High Interest Loan Ch. 01

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I spotted Donna across the restaurant and headed in her direction. We were meeting for our regular Sunday brunch. It’s going on five years that we’ve been meeting Sundays at eleven in the morning for food, Bloody Marys, and a full plate of girl talk and gossip. I was not prepared to have this meal lead to an exotic journey that I never even thought possible.

Donna waved and we kissed before sitting back down at our favorite table. She looked at me and pouted.

“God, I hate it when you show up with the ‘Look-at-me-I’ve-just-been-fucked’ face.”

“I don’t look like that,” I protested.

“Were you?”


“Just fucked.”

I blushed, smiled and nodded.

“God, I knew it. And, to prove I am a total masochist, I’m going to ask. Was it really that good?”

I sipped some ice water and leaned in close to her.

“Honestly, Donna, he was inspired this morning. I don’t think my feet hit the pavement on my way here.”

“I totally hate you,” she said as she signaled for our waitress. “I mean it, totally hate you.”

We ordered our first round of Bloody Marys along with our usual. For Donna it was the egg white omelet with asparagus while I had my usual Eggs Benedict.

“That’s another thing I hate about you,” she said. “You eat like a freaking lumberjack and never gain an ounce. I’m living on lettuce and damn egg whites and struggle to fit into my jeans.”

“You fill your jeans out quite nicely,” I said. “Even Sean thinks you look hot in them.”

It was Donna’s turn to blush. “He never said that.”

“Yes, he did, dear. Good thing I’m not the jealous type because he is always talking about how good you look.”

Donna didn’t offer one of her customary wise-assed remarks.

Our drinks arrived and we toasted each other as we had since senior year in college clinking our glasses as we recited.

“To good health, good friends, good fortune and good sex—not always in that order.”

After taking adult-sized sips, Donna smiled and said, “Well, three out of four ain’t bad.”


We met freshman year and hit it off immediately. To many we were complete opposites. Donna, dark, short and outgoing and me, tall, blond and introverted. Over the next couple of years our friendship solidified and senior year we roomed together in an off-campus apartment. I’d say that year we helped each other. I helped her become a bit more self-aware and aided her to polish some rough edges. Donna assisted me to overcome my shyness with men, and do so quite completely.

Donna was seriously boy-crazy. She wasn’t a slut, but she certainly fooled around a bit and had a series of semi long-term relationships. I never knew when I would be treated to a “grunt fest” as I began to call them. Donna is vocal during sex and seemed to attract partners that were also expressive. If I heard one more “fuck me hard, babe” coming from her room, I swore I’d get a gun and take care of the annoyance permanently.

I was still a virgin at the start of senior year. Being shy, in addition to my virginity status, meant I had little to no experience with guys. The first time I ran into a naked boy coming out of our apartment’s bathroom I honestly thought I was going to faint. I had to go back to bed and lie down. The image of the boy’s penis was seared into my brain. When I mentioned it to Donna later that evening, she laughed.

“It’s a good thing you never saw Evan,” she said. “His dick is legend on campus.”

I had no idea what a legendary penis was supposed to look like, but I imagine it had to do with size. I now, at least, had one penis for comparison if I ever saw another one, which I doubted would happen soon.

Of course, the next week said Evan was present for a fun-filled night accompanied by especially loud animal noises. In the morning I was pouring a bowl of Cheerios when a naked man wandered into the kitchen.

“Hey,” he said.

I looked at him and in spite of my best intentions immediately turned my attention to what was between his legs. I thought it must be a prank. Surely no real person could have anything that looked like that. I made a mental comparison to the one and only other penis I had seen. It was obvious that there was no comparison.

As I was gawking, and, yes, that is the only word that could express what I was doing, a naked Donna appeared next to Evan. I had seen her without clothes a couple times before, but never standing next to a naked boy and never, ever after it was obvious they both just had sex.

“Alex, this is Evan. I think I mentioned him before.” Donna smiled and slyly let her eyes drop to his manhood.

Evan took a step forward, accompanied by a swaying that reminded me of a large pendulum, and extended his hand. I shook it, but no words escaped my lips.

“Pretty nice, right?” said Donna as she picked up his penis and held it out toward me.

