Hard On the Trail Ch. 03

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The old man and I had fallen into a routine. He’d show up at my place and take me whenever he wanted and I had become good at calling him Daddy and pretending I didn’t want him to fuck my ass. Daddy liked to feel like he was corrupting me, like he was taking my cherry every time.

Sometimes he would let me punish him for hurting me but mostly I just got flopped down whenever Daddy was in the mood.

Lately I had been thinking of getting him a key to my apartment. The idea of him sneaking into my bedroom late at night and having his way with me kept me up jacking off most nights. I thought maybe I’d suggest it to him after his next fuck. I hoped he would like the idea as much as me.

Weeks had passed since the last time he plowed me. I was beginning to think he’d never come by again. Then one day just after supper I was getting my running shoes on and there was a knock on the door. I felt my balls tense with excitement. I tried to prepare to act surprised when I answered the door. I know he liked to get me by surprise. He liked to have me as his mostly willing submissive who whined and sometimes cried about being forced into this ass plowing.

At first it had been so hard to hide my excitement and pretend I was being forced into submission. But Daddy got so much fucking harder when I played the role right and my orgasm was that much better. I cleared my throat, stood up straight and hiked my running shorts up a little to hug the curve of my plump ass cheeks.

I opened the door, there stood Daddy. I stared at him, playing confused until he reached out with his hands and shoved me into the house, “Move it, boy. Daddy needs a drink!”

He came in past me and went to my kitchen. My cheeks flushed with color. I locked the door and followed him to the kitchen. I didn’t have to draw the blinds. They were always drawn now, always hoping he’d show up. Daddy poured himself a glass of juice and stared at my shorts. “nice shorts! They look familiar.” They were the same ones I had wore the first time we fucked. I had planned to go for a run down his running trail tonight in hopes to bump into him.

“Oh? These old things? You have probably seen me running with them on the trail.”

I couldn’t hide the grin when I saw his dick flex in his shorts. I had him right where I wanted him. Now to maintain my innocence so Daddy could corrupt me for the millionth time.

Daddy finished his orange juice, put the glass in the sink and turned to me. He had a stern look on his face. “Boy, I haven’t seen you out running much on the trail lately.”

It was true, I’d been staying home hoping he’d stop by. I didn’t want to be out on the trails when he showed up.

“No, I’ve been busy, Daddy.”

Daddy scowled, he walked past me into the living room. I followed him in. “that’s very disappointing,” he mumbled, “a young boy like you needs to be keeping fit. I bet you’ve been wasting your time on these dumb video games!” he flung a video game case off my coffee table, flopped down on my sofa and put his feet where the case had been.

“Sorry, Daddy, I just haven’t been in the mood. You know how it is.”

“I know how it is?! I know how it is?!” Oh boy I’d gotten him real fired up tonight, this was going to be the best fuck we’d ever had! “Boy, get over here.” I walked towards him. “stand in front of me, let me take a look at ya!” I moved between him and my coffee table. My knees knocked against it and so he kicked the table forward to make room. He turned me around a few times. “you’re getting flabby boy. damn shame. Do you even care?!”

Oh, this was a tough one. How mad did I want to get him? I chose carefully, instead of outright defiance I chose to shrug my shoulders. That worked, a smile crossed his face briefly before he quickly put his acting face back on. And the game was about to begin. He hollered, “Why you good for nothing piece of shit!” and with that he had me whipped around and bent over the coffee table. My cock was already hard and I squirmed to adjust it under the ridge of my coffee table. Of course he took this to be part of my act. “Don’t even try to squirm away from me you little shit. I’m going to teach you a lesson about applying yourself.” He yanked down my casino oyna shorts so fast I thought he’d rip them. I hadn’t been wearing underwear, as I had been hoping to meet him on the trail and exciting him with a little ass crack.

“DADDY! What are you doing?! I flailed my arm over my back towards my ass, feigning an attempt to cover myself. He grabbed my arm and held it firm against my lower back.

“No boy! I want to see you moving your ass out there! I need to see you with a little motivation. And if this is what’s going to get a fire under your ass,” he rammed 3 lubed fingers up my ass to emphasize the word ass, “then this is what I’m going to have to do.”

He started pumping my ass with those three fingers. It’d been a while since he’d been near my ass, so it wasn’t too hard to feign pain, even with the lube there was a burning around the opening to my broken in ass. I moaned and writhed, “Daddy, stop! Daddy, please don’t. I’ll be good, I’ll go running. Please…oh god please!”

Daddy grunted and pounded his fingers in harder. “Oh I’m not going to stop, you have to learn. I can shove more than just my fingers up this ass of yours! You got that, boy!”

“Yes, Daddy.” I groaned. I hoped he would. I looked over my shoulder to see if he had made a move to start, sure enough he was eyeballing the lube on the end table.

“Now, I’m going to release your hand. But if you try to get away, I’m going to pound you harder than ever, you understand?!”

Oh, what a promise that was, so he wanted me to fight back did he? “Yes, Daddy, I understand!” I moaned.

