How It All Started With My MIL Chapter 3

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How It All Started With My MIL Chapter 3
How It All Started With My MIL Chapter 3

I awoke Monday morning and found myself alone in bed. It took a few seconds to remember the wife had to cover a co-worker and was working.

I’d like to say Monday flew by. The truth is it seemed to drag on forever. I was like a k** waiting for Christmas morning. I only managed to get a few chores around the home done because my mind and thoughts were on my planned visit and stay over at my In-laws place Tuesday night. I was able to pack a small overnight bag. In it, I had placed a pair of clean underwear, socks and shirt along with a couple of my special blue pills. The pills were an afterthought and were added for extra insurance. I doubted I would need them because all day I’d been going around sporting a hard on due to my mind constantly going over all I wanted and was going to do with Joy, my Mother In-law.

Monday night wasn’t much better for me. I fought back the urge to follow my wife to bed and fuck her brains out but didn’t for fear of not having enough left in the tank for her mother. Sometime after midnight I fell asleep on the couch and Tuesday morning I was awoken to the ringing telephone. The wife had called to make sure I was up and to tell me to be careful on my drive over to her parents’ house three hours away. A quick shower and shave and I was out the door, only five minutes behind schedule. It was only five miles down the road I rested my hand in my lap and began playing with my cock and balls as I tried to remain focused on my driving. I knew from experience there were only a couple of locations that provided cellphone service, one being the dead end road where Joy had first sucked my cock. From that location I would only have an hour more of driving and decided to pull over and call my In-laws to let them know I was only an hour away. My Father In-law answered the telephone and when I told him where I was at he said his truck was warming up and he was leaving in a couple of minutes for the big city. He said Joy was up and getting dressed and he’d let her know where I was and to expect me in about an hour.

After ending the call I thought briefly of scrubbing one out but resisted the urge. I wanted and was looking forward to filling my Mother In-law’s pussy to the point of over flowing.

It was a few minutes past 11am when I pulled into my In-law’s driveway. I grabbed my little overnight bag and almost ran to the front door. Knocking on the door I heard Joy yell out to come in and I open the door and stepped inside.
Joy was seated in her recliner holding a cup of coffee and wearing her robe. It was loosely tied and the edges of her “b-cup” sized breasts were visible. As I closed the door Joy said:

“Be sure to lock the door. Betty from across the street has a habit of just barraging in.”

I’d met Betty several times and liked her. Five years ago her husband had died and I had done many small fixes and repairs for her. She was your typical “blue hair” granny only she was short and thin. She always referred to me as a “youngster” and was always touching me. I didn’t mine it and to tell you the truth I always felt if I wanted to I could fuck her. She was 72 years old and just my type.

“I expected you to be dressed.” I said as I turned the deadbolt.

“What for that would be a waste of energy? Oh look what I can do.” Joy said as she sat her coffee cup down and stood up without the use of her walker.

“Well look at you in no time you’ll be running around the house.” I answered back as my eyes rested on her chest.
Joy’s robe had opened further when she stood up and her small breasts were now fully exposed. Her nipples jutted out as she raised and opened her arms and said:

“Come over here and give me a kiss and a hug.”

In response I raised and opened my arms and said:
“You walk over here and give me a kiss and a hug.”

Joy’s eyes were focused on my crotch and the very visible bulge in my pants as she gingerly walked toward me. It took her four steps to reach me and as our bodies came together she placed her arms over my shoulders while I lowered my arms and rested my hands on her ass. We hugged each other tightly while looking into each other’s eyes. Joy closed her eyes as a signal for us to kiss and I lowered my head until our lips met. The kiss started out lightly but I felt Joy open her lips and I slowly slipped my tongue into her mouth. By now our hugging was tighter and I pulled Joy into me so she could feel my bulging cock illegal bahis siteleri against her body. We both moaned as our tongues entwined with one another. Our kiss lasted for over a minute and as our lips parted I moved my head and began kissing and nibbling on her neck and left ear. After a few seconds and in a deep and needing voice I whispered:

“I’m going to fuck you but first I think I need to use my tongue on your tasty pussy. Would you like that?”

“Oh yes.” Joy replied while moaning.

Slowly I helped her to walk to her bedroom and once at the edge of her bed I slowly untied her robe and pushed it off her shoulders. As it fell to the floor I took a small step back to admire her body. Her skin was milky white except for the dark tan spots around her red erect nipples. Joy was wearing a pair of black silk under panties and I placed my hands on her hips. On her right hip I saw the scar where surgery had been down to repair her broken leg and I made a mental note to avoid that area. I knelt down in front of my Mother In-law and as I softly grabbed hold of the waistband of her panties she placed her hands on my shoulders to steady herself.

Kneeling down in front of Joy, her crotch was as now at eye level. Not a word was said as I slowly pulled her panties down and carefully helped her to step out of them. Up to now I had only felt her pussy while it was still covered. This was the first time I would see what I had been craving and desiring and I was not disappointed. Joy’s bush was black with traces of gray pubic hair. The bush was large and hadn’t been trimmed since she’d fallen. The outer lips of her pussy were clearly visible and hung down slightly. I moved my head forward and pressed my nose and mouth into her bush and inhaled deeply. The aroma was strong, not pungent but sweet smelling and I felt my cock surge as it continued to harden.