This was so “Donna.” She loved to tease me and when it came to sex, she loved it even more. I really don’t think it was to embarrass me, although she enjoyed seeing me illegal bahis blush. Donna thought she was helping me to crawl out of my shell. Every once in a while, she would wander through the apartment topless or naked. If I said anything, she’d respond that I was welcome to copy her dress code. The fact that Donna was flaunting her gorgeous figure did not surprise me. The fact that she was now holding a boy’s penis was beyond any expectation I had. My instincts told me to flee. My curiosity kept my butt in the chair.

Now I could clearly see the large scrotum beneath. By Evan’s reaction I assumed that having women admire his appendage was a common occurrence. He just smiled and allowed Donna to play with him.

My eyes moved back and forth from his penis to Donna’s body. Although she was shorter than I am, her breasts are at least twice my size. My breasts can be generously considered a handful—if you have small hands. Donna’s are in the “Oh My God” category. They were a female complement to the large penis that Donna eagerly fondled before my eyes. It seemed that even she was affected by Evan’s manhood. Her nipples stood out from the pink areolas. The blood-red nubs appeared ready to explode. I realized I was ogling my friend’s nipples and averted my eyes. The problem was my eyes refocused on the large penis in her hands.

While Donna coaxed life into his penis, his hand had slipped a finger onto her crotch and started playing with her pussy. Since Donna only kept a small dark patch above her vagina, I clearly saw how his finger kept disappearing.

As the effects of all this playfulness started to take shape on Evan — and I mean really form a shape to a degree I never imagined a body part could exhibit — I excused myself and ran to my room. I could hear them laughing as I closed my door and collapsed on my bed more excited than I could ever remember being. I cautiously slipped my hand inside my PJ bottoms and felt the dampness between my swollen lips.

In a minute I was violating every rule I established regarding sex. I was masturbating in the daylight, my PJs bundled at my ankles with someone else in the apartment, lying on top of the bed covers and fantasizing on a man’s erect penis as opposed to the latest Hollywood hunk’s bare chest. What took me most by surprise, next to the intensity of the orgasm, was the lingering image of Donna’s body. If a girl ever looked good naked, it was Donna.

A half hour later Donna knocked at my door. I pulled up my PJ bottoms and told her to enter.

She entered, still naked, crawled up on my bed and pulled me to her. I fell into her arms and we lay back on the bed.

“Freak you out?” she asked.

“Donna, I’m twenty-one, I can handle seeing a naked man,” I said smugly. Feeling my head resting on her breast, I added, “And a naked woman.”

“So, it didn’t bother you? Like turn you on?”

“No. I’m capable of controlling my body,” I said with an air of superiority.

“Just saying because it smells a lot like sex in this room.”

She put her hand between my legs and quickly discovered the dampness that had filled my PJ bottoms.

“God,” I cried. “I’m so embarrassed.”

I was stunned that her hand remained in place as Donna spoke.

“God, Alex, give yourself a break. So, you masturbated. I know it’s not the first time that happened. Besides we all do it. It’s needed and fun. So, nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“What do you mean it’s not the first time? How can you say that?”

Donna gently squeezed my mound. “Alex, I know you think you’re being so sly, but I’ve arrived home a bunch of times when I don’t think you heard me come in. But I sure heard you. You make the cutest little squeaks you when you come.”

“Oh, my god. I am going to die. I never knew you were there.”

“Alex, it’s okay. I liked it. Sometimes I played with myself and tried to come at the same time.” As she said this, Donna ran her fingers along her exposed pussy. When she pulled them away, I could see the wetness glisten on the tips.

“It’s no big deal,” she continued as she casually licked her finger clean. “I love to masturbate, so why shouldn’t you? So, now that we’ve come this far, let’s talk about sex.”

“I think I’d rather talk about having my fingernails removed with pliers,” I said covering my face with my hands. The pressure of her hand between my legs was sending unexpected, but not necessarily unwelcome, sensations through my body.

“Nope, time for an honest to god talk about sex.”

“Donna, please.”

“Alex, you need to get past this virginity thing. Really, it’s not a national treasure. No one expects you not to have sex until you marry. I know you’re not religious, so there must be some other reasons. I can guess at a few—fear, ignorance, zero social graces.”

“Wait, I’m sociable.”

“Yeah, with me, the other girls who were on our floor and even some guys as long as they don’t appear to be interested in you sexually.”

I shook my head to indicate I didn’t agree.

“And, let me say that any guy illegal bahis siteleri who is not interested in you sexually is either gay or had his balls removed.”

