High School Reunion

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The music swirled around the room. Favorite tunes of the 1970’s, the noise level approached that of a Boeing 747 getting ready to fly. This was the 25th Reunion, of Sea Breeze High School’s graduating class of 1976. I stood waiting at the reception desk for Amy Weatherby to arrive.

How did I know she would come?

I had provided the ticket and the hotel room. The letter sent with the tickets told her she had won the trip, as the newest divorced person in the class. I had loved Amy most of my life. Trouble was, I never seemed to get the timing right. This time she was single and so was I. One way or the other it was our time.

High School, I was thin with heavy glasses, always studying, I wasn’t hot enough for Amy. Collage, I was cuter, but she was into rich. I was a long way from that at the time. Now my time had come. I was good looking, single and rich. I had learned through the years how to handle women like Amy.

Amy walked in the door. She stopped to check out the action. She was beautiful, full figured, curly long auburn hair, wearing a dress that made it clear she was one hot woman. I let her walk to me. Waited as she tried to remember who I was, as she looked for the name tag I had deliberately not worn.

“Amy, how are you? Recovered from the divorce yet?”

She mumbled something about no problem. I held out my hand and took her out onto the dance floor. It was a slow number, and I held her tight against my body. She squirmed trying to get some space between us. It only made me hold her tighter.

“Remember who I am yet?” I asked.

Finally, she admitted she didn’t have a clue.

“Bill Gavin, 1976 class nerd.”

She giggled, “No way, you were ever a nerd.”

I leaned in and claimed her mouth in a long, deep kiss. She was returning it, before I finished. I smiled at her as we came up for air.

” I have changed a lot,” and slid my hand down to her ass, and pulled her close again.

This time she didn’t resist. I leaned and whispered into her ear.

“I’m the person who sent you the tickets and paid for your hotel. That’s how much I wanted you here.”

She stopped dancing, and stood still in the center of the floor.

” You did? Why?”

” I had two reasons Amy. One was that I wanted you here. Two, I wanted you. Scared or interested?”

She thought, and smiling said, “interested.” That pleased me.

We finished the dance close to the edge of the dance floor. I motioned to the cozy, dark bar just outside the reunion site. “We are headed there for drinks and conversation, you are thirsty aren’t you?”

Amy nodded, and so taking her arm, we headed for the bar. I watched her ass, as she wiggled her way to a seat.

Seated, I ordered for both of us, and got her to talk about her failed marriage. I knew most of the answers. I wanted to hear her say she was moving on to better things. I knew that if she had the right answers, I was ready to introduce her to a way of life that would make her forget her past. She told me how he had cheated and lied. How he had mortgaged the house to the hilt, took the money and then left her high and dry.

Curious I asked?” Would you take him back?

She laughed “Not in his lifetime.

“Would you like revenge on him, if you could get it?” She grinned.

“Give me a chance, I would cheerfully rip his balls off and feed them to him.”

I laughed “a little drastic but would you settle for knowing he was miserable for the rest of his life?”

She giggled, and got serious as she looked into my eyes.” I would do anything it took for that to happen. She wiped the tears from her eyes. She continued, “I got a great new job two weeks after he split, and it’s the only thing that’s keeping me together.”

“Amy? do you prefer men tell you the truth or sweet wonderful lies?” Amy thought a minute and said, “truth always.” I took her hands and kissed them.

“The company you work for belongs to me. I couldn’t fix all your pain, but I did what I could for you. Come with me, let me try to fix the rest.”

She nodded once and I heard her swallow hard as she stood up and reached for my hand.

My limo casino oyna was waiting and it took us outside New York to a large gated estate.

I have many homes, this one was a stopping place when I was in New York. It also was the business location of Exotic Pets Limited. One of my many business ventures. The environmentalists loved us. We had rescued tigers, lions, and elephants, and other exotic pets and they were being rehabilitated for release in the wild. First thing we did was take a tour of the animals. Like all women, Amy was a pushover for the babies. We had a zoo full.

We had baby tigers, and cougars, and lions. Animals that people had adopted and found that they were too much to care for at home. We also had rescued circus animal. The trained chimps always made me laugh. They made Amy laugh too.

Finally with our stomachs growling in hunger, we headed inside. Upstairs waited my private suite and our dinner. We agreed food and wine would be wonderful. I kissed her, all the way up in the elevator. that woman could melt an iceberg with her kisses.

Arriving, I pointed her to the bathroom, and told her to borrow anything she wanted. She came out after a shower wrapped in a towel. A very small towel. And walked to join me by the large picture windows.

I was watching the fireflies cavort outside the window. Removing the towel ,she slid down to her knees ,and reached for my trousers. When I tried to talk she told me to enjoy. I did as requested.

