Hooked by her Sexy Legs

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Story begins five years ago, my then wife and I visiting her parents at their home. Besides my wife’s parents, also home was her younger sister, Amy. Amy was a sexy 18 year old senior in high school. She being very pretty, was of course very popular at school. She was tall, about 509, 135, blonde shoulder length hair, blue eyes, and had a models face with perky breasts.

What I really noticed were her legs. They were the longest, sexiest legs I had ever seen. Several times before I had given her a ride home from track practice. She would still be wearing her short track shorts. I would get such a hard on watching her scoot in my car, sitting next to me as I drove her home. She had the longest, most sexy pair of legs I had ever seen in my life.

I’m sure she knew I was ogling over her legs, as I often caught her stroking her thigh and calf muscles, usually complaining about how sore she was from running. I would drop her off at her house, and watch as she ran into the house, long, lean runners legs flexing as she ran. She sometimes asked me to come in for a drink, which I most always did.

There was one memorable time when I had been invited in and was actually visiting with her parents. I noticed Amy had gone into the bathroom, showered, and came out a few minutes later. Excusing myself, I went into the bathroom to use the john. Once inside, the thought of Amy’s long sexy legs again came to mind. Looking over, I saw a clothes hamper.

Looking inside, I saw the very pair of track shorts Amy had been wearing. Nestled inside them were a pair of white panties. I removed them from the hamper, and placed the sweaty pair up to my nose. I could smell her female sweat, along with a slightly musky female smell, and began pulling her panties apart, inhaled her sweet musky smell for the crotch area.

I had such a hard on I knew I wouldn’t be able to return to continue my visit with her parents. I pulled off my own shorts, exposing my now fully erect cock, already glistening with pre-cum. Thinking that her legs and pussy had just been wearing the panties, I quickly began jerking off, and within seconds, began ejaculating into Amy’s sweaty panties. I don’t casino siteleri ever remember cumming as much before this.

When I had finished, I replaced her now cum soaked panties inside her running shorts, placed both into the hamper, cleaned myself up and continued visiting with her parents. I never had an opportunity to repeat my performance, and nothing was ever mentioned by any one of my sexual indiscretion.

Shift ahead five years . . . now divorced from Amy’s sister . . . Driving thru town, I drove past Amy’s house. She is mowing her lawn, sitting on small riding mower. She is now 22, and even more enticing that she was as a high school senior. I waved, and surprisingly, she waved me over . I pulled over in front of her house.

She stopped the mower, swung her long legs off the rider, and walked up to the driver’s side of my car. We hadn’t really talked much since I and her sister divorced, just the usual casual waves in passing. She said hi and I meekly replied the same. She said that she had taken over her parent’s house as they had moved to a country home they owned. She looked even sexier that I remember. She was now a hot babe, tanned, and wearing cutoff shorts that just covered her butt.

Those legs that I had masturbated to many times were even more gorgeous than I had remembered. Amy asked me how I had been, I gave her the usual okay. She said her sister had also moved away after our divorce, and said she hadn’t seen her in a few months. She could tell I was still memorized by her legs, and asked me if I wanted to come in for a cold drink. I couldn’t believe my luck, and said sure.

I followed her inside her house, sat down at the kitchen table. She poured me a cold beer, and one for herself. She began telling me about her college years, and that she was working at a local doctor’s office.

I must have been staring at her legs when she said ” I see that you are still fascinated by my legs.” Not knowing what to say, I embarrassedly nodded yes. She said she had always known even back in high school, that I was into her legs, and she said that she did like the effect that her legs had on me. She then asked me if I had enjoyed canlı casino myself years ago. Not really knowing what was up, I asked her what she meant.

She then mentioned how she had gone to do her laundry after one practice, and when she had pulled out her shorts, noticed the panties were covered with a sticky wet substance. She figured out that I was the only male who was there who would have been so perverted to smell and then cum into her panties.

Thinking she was pissed and the gig was up, she surprised me by saying that it had turned her on so much, thinking that I thought her panties were sexy enough to cum in, that she gave herself the best orgasm she had ever had. She said that she also had smelled my sex on her panties, and that she kept them unwashed for years.

Saying that, she moved over to me and placed a wet kiss on my lips. I eagerly returned her advances by kissing her, tongue in tongue intertwining. She asked me if I wanted the real thing to jerk off to. I again nodded yes. She stood up, pulling off her shorts, revealing her white panties. She placed her shorts on my face, asking me if they smelled familiar. I inhaled her scent again. and saw as she sat back down, and placing one of her lovely legs on each side of me, began playing with herself through her panties.

She placed one finger in the middle of the crotch area, and forced the thin material inside her pussy lips. I could see her wetness come through the cotton material, and heard her moans of self pleasure. Seeing her masturbate right in front of me caused me to go instantly hard. I instinctively began rubbing my cock through my pants.

Seeing me stroke my cock got Amy even more into it, and she began pushing the entire crotch area of her panties inside of her pussy. The wetness from her pussy was beginning to coat her inner thighs, and her fingers were quickly bringing her to an orgasm. She looked straight at me and said “this is for you” . She then came, exploding onto her panties and her hand.

She offered me her fingers, which I eagerly licked clean. She then stood, pulled off her now drenched panties, again placing them on my face, covering my nose and kaçak casino mouth with them. I inhaled her feminine love juices, and began licking at them to get more of her tasty juices into my mouth.

She suddenly pulled off my shorts, and my cock sprang out at her face. She asked me if I wanted to cum, and I nodded yes. She said that since I was so into her legs, she would jerk me off using what I loved the best. Saying that, she began fingering herself once again. I thought she was insatiable. Instead, she was removing her now soaked fingers and began coating my cock with her hot pussy juice. She then began rubbing my pussy juice covered cock between her calves.

The feeling of her soft firm calves stroking my cock was unbelievable. She stroked my shaft with her strong legs, causing the tip of my cock to appear above her well toned legs. She saw the pre-cum on the tip of my cock, and said I was close now.

She then placed another set of fingers, again covered with her own juices, on my cock. She began jerking me off, right to the point where I said I was going to come.

Amy, not missing a stroke, moved over and said she wanted me to cum on her thighs. Hearing her say that, I immediately began spurting my sperm onto her smooth, sexy thighs. She continued stroking me, causing stream after stream of my gooey man-seed to be deposited on her sexy legs. She made sure I covered both legs with my gism. Satisfied, she began rubbing my potion into her soft skin, and covered her thighs and pussy with my gift.

She said that this was a fantasy of hers since she had noticed my spent cum on her panties years ago. Amy said that she herself masturbated often thinking of my shooting my cum on her panties in her own bathroom. She further said that her sister was an idiot to divorce me. I recovered enough to reply that I had often thought of her and her sexy legs, and that she had been my favorite fantasy to jerk off to.

She then grabbed her shorts, placed them on minus her panties. She told me that the panties were her gift to me. I told her thanks. She said the next time we met I was to bring them back, covered in my warm sperm as I had done years ago. She said that she needed a new pair for her self pleasuring purposes. I told her I would be glad to accommodate her wishes. I dressed, kissed her and left with her panties safely tucked in my pocket. Who knows what lay ahead…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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