“You have your hand between my legs,” I said. “Are you interested in me sexually?”

Donna laughed so hard I thought she was going to hurt herself. She pushed against my mound and my insides began to melt. No one had ever touched me there before now.

“Alex, Alex,” she said after she caught her breath. “Just because I touched you does not mean I’m putting the moves on you. I haven’t been with a girl since high school, okay, make that sophomore year. No, wait let’s say junior year, unless you count Labor Day. Anyway, truth is once I discovered boys, I had greatly reduced interest in what girls had to offer. But, if I were interested in girls, you would be at the top of my list.” She squeezed my mound again and her index finger pushed my PJ’s into my cleft.

“Donna, you’re still touching me.”

“Yep, and you have not died. Look, Alex, I wish you could see that sex is a lot of fun and certainly not something to constantly fret about. I can tell you’re turned on. You are wetter now than a minute ago.”

“Oh, god, this is embarrassing.”

“No, it’s not. Alex, I’m wet, too. Feel free to see for yourself.”

I shook my head, but thought it might be interesting to see what another girl felt like. Could I really touch Donna there? Like anyone, I dreamed of sex. Of course my dreams included a handsome man who swept me off my feet. He’d carry me away and slowly make love to me. Now, I was thinking my first time might be with a girl. I closed my eyes to rid myself of an image of me and Donna getting sexual.

Donna rubbed me a little and I gasped.

“Alex, you like this. It’s plain to see you’re excited.”

I shook my head, but inside I was feeling something new. If I only could let myself go, maybe I could discover some of the secrets of sex that have remained hidden my whole life. Oh, wow, Donna is rubbing hard.

“Now, imagine what it would be like if some handsome hunk was doing this. Believe me it can be awesome. When a guy is inside you, it’s like no other feeling in the world. I love a big prick filling my hole and making contact with my entire vadge.”

Donna rubbed me one more time and I exploded as her finger pushed between my lips, still hidden behind my PJs. I pushed my hips up and felt overwhelmed by my orgasm. When I began to breathe regularly, Donna pulled her hand away.

“See, Alex, that was like a free sample. Now, you know what it’s like to cum from having another person involved. We need to move you away from this ridiculously tiny safety zone and into the real world. Honey, we need to get you laid. Let’s make it our goal to find a nice guy who can do what I just did and a whole lot more.”

Donna kissed me and snuggled me. I was confused, but my mind was opening slightly to what pleasure sex could bring. I rested my head on her soft breast and thought that sex may just have something more to be said for it. That day Donna started me along on a road that led to greater sexual exploration. True to her promise, she would help me meet some nice guys and coached me through my rookie jitters. I am so happy that she was there for me.


Strange how our roles are reversed. Now, I was the one enjoying a great sex life and trying to help my best friend. Donna was going through a severe sex drought. Her last regular boyfriend had left over six months ago. I had to admit I was happy to see him leave. He never treated her well, let her carry him financially when he was “trying to find himself” and, according to Donna, was not all that spectacular in bed.

I opted not to go down the road of telling her she was better off. Instead, I asked about a guy she met at a sales convention.

Donna shrugged and sipped some more of her drink. “I don’t think that’s going anywhere.”

“Why? You said he seemed nice, was cute and asked for your number.”

“True. Then I ran into a colleague who works in the same company. I mentioned him and she said he was nice and cute… and married.”

“Shit,” I said.

“Definitely,” Donna agreed.

Our waitress brought our meals and we spent a few minutes tasting.

“Alex, be honest with me,” she said. “Why do I attract the losers? Do I give out ‘losers welcome here’ vibes?”

I love Donna. She is closer to me than my own sisters. She is pretty, smart, extremely successful at work and a nice person. She is also obsessed with the fact that we will turn thirty next year. Over and over she’s told me that she does not want to turn thirty and not have a man.

“Donna, you know how special you are to me,” I said.

“Oh, oh, here it comes.”

“You asked me about vibes,” I said.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I want to hear a true answer. Ever hear of a rhetorical question?” She tried to smile, but it was half-hearted at best.

“Okay, so I won’t say anything.” I concentrated on cutting a piece of the Eggs Benedict, making sure I canlı bahis siteleri sopped up as much Hollandaise sauce as possible. These were the best Eggs Benny in town. I savored the combo of meat, perfectly poached egg, sauce and home-made English muffin. The hash browns were to die for.