Amy was very good at oral sex. She took her time and licked me all over softly. When I was hard and straining against the confines of my trousers she unbuckled and unsnapped my pants, and removed them.

Now she worked on the head. Treating it like an ice cream cone on a hot summers day, and she didn’t want to miss a single drip. She teased it all around, up and down and under it, till I was moaning loudly. Not till the did it reach past her lips and get into her mouth. It was heaven.

Hot, wet and soft as velvet her mouth was almost enough to make me come. I started doing chemical equations in my head to slow down just a little. Now her tongue worked the underside of the shaft as her teeth lightly scraped the head. Finally her hands started teasing me as well.

Sensations were coming everywhere. She bobbed her head as she sucked me in and out,twirled her tongue around the head when possible and then as I pushed in deeper she started to swallow. No woman had ever managed to swallow the head of my cock down her throat. Amy gagged once or twice, adjusted the angle of her head and then I felt myself slip down inside her much tighter throat. I almost blew it right then, she took a deep breath and stopped.

When she started again, I felt one small wet finger teasing my ass. I was in heaven didn’t want it to end but knew my time was coming quickly. Amy’s finger reached inside my ass found my prostrate and I came . I flooded her belly with come. It ran and ran as she sucked and swallowed. It was the longest climax I had ever had in my life. Finally, she left me go, but licked me clean.

I picked her up and carried her to my bed. We rested and talked. Somewhere in that time, I ended up naked and holding her close.naturally this led to nibbling on her beautiful breasts. I kissed, and sucked and bite gently until they were flushed red in desire, her nipples swelled twice their size and standing up proudly. Now I kissed down her soft belly ,taking time to lick and suck at her belly button and then down to her passionate center. The odor of her arousal was everywhere. This woman was hot and wet and moaning for me with desire.

I took a soft swipe at her perfect pearl, which was standing outside its shell waiting for my attention. Then licked up and down her outer lips and then nibbled and sucked on the sweet warm inner lips. Now my tongue teased both, and went into her deep passionate center. Her hips told me she was ready for penetration but I wasn’t ready to penetrate her. I licked and sucked and teased and nibbled until screaming she almost crushed my head between her legs as she opened the flood gates of her passion and came for me.

Moving up on to my arms, I canlı casino positioned her feet up and back and then butting my cock against her pussy slid it in slowly, inch but inch as she pleaded with me to hurry. My hands worried at her naked pearl, and leaning over, my mouth took possession of a nipple and bit gently and pulled. She moved onto another climax as I shoved inside as deep as possible to feel her passion. I worked myself out inch by inch slowly to tease her then hard and fast inside deep as I could go. Slow and deep I moved faster as I felt her respond to me and start climbing her mountain once again.

I wanted to feel her come again before I gave into my pleasure and so I added a side to side and up grinding movement that rubbed against her g-spot causing her to gasp every time I hit it. Soon she was in spasms again her muscles working overtime trying to milk the cream from my cock. Only then did I join her.

Coming inside Amy after waiting almost 25 years was to wonderful to describe. I did know it was something I planned on doing a lot from now on in my life.

We rested awhile after that. Finally both of us naked, we feasted on cold but delicious dinner. We needed our strength. Returning to bed, we finally made love. Slow, sweet, and wonderful. We managed to find all the hidden spots on our bodies and make that slow building all a tingle kind of love, that ends in total fullfillment and total exhaustion. Falling asleep together, it was daylight before either of us woke up. I was still buried deep inside her, and my morning hard on was taking advantage of the situation . I had been dreaming I was fucking an angel, woke up and found Amy grinning at me.

“While good morning to you too. Do you start every day like this?”

I laughed and pulling her tighter to me, said, “no but I could learn to like it.”

Amy giggled, “Me too” that’s all we had time for before the climax hit us both. What a way to start the morning. We barely had time to recuperate before phones started ringing and business as usual took over for me. I shrugged and Amy kissed me and headed for a bath.

By ten, I was caught up with business.

“I can order horses if you would like to go riding with me and see the farm” I suggested. “We could take a lunch and make it a nice long ride.”

She laughed “I just thought of something. Since your my boss. Will I be fired if I take the day off and maybe tomorow too?”

After I picked her up,off the ground and soundly kissed her and sat her back on her feet. She giggled some more,”Guess my job is safe then right?”

I smiled “Good guess.’ Borrow some jeans out of the closet and lets ride. I swatted her luscious ass as she wiggled by. Amy was good for me. I hadn’t been this happy in years.

