Hotel Room Nights Ch. 03

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“Hey,” he calls out, looking at me seductively.

The jets of water are hitting his body, pronouncing his muscles that much more, making him look that much more delicious. He turns his attention from me to the water, and joins his hands to make a cup. He takes some water and raises his hands to above his head, pouring the water into his hair. He turns his eyes back to me as the water trickles down his face, down his neck, to his chest and back into the pool. Try as I might, I can’t turn my eyes away from the sex dance. The performance is obviously for an audience of one.

“Come here,” he whispers. I comply, walking across the hot water towards him. As soon as my body is close enough, he grabs me by the waist and pulls me in. Our bodies rub against each other, and I can feel our crotches rub together through the soft fabric of my underwear. Only mine. Why isn’t he wearing any underwear? His face responds to my confused expression with a devilish smile. I didn’t expect this side of him, the side that would go full nude in a public place, with only the water concealing his manhood. His seductive eyes take away all my worries as they inch closer. I can feel his cock rub up against my belly as he moves closer to mine. His lips part, and mine copy to accommodate his. He’s almost there.

It takes all of the strength in me to force myself to wake up. I reluctantly do, and find myself sweating under just that one thin sheet. I push the sheets off my body and onto the floor. I look down my naked body. I have a boner, and from the slit a thin line of precum falls from the head of my dick to my belly button. I force myself to deny that this is happening, but I know it’s too late for that. My hard dick knows it too.

For the first time in my thirty two years of life, I have to admit that I’ve got it. I’ve got it bad.

I have to force myself to wake up before I kiss him, I don’t want to cross that line. Because if I cross it in my mind, I know it’ll be hard not to cross it in real life.

This is normally the time I just jerk off and allow myself to forget about it, but clearly pacifying my body hasn’t done much to pacify my mind. I’ve only known him for four days. This isn’t how long it should take to be so smitten by someone. It’ll pass. But it hasn’t passed, it’s gotten worse. To the point where I completely avoided him today hoping to calm my mind down, to no avail.

It took all my will to not tell him I just wanted to make all his pain go away after we came from the police station. But we’re both going through a time when another day only means another round of bad news, so I have to think with my big head not my little head. I don’t want him to see me as a rebound, or to end up joining our experiences to the bad times, so I’ll wait. Wait until he’s completely moved on. Until he’s happy? But how long is that going to take? Besides, I don’t think I’m ready. I always tell myself I’m not ready to be with him, and I don’t know if I’m being honest with myself. But what if he’s not ready to be with me?

When Mark was around I’d let myself listen to them fucking. I wasn’t angry at him, more just jealous that he could just so easily do what I could never in a million years bring myself to do. It startled me at first, but the surprise was quickly replaced by another feeling. I had just stripped and taken a shower so I was completely naked. My heart beat fast when it happened, when my dick started tingling, started slowly waking up, increasing in length and girth until I was fully hard. Guilt washed over me, like someone was watching me. But only God was. But He knew I hadn’t done anything wrong, it wasn’t my fault.

The guilt didn’t get rid of my hard dick, and for a while I listened to their moaning and the hard pounding of skin on skin, fighting myself. My hand ended up just grabbing my cock, begging it to calm down. I squeezed once and precum came out. I tasted it, and imagined it was someone else’s. Anyone else but him. Mark maybe. Then I felt more guilt.

For a while I just stayed there, still, limp, unlike my dick. It took all my will not to move it. Finally I heard the louder screams of orgasm, and I knew it was almost over. More screaming and moaning followed, and then it was. For them at least. For me it wasn’t. I ended up jerking off, feeling better that I wasn’t being pushed by the soundtrack, just by my own thoughts. It didn’t take long until I came, then I started feeling guilty again.

Then next day was the same story. After our time at the pool we went in for the night, then Mark came back a few minutes later. How did he always know what time to find him? Danny was pretty drunk but not too drunk to perform, I figured. In no time the moaning started again, this time starting out aggressive then changing to slower and more sensual. They didn’t make that much noise in general and you wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t care. But I guess I did care, because to my ears they were screaming at the top of their lungs.