“All right, freaking tell me,” Donna finally said.

“Nope. I don’t want to risk pissing you off.”

“You’ll really piss me off if you don’t tell me what you’re thinking. Come on dish, girl.”

I put my fork down and wiped my mouth with my napkin.

“Remember when we were in college?” I asked.

“I may be pushing thirty, but I haven’t gone senile yet,” she said with her usual snarkiness.

“How about this? Remember the hot, confident girl who loved having fun? Does she ring a bell?”

“I still love having fun,” Donna said a bit defensively.

“Yes, but where’s the hot, confident girl? Where is the Donna who took a social imbecile and taught her to become comfortable with her own body and with—thank god—men’s bodies? That’s the Donna I’m looking for. The best friend who helped me become a woman. I have a hard time seeing her around here.”

“Hey, times change. We’re not in college any more.”

“Donna, you are incredibly hot. I just wish you would get it. Instead you let every minor perceived imperfection grow into some huge distorted view of yourself. You obsess about turning thirty. Plus, you are beginning to give off serious desperate vibes.”


“Yes. Like you want to marry any guy who buys you more than one drink at a bar.”

We both smiled at that. I was referring to a night a few months ago when she and I went bar hopping. She saw some “really cute” guy and made me sit at the bar so we could be next to him. He looked at us and offered to buy a round. Donna began to seriously chat him up. After the second round, she was touching him and flirting her sweet ass off. Maybe it was the combination of drink and lust, but I was worried she was going to jump him right there.

I could tell the guy was backing off and tried to ease Donna down a few degrees. She ignored me and then proceeded to ask the guy to be her date at our friend’s wedding coming up in a couple weeks. Just the look on his face was enough of an answer for me, but Donna didn’t see it.

She kept describing how much fun it would be and that they could get a room at the resort where the wedding would be held. It was then the guy signaled for the check and beat a rapid retreat.

Of course, Donna was devastated. I tried to explain that she pushed too hard. Plus, I told her that single guys don’t like going as a date to weddings. It makes them think their date is trying to steer them to the altar. That was the start of her latest funk. She was finally coming out of it and so I felt I could gently approach how she comes across to guys.

“I don’t want to seem desperate,” moaned Donna. She took a sip of her drink and added, “But, Alex, I am getting desperate. I’m not getting younger and I haven’t had a serious relationship in ages. I haven’t even been laid in a long time. Thank god for Ricardo.”

Ricardo was her name for the vibrator I gave her as a gag gift on her twenty-fifth birthday. The joke was on me because she took it seriously and took it to bed with her, too. Some nights when I’d invite her over for Chinese, a movie and Ben & Jerry’s, she’d beg off saying she had a date with Ricardo. As much as we kidded about it, I knew that Donna felt worse knowing her best sexual relationship was with an inanimate object.

We finished our second Bloody Mary and thought about dessert. I convinced her to split a crème brûlée with me. As our spoons dipped into the luscious treat, Donna sighed. I knew this was a sign that some big disclosure was coming.

I waited. She sighed again.

I smiled at her and she sighed.

I gave in. “Okay, what’s up?”

“Why do you think something’s up?”

“Cut the crap, Donna. We both know that you want to tell me something and that you want to pretend that I have to drag it out of you. So, dear, just tell me.”

“I won the sales contest at work.”

“Donna, that’s fantastic. You go girl!”

She smiled and looked genuinely embarrassed. I wouldn’t let her pull that act with me.

“Hey, I know how hard you work. I also know that you are the best salesperson I ever met. It must be because you are really empathetic. You identify with the needs of your client and they can sense it. So, feel good about yourself.”

We ordered cappuccinos. After we each took a sip, Donna set her cup down.

“The kicker is that the prize is an all-expense paid trip to Aruba–for two. Plane fare, hotel, meals, spa treatment, the whole works.”

“That sounds perfect, so what’s the problem?”

I could see her catch her breath. Fearing she was about to cry, I reached over and took her hand. “Donna, what?”

“I have no one to take with me,” she said trying to hold back a sob. “I have this super romantic trip dropped in my lap and I’ve got no one to share it with. That’s what I call a real bitch.”

I wanted to pull her to me and hold her. When she started down this slope of self-pity, it often took weeks to pull her back up. Maybe I could do something to stop the slide.

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