High Stakes Test Ch. 01

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Pete found working for a company whose CEO was a woman to be very much like working for any other company he’d worked for. He was praised and given good promotions when his work merited it, and he was very comfortable with the management culture at the company.

He’d advanced to the point that he was now being considered for a top management position. It would mean more money, but also a lot more pressure to perform. He heard vague rumors around the company that the selection process for the position was rigorous, and nobody talked openly about the requirements of achieving a “Level 9” position (as it was called in “corporate-speak”).

When he received the confidential email from the CEO telling him he was a candidate for the promotion, it described for him the final aptitude test he would need to pass.

He read it slowly, hardly believing what it said:

“The test is designed to measure your:

•self control;

•sense of timing, so critical to our basic business;

•judgment and intuition regarding promises made by others;

•confidence in your ability to make correct decisions;

•various other psychological and physical attributes.”

“The test is fairly simple, but extremely challenging. It will be administered by my assistant, Angelina Courtois and will have highly unusual but very strict ground rules. You – if you choose to continue with your application for this promotion – will visit Miss Angelina at a location she chooses and finds comfortable. When you arrive, you will disrobe completely, and Miss Angelina will restrain you to a bed, for reasons that will become clear as you read further. You will be lying face up, with you arms spread wide apart on the bed over your head. Similarly, your legs will be bound wide apart; you will be completely spread-eagled. Frankly, I enjoy picturing your tall frame stretched into a big X and Miss Angelina has found that position allows her the best options in administering this test properly.”

As Pete read, he felt a strange sense of excitement. The thought of being naked in the presence of Angelina Courtois was unquestionably responsible. She was a beautiful young woman of Asian descent who also had a French heritage that gave her a sophisticated air well beyond her years. Quite frankly, many of Pete’s male peers had talked together about this woman for a long time – she was not only very, very pretty, she was sexy as hell in a way that couldn’t really be described. casino oyna Let’s say she had “it”, “it” being exactly what any red-blooded male would want. She also had an air about her of mystery. Nobody really knew her outside of work. A few guys had asked her out, but she’d never taken anyone up on it. She just did her work, and left. She was clearly very close to the CEO and enjoyed her total respect.

Pete stopped his reverie and read further as the email continued:

“Once you’re restrained, Miss Angelina will remove your “chastity monitor”. The monitor will be applied to your “package”, if you know what I mean, by the company nurse. It isn’t uncomfortable and doesn’t contain any metal – you won’t have any trouble going through the metal detector at the airport. But, once it’s on, you won’t be able to remove it without Miss Angelina knowing you’ve tampered with it. And – here’s where it starts to get fun, Pete – you also won’t be able to masturbate to completion, have sex, or even maintain a full erection without removing the device. If Miss Angelina finds the device has been compromised in such a manner, you will lose the opportunity for this promotion.”

“Your test will be conducted on a date mutually agreeable to you and Miss Angelina no sooner than 30 days following the application of the “chastity monitor”. Over the years, we’ve found the test to be much more challenging for men who have a nice 30-day case of blue balls, and we definitely want the test to be a challenge.”

“The next thing Miss Angelina will do is start a timer for a 90-minute duration. She will place the timer out of sight to either one of you, you will have no way whatsoever to know how much time has passed – you won’t see a clock, there will be no radio or TV on, the windows will be covered. Miss Angelina will then proceed to subject you to some of the most unbearable teasing and denial imaginable. You might want to google ‘teasing and denial’ or ‘cock-teasing’ beforehand, but on the other hand maybe it’s better you don’t know, LOL! You will be so desperate to “blow your load” – especially after 30 long days of chastity thinking ahead to this – that it won’t take 5 minutes of being alone with Miss Angelina to totally scramble your sense of time and reality.”

“Which is what makes this such a wonderful test. To pass the test, you will have to tell Miss Angelina when the timer is 5 minutes or less from expiring.”

