Hellie’s Breeding

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(This story follows “Hellie’s Inspection”)

Hellie had the next day off and she decided to spend it in bed, listening to the rain falling outside. She played games on her phone, texted various boys, watched movies, and played with herself. After several hours, she got out of bed in her bra and tiny shorts, wrapped herself in a big cozy cardigan, and wandered downstairs to have some tea.

She said a quick hello to her landlord, Bryant, who was reading in the living room, and then she headed into the kitchen. While she waited for her water to boil, she sat at the kitchen counter and looked absently at a newspaper that had been left behind.

“Haven’t seen you much the last few days.” Bryant entered the kitchen. “You doing okay?”

Hellie smiled and nodded. “I’ve been good. I got um, a promotion at work.”

“Hey that’s great Hellie, congratulations! Do you like your new job?”

Hellie considered, imagining the numerous cocks she’d sucked and fucked the past week. “Yeah, definitely.”

“Is it more money?”

“Yeah, thank god.” Hellie’s eyes widened. “I mean, it’s not a TON more money or anything.”

Bryant chuckled. “Don’t worry girl, I’m not going to raise your rent.”

Hellie heaved a sigh of relief. “Sorry.”

“I wouldn’t do that- where am I going to find tenants as good as you and Trevor? You’re both barely here.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“You dating now, too? Saw a boy drop you off here and pick you up a couple times.” He shrugged as Hellie looked at him. “Can’t blame me for noticing who pulls up in my driveway.”

“Oh no, it’s cool. Yeah, um, Barry. I like him, we’re just having fun.”

Bryant nodded. “Nothing wrong with fun.”

The kettle began to whistle and as she turned to pour her tea, Hellie felt her cardigan slip and show her legs and shorts. She let it stay, and though she didn’t look at Bryant, she could feel his eyes on her skin.

“You sick today?” he asked.

“No, just relaxing. Not much to do in the rain,” Hellie told him, though she was sure he’d still gone for a run or something.

“Well you enjoy yourself up there,” he said with a smile.

“I will. Oh did you want some tea?”

“No thank you, appreciate it though.”

She wanted to let the cardigan open, make sure Bryant saw her tits, but she didn’t. She walked past him and wet upstairs.

She dropped her cardigan, wrapped herself in her duvet, and as she drank her tea in small sips, she reached down and began to rub her clit.

“Bryant,” she whispered. She felt herself getting wet. She set her tea aside and lay back.

“Oooh,” she breathed. “Fuck.” She slid a finger into her pussy and began to slowly fuck herself.

She imagined Bryant coming up here.

“Come to think of it Hellie,” he would say, “aren’t you a little late on rent?”

“I’m sorry,” she’d said. “I just haven’t gotten my paycheck yet. Isn’t there something else we can do?”

He’d push her down to her knees and she’d suck his dick until he came so hard that it came out of her nose. And then she’d bend over for him, for good measure, and let him use whichever other hole he wanted.

Hellie fell asleep with the lights on, her hand in her pants.

She dreamed of Bryant buried in her pussy.

“Oh fuck,” she grunted. “I want you to use all my holes.” Her tits bounced freely, he stared at them as he fucked her. “Please,” she begged. “Please.”

“In time,” he said. “In time I will.” He leaned down to whisper next to her ear. “Can’t wait to hear you scream.”

Hellie woke up, felt her fingers in her wet pussy. But when she pulled them out, she saw blood.

“Fuck,” she muttered. She rolled over to see that it was later than she thought, already 9pm. She hoped the convenience store around the corner would still be open.

Hellie threw on a t-shirt and ran out into the rain.

“Fucking shit,” she muttered as she rounded the corner, her t-shirt soaking through fast.

The store was dark, but still open. Hellie was grateful to be able to hide in shadows as she walked down the aisles in her wet pink t-shirt. Even through her bra, the outlines of her taut nipples were clearly visible as they hardened in the wet shirt and air conditioning. She was happy to find the tampons in the first aisle she checked. She grabbed the smallest box of supers and then realized they were 8 dollars. In a panic, she reached into the wet, snug little front pocket of her shorts and found that she only had one five-dollar bill.

Hellie looked around. Nobody seemed to be in the store, and as she swiftly made her way to the front, she saw that the cash register too was unmanned. She stepped quickly and carefully toward the doors.


He caught her by her wrist before casino oyna she could run, an older gentleman with pale, wiry arms and silvery hair.