He released my hand, I had to do this right, I was going to earn that powerful fucking. But if I moved too soon then he’d not be lubed up enough. I was a bit of a sadist but not enough to want a dry fuck.

I looked at him over my shoulder. He was lubing up his dick and not watching me. Hmmm, maybe he didn’t expect me to fight back. But I wanted that hard fuck and this was my submissive way to let him know I wanted to be pounded.I slowly and carefully stepped out of my shorts so they wouldn’t trip me up. Watching him I waited until I saw that his cock was glistening and he had put the cover back on the lube. Just as he was about to reach for my ass I dove away from the coffee table and made a run for the door. I heard a grunt and growl from behind me and heavy footsteps.

I hadn’t quite thought the next step out, how far was I going to run? Where was I going to run? My bedroom! Maybe that was the best place to plant the idea of a key in his mind. I dodged his hand and with as much speed as I could muster I dove at the stairs. He got my leg for a moment but mostly got sock. I wriggled free, “No, Daddy. No…please… I’m running, see…you’ve got my attention. I’ll never disappoint you again.” I whimpered as I ran up the stairs to my bedroom. I heard the thumping behind me. I slammed my door shut like a defiant teen and hid under my blankets like a scared child.

I heard the doorknob turn and in came Daddy growling, “So you think you can hide from me do ya? Well, I guess we have more to learn than just how to run on the trails! I’ll give you to the count of 5 to get your ass over here boy before I have to come over there and get it! I warn you, Daddy doesn’t have a lot of patience!”

I shivered under the blanket, the anticipation was killing me. I reached down with my hand and started stroking my cock. This was going to hurt but be so good. Maybe the best I’ve ever had! “1!” Daddy roared, “2!” I murmured and whimpered under the covers. “3!”

“no, daddy, please! I learned my lesson!”


“Daddy please don’t! Please…”

“5!” and with that I felt a weight on my back and knew he’d jumped on me. The blankets became tucked in around me and lifted to above my waist. Discovering I was on my back he growled and flipped me over, only to re-tuck anything that came loose and prop my ass up high. I squirmed like I was going to get away and a loud smack sounded in my room as his hand made contact.

“OW! Daddy, don’t!” I cried. “Please…please daddy! Please”

and with that I felt his cock head pressed against my opening. I increased my begging, knowing the more I begged the more he canlı casino enjoyed it, “Please, please daddy, don’t please… I’ll do anything!” the head of his cock slowly started to poke through, “OW Daddy, stop, you’re too big. please stop. This is wrong. Please.”

“SHUT UP BOY! Relax your ass or this is going to rip you in half. I’m going to teach you to respect your elders and apply yourself.” And with one big thrust his cock was deep in my bowels. I screamed out in pain but inwardly pleasure as Daddy began to thrust deeply into me. “next time you think of sitting on your ass instead of going for a run, it’ll hurt so much you won’t be able to!”

“Ow, oh daddy, yes I’ll never play a video game again. Please…”

“Yeah, you like that you little bitch?!”

“No, please stop! Please, Oww you’re hurting me Daddy.”

“Yeah, fucking take it. I’m going to pound your ass so hard.”

“OH daddy! Ow!” I stroked my cock, I didn’t want to cum too fast, I wanted to enjoy this. “Please daddy. I don’t want to.”

“Do you love Daddy?”

“Yes, yes I love Daddy.”

“Then be a good boy and take Daddy’s cock in your ass. You be good and get Daddy off and it’ll be over in no time.”

That was his sign, he wanted me to be a little more into it. He was getting close. He never could finish unless the person was willing and sometimes begged for it. He never wanted to rape you.

“Yes, yes Daddy. I’ll be good. I love you.”

“Yeah, you make Daddy feel good now.”

*grunt* “Yeah, you take me Daddy. I want you to cum.”

“Oh I’m going to cum. I’m going to fill your ass you dirty little bitch! I’m going to fill you so deep you’ll smell me on you for days!”

“Oh…daddy, it hurts. Oh…”

“Yeah, yeah, you fucking take that dick. Good boy! You like it? Huh? You want me to cum in your ass? Want me to make you my little bitch?”

“Yes, Daddy, make me your little bitch.”

“Oh…it hurts does it?”

“Yes daddy, it fucking hurts so much. You’re going to tear me in half. Daddy please cum. I can’t take it anymore.” I could feel my balls start to tense. I really couldn’t take much more. He was the best fuck I’d ever had. Even when it hurt it felt good. I could feel his cock sliding over my button and filling me so deep. With each thrust I felt my opening rip a little more. The pain, the submission, I’d do anything for this man.

“Yeah, oh I’m going to make you a man. Oh yeah, you’re my little fuck toy! OHHH” his words turned into savage grunts as his hands tightened around my ass cheeks. I was going to be bruised in the morning. This was it.

“Yes Daddy, yes, cum daddy” I stroked my cock harder and as I came I screamed out, “oh daddy, fill me daddy, I want your cum!” he smacked my ass, he wanted it to hurt. “Oh, daddy fuck, it hurts so bad daddy, please cum. please” he pounded harder, faster. It actually did start to hurt, savagely. Maybe I had cum too soon.

