I Thought I was Straight

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I’d just turned 32, was already on my second marriage and things weren’t going very well. Same problem as the first – lack of interest in sex. It had gone from two or three times a week to maybe once a month. We’d talked about my low libido and I had even had counselling, but neither had helped.

Once last try. The new psychologist suggested we try a new approach and had me sit in a booth with a band thing around my cock attached to wires. I had to sit through various porn scenes to see what I reacted to. I didn’t react to any really, or so I thought.

Later, he sat me down and went over the results. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry when he told me that I showed some response to straight porn but had a strong reaction to gay porn. The only thing my cock reacted to very much was men sucking and fucking each other. I was mostly homosexual. Initially, I was stunned but the more I thought about it the more it made sense.

I had occasionally noticed that some men were very attentive to me in social situations, and even at work. I’d always assumed casino siteleri they were just being friendly, but now I was wondering.

My wife wasn’t surprised at this revelation and said that, next time, I should do what comes naturally and go for it. I was floored when she then told me that she hadn’t been missing out as, for about the last twelve months, she had been fucked regularly by my Uncle Bob. I didn’t say anything but the growing bulge in my pants told her all she needed to know, I was a homo and the thought of Uncle Bob fucking her was making my cock stiff.

The following week we went to a family BBQ, and things changed. By the end of the night I was a bit tipsy so wasn’t really up to driving so Uncle Bob drove Jane home. I was told to stay overnight at Bob’s house, where the BBQ had been held. Everyone else had gone and this left me talking to Bob’s next door neighbour, Jim, who was in seventies and had lived alone for years.

Jim was tall, a bit overweight and had a luxuriant, bushy beard. I’d always got on well with canlı casino him and on this night, I found myself attracted to him and my cock was becoming hard. Jim told me that Bob and Jane had told him I was gay and not to be embarrassed as he was as well. He told me to stand up in front of him and pull my pants down. I did as I was told and he saw that my cock was as stiff as a board when it sprang out from my underpants.

Jim reached out and started caressing my balls before slowly working his way up to the head of my cock. It felt glorious, much more so than with a woman. I started panting and breathing heavily. I called out to him that I was going to cum if he didn’t stop. With that, he opened his mouth and engulfed my penis. His beard felt so good as it tickled my balls and cock that I only lasted about ten seconds. I groaned out loudly as I felt big spurts of cum shooting deep into his mouth. After swallowing it all down he smiled as he patted my bottom, saying that he was pleased to be the one to break me in.

Jim drove me home the next kaçak casino morning and told Jane all about my initiation. I was very embarrassed and turned scarlet but Jane reassured me that it was all right, and completely normal. She knew that I was gay and needed to have sex with men. With that, she reached down and felt my cock which was beginning to get hard. She told me to try not to worry, and that I would feel much better when I accepted that I was homosexual.

Uncle Bob came back into the room whereupon he and Jane agreed that I seemed tense and could with a good sucking off. I was mortified and could feel myself turning even redder, but my cock was stiffer than ever and gave me away. Jim beckoned me over and pulled my pants down right in front of Jane and Uncle Bob. I felt so humiliated but desperate for release. I didn’t have to wait very long. Jim turned me around so I was facing Jane and Uncle Bob and proceeded to masturbate me. His warm, muscular hands felt so good that I came very quickly, shooting cum across the kitchen floor. Jane and Uncle Bob just giggled. I was mortified that Jim had done this in front of Uncle Bob and Jane and a few tears were running my down face. I picked up my clothes and ran off to my room with my stiff stiff cock swaying as I went.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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