Housewarming Party

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“Great party, Phil,” said someone Phil didn’t recognise. “I’m Sarah, from number four. This is my husband, Jim.”

Phil and Jim shook hands. “Nice to meet you both. I’m really pleased you could come.”

Phil had invited everyone in the building to make sure that there were no complaints about the noise. It was also a great opportunity for him to get to know the other residents. The building was a late Georgian mansion in one of the smartest parts of town. Developers had converted it into ten apartments over four floors.

Phil was new in town and didn’t know many people. Apart from the buildings’ residents, the only other people at the party were from his office. He hoped to impress them.

There were many young couples, and single men. Single women were few and far between.

During the first hour of the party, most of the men gravitated to the spare room, where Phil’s pool table was the centre of attention. Most of the women were in the lounge. They had pushed the furniture back against the wall to create a makeshift dance floor and had turned up the volume on Phil’s stereo.

Phil tried his best to move between the two rooms, but inevitably wound up with the rest of the men.

“How do you like London, Phil?” asked Joey, one of his colleagues, can of beer in hand.

“Great,” said Phil, “and it’ll probably be better when I’ve made a few friends to party with.”

“Have you met Lisa and Nicole yet?” said Bob, from apartment five.

“No. Who are they?” said Phil.

“They live just across the hall from you, I’m surprised you haven’t noticed them, they’re hot.”

“Oh, those two,” said Phil. “I knocked on their door yesterday to invite them to the party. I don’t think they’re here yet.”

“They’ll be here,” Bob said. “They’ll be here.”


Phil hardly heard the doorbell over the music. He rushed to open the door and was stunned by the two girls waiting on the other side.

“Hi,” said one of them. She held out her hand to him. “I’m Lisa.”

Phil shook her hand.

“And I’m Nicole,” said the other. She offered her hand too.

“H… Hi.” Phil was rarely this lost for words.

“Aren’t you going to invite us in?” Lisa asked.

“Wha… Oh… Sorry. Of course. Come in.”

Phil stood aside and the two young women crossed the threshold into his flat. They could hardly have been any more different. Lisa was a head shorter than Phil, with a tight toned body. She wore a tiny red party dress and matching high heels. Her long blonde hair cascaded in ringlets around her shoulders.

Nicole was head and shoulders above her friend. Her blue halter-dress stretched to conceal her ample bosom, and was short enough to show off her long, tanned legs.

“This is a celebration. I thought this might be in order.” Lisa pulled a bottle of champagne from behind her back and handed it to Phil.

“Excellent,” said Phil. “I’ll get some glasses.”

He quickly returned from the kitchen with three crystal flutes. Lisa popped the cork from the bottle, and poured the drinks.

For the rest of the evening, Phil followed Lisa and Nicole like a drooling puppy. He showed them around his house, danced with them and made sure he kept their glasses full. By eleven, the party was several hours old. Most of the guests were in a happily uninhibited state from the free-flowing booze.

Some of the women had moved to the spare room to join in the fun on the pool table. The men there were taking every opportunity to ‘teach’ the women how to play and kop a feel at the same time.

Some of the men had moved onto the dance floor, and were kopping just as many feels casino şirketleri as their friend in the other room.

Phil didn’t notice. His attention never drifted from Lisa and Nicole.

“What ages do you teach, Lisa?” asked Phil.

“Secondary. Ages twelve to eighteen. I am a sports teacher.”

“Oh, nice. And what do you do Nicole? You never said.”

“I’m a nurse. I’m in my first year out of nursing collage. I work on the geriatric ward at the moment.”

“The old men keep ogling her all the time,” said Lisa.

“Stop it. They’re not that bad,” said Nicole. “What about you Phil. What do you do?”

“I’m in advertising,” he replied. “I used to work at the firm’s office in Leeds, doing local accounts. But a campaign I did a few months ago convinced them to offer me the job at the national office.”

“What was the campaign?” asked Nicole.

“You wouldn’t have seen it, but it was very popular,” he said.

“What was it?” asked Lisa.

“It was for double glazing. It had a busty blonde hanging out of a window. She looked a lot like you actually, Lisa.”

“Oh, thanks. I think.”

“It was really successful. Sales of double glazing doubled in a month.”

“Have you still got the posters?” asked Nicole.

“Sure. Would you like to see them?”


“They’re in my bedroom. I’ll go and fetch them.”

“No, we’ll come with you. If you don’t mind?”

“No. I don’t mind. But my room’s a mess, so I apologize in advance.”

