Husband’s B-day Present to Wife

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It’s a quiet morning; my hubby and I are just relaxing with a cup of coffee after getting the kids off to school. He has his laptop, where else, his lap, and I have a good idea what he is looking at. The thoughts start flying through my mind like a whirlwind, I wonder if he is ready and willing like he says he always is, should I dare find out? I want to, I do now, and that’s for sure! I hate the tug of war I am going through right now, I want them both but I shouldn’t, but damn I love having them both! I’m going to do it!

I get up like I’m getting another cup of coffee but my motive is to text ‘our’ sex friend and see if he is up for some hot, wild and passionate sex, God I hope so.

Within minutes he responds and a smile appears on my face, I’m going to get very lucky! Oh I can’t wait. I make my way upstairs to get ready and wait to hear the doorbell, my sign that he is here and ready. I’ll give them a minute or so, that way my husband will figure it out, quickly too I hope, and then I can come on down and, well, go down, on them……….he…he…he.

I walk down the stairs, I hear them talking, it’s all good I’m hoping. As I get to the bottom of the stairs, I look to them both, and they both have big smiles on their faces, they want it and I’m just the girl to give it to them. They want me and I want them, what a setup.

I make my way between them, it’s then that I see they are waiting for me also, pants undone and peeled down some. I look to my husband and he gives me an approving nod toward our friend. My hands rest on each shoulder and massage him as my mouth can’t help but kiss him through his clothing, waiting to uncover him and take him in. I can feel his hardness with my lips, this makes me only that much more anxious to have him in me. I can’t hold back, my hands drop to his waist and tug on his shorts, both of them! He raises his hips and assists in the uncovering of my burning desire, one of them anyway. As I pull his shorts off over his feet, I start at his knees with my lips and kiss his thighs as my hands can’t help but stroke and massage his groin, his smooth, clean, hairless and luscious groin. I’m hungry for him, I want him, and I’m going to have him.

My hungry mouth reaches its destination and is watering as my tongue reaches out and starts to lick his sack ever so gently, my hand still holding and stroking his hard member. He moans as I continue, wanting so bad to take his balls in my mouth and savor them but I’m not sure he’s up to that based on the last time I had him. My thirsty mouth moves to the head of his manhood, which is dripping wet, and licks his sweet nectar. Umm this tastes good, I want more and I let him know I want it. Once I have all of his sweet juices, I move back to his balls and lick them some more. I can’t help myself, I love the feel of my husband’s balls in my mouth and I want his too! I, very gently, take him in and the sound of his moan is from pleasure so I continue to savor his ball in my mouth, first one then the other. After some time he has become quite used to the feel of it and is more relaxed. I feel more of his juices on my hand and decide I need more of it.

With my tongue making circles on the head of his hot, hard member, I clean all of his juices off. Teasing him for several minutes, his anticipation high, as well as his rod, I make my move. With a quick, deliberate and smooth motion, I go down on him and take it all. He releases an exuberant and pleased sigh as do I. I start stroking him with my eager and willing mouth while fingering his balls. I feel and taste small spurts of his juices as I do this. I’m able to look and see my husband on the other couch watching and stroking his own wet and hard member with a huge smile on his face. He loves to watch me do this and …well, I’m more than happy, I’m finding, to oblige his little fetish. In fact, as with this morning, I’m begging for it, just as I want to feel both of their hot, sweet loads of seed splash the back of my mouth and fill my belly. Of course, I also want the same for my hungry vagina; she is begging to be filled with their manhood and all the sweet man juice they can give me.

With the sight of my husband stroking himself while watching casino siteleri me, the smell, taste, feel and sight of our friend and his manhood, I feel myself on the edge as my free hand moves to my own womanhood and start to massage it. I am able to keep this going for many minutes, watching my husband, oral pleasures to the friend, and working my own self. I’m about to burst, I hope he is too, I want us to go together, I try hard to hold off as I look to our friend and tell him to give it to me. I continue to devour his manhood, relishing the thought of tasting him, feeling him explode in ecstasy in my mouth while my own body releases its flood of pleasure.

I get my wish, I feel him ready to go and I work him good, anxiously awaiting my reward. I finger my own self faster, hopping we explode together. I can’t wait anymore, here I come, I let myself go, pleasure gushing out of me. With my pause for my own orgasm, the sound and sight must have been enough as he releases his juices into my mouth. Oh it tastes good as I drink every drop he can give me, softly sucking him trying to get all of it.

With his manhood going semi soft in my mouth, I leave go of it. I crawl to my husband’s wet erection and swallow his manhood. He responds immediately with a good spurt of his seed as I work him and his balls. He also gives me his moan of approval as I move to his balls and suck them hard. I know I can suck his pretty hard, I have him conditioned and besides, he absolutely loves it! I do too, I’ve learned that if I give his balls a good workout, his love juice is excreted and I love that!

