Jackie and Rhonda Ch. 02

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I actually wrote this before I wrote Jackie and Rhonda. The prequel came later. As the prequel came together some parts of this had to be changed, hopefully for the better. Obviously, there is another chapter after this one if you’re interested.


Jackie, Rhonda, and Bobby sat quietly as Rhonda backed her car out of the driveway. So much had happened in the last hour no one knew quite what to say. Finally, Bobby broke the silence, “Can you drop me at Frank’s? I really can’t deal with this right now.”

“Sure Bobby. I’ll drop you on the way to Jackie’s. I can pick you up later if you want.”

They drove for another five minutes before Jackie turned around to Bobby, “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you. I was pretty out of control for a few minutes back there.”

“You didn’t embarrass me. Our brother is apparently a real ass. I hope this does not come back to haunt all of us. At least we got the dvd. It was streaming video so except for this there should not be any other copies. There were a lot of people watching though.”

“A lot? Of god… I hope there was no one from school.”

About then they pulled up to Bobby’s friend’s house. He climbed out and was waving good bye to his sister and Jackie. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” Rhonda asked her brother. “The dvd? You didn’t think we were going to let you keep it did you?”

“Oh yeah… Please though, you have to promise to erase my part on it. You can do whatever you want to with the rest but my… er my wanking gets dumped, right?”

“Don’t worry brother. No one want to watch you shoot a wad. We’ll take care of it.”

Jackie was thinking Rhonda should speak for herself. She looked forward to watching Bobby get off again. Of course, the highlight would be watching herself get bottomed out by Bill. Even if he was a piece of shit for sending their fuck session out over the internet, she knew it was being recorded. She had to accept responsibility for her part.

Bobby handed the dvd case to Rhonda and headed for the door. “I’ll probably crash here tonight. I think we might want to give Bill a chance to calm down after I threw his computer out the window.”

“Ok, be ready around ten or so and I can pick you up in the morning.”

Rhonda handed off the dvd, put the car in gear, and the two girls drove off. Jackie twirled the dvd on her finger, “Hurry up, I want to watch this masterpiece.”

“You really are a slut, you know that? My brother just broadcast the two of you fucking and all you want to do is watch it!!!”

Jackie took the ribbing in good fun. She knew Rhonda was looking forward to watching it with her. “You take the good with the bad. And you brother may have done bad, but his cock was GOOOOD!” The girls looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“I’m glad this is not going to destroy our friendship. I don’t know how I would have reacted had I been in your shoes.”

“First of all, I wasn’t wearing any shoes,” they both laughed again. “Second of all, even if a bunch of guys from Central saw it, who cares? In three months we’ll be at college and no one we know will have ever heard about it. One of these days you are going to get fucked too. I just hope you have as much fun as I did and you get a copy to watch as well.”

“No way, no how, not gonna happen”

“What, you going to stay a virgin your whole life?” Jackie started laughing again.

“You know what I meant, no way I am filming my first time.”

“But yes to your second,” and this time they both busted out laughing. “Here we are. I am ready for my small screen debut.”

“Actually, this is the first encor presentation,” this time it was Rhonda’s turn to laugh at her friend.

The girls climbed out of the car and headed into the house. They immediately went into the den and Rhonda grabbed the tv remote while Jackie put the disk in the dvd player. Nothing happened. “Guess we have to watch it on the computer.” Jackie grabbed the disk and the girls headed up to Rhonda’s room. While the computer came on the girls kicked their shoes off and got comfortable.

Jackie could smell her post-sex aroma. “You know, I really should clean up. I think I might take a quick shower.”

“Ok, but make it really quick. I want to watch the instant replay.”

“Now who’s the eager slut?”

Jackie dodged the flying shoe as she ran through the door to the bathroom. Rhonda sat back on Jackie’s bed and, in her memories, replayed her brothers’ jerk off session followed by her best friend riding her older brother’s cock. She felt herself getting excited thinking about how she had yanked off Bobby in an attempt to ruin Bill’s computer. The best though was when she had rushed downstairs and seen her friend bent over getting nailed by Bill from behind. She took off her sweat shirt and started tugging on her nipples. What she would do to have a cock she could call her own right now… She stopped playing with her nipples, waiting until her friend got out of the shower. casino siteleri Instead, she got up and headed down the hallway to the other bathroom. Half way down the hall another door opened and Jackie’s brother Jim came out of his room with a towel around his waist.