The slower moaning was too much casino oyna for my body to bear. I grabbed my dick and slowly jerked myself off to their rhythm. I imagined I was in there too, even just watching them go at it. I imagined Danny was easier to control in his drunk state, and Mark had gotten on his knees in front of him and lifted one of his legs to his shoulder and fucked him like that. I was on a chair beside the bed just jerking off to the show, changing positions to get a better view.

Mark ran his hand along the length of Danny’s leg, reaching his balls then moving back to his thighs, he was a tease. I could hear Mark’s voice getting louder and I knew he was close, he increased his pace and I did mine. In no time he was cumming, let himself go inside Danny’s ass. Then Danny started jerking himself off, while looking me in the eyes. We increase our paces as we jerk off, and they’re both watching me. My attention is on Danny now, and the movements of his beautiful muscles as he jerks himself off. His cock twitches and he starts cumming, spraying his seed all over his body. I cum as the sound of his moans get louder, moving close to him and squirting on his chest.

I try to keep my voice low as I cum all over myself. Thank God it’s over. The feeling of guilt is consumed by the satisfaction.

I’m about to let myself fall asleep when they start again, this time it’s just low groaning. I try to tell my body that once is enough but it doesn’t listen, and I’m hard again. I won’t touch myself this time. The muffled groaning goes on for another five minutes, then it stops. For good this time. My body is betraying me by allowing itself to get turned on so easily. I betray it right back by letting myself sleep in this condition, hard as it may be.

The next day it’s worse. Now that, unfortunately, Mark is gone, there is nobody standing between me and Danny. Even in my fantasies. I spent the whole day with Danny, just taking him in the whole time, noticing how good he looks even with clothes on. I’d gotten so used to seeing him in his underwear that for half a second that’s what I expected to see when he opened the door. Instead he was fully clothed, but even more breathtaking.

I let myself get comfortable with him, and enjoyed the confused look in his eyes when I alluded to a dirty joke, letting him interpret it however he wanted. It was hard leaving the room with him, leaving our little space and going into the public. Spending time with him was the best part of my day. I was still spending time with him, so it was still good.

Then came Detective Tanner, or Detective Ross, whatever his name is. I assume his last name is Ross but their personal relationship allows him to tolerate a first name basis. He’s a brown haired, brown eyed six foot tall professional. How he came to be linked with someone as casual as Danny is a really good question.

There was a confusing tension between them, maybe sexual tension? I couldn’t have known, but just spending two minutes without them even saying a word, one could tell. But the detective had a photo of himself and his wife on his desk, probably taken on their wedding day. With the way he’s been going on about how Steven cheated on him and broke his heart, I seriously doubt he’d be the one to fuck a married man. Still, there was something going on there.

Speaking of Steven, the Steven Lopez, I finally saw him. He looked nothing like I expected. He was a dark-skinned Hispanic guy and looked rather timid. He was hot, that I couldn’t deny, but in a place filled with hot people, someone as sexy as Danny wouldn’t have had a hard time finding a new hot body.

Steven was about Danny’s height, both a few inches below me. He had short buzzed hair like mine, dark brown eyes and dark full lips. He looked like he worked out, his muscles were tight against both his shirt and his jeans. He was the full package, but I guess only physically.

I felt like socking him, but I held myself. Instead I made a remark about how Danny had taken off my clothes, twisting an innocent action into something not so innocent, just to upset him. I hit the wrong target, as Danny looked like he was about to chop my head off. I explained to him why I did it, and fortunately he understood.

I held myself when I spoke to him, saying only the innocuous stuff, the things that made him feel better, but not myself. I felt like he was beginning to suspect this, so I happily agreed when he said not to go to the roof later that night. That was two days ago, and the last time I saw him. I’ve been avoiding him since. I spent today just locked in here, opening at only the times I was sure it was room service bringing me food. My room is pretty clean so I don’t need much assistance in that regard.

He knocked once in the morning, and again a few hours ago, but I didn’t respond, not until I get my head on straight, and right now my head is not on straight.

I’m still hard, and it’s beginning to hurt, so I just put my hand on it and decide to just get it over canlı casino with quickly. Images of him keep appearing in my mind as I masturbate. Naked, wet with water, wet with sweat as Mark fucks him, grinding against mine, his cock moving to my mouth. I imagine it’s big, and I almost choke on it as he fucks my face. The images of his dick in my mouth bring me to orgasm, and I swear to myself this is the last time I’m doing this. I know I’m wrong. I know I’ve got it bad.