“Don’t you think you ought to pay for that?”

Hellie burst into tears, holding up the tampons. “Please sir, I need these but they’re 8 bucks and I only have 5 right now!”

“Excuse me, but didn’t you see the sign?” The old man pointed to a sign on the doors that read “ALL Shoplifters Will Be Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law” in big red letters. “You should’ve shoplifted from another store!”

Hellie came closer to him. “I really do have a five, sir.” She held it up.

“I don’t want your money,” he said sternly. “I’m calling the police.”

Hellie stepped up to him. “Please sir.” She touched his arm, hoping this would work.

He stopped, looking at her.

She looked down at her hard nipples, her tiny shorts that were sagging with the weight of rainwater. His gaze followed hers. “Isn’t there some sort of agreement we could come to?” She asked him.

His eyes took in her breasts, her nipples, and her thighs, squeezing out of the damp shorts. Then they shifted to the tampons.

“You need those badly, do you?” he said.

Hellie nodded. “Trust me, sir.”

“Quite a wave down there?”

Hellie blinked and nodded. “Yes, sir.”

The man abruptly leaned down and brought his lips to Hellie’s. When Hellie leaned up on her tiptoes to kiss him back, his hands came up and grabbed both of her ass cheeks. Hellie gasped and moaned. She didn’t know this man at all, having seen him maybe once or twice before very quickly at the register. His tongue snaked into her mouth, his fingers poking between her cheeks to press up into her crack through the shorts. Hellie shivered as he prodded her.

“Ripe and in season,” he murmured, squeezing her ass, kneading at it like a cat as she breathed deeply. He gently broke from the kiss and said, “Come with me.”

He led her to the counter. “Put them up,” he said, walking around behind it. She put the tampons on the counter and he took them and scanned them.

“Now,” he said. “That’ll be 8.57.”

She held his gaze.

“Climb up here,” he said.

Hellie climbed onto the counter, sitting so that she faced him.

He touched the outsides of her thighs. “Take these off,” he said, and she began to pull down her shorts, her lacy red panties staying on.

“These too,” he said with a tiny, gentle tug at the waistband of her panties.

Hellie did, and heard her shorts hit the floor.

Not yet looking down at her naked lower half, the old man nodded to her pink shirt.

“Pull those out,” he said. “So the camera behind me can see them.”

Breathing heavily, Hellie pulled the t-shirt up and her bra cups below her breasts, pulling them out for him.

“Heavy and full,” he murmured. “Like fruit off the vine.” He stared at her large, round breasts, her nipples wet and reddened with cold and arousal.

Hellie gasped as the man’s hand came up without warning and very gently rubbed on her swollen pussy lips. The soft pressure he placed there made her wetter, and he moved his fingers against her in waves, in small circles, teasing her and drawing her out. He leaned his head down to suckle at her breasts. He licked, slurped, nibbled.

“I’d like to fill these with milk,” he murmured, his warm mouth moving over her cold flesh, soothing her and teasing her. “Drink from them when they’re full. Breed you real good.”

At that second, he slid two fingers into her pussy, her juice soaking his fingers, his knuckles, and his 4th and 5th fingers which anchored themselves just above her asshole.

“That’s what we’ll do tonight,” he whispered, and his lips moved up her breast and chest to her neck to her ear. “Get you bred. Nice and slow and steady, until your belly’s full of my seed. So full that you can’t bleed anymore.”

Hellie decided not to point out that this was definitely not how that worked, because she was getting wetter by the minute and now had the promise of being filled with cum. She panted, spreading her legs for him. “Plug me up,” she said, hoping it sounded good to him. “Fill me up.”

His fingers slid, slow and steady, in and out of her.

His lips brushed her ear. “That’s a nice girl, a good bitch. Good bitches want to be bred. They have the wide hips for birthing, the wet pussy for fucking, the big ass for mounting, and the heavy tits for nursing all who need.” A third finger slid inside her. “If you were mine, I’d keep you naked, and I’d fill you up twice a day until your belly got big and I could drink from your breasts.” He grabbed her tits, gentle but firm, and caressed them, squeezed them, pinched her nipples. His other hand kept the pace inside her, canlı casino and her body rocked, pushing her pussy forward to get him deep, meeting his knuckles. “I’d mount you with your big belly too, make sure your body stayed accustomed to the routine.”

“Please,” Hellie rasped.