Jim looked up and saw the topless Rhonda. There was little he could do. He had already pulled his door shut and was halfway to the bathroom. Her erect nipples and swaying tits were so hot he felt an immediate reaction under the towel.

“Oh my god! We didn’t know you were home.” Rhonda turned and ran for Jackie’s room.

Jim reached down and massaged his erection through the towel. He kept looking in the direction of Jackie’s room hoping Rhonda would make another appearance. Finally, he opened the bathroom door and went inside. He turned on the water. As the temperature adjusted Jim turned on the radio preparing for a long, hot, relaxing shower. He climbed in and started washing away the dirt and grime from cutting yards all day. His erection stayed with him as Rhonda’s swaying tits were clearly visible in his mind.

Two things were running through Rhonda’s mind. First, she still needed to pee. Second, she had been wishing for a cock for her own and there it was just down the hallway. She couldn’t just go in there topless, but she grabbed a cut off t-shirt of Jackie’s to wear instead of her sweat shirt. The underside of her tits showed from the bottom of the shirt. “It’s now or never,” and Rhonda moved down the hall again.

Knocking on the door she called out, “Jim, I need to pee and Jackie locked the door to the other bathroom. Can I use this one real quick?” Without waiting for an answer she turned the knob hoping it was unlocked. The door opened.

The shower had steamed the bathroom completely. “Jim, did you hear me?,” she asked over the music. “I will just take a second” She glanced through the fogged up curtain and could see Jim’s erection sticking out from his body. It had to be six or seven inches. He was easily as big as her brothers. She pulled down her shorts and sat on the toilet.

Jim heard Rhonda the second time. He stood there not knowing what to say. His erection got harder knowing there was a hot girl in the bathroom while he showered. “I guess I can’t stop you now. Just make it quick, and don’t flush when you’re done. I like it hot, but that might kill me.”

“You like it hot, huh? Is that why you have a woody? You jerkin’ off in there?” she joked casually with him.

“If you had a dick you’d be hard to after seeing your tits a few minutes ago. What are you doing looking in here anyway? I thought you came in to pee.” He turned his back to where Rhonda was sitting.

Rhonda looked up just as he turned around. She could peek in through where the curtain met the wall. She lifted it a little more and she could watch the water run down his back and over his tight ass. He shifted again and she caught a glimpse of his nut sack between his legs. It was huge and hairy. She thought about what it would be like to have that in her mouth. Her other hand slipped between her legs. She had long since finished her business and was just wiping herself over and over. Her finger went farther back and she moaned.

“What are you doing over there? You done yet?” Jim was getting worked up. His erection was getting painful. He wanted to jerk off, but couldn’t with Rhonda sitting there.

Rhonda lost her nerve. “Nice ass,” she quipped and stood up pulling her shorts and panties back on. Her thong went up her puffed out lips and touched her agitated clit sending a shudder through her body. Not thinking she turned back and flushed…

Everything went in slow motion. Rhonda heard two screams. One from Jackie back in other shower, and one here from Jim. Jim lost his balance trying to get out of the hot water and tangled himself in the curtain. He tried to catch himself but found he was falling backwards. He felt a sharp pain in the back of his head and saw a bright light. Rhonda could just watch in horror as Jim fell backwards out of the shower. His head caught the edge of the vanity with a loud “whack!” and there he was, totally naked, his legs over the tub edge, his erection pointing to the sky. Great, just what I asked for. She thought she was going to cry.

Rhonda got down on her knees and determined Jim was still breathing. Thank god, he’s just unconscious. She started mumbling, “I’m sorry Jim, I didn’t mean to do that, honest.”

Jackie recovered from the scalding water a little better. She was already done and was just enjoying the hot water when someone flushed a toilet elsewhere in the house. She climbed out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself. When she saw Rhonda was not in her room she headed down the hall to find her friend.

Rhonda found Jackie mumbling over her brother’s limp body, “Please wake up, please.”

“What happened?”

“He was taking a shower and I accidently flushed the toilet. He became entangled in the curtain and when he fell canlı casino he hit his head on the sink.” It didn’t sound so bad when she said it quickly.

“I guess we can disregard what you were doing in the bathroom in the first place… Is he breathing at least?”