I knock on Tyler’s door, for the second time today. He opens the door, fully dressed for a night out. He’s wearing his usual tight on the butt blue jeans, a casual black shirt which doesn’t immediately scream cowboy, and the shoes I gave him, the ones he said he’d give back before he started acting up. I’m wearing a tight blue tank top and black jeans and shoes. We’ll never not match.

“Hey,” he cheerfully says, smiling at me like nothing is wrong.

“Uhhh, hi,” I say, not hiding my discomfort. He pulls me in for a hug, “good to see you,” he says in my ear. I don’t react, letting him hug my limp body. I speak when he let’s me go.

“You ready to go?”

He nods.

“You’re gonna stop acting weird now?”

He nods again.


I turn around and start walking to the elevator, leaving him to follow behind me. I don’t know why he’s acting so weird and I won’t even try to come up with an explanation. We’ve both been going through a rough time, and I’ll let him tell me when he wants to.

I turn my head to look at him. He’s looking down, but not to the floor, at my ass. I use both my hands to give myself as few taps, mocking him. He laughs dryly and looks down again, this time at the floor. Now I know I look good.

“Where are we going?” he asks as we wait for the elevator.

“A bar,” I lie. I notice the discontent look in his face.

“It’s only a few minutes away so you don’t have to wait long,” I say. The answer appeases him and he lets it go. We get outside the hotel finally, and we travel on foot. I realized the club wasn’t very far from this hotel and decided to treat myself to a wild night. I know the type of club we’re going to is probably not his cup of tea, but it’s not like anyone he knows is going to be there.

“Do you miss farming?” I suddenly ask, trying to distract him. I know his mind is still fixated on where we’re going. He gives me a confused look and I don’t know if he’s thinking of an answer or just wondering why I’m asking him such a weird question.

“Or at least the farm,” I add. He’s still thinking.

“I don’t know,” he answers at last, “I miss being busy, I’ve been a worker all my life and to just get away from it all was a drastic change, I think I’m getting fat already.”

I chuckle, “hey, ain’t nothing wrong with a plump body bro.”

He nods, seemingly genuinely, “No not at all, just unusual for me you know.”

I nod. As someone who grew up in the city, I definitely understand how seemingly unpredictable your weight can get when you start spending a little money. And as someone who grew up working on a farm, I know it must’ve freaked him out when after a few days of not working, he could notice he was losing his muscle definition.

We make a few corners, and I purposely make us walk in circles just confuse him, then we enter an alleyway. The muffled bass coming from inside is still hard enough to shake the ground we’re standing on.

I see the familiar looking body of my favorite bouncer standing in front of a metal door. His face lights up when mine becomes visible in the dim light.

“Danny,” he says.

“Hey Damien,” I smile moving closer to him. He opens his arms and pulls me in for a hug, I move into his huge arms and hug him, and he taps my ass a few times. I know Tyler must be confused as heck right now so I don’t look. I tap his ass too as we separate.

“You brought a friend?”

We both look at Tyler, clearly red in the face even in the dim light, and I nod.

“He’s a tourist so I thought I’d just show him some of my favorite places,” I say. Damien nods enthusiastically as he looks Tyler up and down, taking everything in. His nod slows to a more appreciative pace.

“Ok well come on in,” he says opening the door. I feel his eyes on our behind as we enter.

The place is already packed and it hasn’t been open for more than thirty minutes. The bouncer stays outside for only the first thirty minutes after opening then moves inside to open when someone knocks. I look at the time, 09.39PM. Thirty nine minutes after opening, then I remember it’s an hour in warmer seasons.

The place is definitely not a bar. There’s almost naked men dancing on stages and on poles and a few at the bar. I look at Tyler, and his mouth is wide open. I grab his hand so I don’t lose him and lead us to the bar.

We take our seats at the bar, choosing a place a distance away from the dancer. Tyler looks intensely focused on the dancer, like he’s never seen one before. His eyes moves kaçak casino up and down with the dancer, like he’s hypnotized. The dancer has a comically huge bulge, and it remains stiff despite all his movements. He turns his eyes to us, and his eyes lock with Tyler’s. His movements become more pronounced as he individualizes his audience, eyes still locked onto his. He winks at him.

