Hotel Speedos/My First Time

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Yesterday morning, I entered the hotel gym and pool complex, not knowing what fun I was going to have. Once at the reception, my eyes met with a hottie that instantly made me swoon. A muscly lifeguard with a tight vest top and skimpy gym shorts; oh how I almost came there and then! We said hi and I found out his name was George. Then he went in the changing room, and I probably wouldn’t see him again.

Or so I thought…

A bit about myself, my names Rory and I’m 18, about 5’5″ and I don’t look too bad: nowhere near abs but a 5 inch flaccid dick and a tight round ass. I guess that makes up for it!

Anyways, I wanted to have a nice swim before it got crowded, so I quickly got in, changed into my boardies and did about an hour of laps. At the end I clung onto the wall in sheer fatigue, when I suddenly got hard thinking about that hot guy I saw before. So I went to the deep end and started to wank, and stayed there for a few minutes. But I was so tired that I couldn’t swim back up.

“What’s that guy doing down there? He might drown!!” the lifeguard pondered.

With that, George removed his top and shorts and dived in to save the young man. He was the embodiment of perfection: A tall adonis with sculpted abs and a sexy trail of hair leading down to his filled out red speedo-clad package. casino oyna In one fell swoop, he jumped in and lifted the guy out, only to see him unconscious, with a massive hardon?

Ok… awkward!

“Kid, you alright?” he questioned as the guy coughed out some water.

Helped to my feet, all I could get out was, “I’m kinda cold…” and with that George rushed him to the jacuzzi next to the pool and helped him in.

“Thank you really, I wonder if there’s anything I can do to repay you?” Rory asked as he lay in the jacuzzi with his rescuer.

“Yeah..” George stretched out his toned thighs, his family jewels encased in the tight wet speedo. One smirk from him and I knew what he wanted.

Right away, I got down so his speedo-clad package was at eye level, then i started stroking and feeling him get hard. He had a thick 6-incher, not bad… and his hardon was very clear with the sheer red speedo. Within minutes George was groaning with pleasure, his precum turning milky. He started thrusting several times, spewing out streams of cum.

“Oh crap! I’m late! We’ll work on your stroke next time!” and with that he dived back into the pool and glided away. I thought I would never see him again, but I was wrong.

The next day, I arrived at the pool at 6am, hoping to get a good workout in before canlı casino our ‘stroking session’. Unusually, there was someone in the pool already – it was George. He looked even better in his black lycra speedos, as they highlighted every part of his already impressive package.

“So let’s get started on our lesson. First of all, we need to get you out of those horrible board shorts if you want to be a real swimmer!” Didn’t know he was talking about those strokes as well! With that he pushed me back into the locker room and put 2 pairs of speedo-briefs into my hands. The baby blue Aussiebum Portseas were quite loose at the waist, and the sides were thick enough to keep me some dignity. But the other pair, oh were they small! The adidas 3-stripe had only 2-inch sides and it was a small size – at least I won’t be boning up any time soon! For our session, I decided on the adidas pair.

Anyways, so George and I were swimming in the lap pool for about an hour when we decided to get in the sauna. When we got out, I looked in the mirror and saw how hot I looked in a wet speedo, how the pool water clung to my package. Maybe I should ditch the boardies?! The hot steam was a good contrast from the ball-shrivelling cold of the pool.

Now it was time for another lesson of strokes. George stretched his leg out and kaçak casino started rubbing my speedo-clad bulge with his toes. I started to daydream, which he probably saw, and so would often hit my balls with a bit of force, which woke me up instantly. After a good half hour of George’s slow rubbing and I was ready to blow.

“Not yet” he said, as he suddenly blindfolded me, whispering “wait till you see the surprise I have in store…” With that he carried me out of the sauna, and I was wrapped in his warm arms.


I couldn’t even get a “fuc*” out before I got a mouth full of freezing water. He threw me into the pool? Oh that son of a b*tch! Obviously, that should’ve calmed my aroused state, but in fact I was even more hard, like 8 or 9 inches. Within seconds, George plunged in and joined me, now grabbing my dick and wanking hard. I started thrusting and didn’t stop until my cum covered his hand and travelled throughout the pool water. Damn that felt good!

Now we climbed out of the pool, with me feeling satisfied with our ‘stroking session’. But I was still so annoyed with his ‘surprise’. So I waited till he got up, and he leant in for a kiss. Our lips and bulges touched as we embraced for a while, and then I pushed him back and he fell backwards into the pool. Walking away chuckling, I wondered whether we would get to have some more fun soon. “Maybe later” I thought, as I went back to my hotel room, and had a long hot shower. One thing’s for sure, now I am definitely a speedo guy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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