Hot Tub Stiffness

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It’s the end of a hard business day on the road and I’m so tired when I return to the hotel. I enter my room and fall on the bed; so good to get off my feet and not have to be around anyone else. My body is sore and my back a bit painful. I decide to go to the hot tub and let the hot jets massage my back and neck.

I get off the bed, shuck my clothes, and put on my trunks, clogs, and a t?shirt. After leaving the elevator and entering the pool area, I am glad that I am the only one in the pool room and I immediately go to the hot tub, turn on the jets, and slowly enter the steaming water. MMMM…it feels so good. I find a nice spot where a jet blows warm water on my back, I lay back and shut my eyes. Sooooo soothing. My mind shuts down and I stretch out and enjoy the warm water.

My mind is far away; I am with my lover caressing her body slowly as my eyes feast on her naked beauty. Her two small breasts, one covered by my hand, are so soft and pretty with their small hard nipples protruding casino siteleri from the apex of each. I roll the nipple that is in my hand, enjoying its hard pliability. So beautiful, I lean over and kiss the one I am not caressing with my fingers. I lick the nipple, I suck it, I nibble it. Oh, my love, you are so wonderful. I love the feel of your body.

Even though I am totally absorbed in my lover’s breasts and nipples, I am also aware that she has started to run her hand up my right leg, slowly moving from the knee toward my hardening love pole. Just as her hand touches my balls, I feel a little shock and the dream vanishes and I open my eyes.

Across from me in the hot tub I see a beautiful face with a big smile. Now it is my turn to smile…it is my lover, she has finally returned to the hotel from her work, and when she found me asleep in the hot tub, went back to the room, put on her two piece and joined me. It is her foot that is between my legs massaging my balls and stiff canlı casino cock. It’s my dream come true. She sure know how to awake me with pleasure.

We pretend that we don’t know each other and as we sit across from each other without speaking. She continued to caress me. Ohhhh, how I love the feeling of her toes, now under my trunks, rubbing up and down my shaft. I stretch out my leg and move my foot slowly up her right leg until I felt her thong covering. It was easy slipping my big toe under it and finding her clit. I pressed slightly and slowly rotate my toe. I can see the pleasure of it in her face and eyes. The more I pleasure her, the more pressure she applies to me, giving me pleasure also.

After several minutes of this mutual caressing, I slid my toe down her pussy feeling her engorged lips on either side…and then I enter her, sliding the full two inches of my big toe into her; doing some serious toe fucking. Her head goes back and she scoots forward pressing harder onto kaçak casino my foot. The next two toes slid into her and she pressed harder. I think she wants the whole foot. I wiggle my toes touching all sides of the inside of her cunt. I can tell as she starts to cum because not only is she moaning but her legs have stiffened and she stops caressing me; she is just pressing hard.

When her orgasm subsides and we both open our eyes; we jump with surprise. Another couple is in the hot with us, both smiling at us. We are embarrassed. They tell us not to worry, that they have enjoyed watching others make love to each other before and they enjoyed watching us indulge in our pleasures.

I guess we talked for about a half hour learning about each other, why we are here at the hotel, that we are lovers, and what we do for a living and for fun. They are about our age (50s) and are married, on the way back from visiting their children. He is a bit heavier than me and she is tall and slender with larger breasts than my lover, but not a pretty. He sits by my lover and she comes over to sit by me. Both are smiling. Needless to say, we made plans to get together for dinner and fun that night…..but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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