I Thought We Were More Ch. 14

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Heather watched from the crowd as four women, all wearing nothing at all, walked out onto the stage.

All four of them were slender yet healthy looking and seemed as if they had all been freshly waxed.

“Now today we are going to play a little game with our new stud. And the best part about this game is you the audience gets to participate. Now as you know with this act, each of our girls will get to take a turn on ‘The Mother Load’. Each girl will also be more intense with the way she pleasures our new stud.”

Jacob’s penis began to grow as he heard what she was saying. He had seen two of the girls walk past the booth on their way to the side stage. The back of the booth was open after all and he had been looking behind him ever since he had pressed his stomach up against the front of the booth.

He could now feel that he was fully erect which caused even more of the crowd to “ooo and ahhh”.

“The first girl to get a turn is our little tease, Miss Macy. As you all know, Miss Macy doesn’t even like to use her mouth. Folks you’d be lucky if you got to even go down on Miss Macy if you took her out on a date. We will see if she will do anything for our friend The Mother Load.”

The first naked girl had wide sloping hips coming down from her slender waist. She was Latin in decent and her caramel skin shone beautifully in the spot light. She purposefully turned her back to the audience in front of Jacob’s booth and bent over so that her round pussy poked out from between her butt cheeks.

The audience roared to life with cat calls and whistles as Miss Macy stood back up to reveal what she had bent over for. In her hands was a small bottle of lube. On the pointer finger of her right was a larger finger vibrator.

“I told you she was a tease.” The announcer lady said into her mic. She was sitting on a stool at stage left.

Not being able to see what was happening was one thing. But hearing little clues about what was about to happen was driving Jacob crazy. His penis hung out of the glory hole with a spot light beaming onto it, letting the whole audience see that as his heart rate picked up, his cock developed a pulse of its own.

His member began to bounce to its own rhythm and once again the camera men approached the stage to zoom in. On the projector screens the audience watched as the head of his cock throbbed in anticipation to what was going to happen next.

Miss Macy knocked on the front of the booth causing Jacob’s heart to skip a beat. She took the bottle of lube and squirted a bead onto the top of Jacob’s shaft. Then she pushed a button on the finger vibrator and it rattled to life.

She pushed the button two more times bringing the little finger to its fastest setting then she set it’s little buzzing head on the bead of lube she had dropped onto the middle of Jacob’s penis. She let the buzzing nubs of the finger vibrator glide over the top of his shaft as her thumb on the same hand came from underneath to clasp him.

Only the vibrator and her thumb were in contact with his penis but she held him steady, allowing the device to send an intense vibration all the way up his shaft to the head of his manhood.

She lowered the bottle of lube again and squirted another glob of the slick, clear liquid onto the very tip of his penis. She continued to hold him with her thumb and vibrating pointer finger as she used the pinky of her hand which held the lube bottle to rub the lube into the head and opening of his penis.

Jacob was practically unconscious inside the booth. He now had his forehead resting against the front panel of the booth. He knew everyone would be disappointed if he came too early so he was doing everything he could to hold himself back now. The casino oyna fullness of his balls and prostate coupled with the amazing skill of this first girl was making it incredibly difficult for him to calm himself though.

Miss Macy didn’t want the show to end too quickly either so she quickly took the vibrating finger off of him and began to slide it between the lips of her own pussy. She sat down on a chair that was quickly rushed out and placed next to her.

She lifted her right leg so the camera men could zoom in on her now as she began to moan and sigh at the touch of her own vibrating finger. Just as Jacob thought he had escaped she took her free hand and grasped him halfway down his shaft. As she continued to work the vibrator up and down the place where the lips of her pussy came together she slid her other hand up and down the shaft of Jacob’s cock.

The crowd went wild. From where Heather was sitting she could see that several people were leaving the area where self-pleasuring was allowed. This latest moment seemed to have motivated them to a finish.

Jacob realized that the girl was a pro. The act was clearly designed to go all the way to the end. She was moving her hand up and down his shaft but she was barely even closing her hand around him. Especially as her palm reached the head of his cock she made it so she was barely touching him.