With me on the floor and on all fours giving my husband oral loving, I feel a soft touch on buttocks. Our friend is lightly caressing them and working his way to my hot and hungry vagina. It’s then that I feel the flicker of his tongue on the folds of labia, my hot, burning, hungry labia. The pressure of his tongue increases as it finds my clit. The tip of his tongue is now circling my clit, this is putting me on cloud nine. His tongue and fingers are engorging my vulva while my tongue is engorging my husbands own member.

My loving husband has been leaking large amounts of his sweet nectar and I have taken it with pleasure. The amount he has been giving me is increasing and the taste is oh so sweet, I can’t wait for him to bestow on me all of it. He has started small pumping motions and I have stayed in sync with him as my fingertips massage his balls.

Our friend has his hands firmly on my waist, this tells me that he is about to feed my kitty and what a hungry kitty I have. I keep my pace with my husband as one of our friends hands has moved from my waist. Seconds, seems like minutes, pass and then it happens, I feel his hard, again, member penetrating the folds of my labia, without resistance, he slides himself into me all the way as I let out a very strong and desirable moan that resonates through my husbands member, this causes him and our friend to do the same.

With all three of us in position, very happy, and hungry for more, our friend begins an internal massage of my woman hood, I start a more aggressive oral massage of my husband as he strokes my head, ears, hair and shoulders. Oh my, I think I could actually orgasm again, and so soon.

After a very intense orgasm, just minutes after our friend joined with me, I’m still hungry for these two wonderful, handsome and tasty men. I want my husband to feed my hungry belly his delicious and sweet nectar. He is ready, I feel it, I know it. As I finger his balls more, stroking his manhood with my lips and tongue and our friend is in perfect rhythm with us, he does just as I wish, it’s here!

I feel and taste him, his orgasm is intense and strong as his seed splashes in my mouth and flows freely to my hungry, waiting and wanting belly. His member continues to spew its juices and twitching as I suck a little more gently on him. With all of his seed in me now, I continue to hold him in my mouth, his member, spent, but still pretty hard, I love having him in me, anywhere!

I put a hand to my friend to stop him as I let my husbands member free of my oral fixation. I smile and reposition myself to that I am lying canlı casino on the couch with my butt on the edge. Our friend wastes no time reinserting himself in me and we continue. I needed the break, my legs were tired, especially after three orgasms! I’m now enjoying not only the feel of our friends manhood in me but now I can watch as his raging member glistens and slides in and out of me, creating quite the wave of pleasure throughout my body. I continue to watch this as I notice my husband doing the same. I also notice that his member is still pretty hard, pretty, yea, that’s him alright! He has the most gorgeous penis in the world and it’s mine and I want it. I lick my lips with a smile as I gaze from his rising passion to his eyes and back again, he gets the hint! But I decide at the last minute that I want his balls more so I take them.

My mind is running wild now, I have one hand cupping my husbands buttocks crack while my mouth tends to massaging his lovely balls. My other hand is on our friends waist moving back and forth as he continues to massage the inside of my body with his delicious piece of manhood. How have I gotten so lucky? I’ve made some discoveries with these escapades my husband and I have, I love, absolutely love being ravished by men! I love the feel, smell and taste of them on my mouth and the feel and thrill of them in my hot and hungry vagina. I hope my husband is willing to get together like this more often because I sure am! I’m pretty sure our friend is.

I can’t wait anymore, I let go of my husband and put both hands on our friends waist and beg for him to continue to pleasurable assault on my vagina. This feels so good, I want it so much, I want them. His pace has picked up and he is hitting it harder, is he ready? I give him that look and he confirms, he’s ready to orgasm. I beg him to drill me deep and implant his seed in me, I want it, I need it.

With one hard, fast and decisive move, he has driven his extension deep into me and I know what he is going to give. I beg him again to give it to me as I take his nipple into my mouth and gently bite and suck it as I feel him empty his seed into my vagina, his swollen manhood pulsing against the opening of my women hood with every spurt of pleasure potion, his spurting seed hitting my cervix is creating its own pulsations. Now my own body is reacting, another orgasm! He holds himself above me and in me while I continue to bite on his nipple and explode in pleasure.

I watch him and his slick, shiny, wet, dripping penis as we uncouple. It looks delicious, I must have it, I want those juices. I grab him and pull him to my mouth and take that beautiful, still throbbing penis of his and swallow all of it, taking care to be gentle as he may be a little tender still. While enjoying my sweets, I feel something very exciting and pleasurable licking my loins, my darling husband. I take a moment to look down only to watch him bury his tongue and mouth into the folds of my labia and lick and kiss me. I could almost orgasm again I think as I go back to our friends lovely private member and continue what is not only a pleasure for him, them, but me as well, I love to feel and taste a man in my mouth.