“That’s a good, good bitch,” he cooed. “A good breeding bitch who knows what she’s for.” They kissed, tongues wrestling, his free hand moving to hold the back of her neck tightly. After some time, he pulled away to tug her shirt and bra overhead. He spread her thighs, the counter beneath her becoming slick. He knelt down and began licking at her clit, slurping at her lips, digging into her with his tongue, licking inside her. Hellie writhed and gasped, shook and moaned, and even as she begged him to fuck her pussy he made her wait. His tongue worked inside her, only coming out to be replaced by his fingers as he licked her clit. Hellie shivered, coming almost without warning, and he bobbed his head and tongue, nosing her clit, lapping up her juice as she cried out. She felt out of control, over the edge, sated but insatiable. She shocked and twitched as his hands caressed her thighs, her hips rolling as he ran his tongue up her pussy lips and over her clit.

“Oh please,” she whimpered. “Fuck me.”

“Why, baby?”

“I need it.”

“I know you do,” he said against her pussy.

“I need to be filled with your cum, just like you said.”


Hellie swallowed. “Bred. I need to be bred.”

He sucked at her clit, giving her jitters, and then finally stood. He undid his pants, his cock standing out in front of him, long and wide and Hellie wanted it.

“Lie back,” he told her. She lay down on the counter. He lifted her legs and she bent them, and he traced the head of his cock over her lips, teasing at her opening as she begged. Finally, he reached his hands down to spread her pussy lips, smiled at what he saw, and slowly, with precision, he slid inside her.

“Oh, oh yes,” Hellie groaned, feeling her insides stretch.

“That’s a good bitch,” he murmured, stroking her side, her ass, her thigh. “That’s a good, good bitch. A good breeding bitch.” She shook with pleasure, her pussy seeming to vibrate and hum all around his cock as he slid in as deep as he could go, filled her like a tight, wet pocket until she wrapped snug around him. Then, he began to move.

Hellie didn’t know how long it lasted, how loudly she screamed, how many orgasms she had. He came once inside her, then kept going, making her cum again and again on his cock.

“Do you like that breeding?” He asked her. “Do you like that breeding cock inside you?”

“Yes,” she moaned.

“I will wear you out, bitch,” he told her. “I’ll use this cunt ever way it’s supposed to be used.”

Hellie moaned and screamed and came again as he fucked her steadily. When he filled her with his cum for the second time, they finally stopped. He gently pressed her bent knees down toward her chest.

“Let it settle,” he told her. “Let it settle inside you.” He wiped the counter off around and under her, rubbed her ass and thighs as she lay there. He spread her pussy lips and smiled at the cum inside, spread her ass open and smiled at her tight asshole. Cum and juice from her pussy had leaked down over it, making her ass wet, too. Slowly, gently, he bent down again and began licked at it.

Hellie gasped and gripped the counter as best she could. She felt his tongue prod at her, stroke her, and one of his hands came up to rub her clit.

“You’ll be bred well tonight, bitch,” he said, licking and rubbing her asshole. “I haven’t had a good bitch like you in ages. Young and ripe and ready.” Hellie moaned. “Full of juice for me. Open and in heat,” he said. “But I need to stay hard.”

He stood again and ever so carefully, he dipped the head of his cock into her pussy, gathering the cum and juices onto the top. Hellie whimpered.

He pulled his cock from her pussy and slid it down to press it against her asshole.

“Are you a good bitch? Are you a nice girl?” His cock probed at her.

“Yes,” she moaned. “Yes, please, yes!”

Slow, he pushed the head of his cock into her ass, his shaft coming to follow inch by inch until it was all stuff tightly into her asshole.

“Oh goddam,” he grunted.

“Holy fuck!” Hellie cried. She wiggled and writhed and gyrated on his cock, keeping him deep. He let her continue you like that for some time, occasionally rubbing her clit and checking on the cum in her pussy. He rocked his hips steadily but not hard, massaging her ass and making her moan.

“You like the way I harden my cock in your ass?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she moaned.

“Open those legs good, let me check this pussy.” With his thumbs, kaçak casino he spread her pussy lips. “Good,” he said. “Good.”

Just then, the doors to the store opened.

“Chip!” called a male voice.

“God dammit,” the old man muttered. “I’m in here, Rav.”

A man with dark hair and a gray beard wearing a yellow rain coat approached the counter.

“Oh!” He said. “I’m so sorry, Chip. I didn’t realize you were otherwise engaged.”

