat you are using for your pleasure, them fuck them, fuck them and use them. A really bitter part of me wants them to love you, but never get that reciprocated, but I will not take that away from you if it is truly what you need.” Joe stood up and hugged her close. “Do what you want, with whomever you want and just don’t fall in love with them, but please never tell me about it, I’d really rather not know.”

With tears in her eye Marie pushed him back and looked into his eyes studying them, seeing sadness, but resignation, and relief. She pulled him close and kissed him hard tasting her tears in the kiss. Pushing him back, Marie said, “Joe, I have one requirement. I will do as you say, I won’t be seeing your dad that often, he is kind of a jerk, but I want you to fuck Michelle if you want to. Really, have you seen how she looks at you? I could be wrong, but when you run today see if she has no bra on and if she runs ahead so you can check her out.”

“What? I can’t just ask her if she wants to fuck.” Joe sputtered.

“Definitely not your dad’s son,” Marie mumbled, “Actually you can, but perhaps a more subtle approach is more you, ask her in for water, fruit juice, whatever after the run, then before you sit down, ‘do you mind if I take a quick shower, you know, just to rinse off? You can do a quick rinse off too, even go first if you like. Marie has clothes here that will fit you.’ She likes you, she will suggest you shower together. And if she doesn’t, ask her with a sly wink. Actually, she’s pretty hot, I am getting wet thinking about soaping up those wonderful breasts, we could do her together some day if you like.” Marie said noticing Joe’s arousal at the proposition.

Marie dropped to her knees, looked up at Joe, “Let’s make sure you have staying power with Michelle,” yanked down Joe’s shorts and started bathing the head of his cock with her tongue. When Joe mumbled she doesn’t have to do this she sucked the hardening rod into her mouth and leaning forward, drove it all the way in feeling his penis push against the back of her throat. Listening to Joe gasping and feeling the jerking of his hips, she cupped his ass cheek with her right hand and reached up and fondled his balls with his left and started pounding her face against his pubes eliciting a huge groan and jets of cum splattering the back of her throat and as she rapidly swallowed, the constrictions caused Joe to buck harder against her face.

Joe pushed her still sucking mouth away and collapsed back onto the seat, legs spayed and a drop of cum stringing to the floor. “Holy fuck, that was intense. I’ve never cum so hard, never felt such an intense, almost burning in my balls, my dick.” Joe panted. Apparently coming to a realization, “Is this want you mean, is this what you get from dad?”

“Actually, I gave that to your dad and uncle, you keep pushing me away when I want to suck your cock, but I’m really quite good at it. You think in the future you’ll let me get you off this way?” Marie said with a sloppy grin. “I’ll bet Michelle can’t match that.”

Even though Marie was now quite wet, she stood up and said, if you are quite sure, I’m going to brush my teeth, pack my clothes, and head out to pick up your dad to go riding. Call Michelle and tell her you’re ready…I mean, call her when you are ready.” Marie said smiling, looking down at Joe sprawled out below her.

Arriving at Jim’s house, Marie grabbed her bag with her biking gear and walked up to the house and knocked. She was yanked in through the open door and hugged by Uncle John who slipped his hands down her pants and gripped her bare ass while kissing her. “Wow! She said,” Pulling back, “miss me?”

“You know I did, how’ve you been? How is Joey? Does he know about…?” canlı casino Uncle John asked.

“Yeah he knew when he picked me up but didn’t say anything about it until today. I feel so bad that I hurt him.” Marie said sadly.

“So, he still let you come over here? He isn’t worried we’ll do this again? Jim, Joey knows about…” John said when Jim came in from the garage.

“I’m sorry, did you two break up?” Jim asked coming over and slipping an arm around Marie.

“No, actually we talked and this hurts him a lot, but he also saw that I need this…this hard sex we had, the full release with no love involved, just fucking. He said he sees I need it, and never to tell him if I do it again. So, I will slice your balls off if either of you says anything about us, about anything we have going on physically to him ever, plus, if you ever want to see me out of my clothes, you will call him Joe, you will treat him with respect and you will thank him when he goes out of his way for you.” Marie looked at each man as she was saying this ready to pounce with any sign of a smirk. “Do you understand, I will slice your balls off, you can trust me on that…Ok, that’s the stick, now here’s the carrot. You can still have this,” pulling her top off and sliding off her shorts and turning to face them naked, “if you comply fully. Deal?”