Within minutes, I feel my husbands very hard shaft enter me and my baby room. I moan with pleasure as he gives me all seven inches of his love tool. Our friend seemed to enjoy the vibrations of my moan on his half limp tool. Once in all the way, my husband wasted no time, he starts pounding my kitty with a fiery passion, his hands firmly griping my thighs. He watches me giving to our friend while watching himself give to me.

I leave our friend to himself for the moment and look into loving husbands eyes, I pull his head to me and kiss his lips. We mount one of the most passionate kisses ever as he continues his vaginal assault. I whisper dirty thoughts into his ear then kiss him some more.

After our moment of heated passion, I see our friend is still in position. My husband pauses long enough to softly position me so my head is all of the way on the armrest of the couch. Once I’m there, he resumes his position inside me and looks to our friend. Now I see why he put me here, I can now kaçak casino lay my head back and have our friends balls dangle above me for my pleasure, and a pleasure it will be. I open my hungry, willing and eager mouth and he, surprisingly, wastes no time in positioning himself over my mouth and letting me have my way with him. I suckle each, first one then the other and continue this while looking up at him, his hand on his semi hard shaft and his balls in my mouth, my husbands pleasure wand continuing to do what it does best, give me pleasure.

After quite some time and many drops of our friends seeded sweets dripping on my chin, in my mouth and anywhere it can go, I ask him to give me his fairly hard tool. I lick the tip of his tube of passion, savoring every drop of his cream and wanting more. I turn my head to the side as he move around to my side, now he can pump my mouth with ease and pleasure, but whose pleasure? It seems that we all love it.

With both of these men giving me so much pleasure, I find myself once again ready to burst into orgasm. My husband senses this and works the hood of my clit with his thumb, that’s it, I can’t hold back. I buck with them both as they pump my body with their lovely, tasty and desirable dicks, then it happens, my entire body converges on my vagina and explodes into a heavenly and exhilarating orgasm. My body has become tender and sensitive and the boys have detected this. My husband, still very much in me, has stopped and our friend as withdrawn his appendage, to allow me time to regain myself. I can’t help but look at them both, handsome, willing, eager, tasty, oh I could go on but then I’ll get hungry for them again, OK!

With a smile now installed on my face, they know it is time to resume. Our friend is leaking his delicious fluids all over my neck, chin, cheek and most of all, my mouth. I feel my husbands lips and tongue on my neck, how divine! He’s getting a taste of our friend, a good taste too, as well as arousing me more, he knows I love kisses on my neck. His lips gently caress my chin and then run my neck to its nap. All this time he is still pumping away at my vagina while I am orally attached to our friend, who is leaking with consistency.

My husband gets up on his hands, he’s ready to give my kitty its long awaited drink of man milk. Our friend has continued his pumping of my mouth and I am beginning to wonder if the two of them will climax at the same time! My husband, once again, starts to rub my clit with his thumb, oh that feels good. I start a very greedy rhythm with the two of them, I’m pumping them and I want all that they have. Then it happens, our friend holds the back of my head to him and pumps his friendship fluid into my thirsty mouth. I listen to my husband moan from the pleasure of watching, telling me how his penis is pulsating between my lips. I get a little wetter down there just from the thought of that. With our friends dick still pumping its salty seeds into me, my husbands own wand of pleasure does the same. He buries himself deep into me, a twinge of pain subsides quickly after the head of his dick plunged into my cervix and I feel his love gush into me, jets of his seed pound my cervix, much of it I think going in my cervix and landing in my womb. Our friends dick now very still and limp but still in my mouth, right where I want it, my husbands dick still spewing what is left of his seed into me, I feel exhausted, good, great, happy, satisfied, hungry, horny, oh I can’t seem to describe it, all of those I feel now. My husband is pulling his member out of me as our friend does the same. I lay there for a moment then pull my husband to my lips and take him. Umm, this tastes good, I wonder if he would like a taste? I rub his wet dick all over my chin and lips, then call him to me. He licks my chin, then again, then sucks my chin. Now he moves to my lips and does the same, the taste of all three of us on my lips and chin, we kiss again with much passion. I would love to orally please another while he watches if I get kissed like this! This could be habit forming.

Our friend is sitting on the chair, my husband now moves to another chair as I sit up. The three of us just sit there in a daze, smiles are huge on all of us, as each of us ponder the next move. We still have a couple of hours, could I possibly take more? I will be sore, if we go some more, I will definitely be very sore but what a pleasure that would be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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