Still on my knees I slowly help my Mother In-law to sit down on the edge of the bottom of the bed. It took a minute or two but with my help she was now on her back. Joy was unable to fully move her right leg but she was able to easily move her left leg and she d****d it over my shoulder. I now had a bird’s eye view of her pussy and I moved my head in between her legs. I pressed my face forward and kissed her pussy lips. Joy moaned for me to lick her pussy and I slowly ran my tongue over her pussy lips. From top to bottom I ran my tongue as she moaned. Each time I did that I felt and watched as her clit continued to grow. Joy now had her hands on my head and was trying to force my face and tongue inside her.

To say I was in heaven would be an understatement. I was super horny but I also wanted this to be the best tongue fucking my Mother In-law ever had. I avoided any touching of her clit as I licked the outer lips of her pussy.
My Mother In-law was not one to use many “four letter words” other then “damn, shit or hell.” So when she started saying “oh fuck” I was a bit surprised.

“Oh fuck that feels good. Fuck your tongue is making me wet. Shit, fuck me with your tongue.” Joy said in between gasping for breath.

Joy was now pinching and pulling on her nipples and I thought she was going to pull them right off. I didn’t have to use much spit, Joy’s pussy was getting wet enough on its own and I plunge my tongue deep into her pussy as she tightly grabbed my head.

I was now like a medieval knight, feasting at a table and my Mother In-law loudly announced she was going to come:
“Oh fuck! Suck my clit! I’m going to come.” Joy said as she began panting.

I took her now erect and exposed clit between my lips and as I did so I stuck first two then three then four fingers into her pussy. Joy’s pussy was so wet and loose I could have easily slid the large end of a baseball bat in it. Right before Joy began wailing we both heard the door bell ringing but ignored it.

I had often wondered and suspected but now knew where my wife got her squirting from. Joy let loose a torrent of juice and I did my best to keep up and drink as much as possible. I was no longer fucking her with my hand and I had abandoned sucking her clit. I was now intently lapping at the fountain of life. My face was covered, as well as my shoulders and chest with my Mother In-law’s come as her orgasm begun to subside and I thought she was done.

Until for good measure I wrapped my lips around her clit one more time. Joy’s second orgasm was just as intense and wet while once again she began wailing. I now had canlı bahis siteleri a small puddle under me where my Mother In-law’s come had dripped off me and onto the wood floor. As her second orgasm subsided she pushed my head away from her gaping pussy and said:
“Oh fuck! I have to rest and catch my breath. I haven’t come like that in years.”

I stood up as Joy opened her eyes to look at me. My face was drenched as well as the front of my shirt I had on. I was keenly aware of a major discomfort in my pants and unbuttoned them and pulled my zipper down to help relieve the pressure.

“By the time you get your clothes off I should be ready for a good fucking.” Joy said as she ran her hands of her breasts.

Off in the corner of the bedroom was a chair and I walked over, sat down and removed my shoes and socks. I stood up, took my shirt and pants off as my Mother In-law watched me undress. Removing my underwear now allowed my cock to point out and upward. I slowly walked over to the bed and now stood between my Mother In-law’s legs. I took hold of my cock and slid the head over the lips of her pussy. Joy moaned and I fought the urge to shove it into her pussy. I wanted her to beg for it and I did it several times before she pleaded for me to fuck her.

Using my hand to guide my cock I slowly slid the bulbous head between her pussy lips. Joy moaned for me to fuck her but I pulled the head out and once again slid it over her pussy lips. I lost count of how many times I did this before Joy finally yelled out for me to fuck her. Still fighting the urge to pound away I slowly slipped my cock back into her until our pubic hair was touching and I stopped and waited several seconds before slowly pulling my cock back out until only the head remained in her pussy. My eyes were intently watching my cock as I slowly pushed it back into her. Her come drenched pussy easily accepted my cock and the feeling was beyond words.

My Mother In-law was now talking like a sailor. Every other word was “fuck” or “shit.” Each time I ran my cock in and out squishy sounds could be heard which only added to the erotic and surreal situation. I had never felt as horny as I did at that moment and then the telephone rang.

“Hello Joy, this is Betty. I saw your Son In-law pull up and wanted to say hello but you didn’t answer the door. I hope everything is all right, call me if you need any help with anything you guys are doing. Bye.” The answering machine switched off.

The sound of her neighbor’s voice must have brought my Mother In-law out of her dream-like trance and as I was slowly pulling my cock out of her pussy she tightened her muscles and I felt her pussy latch onto my cock and then release it. My eyes went wide as she did this and our eyes met as she smiled and said:

“Do you like that? Do you want me to do it again? Then started fucking me and make me come again.”

I now wanted to pound my cock into my Mother In-law’s pussy but I was also aware I had to be careful and not cause her any pain to her right leg. I opted for a medium pace and began thrusting my cock back and forth. Each time I pushed in, Joy would clamp her pussy around the shaft of my cock as if she were trying to milk it.