“We have a deal, right John? It’s Joe from now on, but Marie, get your clothes on, we…” Jim started to say.

“Holy fuck! Who the hell is that and can we have her when you are done?”

Marie spun around and saw two men, boys actually since they seemed about eighteen, standing in the doorway from the garage. She wrapped her arms around her chest and crotch and dove behind the couch. Looking frantically and Jim and John, “Who are they and why didn’t you warn me? Give me my damn bag so I can put on my biking clothes at least.” Marie snapped.

The two boys stood in amazement as the fire-haired full-breasted beauty dove over the couch in one quick motion.

John grabbed her bag and handed it to her while Jim went over and shoved the gawking boys out to the garage. “I’m sorry, we never had a chance to tell you that we’re riding with the two guys who sold us our bikes – they’re good kids and I’m sure now quite happy that you are riding with us. We told them you were coming and they were doubtful, apparently they don’t ride with ‘girls’” John told her as he sadly watched her cover back up. “I guarantee you they be trying to ride next to you all day.”

When she was dressed Jim brought the boys back in and introduced them to the beet red Marie. “I am so embarrassed, I was…hell, I was trying to shock these guys and while I was making my point, Oh fuck, this sucks. Hi, my name is Marie and I’m seeing Jim’s son, crap.” She said with her head pounding from the rush of blood.

“I’m sorry, we were setting up Jim and John’s bikes for the ride, truing the wheels, topping off the tires and didn’t know you had arrived and we were wondering where Jim went. Sorry, I’m Chad and this is Rick, we promise never to tell anyone, but no promise that we won’t periodically nudge each other and ask, ‘remember when?’” Chad said smiling. “I’ve seen naked women before, but you are a godsend to Rick here, he never has. Look, if it helps, you were so quick we didn’t see much, but sizable breasts, a nice patch of red fur…very nicely shaved, great ass.” Chad laughed.

Marie hung her head, “I think I’ll pass on the ride today,” She said sadly, “I feel like a total slut.” She started stuffing her street clothes into the bag.

Jim snapped at Chad, “Look, she is our friend and we’ve seen each other naked before, so don’t get your imagination going and you’d better realize her IQ is probably 40 points above yours and I’m pretty sure you’ll be trying to show off to her on the trails and she will rip your lungs out if you try.” Jim said heatedly.

Chad immediately quit looking so cocky, “Hey, Marie, I’m sorry, I’m not going to apologize for Rick since he said nothing, and he immediately turned around when he saw you were naked, so I’m the piece of shit here, I’m really sorry, but I’d really like to ride with you, but,” Turning to Jim, “I don’t think she’s going to ‘rip our lungs out’ as you say, Rick and I can hold our own with anyone.”

“I don’t know, Chad, sorry Marie, this is not a sexual reference, but Chad, look at her quads and her calf muscles, Marie can you let me see your hamstrings, check those out, look at those glutes. She is pretty buff, I wouldn’t challenge her.”

Marie stared at Rick who finally spoke and realized this was a totally honest kid. “Thank you Rick, I’m dressed, I’ve got my bike, I’ll ride with you, but I doubt I can keep up with eighteen year old guys, but thanks Jim for your faith in me. I will hold my own though.”

Unracking their bikes, Chad came over to Marie, “Gary Fisher, full suspension,” whistling, “XTR, titanium…Very nice. Can’t knock the gear.” He put out his hand, “Chad Russell, pleased to meet you.”

Initially kaçak casino confused, Marie took his hand, “Pleased to meet you Chad, I’m Marie.”

“I wanted to start over, I was acting like a frat boy, which I guess I am, and I was slow to pick up on it, but you weren’t feeling comfortable, and I made things worse, I’m sorry. I’d like to say, this is the real me, but that asshole you saw back at Jim’s is the real me, this me is a strain, but I’ll do my best.” Chad finished and turned back to get on his bike and started up the trail.