Phil led the girls to his bedroom. There were clothes all over the bed and scattered on the floor. Phil did his best to step over the debris, and retrieved a framed poster out of his wardrobe.

“This is it,” he said. He showed the girls a picture of an extremely busty blonde lady leaning out of an open window.

“It’s almost pornographic,” said Lisa.

“Maybe, but the company ran a competition to meet the girl. All you had to do to enter was buy some windows. Sales went through the roof. And it was all my idea.”

“You are a clever boy,” said Lisa

“Phil was right,” Nicole said. “She does look like you, Lisa.”

“Stop it. You’re embarrassing me.”

“No, really, she does look like you. What do you think, Phil?”

“Well, yes she does a little. But Alyson here has a bigger chest.”

“Are you sure?” said Nicole. “Lisa does have quite big tits.”

“But I can’t see them very well in that dress she’s wearing. Don’t get me wrong, I love the dress, it hugs your curves in all the right places, but it’s so tight that flattens your tits.”

Lisa grabbed her dress straps. “Does this help your judgment?”

She pulled down the top half of the dress, revealing a pair of golden brown breasts.

“No tan line,” said Phil. “Holiday or sun bed?”

“Sun bed,” said Nicole. “Mine. You’ll have to pop around and use it sometime.”


“When you two have quite finished flirting. We were talking about my tits.”

“They’re very nice, Lisa. But I still think that Alyson’s are bigger. Mind you, they are fake.”

“Fake?” said Lisa.

“Yes,” said Phil. “She had implants. Not silicone ones, but some kind of oil. They are supposed to feel real, but you can still tell the difference.”

“How?” asked Nicole.

“Real ones feel… different.”

“Nice, different?”

“Oh, yeah. Absoulty.”

“Do you think mine are fake?” asked Lisa. Her tits were still on display.

“I wouldn’t be able to tell without feeling them.”

“Well? I’m waiting.”

Phil cupped Lisa’s breast in his hands. He squeezed them gently, and weighted them like melons in a greengrocers.

“Definitely casino firmaları real,” he pronounced shortly.

“Well, that’s a relief,” said Lisa.

Phil continued to size up Lisa’s lumps. “36C,” he said.

“Spot on,” said Lisa, smiling. “You are clever.”

“Bet you can’t guess mine,” said Nicole.

He turned around to face her. Nicole reached up and pulled the halter neck over here head. Then she pulled the dress down and exposed her sizable assets.

Phil cupped Nicole’s breasts and pondered over them. “38D and real.”

“That’s very good,” said Lisa. “Where did you learn such a useful skill?”

“Here and there,” said Phil.

He returned one hand to one of Lisa’s breasts, and left the other on Nicole’s. Phil stood between them like the meat in a tit sandwich. The girls’ reaction to his attention gave him the confidence the confidence to carry on. Nicole closed her eyes and tipped her head back. She sighed. Lisa panted and pressed his hand harder against her.

“Hey, Nicole. Look at this.” Lisa had spotted the bulge in Phil’s Levi’s.

Lisa reached down to Phil’s crotch and rubbed his erection through the denim. Phil moaned.

Nicole reached down to rub Phil’s crotch too. Lisa knelt down in front of him and batted her flatmate’s hand out of the way.

“Playtime,” she said.

Phil watched Lisa unbutton his jeans and yank them to the floor. Nicole turned his face towards her and kissed him.

“You’re going to enjoy this. All the men in the building say she’s the best cocksucker they’ve ever met.”

Phil’s eyes gave away his astonishment at this statement.

“Hey,” said Nicole. “Didn’t anybody tell you? We’re all very liberated here.”

Lisa gripped the waistband of Phil’s shorts between her teeth and eased it over his imprisoned cock. It sprung from its cage and hit her on the forehead. She released his shorts and pulled them down out of the way. At the same time she moved her head to capture the hard rod between her lips.

She circled his cockhead with her tongue then sucked in the entire length until his balls hit her chin. Lisa was a tease. She pulled back from his cock until her lips brushed the foreskin, before sinking it back into her warm mouth. She reached up to grab his shaft and then sucked it harder and faster. Phil watched her bobbing blonde head in wonder.

“She likes sucking cock,” said Nicole. “Look at the little slut go.”

Nicole stepped away from Phil and sat on top of the clothes on the bed. She slipped her dress off and threw it on the floor, so that she was clad only in her blue high heels and matching panties.