“Fuck, stop Daddy. Oww, no for real, fucking stop.” I squirmed to get away but he grabbed my hair and pulled me back.

“I don’t think so bitch. keep your ass in place! I told you I was going to teach you as lesson and you’re going to fucking learn!” He had my ass cheeks spread and it felt like he was going deeper than ever before. It was like being fucked by a miniature horse. his big cock slide past my button and started to hit uncharted territory.

“FUCK Daddy, you’re going to kill me. Fucking cum you ass hole!” I hollered at him.

“Yeah, you fucking like that you dirty little cum slut! I’ve been saving up a big load for you. You’re going to take every fucking drop of it!”

“Just fucking do it already!” I squirmed some more, tears in my eyes, my cum cold on my shaft and dripping on my bed sheets.

“OH yeah, here it comes bitch. Prop that ass up, I am going to fill you like a fucking cup! AHHHHHH” he slammed a few more times, I obediently propped my ass up so high I was positioned like my ass was a cup. He stood as I propped my ass up high for him. I wasn’t going to spill a drop of this. weeks of his load was going to pool into me. I was in so much pain but so glad to be fucked by him again.

“OH FUCK YEAH! FUCKING LITTLE BITCH!” he screamed out and kaçak casino with that I felt his cock flex and the first few spurts of his load hit me. “OH YEAH!” he continued, holy shit, this was a big one. He continued to ride my ass in slow rocking wave motions. “Oh milk me bitch, fucking drain me with your ass.” I could feel his cum pooling down into my gut, it was a weird feeling at first as it poured in, slowly moving into my bowels. I don’t know if it was my imagination but as he continued to cum it felt like my belly became a little inflated.

“Oh, daddy, you’re fucking filling me” I moaned under his weight.

“oh, yeah…I’ve been holding this in…oh yeah.” and with that he was done, his cock fell out of me and hung deflated. He flopped down on my bed. I wasn’t sure what to do, if I moved most of this cum would drip out. So I waited until I felt it had poured deep enough in my bowels to settle with my laying down. I carefully, so as not to make a big mess, crawled up beside him. I traced my fingers over his silver chest hair.

His eyes were closed and he moaned with pleasure.

“Daddy?” I began

“mmmmm?” he moaned.

“I was thinking…” I hesitated, was it too soon for me to propose this post-orgasm? “What if I gave you a key to my apartment?”

His eyes shot open, he turned his head to look at me. What was that expression? I couldn’t read it. “Well, you see, then you could just come in any time, you could even surprise me in my sleep. I just thought it’d add an element of control for you. I’m not saying you move in. I just want to give you more power over me.” Daddy grunted and rolled off the bed. Without a word he pulled on his shorts and left.

I couldn’t help it, I felt a tear creep down my cheek. Was he going to come back?

The day wore on. I eventually got out of bed. I must have pooled the cum sufficiently because it stayed in me. My belly was a little bloated and it made me feel like he had impregnated me. In a weird way that kind of turned me on. I obviously could never be pregnant, that’s stupid. But I rubbed my cum belly with lust at the idea of being filled with him.

That lust would turn into sadness, I’d moved too fast and scared him away.

As I was getting ready for bed that night I heard my doorbell. I didn’t jump with excitement this time, Daddy always knocked. I dragged my feet as I went to the door. I looked out my peephole and no one was there…punk kids. I opened the door to look around. Still couldn’t see anyone. I stepped out and felt a crinkle under my foot. I looked down and saw a parcel on my stoop with a note pinned to it.

I bent down, feeling my freshly torn ass tremble in pain, and picked up the parcel to bring inside. I went to sit down on the sofa and grimaced. Daddy was right, I couldn’t sit … shit that ass hurt! I chose to instead lay on my stomach. I opened the letter first,


Leave a spare key under the mat tonight. Wear one of these each night. Don’t wait up. I only cum when I want to!


My cock began to rise, he wanted a key. His clever use of cum sent shivers up my spine. My fantasy was going to come to life. Of course I wouldn’t know when. But what was in the parcel? What was I supposed to wear every night in anticipation?

I moved aside the tissue paper to find 3 pj’s. Spiderman, batman and superman. One was footie pj’s with a doorflap on the ass. The other two were two piece pj’s but one was shorts and the other was pants. Oh he wanted to complete this role playing with a costume did he? I couldn’t fucking wait.

I ran upstairs and put on the footie pj’s. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked so young. Like a 20 year old in denial about getting older. I ruffled my hair to make myself look even younger. I looked around my room. Hmmm maybe I should get a few action figures to lay around. Really add to the mood. Not like I had visitors anymore. I kept my agenda wide open for Daddy. Excitedly I hopped into bed and under the covers. I began to think, “What outfit would I be wearing when he showed up?” I kind of hoped it’d be the footie ones. The idea of him not even having to take my pants down was enticing. Plus they were super comfy, no elastic and no need for socks.

Oh it was going to be a long wait for Daddy to show up at my door…or wait, at my bed. I didn’t have to listen for a knock at the door anymore. Daddy was just going to come in.

(to be continued)

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