The afternoon flew by, lunch which usually for me was a sandwich on the run, turned out to be a three hour conversational feast between Amy and myself. We caught up on everything and everybody we both knew since high school. It was even more interesting because, Amy did things like unbutton her top and flash me cleavage as she bent to spear a tasty morsel of food to eat, and she then to feed me. I never considered eating sexual but I was so hot when lunch was over. I suggested we take a short rest. Amy dimpled and giggled and said, “if that means your finally going to fuck me again I am all for it.” I knew I loved this woman for a reason.

I had hoped that Amy would want to stay with me. We all live inside our heads however, as to what we used to be. I couldn’t get past the idea, I was the nerd in math class she didn’t even notice. That afternoon cleared my head of those notions. Amy slowly undressed me, kissing and licking and biting my skin, making love to my body. No woman had ever done that to me in my life. I tried to take control once or twice and kissing me, she asked “please Bill, I want to show you how much last night and today have meant to me.”

Once I was naked,she stripped for me. Humming along to music inside her head. It was the most erotic thing I had ever watched. My cock was dancing on its own as it reacted to her erotic moves and the luscious sight of her breasts and pussy rubbing kaçak casino and teasing me. “Now for the water she cooed.” She pulled me up and into the falling water. One of my fantasies has always been fucking someone outdoors under a roaring waterfall. this one wasn’t roaring but it did the trick. We were barely under the water when I found myself in her mouth and down her throat, when I was hard and throbbing ,she stood and turned and held to the rock face of the wall ,backed up against me and said “Fuck me please Bill, now.”

I entered her, the water running over us in sheets her passionate moans, the heat, the water spray made it seem like another world and time.My hands mauled her breasts, hers rubbed her clit and massaged my cock as it pistoned in and out of her juicy pussy and we came so hard we ended up on the ground, covered in water. Recovered we dried off with my shirt. Then laying her down on the picnic blanket, it was my turn to feast on Amy.

Teasing her, I took her belt and loosely bound her hands over her head, “Now your in my power wench. Only I can free you from my spell.” She moaned “Oh Yes please Master take me use me, make me do whatever you will” This girl knew how to play.

I got between her legs and sticking out my tongue shoved into her pussy .Her moans of appreciation were what I needed to hear. I licked and sucked her to one climax and then another, pushing her legs up, I went after that gorgeous ass I rimmed her and pushed against her ass until I was actually inside, it drove her nuts.

She moaned with pleasure. I wet my fingers in her pussy and then gently shoved one and then another into her ass, as I entered her pussy. She came unglued with a massive climax. It was all I could do not to join her as her muscles grabbed and worked on my cock. I kept moving and she cried out.” Another one, oh god another one” as she started to climax again. This time I joined her and then pulling out I tumbled against her on the blanket.

We must have slept for hours, the whinnying of the horses finally woke us up again.

A discreet cough, told me we were not alone. I threw Amy her clothes and pulled on my jeans. Pete, my Barn Supervisor was standing holding the horses. “Sorry boss. They came back to the barn. I figured you might be here so I brought your ride back. Sheepishly, and blushing I said

“Must have gotten loose.” He laughed “Or tired of waiting.” I laughed with him. He ducked his head, said “afternoon ma’am “and was gone .Lucky for me Amy thought it was wonderful. “Giggling she threw the blanket at me and said I haven’t felt this naughty since high school.”

Amy and I knew that day I think that we were meant for each other. She never went back to work. I had some of my people pack and send her stuff to us. It took six months to talk her into marrying me. The day she saw me ruin her exhusband financially and leave him a pauper I think convinced her I could be trusted.

We have had some fun too. We talk about fantasies, hers and mine a lot. We have worked our way through a bunch. The latest is she wants to dress like a hooker and go to a really classy bar. Have me walk in and proposition her, make her do nasty things in public. Then leave and take her to my hotel room and ravish her hot body. I think I can handle that. The other one I like is the shipboard one where masked I grab her off the deck take her to her suite and use her all night blindfolded and tied ,she doesn’t know its me. That sounds like fun too. Choices are so tough.

We are getting married Christmas day so maybe that shipboard thing will work on our honeymoon .It has been a great year. Amy goes with me when I travel. She is so good at conversational things that are required of a successful business these days. She gives great party. Good outings and donates time and money to the right charities. We are fast becoming the most popular couple in several states.

Behind the scenes she has tightened and organized my other business’s and increased their profitability by 50%. Amy tells me that first on the list for next year are babies. Since we want a couple and we aren’t in our twenties its time to get serious. Now that’s my kind of work bonus. Took me twenty-five years to get the woman of my dreams .I would like to say it was worth the wait. I still think of all the time we missed but I am sure that will fade in time. Meanwhile it sure is fun now.

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