She took off the panties slowly and threw them at Phil. He caught them and brought the tiny garment up to his face to smell her wonderful aroma. Nicole leaned back on the bed and fingered her glistening pussy.

“Hey, Lisa,” she said. “Don’t bring him off yet. I don’t want to have to wait for him to recover before he fucks me.”

Lisa took Phil’s cock out of her mouth. He wasn’t too disappointed because he knew what was coming next.

“Lisa, I have to agree with everyone else. You are the best little cocksucker I’ve ever met.”

“Thanks. Happy to oblige.”

“Come on stud,” Nicole said. “Stick that big hard cock of yours in me.”

Phil leapt onto the bed. His head landed between Nicole’s thighs.

“Not yet,” he said. “I need a snack first.”

He ran his tongue along Nicole’s moist slit. He flicked and sucked her clit and lapped up her moisture. Nicole grabbed his head with her hands, and moaned loudly.

“Oh, that feels so good. Lisa, he’s nearly as good at this güvenilir casino as you.”

Phil slid two fingers into Nicole’s cunt and fucked her with them. Lisa must have felt left out because she quickly shed her clothes and sat down on Nicole’s face.

Phil was enjoying himself. His cock was hard – it was time to use it.

He sat up and moved his dick towards Nicole’s waiting pussy. Nicole reached down and helped it in. Lisa sat on Nicole’s face and looked at Phil, her eyes glazed. She took his head in her hands and forcefully kissed him while he fucked Nicole.

All three of them built towards an orgasm. Lisa came first. She screamed and pushed her pussy down hard on Nicole’s head.

This was too much for Phil. His strokes became quicker, he lost his rhythm and shot his load deep into Nicole. This left Nicole as the only one who hadn’t come.

Phil pulled out and stood up. Lisa fell forward and aimed her tongue at her friend’s cunt. She ate Phil’s creamy white sperm as it dribbled out of Nicole. Lisa sent Nicole crazy. She lapped at her cunt and rubbed her clit.

Nicole came and screamed so loud that Phil was convinced that the other party guests must have heard. The two girls enjoyed each other while Phil sat on the floor and watched. He was exhausted. Even so, the two hot women eating each other on his bed soon had him hard again.

Lisa looked up. “Phil, you’re ready again! Don’t you think it’s time you serviced me?”

“Sure. Anything you say.”

He moved around the bed and interrupted Nicole’s feast by sliding his rod into Lisa’s pussy. He was ready for a marathon effort.

Lisa moaned at Phil’s invasion.

“Hey,” said Nicole, “I’ve got a great view from here. I wish you could see Lisa. It’s so beautiful.”

She reached out her tongue and licked from Lisa’s clit to Phil’s balls while he rammed his cock in and out of the womanly slot. Lisa moaned again, then bent her head and French-kissed Nicole’s lower lips.

It was Nicole’s turn to moan – loud and low. She attacked Lisa’s clit in reply, licking and biting it.

Lisa continued her assault on Nicole’s hole, but the circuits in her brain must have fused because she was muttering unintelligibly.

Phil’s stamina had deserted him. He groaned and came inside Lisa. Then he collapsed on top of her. As he fell, Lisa orgasmed.

It was a over a minute before they had recovered enough strength to untangle themselves and stand up.

“We should get dressed and go back to the party,” said Phil between ragged breaths.

“Why bother with the clothes,” said Nicole. “I bet everyone else is naked by now anyway.”

She took Lisa by the hand and they brazenly left the bedroom, naked as the day they were born. Phil pulled on his trousers and followed.

He was shocked by what he saw.

All around his lounge, couples were copulating. Sarah from number four was taking his colleague Joey from behind. Her husband, Jim, was receiving a blow-job from Phil’s secretary.

The scene was similar in the spare room. Couples were using the pool table to lean against as the fucked. One woman had a cock in her cunt and another in her mouth.

“Does every party turn out like this?” Phil asked.

“Only the good ones,” Lisa replied.

“I told you everyone in the building was liberated,” said Nicole. “Looks like the attitude is the same in your office. If I’d have known advertising was such fun, I’d never have taken up nursing.”

Lisa laughed. “Yeah right. Like you don’t fuck your patients and the doctors.”

“It’s therapeutic.”

“Who for? You or them.”


The girls laughed again.

“I need a drink,” said Nicole. “You coming, Phil? I might even let you fuck me again. I see you’re all ready again.”

“You know, I think I just might be,” he replied. “I think I’m going to enjoy living here.”

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