“That’s all right, Rav, let me ring you up,” said Chip, gently pumping Hellie’s ass.

“Far be it from me to interrupt you from getting some good cunt.” The bearded man, Rav, winked at Hellie.

“Well, it’s some good ass right now,” said Chip, gently patting Hellie’s clit and making her whimper.

Rav chuckled and set some things on the counter next to Hellie. Chip added a pack of cigarettes.

“Oh I’ll be damned,” said Rav. “You’ve got that thing stuffed in her butt!”

Hellie moaned as Chip slowly pumped her ass.

“Gotta keep it hard, already filled her pussy up twice.”

“That’s a nice-looking pussy,” said Rav. “Good breeding hips, too.” He reached out and grabbed one of Hellie’s breasts, making her moan again. “These titties could feed an army!”

“Go ahead and give ’em a suck,” said Chip.

Rav leaned down and Hellie quivered as his beard brushed her nipple, her breast. He sucked hard on one nipple, and then the other. Hellie squeaked in pleasure.

“Well that’s just excellent,” he said. “How’s the ass?”

“Nice and tight,” said Chip. “Oh excuse me Rav, I’d turn her over but that pussy’s full of cum. Ass is big enough too, nice and round.”

“Good for the mount,” Rav remarked, continuing to play with Hellie’s tits. “Love to suck the milk out of these things.”

“Give it a few months,” said Chip. “I’ll have her bred up good, that’s what we’re doing tonight.”

“And with an ass like that, you could put her to use even with that belly,” said Rav.

“Oh no doubt about it, this one’s made to keep a dick hard,” said Chip, rubbing Hellie’s clit and making her whimper.

“”But you know,” said Rav, “the womb only takes the strongest sperm.” He ran his fingertips over Hellie’s lips and then slid two fingers into her mouth. She sucked and moaned as Chip continued to gently fuck her ass and rub her clit.

“Don’t much know what you mean by that,” said Chip.

“I mean if you shared her, there’s no guarantee whose offspring would come back.”

“Not too worried about that, Rav, not one way or the other.”

“You think. You’d be the one to breed her either way?”

“Yes I do. Good bitch like this, her pussy practically sucks the cum out of you.”

“You know, I’d like to have some of that nice wet little pussy myself,” said Rav, still fingerfucking Hellie’s mouth as she moaned and writhed in pleasure.

“You want to share,” said Chip.

“Well, you seemed so sure it wouldn’t make a difference…”

Chip paused a moment, then laughed. “What the hell, I’ll take that bet because I’m damn sure I got the stronger swimmers.”

“What about you missy?” Rav slid a third finger into Hellie’s mouth, and she licked and sucked on all three.

“I think the bitch is up for it,” said Chip. “She’s a good girl, takes cock real good.”

Hellie moaned, her mouth vibrating around Rav’s fingers. He slid them deeper into her mouth and she slurped them hungrily.

“Wow,” said Rav. “I think she’s hungry.”

Chip grunted as he pumped her ass. “Telling you,” he said, gently pinching Hellie’s clit to make her shriek. “Good bitch like this, made to keep a dick hard. In her ass, in her mouth. Don’t matter.”

Rav continued to slide his fingers in and out of Hellie’s mouth, his other hand squeezing her breasts, pulling, pinching, tweaking her nipples.

“Good bitch with big titties,” he said. “I’d like to sit her right on this cock and milk these tits.”

Hellie moaned again and shuddered on Chip’s cock, her ass tightening around him.

“Fuck,” Chip muttered, giving her ass another gentle pump. “No doubt, I could suck those tits for hours.”

“Those milk ducts would be clear,” said Rav, tracing Hellie’s lips with his three fingertips and then sliding them back into her mouth. “Would you like that, girl? Sitting on a cock?”

“Mmmyes,” Hellie moaned around his fingers.

“Rav, lock that door, would you?” Chip continued to steadily pump her asshole while she moaned in pleasure and waited for Rav to return. She writhed, trying to move her ass more quickly against him.

“Slow down there, girl,” he said. “I know you want more but I’m not trying to waste cum in your ass. That’s only gonna go in your pussy tonight.”

Hellie moaned. “Yes, sir.”

Rav chuckled, coming back to the counter.

“Glad she already knows what’s what,” he said. He looked down at Hellie. “I think you’d better suck my cock now,” he said. “How does that sound?”

…to be continued…

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