“Yep, that’s it. That’s the test. She’ll use canlı casino the entire time to kiss you, stroke you, touch you, lick you everywhere, promise things to you, let you put your tongue between her legs if that’s something you want to do (in our experience, most guys want this, if you know what I mean. Angelina told me once that she suspects guys think if they make her come this way, that she’ll “bend the rules” a little for them – of course she lets them think so – she says she’s had some wonderful orgasms this way).”

“She’ll do all of this and more. You’ll enjoy all the pleasures a man can experience with a beautiful woman.”

“Except for one. You will not experience an orgasm – unless you pass the test.”

“I have been told the orgasm you’ll experience if you pass the test is unlike any you’ve ever had before, especially given the 30-day buildup before the test. In fact, once you begin to experience the cock-teasing Miss Angelina has in store for you, you’ll probably want that orgasm more than the promotion, LOL!”

“As you can see, this is a great way for me to test the factors mentioned above. You will find Miss Angelina is highly skilled and, although you will be close to the “edge” very quickly, the chances of her causing you to orgasm accidentally are very slim. And don’t get your hopes up – if it does begin to happen, she is extremely perceptive and a full orgasm will be avoided – she’ll pull completely away before your first spurt. Pete, I can assure you a ruined orgasm is one of life’s loneliest feelings.”

“Now, read very carefully: the key word to use when you want to make your official statement that you believe the timer is at 5 minutes or less is “Now”. When Miss Angelina hears you say that exact word clearly, she will grab the timer and show it to you. If you were right, you get the promotion and quite probably the best orgasm of your life, provided by Miss Angeline in any way you mutually agree.”

“If the timer shows greater than 5 minutes, the cock-teasing will continue, and if anything become more intense, as Miss Angelina dislikes an impatient man.”

“If the timer expires before you make any request, Miss Angelina’s feelings will probably be hurt, as she will wonder if you find her attractive – she might decide to give you a few extra minutes of cock-teasing for good measure.”

“But either way, if you don’t pass the test, no promotion. And no orgasm. Miss Angelina will re-apply the “chastity monitor” kaçak casino before untying you, assuming you want to re-apply in another 30 days. (No man has ever declined the opportunity. Similarly, none of our officers have passed the test on their first try.)”

“Miss Angelina likes spend a few minutes comforting the guys that fail. Failure is physically painful (hint: blue balls, LOL) and exhausting, but most men find the emotional loss is worse. The man really has high hopes – and Miss Angelina has usually made some incredible “promises” as part of her devilish strategy to confuse and disorient the guy, and when the reality of it all begins to sink in, like I said, it can be pretty emotional.”

“Haha, I’ll never forget the time she promised the guy that she’d fuck him and let him come as many times as he wanted if he promised not to tell – she told him she’d always had a real crush on him. So she put a condom on him and climbed on cowgirl style and just sat there and didn’t move. She told him to “please please not come” yet – she spun around and faced the other way, and just ever so gently fondled and slapped his balls for a minute, then climbed off and told him she decided she needed to play by the rules after all. LOL, the guy’s mind was so scrambled by then that he had no sense of which end was up, and he started babbling “Now, now, now”, using the trigger word. Turned out the timer still had 45 minutes left, and Miss Angelina put him through a cock-teasing for the rest of the time that she said was sort of hilarious, because he was literally mumbling the word “now” as he left after having the monitor re-applied and getting dressed.”

“Well, please set up a meeting with the company nurse to have the chastity monitor applied and check with Miss Angelina about scheduling your test. Good luck!”

Pete read and re-read the email. The sense of excitement that had begun when he read the first couple of paragraphs had blossomed into a full-blown, pants-tightening erection. He was actually getting a little light-headed as the blood rushed to his other “head”. It had already been about 45 days since he’d had any “action” – so he wanted to get the mandatory 30-day chastity process started as soon as possible.

He headed to the office of the company nurse, had the monitor applied, and arranged his appointment for this most unusual examination by Miss Angelina.

The 30 days finally elapsed, and he arrived at the location specified Angelina Courtois. Feeling equally foolish and excited, he knocked on the door, and when it opened he was greeted by Ms. Courtois, wearing a short, sexy dress and stiletto heels, and a beautiful smile.

[to be continued]

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