“Jackson!” I scream through the noise. He turns his attention to me and his eyes brighten. I can’t believe I’m so popular in what some would call such a sleazy place. We wave at each other.

“This one is mine Jackson,” I tell him. He nods and winks at me and throws me a wicked smile and gets back to his dancing.

“Dude,” I say, snapping in Tyler’s face. He blinks a few times like he’s waking up, “huh?”

“You’re staring.”

He takes a gulp, then turns his body and all his attention to me.

“Don’t stare at me,” I complain. I can see this was a bad idea.

“Look let’s just get some drinks to unwind then we’ll tear it up on the dance floor later okay?”

He nods lazily, now choosing me to be the object of his hungry stare.

“But I need to be of a sober mind for this experience,” he says.

“Never been in a place like this huh?”

He shakes his head no, “the energy here is amazing.”

I didn’t see this coming. He’s actually enjoying himself.

“And nobody knows you here anyway so just have a good time.”

He nods as I call the bartender to give us drinks, tequila shots. As I expected, someone has already paid for them, that’s why my broke self was so attracted to this place, I love it.

“That’s why I love this place,” I say, waving at the older gentleman who paid for the drinks. Tyler takes his shot too, and I’m careful that he doesn’t get wasted. I turn my body to him so we’re facing each other.

“You enjoying yourself?”

“Yes,” a straight answer. I knew he would. This outing was more for him than for me, he did give me a speech about coming to the city to enjoy life. I place my hand on his knee. He looks uncomfortable for a moment but it fades.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” I say, letting him go and abruptly leaving.

I hear his loud voice feint in the background, “you can’t leave me alone here,” but I’m long gone, wading through the maze of bodies to get to the bathroom. The room is spacious and dimly lit, with a few urinals along the walls lined up with men. I came here to urinate of course, but I won’t deny a little action if it presents itself to me. I find space on one of the urinals and squeeze myself in, everyone is stroking their hard dicks.

There’s no pretense here, just horny men being horny men. I pull my already hard dick out to piss, instantly letting out a long stream. Before I’m even done I feel a rough hand on my dick, guiding the last of the stream out and shaking a few times to let the last of the piss out. I look up and see a young bearish guy smiling at me. Smiling back, I grab his manhood too and begin stroking him. The way the cub is moaning at my touch I can tell this is going to be over soon. I kneel in front of him and take him in my mouth, and after about twenty seconds I know he’s about to cum. I stand back up and rapidly jerk him off a few more times. His cum shoots a straight line onto the urinal and slows down until it’s just dripping from his cock and running over my hand.

He’s breathing heavily, but it slows down and he begins to zip himself up. He’s looking at me with wide eyes, so I pull him in for a quick kiss as he leaves the crowded bathroom and goes back into the crowded club. I’m up to do that again, and as expected another man fills the space the cub left, this time an older and larger black bear.

His shorts are around his knees and he’s wearing a harness. His impressively large manhood is pointing right at me, so I take it in my hand. He returns the favor and we stroke each other like that for a while, until he changes the pace and gets down on his knees. He takes me into his mouth. I didn’t come here to cum, and I’ll try my hardest not to, but damn, the man knows how to use his mouth. I’m so close to just letting go when he stops and gets back on his feet. Again I return the favor and get on my knees.

His humongous cock is only one of a few that I’ve seen, so big it’s almost threatening. After a moment of looking at it and calming myself down so I don’t shoot the moment my tongue touches it, I’m finally ready. I take it in my mouth, taking in his manly scent and the taste of precum at the head. His thickness is almost straining my mouth, but I can take it. I try to take in as much of his length as I can and I can almost take him all in. I stroke him as I take his balls into my mouth, playing with them with my tongue.

His moans get louder and I wrongly assume it because he’s just enjoying the feeling of his balls in my mouth. He shoots straight up, and I immediately put a little space between his cock and my face. That doesn’t help, as his orgasm is powerful enough that his cum sprays my face. I present my face to him and let it rain on me, it’s already done anyway so why not. He finishes his load and rubs his beautiful dick in my face, using me as a rag.

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