He Seduced Me First

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I had been married about two years and in my new job about six months. I was making enough money to save a little and my wife Pam was working part-time and hoping for pregnancy. We were in our early twenties and getting serious about life. My new boss was great at showing me a potential path for growth within the department and had already given me greater responsibility.

When summer rolled around Steve spent every weekend with his family and friends at the lake. When he invited us to join them we were both very excited.

Steve was class all the way. He had a beautiful conversion van with a refrigerator, storage and a big bed. His boat was big enough to seat six or eight and could easily pull two skiers. The campsite was awesome and he hooked us up with a nice big tent.

We spent the day eating and playing in the water. I skied for hours and Pam even gave it a good try. At one point I was in the boat with Steve’s wife at the wheel. Steve was helping Pam learn how to hold her body and arms so she could spring out of the water when the boat “hit it”.

Back at camp we had dinner as the sun was setting. Everyone was so tired and happy. At one point Pam and I were sitting alone and I gave her a kiss. She looked kind of funny then said Steve had been feeling her up in the water. She also said he had his hard cock pressed against her ass as he helped her ski. I wasn’t sure if I was mad or turned on. I asked if she enjoyed it and she said he was really big and finally admitted that Steve rubbed her pussy and ground his cock hard against her the last time she tried.

As people started to head to tents to clean up and turn in, Steve asked if anyone wanted to go for a night ride on the lake. Everyone declined but Pam and I. It was so cool idling around the lake after dark, seeing the campfires and a faint outline of the shore. Quite a ways from camp where there was no activity, Steve pulled into a little cove and killed the motor. We drifted up to shore and he came to the back of the boat with a bottle of wine. We passed it a couple of times and Steve asked if we ever smoked pot. That was a silly question.

After a couple casino oyna hits each we passed the bottle. When Steve was tipping it back Pam leaned close and i gave her a little kiss. The bottle went around again and this time when I kissed her she squeezed my hand and really kissed me hard. I brought a hand up to put it on her bikini covered breast.

Steve handed the bottle to me and from the corner of my eye I could see he was wispering in her ear and she was looking down and giggling. When she took the bottle I nuzzled her ear and continued to play with her tit. I managed to work the cup to the side and I played with one hard nipple.

She handed the bottle to Steve and then pulled me for a kiss. She put her hand on my throbbing cock and moaned into my mouth. Steve was very quick to hand me the bottle and then he had his face next to hers and was trying to kiss her lips. I put the bottle down and kissed her from the near side. When I dropped down to suck her bare breast she turned to kiss him. I could hear them wet and panting and the kiss went on for a long time.

Pam squeezed my cock hard and I put my hand between her already open legs. Steve took other swig and she whispered in my ear, “he put my hand on his cock and it is so big”! I was going crazy wanting to fuck her, wanting to watch, wanting to see her hold his big cock. I pulled back a bit and watched them kiss then slid my finger down between the folds of her wet pussy. What I found was that Steve had slipped his hand under her ass and he had his long middle finger inside her. i rubbed her clit as he fingered her from inside and she jerked into one long intense orgasm.

As her orgasm shook her she kissed me and kept squeezing my cock, too hard. Her other hand was on his lap. When she was done she went limp in my arms. Steve slid over to lay over toward him on the seat. He put a towel under her head as she was panting for breath.

He stood up moved past me to the empty seat. I saw his huge cock straining against his trunks. Stepping past me he turned toward me and my spread eagled wife. I panicked when I realized that he probably wanted to stick that monster in my canlı casino wife.

The pot and the booze and the orgasms hit Pam hard. Her breathing was getting slow and heavy while mine was racing. Steve was standing a foot in front of me with a raging cock. I was hard and dripping. For some reason I reached out and put my hand on his cock. He pulled the edge of his trunks up to expose that huge head and I slid my hand down to cover it.

He stepped closer and pulled the leg of the trunks higher. His huge cock was sticking straight at my face. I used the heavy pre-cum to lubricate him as I began to slide my fist up and down the full length. After only a few strockes Steve started bucking and jerking.

His first shots hit me on the chest then he turned to shoot cum on Pam. As cum ran down the my stomach I reached down for my own hard cock and started cumming.

Reality hit quickly and in a heartbeat Steve was moving to the driver’s seat and I was trying to get Pam’s suit arranged. Back in camp I helped her to the tent and as she fell asleep I lay beside her with her legs over mine and fucked her long and slow. eventually we bothe fell asleep exhausted.

The next morning everything seemed cool and his wife didn’t seem to suspect anything. Heading home we talked about it most of the way. Pam felt guilty and i worked hard to assure her that everything was fine. She didn’t remember how things ended, fortunately. I was conflicted because while I was straight and loved my wife, it had been very hot holding his huge cock as it pulsed and sprayed me with cum. Pam eventually put one leg up on the dash and I played with her wet pussy bringing her to several orgasms on the drive home.

At home I kept drifting off to images of that cock right in front of me. Pam went to bed early and I stroked myself off thinking of the episode.

The next day started like every Monday. We all had our tasks and there wasn’t much talk about the weekend. At noon the secretary and the other designer left for lunch just minutes apart. They were barely out the door before Steve was sitting on the corner of my desk. “How you doing Dan? Did you have fun kaçak casino at the lake? I guess it got a little crazy. I hope you and Pam are OK with what happened. Blame it on the good weed.”

I told him that we both felt kind of guilty and didn’t think Pam would be up for that any time soon. Steve replied that it was, “too bad. We were young and should be fucking like animals”. “That was pretty hot and I’m always horny. Aren’t you?”

I had to admit that I was. Pam on the other hand was not so much but still enjoyed sex. Steve said that if I was interested he knew how I could get her to loosen up and enjoy our lovemaking more. “A woman with a body like that needs to be fucked a lot.”

“And a dick like this needs a lot of attention. I looked down to see he had freed his big fat cock. It filled his rather large hand and the head looked swollen. I didn’t say anything. I just watched him slowly wave it and stroke it. And move it closer to my face.

“Wouldn’t you like to have some fun with me and watch Pam turn into a little nympho?”

He moved closer and I instinctively reached up to place my palm over the head. I felt a little twitch and precum wet my palm. I rubbed it around and he moved his hand out of my way. his cock stood firm, angling up toward my eyes. It filled my hand and it felt so hot.

I was feeling light headed and then Steve backed away. I leaned forward but he sat down in a chair just out of my reach. “Crawl on your knees” he whispered. I complied. His cock stood straight up. I moved between his knees as he dropped his pants to his ankles. I lowered my head and licked the precum oozing from that bright red mushroom head. Opening a bit I slid my lips tightly down over his cock bit by bit until it filled my mouth. I savored and rolled my tongue around it and then Steve was shooting hot sticky cum in my mouth.

I pulled back and felt it spash hot against my chin and beard. I dipped back down and was rewarded with another mouth full. I swallowed. Oh my god my dick was so hard and my head was spinning. I stood up and Steve put a strong hand over my cock. That was all it took for me to start shooting. I knew I would have to run home as I felt my pent up cum running down my leg.

Steve smiled at me then stepped forward to kiss me. “You and Pam should invite me for dinner” was what he said as the turned to his office.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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