“Yes, he’s breathing but he won’t wake up.” Without realizing she was doing it, Rhonda’s right hand started sliding up and down Jim’s leg. Her other hand was on his chest. Jackie knelt down and felt the back of his head. A lump the size of an egg was forming.

“We better get him out of here. Help me drag him into his room”

“No! Wait, you aren’t supposed to move him. He might have hurt his neck.” Her hand had inadvertantly moved up to his balls. She felt a tingle of electricity as she felt the wet, soft, furry sack. She glanced down where her hand was and Jackie followed her gaze as well.

“What are you thinking? This is not the time for that.” She grabbed a hand towel from the wall and covered her brother’s still hard cock and balls.

Jim finally decided he was not dead. He could hear voices and they were arguing. His cock still hurt and now so did his head. He moved his left arm and moaned.

“Jim? Jim, are you ok?” Once again, Rhonda’s hands were moving. One was rubbing his chest and the other grazed his erection under the towel.

Jackie watched as Rhonda continued to use whatever means she felt neccessary to wake Jim. “It looks like he has use of his arms anyway. Let’s go ahead and drag him into his room.”

Jim was on the verge of full consciousness. His eyes fluttered open and he looked up to see a beautiful set of tits just inches above his body. Then he remembered, Rhonda was in the bathroom and had flushed the toilet. “What happened?” his speech was slow and slurred.

Suddenly a tight grip surrounded his cock. “Thank god!”

Then there was a light slap and the hand came away, “Let’s move him. Then I can get an ice pack for his head. After that you guys do whatever you want. C’mon Jim, we can help you walk but I don’t think the two of us are going to be able to carry you.”

Jim tried opening his eyes again and once again saw those two delicious melons right above. With Jackie and Rhonda’s help he rolled over and got to his knees. The girls got themselves under his arms and lifted. After taking a second to balance they started out of the bathroom and down the hall to Jim’s room. His arms were draped over the girls shoulders and in his condition it was impossible to avoid brushing against their tits. His erection pointed the way. When they reached his bed they started to turn him around.

“On the count of three we set him back on the bed.”

“One, two…”

Jim thought to himself now could be his last chance to grab Rhonda’s tit and he did so. Before Jackie could say “three” Rhonda felt the squeeze and, shocked, flung Jim’s arm from her shoulder and let him drop. Feeling the extra weight Jackie shoved him back and he fell on his bed rather than the floor. His body bounced and “Whack!!!” His head hit the wall on the far side of the bed. He was out again…

“Not again!?!” Rhonda wailed.

“What happened? Why did you let him go?”

“He squeezed my tit and it shocked me.” In more ways than one, actually. She felt the squeeze all the way to her pussy and her toes. “Is he hurt?”

Jackie climbed on the bed and felt the back of Jim’s head, “No more than he was before. He might have a second lump. I’ll go get some ice.”

Rhonda sat on the bed beside Jim. Once again his cock was visible standing up like a flag pole. She started grazing her hands along the inside of his thigh working up the courage to touch his dick again. Her other hand found their way into her shorts. She was so wet from the last fifteen minutes she heard sloppy sounds as her fingers made their way into her snatch. “I wish it was your fingers instead of mine.”

“There’s no ice in the freezer. I’ll have to go next door and get some.” She came into the room just in time to see Rhonda’s hand wrap around her brother’s engorged cock. “Can I trust you for a few minutes to not rape him or should I send you?

Rhonda snatched her hand away, “No, go ahead. We can wait. You might want to put some clothes on first though.”

Jackie looked down and realized she was still wearing her towel. She unwrapped the towel and put it over her brother’s waist. It looked like a circus tent. Standing there naked she said, “It won’t take a minute. I will just put on some shorts and a shirt and go next door.”

“Take your time.”

“No way!”

The second Rhonda heard the front door shut she pulled the towel from Jim and pulled her shorts down revealing her black thong. she straddled his thighs with his penis in front of her. She was not going to fuck him but she was going to get them both off. She edged forward and felt his cock slide between the groove of her labia. She slipped back and forth slowly lubing his dick up. She grabbed his right hand and used it to massage her left tit. kaçak casino The tingle from before was not there.

