I Dream of You & Sunlight Cry (Poetry by Joy)

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I Dream of You & Sunlight Cry (Poetry by Joy)

My fingers glide
Down my slopes
As I lay alone
On grandmother’s guest bed
Late morning sleep
I awoke
Having dreamt of you
Your touch on my skin
Your breath in my nostrils
Your taste in my mouth
Nightgown softness
Cascading over my bare youth
Nipples rise
Tummy draws in
I have never been touched
But want you to touch me
Fingers descend
Between bare hips
Into paradise
Slipping into the flow
My eyes close and you are here with me
My fingers are yours
Finding my sweet spot
You linger there
Mouth falls open, bringing your air into my lungs
I shift
Don’t stop now
Don’t stop ever
Love me eagerly
Place your finger on my lips
So grandmother canlı kaçak iddaa will not hear us
We play like sprites
I feel you inside me
Filling me
Lifting me
I whisper your name
Only your name
Again and again
Touching your hair briefly
Before I am washed away
Into ecstasy
And you are with me
Guiding me
I dance with angels
And grapple with giants
Falling back into your arms
In grandmother’s bed
Your fingers inside me
Your lovely face above me
You kiss me and tell me
How beautiful I am
I belong to you
This moment never ends

-Joy <3 ___________________________________________________________________________________________ SUNLIGHT CRY ?? Your eyes blaze at me Daisy framed Waving reed Horizoned canlı casino hills
You and I
Alone with the Texas sky
My sister, my love
Your hands climb my thighs
I am bare
Beneath my sundress
Aching for you to touch me
My country faerie
Your nails are yellow like the moon
Your eyes, the blue of oceans
I am drowning
You lick your lips, dry with desire
I feel the quickening of your heart
Beneath your breasts
Mirroring mine
My knees fall open
To welcome you
Into my garden
Your fingers trace my creases
Parting the waters
My currents flow
Spilling on to you
And you dive in
The breeze lifts my dress
Canyon breath
Caressing my skin
Enter me
Take me under the clouds
My mares are pent
Lusty and impatient to kaçak casino run free
To pound the hills with their hooves
Drive them and they will find their freedom
I feel only your rhythm pounding inside me
And see only your eyes
The wind whispers through your hair
Flowing gold
My voice rises
Defying goddess sun to rival us
I join the song of petal and current
The symphony of the crimson canyons
You have reached inside me and made this
Played my body like a harp
And we own the world
Locked together in motion
Our pulse peaks
My thighs tremble
I am in labor
Giving birth to beauty
Mistress wind lifts my dress and massages my breasts
Your name is on my lips
Echoing around us
You hasten and I burst
A rush until I’m spent
Our eyes lock again
Wordless, wanton and indelible
You own me
Play me again, my love
Play me until the sunset burns through blue to bathe our nakedness in silver light
And we are still here
Skin to skin beneath the expanse

-Joy <3

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