I had no sense of time and could not tell you how long we’d been fucking when I felt my balls tighten and knew I was close to coming. Joy sensed it too and now she was clamping you pussy around my cock in rapid intervals.

“Fill my pussy sweetie.” Joy said as her pussy flexed around my cock.

I grunted and told her I was going to come. Both of us felt my cock enlarging as the first spurt of come flew from the head of my cock and splashed the walls of her pussy. As my cock erupted her pussy milked it. By the time I was done coming I was aware my eyes were tightly closed. I opened my eyes and saw my Mother In-law staring and smiling at me.

“Was it as good as you thought it would be?” Joy asked as I felt my softening cock slowly slip from her pussy.

“It was better than I could have ever imagined. I only wish you had taught your daughter how to do that with her pussy.” I replied as I watched Joy reach down between her legs and swirl two fingers in her pussy.

“I don’t want to waste any of your delicious cream.” Joy said as she put her fingers that were now covered with my come into her mouth.

An awkward silence fell upon the room before Joy spoke out:

“Both of us are a mess now. You are going to have to help me take a shower before I can get dressed.”

“How bahis firmaları is your leg feeling?” I asked when I saw her lightly rubbed her right leg.

“It hurts a bit. But it’s a good hurt. You’re lucky I’ve only got one good leg right now. I would have ridden you like a cheap horse. You better go get my walker. I’ll need it to get to the bathroom.” Joy replied as I helped her sit up on the bed.

I went back into the living room and returned with my Mother In-law’s walker and helped her stand up. The two of us then slowly made our way to the bathroom and I turned on the shower.

The shower had enough room for two people. Because of Joy’s injury a plastic seat was situated under the shower head. Joy tested the water before I helped her to step over the short shower stall ledge and then helped her to sit down on the seat. I then stepped in and pulled the shower curtain closed. Even though the shower stall could handle two people, the chair made it a bit difficult for us to maneuver around.

“It’s going to be tough for me to wash your back.” I said as I took the bar of soap and a cloth in my hands.

“My backside doesn’t need to be washed.” Joy said as she spread her one good leg.

I soaped up the washcloth and began washing my Mother In-law’s body. Starting at her neck I worked my way over her shoulders and down to her chest. I paid special attention to her breasts and still erect nipples. As I stood in front of her, washing her body, Joy began playing with my limp cock.

“You better be careful or you’re going to have to finish what you started.” I said as I felt my cock twitch.

“I think I can handle whatever you give me. Besides, it’s at the right height.” Joy replied as she slowly stroked my cock and cupped my balls in her other hand.

I continued to wash Joy’s body and was now moving down between her legs with the soapy washcloth. Joy begun to moan and I soon let the washcloth fall and was now fingering her pussy. Between moans Joy told me she was going to come. Her orgasm came on quickly and I watch as her juices flowed from her pussy over my fingers. It never dawned on me that none of my come had made its presents known. Thirty minutes after our shower the two of us would learn why.

The god of horniness was on my side and when I straightened up Joy leaned forward and slid her lips over my cock. It took my Mother In-law several minutes of sucking my cock before I rewarded her with a mouthful of my come. Ten minutes later both of us were out of the shower and drying off.

I first dried off my Mother In-law before drying myself off. As I was finishing drying my body I said:

“It doesn’t seem right to have to put clothes back on. We may want to start all over.”

“I agree. Did you bring your sweats or a robe?” Joy asked as she scooted out of the bathroom using her walker.

“No, I was assuming we’d be naked all day.” I replied with a laugh.

“Well you can use Richard’s robe. I won’t tell.” Joy answered back.

I retrieved Joy’s robe from the floor and found my Father In-law’s robe hanging on a hook, on the wall.
Once back in the living room Joy sat back down in her chair. I walked into the kitchen area and reheated two cups of coffee. Handing one to Joy I took the second cup and had just sat down in a chair when my Mother In-law’s neighbor, Betty came barraging through the back door. We were surprised and caught off guard and both of us had red faces as Betty stared at us only in our robes.

“What’s going on here? You two didn’t hear me at the door or listen to my phone message?” Betty said with her hands on her hips.

“I had an accident and Mark helped me get cleaned up and in the process got some on him.” Joy said with a stutter.

“Oh, are you alright? Can I help in any way?” Betty answered back while moving her head from Joy to me.

“I’m fine Betty but you could go into my bedroom and get my slippers for me. This floor seems a bit cold.”

Betty turned and walked down the hall into the bedroom while Joy and I softly giggled about our secret.

As Betty entered the bedroom she happened to look down and saw a white trail of goo splattered on the floor. It started at the foot of the bed and made its way to the doorway of the bedroom before ending. Joy’s slippers were near the foot of the bed and as she reached down to pick them up she got a closer look at the white goo on the floor. Betty had done enough fucking in her life and had a strong suspicion as to what it was but to be sure she used her free hand dipped a finger into and placed it in her mouth. Speaking to herself softly she said:
“Hmm just as I thought it’s man come.”

Betty took another swipe of the come, stood up and walked back into the living room. She now had a pretty good idea as to why no one answered the door or the telephone.

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