From the audience perspective she was giving his beautiful penis a handjob its owner would never forget. But to him he was just getting a hand that was slightly gliding up and down his cock. He could feel his orgasm drifting away. While he wasn’t getting closer to cuming he was at least staying rock hard in her hand.

Soon she began to moan even louder than she had before. She clenched her hand around the base of his shaft and pressed the vibrating finger hard against her clitoris. She sat there shaking for a few moments before she got up and began to walk off stage. As soon as she was back behind the curtain she walked to the back of the booth.

“You really do have nice cock.” She said. “I haven’t actually had an orgasm on stage in a while. I think it’s because I could tell you were actually enjoying it. You’re not an actor are you?”

“Nope.” Jacob said turning his head to look back at her.

“Well ‘Hang’ in there” she said making quotation marks when she got to the word hang. “You’re doing great and just between you and me, Miss Molly is a lucky girl. I wish I was the one that got to fuck you tonight.”

Jacob looked back towards the blank wall that was the front panel of the booth. The words she had just said sent chills up his spine.

Now Heather moved to the edge of her seat. She knew what was coming up next.

“Well folks, it looks like The Mother Load was able to outlast Miss Macy. Who can we throw at him next?”

She paused to let the audience shout out some suggestions. Finally she heard the one she was looking for.

“I agree, The Mother Load seems like a pretty tough fellow to bust. I think instead of letting Miss Mary and Miss Molly go at him one at a time, we should go ahead and let them take their turns together. Now those of you that have watched our show before know that Miss Molly needs a little help to do her part of the show. After all she is a very talented young lady, with a very talented pussy, but even her pussy can’t reach that high up.”

The announcer lady was referring to the fact that the booth was raised up about a foot off the ground to allow the audience a better view. It meant that when the girls stood next to the booth, Jacob’s penis was as high as the bottom of their breasts.

“Boys, do you think you could get Miss Molly her booth attachment?”

Two men walked across the canlı casino stage. They were heading from stage right to stage left.

“While the boys get your attachment Miss Molly, you and Miss Mary can go ahead and get started on our new stud.”

The next two girls walked over so that one of them was on either side of Jacob’s penis. They each brought their mouths down and started to kiss each other with their heads just above the head of his dick.

They made out deeply with one another, being over the top with the way their tongues explored each other’s mouths. It was all for the camera which managed to capture the two girl’s mouths meeting and even kept Jacob’s still-pulsing cock in the scene as well. Then one girl put her tongue on the top of Jacob’s penis and the other placed her tongue on the bottom.

Each girl began to lick him from the base of his shaft all the way to the head and back down again. Once again Jacob’s head on his shoulders fell forward against the front wall of the booth. His hips began to shudder and both girls seemed to feel him getting close to orgasm. It wasn’t time yet though so they both lifted their heads away from the glory hole as the two men returned to the stage.

On either side of the booth was a small rectangular slot that ran down the entire length of the side of the booth. The two men returned to the stage carrying what looked like an oversized ironing board. The make shift platform had two long two by fours running out of the end of it and the men slid these neatly into the slots running down the sides of the booth. This created a smooth platform that extended out from the front of the booth.

The platform stood just a few inches below the glory hole where Jacob’s penis was still hanging out of. Lastly the two men picked up Miss Molly and set her in a sitting position on the end of the platform facing away from Jacob and the booth. She opened her legs and Miss Mary moved in between them. The Camera men once again zoomed in as Miss Mary began to nibble and lick at Miss Molly’s inner and outer labia.

She slowly slid two fingers inside Miss Molly as the girl became wet and focused her licking higher up onto her clitoris. Miss Molly threw her head back and moaned and pressed her pussy into Miss Mary’s face.

After a while Miss Molly spun on her bottom so that her feet were now facing the glory hole. Miss Mary helped her slide herself to where she could place her pussy just below Jacob’s penis.

As she moved into position Miss Mary moved over to one side of the platform. She whispered into the glory hole so that Jacob could hear her.

“Knock on my side of the hole when you are about to cum.” She said. Only Jacob heard her. The audience never even saw her lips moving.