Marie followed Chad and Rick on the single track heading up Baldy, reveling in the initial burn in her legs, her wind still strong. This was her kind of riding, scaling to the top, then screaming down the other side, letting the bike bounce all over while she stays steady on the pedals and the bars.

Rick turned back and asked her if she’d like to pass and she saw his breathing was beginning to be labored. She spurted around him thanking him and continued turning the low gear at 95-100 rpm enjoying her huge lung capacity. She looked back and saw that Jim and John were way back so she mentioned that to Chad.

“Let’s pull over by the pine up there, there’s a nice level area under it.” Chad replied.

When Jim and John got there they were breathing hard. They climbed off their bikes and took a long pull of water. “How far up are we?” Jim asked.

“Elevation or how far as in half way?” Marie replied.

“God no, don’t tell me the elevation, so we are half way up?” Jim asked hopefully.

“No, we are about one fifth of the way up, but you are doing great. Just keep the pace you are comfortable with, no one is racing and we will stop a lot, there are so many terrific views as you get past that outcropping over there.” Marie said pointing to the ridge above them.

After resting up, Chad said to Marie, “I’m even more sorry now, I was pushing myself to drop you, then just stay ahead of you, but I thought I was going to have heart failure and you were barely breathing, so please, lead the way,” Chad indicted the trail ahead, “but realize I’m still an asshole so I’ll be checking out your ass, so I’m not really all that good.”

Marie grinned at him, “You keep that up and I might not push you off up at Walter’s Point.”

Chad shuddered, “Man, that view from up there gives me vertigo, just being within ten feet of the edge.”

Marie turned to the others, “Jim, John? You guys feeling rested? If you’re still getting your wind back we have time, don’t push it.”

“No, we’re good,” John said, “pretty sure I’ll be getting my second wind, I hate the first sections, I always feel like I’m just not going to make it.”

Marie hopped on and set a moderate pace up the climb, spinning, maintaining even breaths feeling even stronger. She looked back behind her and saw Chad focused on her ass. “You want to go ahead? You’re riding really strong.”

“No, I’m good,” Chad panted, “I’m pushing myself to keep your pace, you’ve got terrific endurance, plus the view is best ever.” Chad laughed.

“Ok, I’d like to stop up around the corner, so I’m going to push myself, so do what you think best,” Marie said as she changed gears maintaining her revs shot ahead and powered up the remaining 200 yards to Walter’s Point.

When Chad arrived, Marie was standing at the edge, holding her arms out taking deep breaths. “Man, this has to be the cleanest air in the state.” She said turning the Chad who was climbing off his bike. Looking at his expression, she said, “I take it you want me to back away from the edge. Sorry, I can’t do that. I always feel like I could just fly…wish I could.” Marie plopped down with her legs dangling off.

Over the next ten minutes the rest of the group arrived. Chad went over to Jim and took his bike. “You alright? You look beat. Here, take a protein bar.” Chad handed Jim and John bars. “These give you great energy for rides like these. And Jim, I’ll never doubt you again, Marie left me in the dust.”

Marie turned, “You could have matched that last burst, but you just didn’t want to waste energy for no real point. Good news, we are almost at the top and it will be downhill all the way, 17 miles of single track…I’ve got goose bumps thinking about it.” Marie stood up and came back to the group. “You guys have ridden this before?” Looking at Rick and Chad who nodded, “Ever stop on the way down anywhere?”

“No, where? We just go balls out all the way down, I’d hate to stop since the rush is best when you scream all the way to the parking lot.” Chad replied, “But if there’s something to see, I’m in.”

“Yeah, my favorite spot, in fact I’ve never seen another human being there, I’ll lead and show you.” Marie said.

Soon they were all rested and ready or the last uphill over the saddle and with a loud scream, Marie in top gear pounded down the steep pitch, Chad and Rick right behind her with John and Jim dropping.

Marie threw her arm out to the left and jetted over a four foot high ledge off the trail and weaved between the trees down around to the right. When Chad and Rick caught up they were stunned to see a bright blue lake with soft grass and when they got closer they could see clearly to the bottom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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