Once again, Jim felt himself returning to concious thought. I must have died and this must be heaven because I feel great! His dick was getting a moist massage and his hand held what had to be a tit. I must be dreaming. Noises and smells came back next. There was a moaning sound and the smell of excitement was in the air. His dick felt even more arroused as the back and forth motion continued. One hand was definitely squeezing a tit. His other hand was free and as he lifted it up he felt a hip. His eyes started to open and he saw his dream girl rocking up and back on his lap. He brought his second hand up so he could squeeze both tits.

The feeling was back. “Oh Jim, that feels so good, keep doing that…. Oh my god, Jim are you awake again?”

“Are you kidding?” he replied still groggy. “You could wake the dead with this.”

Rhonda was not sure what to do. Suddenly she felt like a slut. She was embarrassed. Her pussy felt great though. She kept on sliding her moist slit over Jim’s cock.

Jim tried to sit up. He wanted a tit in his mouth. He managed to prop himself up long enough to grasp and suck on her left nipple for a couple of seconds. Before he fell back he grabbed with his teeth causing Rhonda to sqeal. He fell back dizzy from the exertion. He reached down and pulled Rhonda farther forward so his head would get some stimulation as well. When Rhonda continued to slip and slide up and down he reached between her legs and started probing for her clit.

Rhonda meanwhile started pulling on her own nipples again. She could feel the beginning of the strongest orgasm she could remember. She reached back with one hand to grab Jim’s balls. They weren’t hanging loose anymore, but they had balled upt tight. They were still fun to play with. His fingers suddenly found her clit through her thong and she nearly jumped. Instead she ground her hips down harder. She looked down and he had the funniest look on his face. It was red and scrunched up like his ball sack.

Jim heard himself groaning. He knew he was finally about to shoot his load. “Rhonda! I’m gonna cum! It’s gonna be huge! OH GAWD!!! OH WOW!!!” And with that his his started lifting off the bed and he started shooting ropes of semen all over his chest. One even landed on his chin. Rhonda watched in awe. This was more than she had seen earlier in the day. Jim’s chest was covered. She started smearing it around… She bent down and licked the spot off his chin.

Rhonda kept sliding back and forth while squishing her fingers across his gooey chest. She started to giggle until he got hold of her clit again. Suddenly she could not think clearly. She reached down and pressed his hand against her button. “MY TURN!!! OH GAWD… OH GAWD!!! I’M cumming, I cumming, unh unh…” and with that she collapsed on his cum slick body. She lay there for a minute, rubbing her tits onto his sloppy muscled chest. She looked up, “I’m sorry.”

“If that’s your way of apologizing, please do something wrong again!”

Rhonda looked into Jim’s eyes and saw utter contentment as well as excitement. She brushed her lips against his until he kissed her back. Jim’s hands were rubbing her ass and up and down her back.

“I thought you said you were going to wait!” Jim looked up and saw Jackie dumping a baggie full of melting ice onto Rhonda and himself. “That ought to cool you down some.” Jackie ran from the room laughing.

Rhonda stood up quickly as did Jim, thinking to follow her. Rhonda made it but Jim didn’t. The floor spun and he found himself falling. Rhonda heard him and managed to catch him leading Jim to his desk chair. “Guess we can catch her later. Let me get the ice.” Rhonda started collecting the ice from the bed, putting it back in the baggie. Jim could only watch as she bent over. The thong riding into her cleft exposing the pussy that had, just a few minutes ago, been rubbing on his cock.

Rhonda sat in his lap and applied the ice pack to the back of his head. “If you fall again, we might have to take you to the hospital. I would hate for you to get broken permanently.”

Jim just stared. Here was Rhonda. His dream girl. She had just massaged his dick until he had the biggest orgasm of his life, and she was sitting in his lap while he was naked and she wore just a thong. He looked up and kissed her lightly on the lips. He slid to the side a little and nibbled on her neck. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to his body. Their chests slipped and slided against each other, a slick combination of sweat and semen. He nibbled the muscle on the side of her neck again.

His hand moved to her belly, his fingers probing down, “May I?”

“Such a gentleman, of course.” His fingers slipped under her thong. She was still hyper excited by everything that had happened so far that day. She was wet beyond belief. Jim pushed his middle finger between her lips. She immediately started humping his finger. “Jim, I’m still a virgin. I don’t know if I can go all the way yet.”

“I’m not worried. I don’t have a case of blue balls which is more than I can normally say. However far we go, we go there together.”

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