Miss Molly placed her feet on either side of the top of the glory hole. She slid her hands underneath her body and grabbed the bottom of the glory hole. This allowed her to slide her pussy right up to opening of the glory hole.

Miss Mary grabbed Jacob’s penis with one hand and squirted some lube into her other hand. The bottle was still on the ground from when Miss Macy had used it.

She began to paint the lube onto Jacob’s penis with her fingers, making sure to coat every inch of him with the slippery goo. She could feel Jacob shudder again.

“At least try to last two seconds.” Miss Mary whispered into the booth. “But at this point the audience won’t care how long you go. If you cum really quick it will just make them feel like even the pro’s last a short time during sex every once and awhile. Just remember to signal me when you are about to cum.”

“Uh…ok.” Was all Jacob was able to say.

The actress known as Miss Mary grasped Jacob’s slickened penis and maneuvered kaçak casino him to where the head of his cock pressed ever so slightly against the labia of the actress known as Miss Molly. The Camera men positioned themselves so that one could place his lens almost directly over the point where their parts met. The other zoomed in on the face of Miss Molly.

Miss Mary moved her hand so that it was grasping just the base of Jacob’s penis. Then she guided him forward so that he slowly slid inside of her. Miss Molly let out a gasp that silenced the entire room. Then Miss Mary began to guide him in and out of Miss Molly like she was maneuvering a dildo that Jacob just happened to be attached to.

The projector screen on the right showed Miss Molly’s face as a look of pure enjoyment and pleasure smeared across her mouth and eyes. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as a soft moan escaped her with each thrust.

Finally Miss Molly turned to look at Miss Mary. “This never happens. This fucking kid is going to make me cum so hard.”

Miss Mary turned to whisper inside of the booth. “Keep it up you just might…”

“I heard.” Jacob said cutting her off. “Just let me concentrate.”

He was now moving his hips in rhythm with the moving of Miss Mary’s hand. Miss Molly was gripping the bottom of the glory hole with both of her hands in order to keep her body pressed against the opening of the hole.

Miss Mary used her free hand to drop a dollup of lube onto Miss Molly’s clitoris and upper vulva. Then once she had dropped the bottle on the ground she used the same hand to begin massaging every part of Miss Molly she had just squirted lube onto.

Miss Molly and Jacob were both beginning to shake. Miss Molly’s shoulders twitched as Jacob continued to move in and out of her. Her hips were shuddering from the left to the right as she moved her body. She moved so that inside of her, Jacob was hitting new parts of her with each thrust.

“I can’t take it anymore!” Miss Molly shouted to herself and to the crowd.

The projector on the left showed a top down shot of Miss Molly’s outer and inner labia split wide open around Jacob’s penis. He slid in and out of her over and over again while every once and awhile she would push herself into him and rest there for a second. Then she would begin to rock her hips to the left and to the right slowly causing the sides of his penis to slide against the walls of her vagina.

The cameramen zoomed in so close that on the projector screen the audience could see Miss Molly’s juices drizzling out of her with each thrust of Jacob’s cock.

Jacob took his right hand and made a fist. He knocked lightly on the wall of the booth.

Presently he felt as if everything inside of him, organs and all were about to escape him through his dick. Just as Miss Mary extracted his penis from inside her counterpart he began to shoot great ropes of semen onto Miss Molly. It splashed onto her breasts, stomach and all over her pussy.

All the while he came Miss Mary stroked her hand up and down his shaft. At the same time her other hand expertly worked on the vulva of Miss Molly causing her to convulse and twitch as she too came again, and again.

When the two of them finally finished, Miss Molly was covered, quite thoroughly, from her shoulders to her inner thighs with hot, white, semen. Jacob staggered backwards and fell out of the back of the booth as his legs had turned to jello.

By some miracle, there was a stage hand walking behind the booth after Jacob had finished. The stage hand, a young, man named Daniel, caught Jacob under both arm pits and held him till someone could get him a chair.

“Thank…thank you.” Jacob murmured.

“No sweetie, thank you.” Daniel said beaming down at him.

Heather ran behind the curtains.

“Jacob that was amazing!!” She cried taking him by the shoulders. “The crowd hasn’t been that collectively turned on in years.”

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