Handy Andy – One and Six Ch. 01

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Andrew was financially successful, a retired skilled maintenance person / former owner of a small business that specialized in home repairs. Currently, he lives in a retirement community where one of the property owners had to be over 55 years old.

Andy had been married for a number of years but during the past decade, the couple had started to travel in different directions — soon they had more separate interests than common interests — the divorce became final early last year.

But several months into his early retirement, Andy decided that he needed something more then just fishing, golf and vacations so a part-time business of home repairs and service work was started for those living in and near his retirement community. He was the owner / manager / employee / technician / clerk — the entire operation.

There was absolutely no interest in creating a large company — — Andy was going to stay retired and devote ample time to fishing, golf, and vacations. He would always make time for these important interests. First and foremost — he wanted to stay retired and have an active life style. His part-time business would stay small.

The business started slowly but soon word of mouth advertising by satisfied customers kept him as busy as he wanted to be. But he was very willing to combine work and pleasure.

Many of his customers were retired women who lived by themselves in a house purchased months and even years ago by the woman and her husband. But the husband had passed away, the wife lived by herself. But often she had difficulty and limited knowledge in doing home repairs and possibly could not easily afford a typical repair service.

Andrew’s business card, in part, read:

HANDY ANDY — Service Work & Small Home Repairs

Quick Service Low Cost Experienced

In time, six woman, whose husbands were deceased, became frequent customers — in fact, they became much more then customers. They became very special lady friends ( V S L F ) who had him come to their houses for small home repair and special service work frequently. His schedule often had him in the six separate homes once a month or once every six weeks or so. Sometimes the work involved only a few minutes of time such as changing a burned out ceiling light bulb or moving a piece of furniture.

For these six separate woman, Andy did the quick and easy repair work for free — the non-financial benefits were more than enough to frequently satisfy Andy’s sexual needs.

Typically, he arrived at the house in the early afternoon and completed the repair work in under an hour. Then, the balance of time may involve card playing, eating a home cooked meal, movie, television, and sometimes even an over night stay. But always a late afternoon / evening delight of consensual sex as the woman wanted her female equipment serviced. Each woman was unique and varied in her approach to sexual pleasure — it was like a buffet with lots of choices.

Andy was not bored with the wide variety of sex options and pleasures. Each woman had different ways to light his candle and ring his bells (cock and balls). While Andy was 59 years old and close to 60, his equipment could still rise when required. But in case of heavy work, he had a prescription when needed for any extra assistance.

His six very special lady friends were: Roseanna, Stephanie, Bellajane, Marjorie, Charlotte, and Pauline. All of the women were past the double nickel age but each could provide the

sexual satisfaction Andy wanted, plus some interesting intelligent conversation. All had provided sexual pleasures often in the past — and he provided them with pleasures. It was mutual consensual sexual satisfaction, between a woman and a man. Height and weight didn’t concern him — the interesting parts on a woman’s body were functional and pleasing to his eyes and touch. His male equipment responded and stayed hard.

Andy was very skillful in using his hands and other equipment — both in repairing household items and in exploring a woman’s body. His six V S L F were also skillful in providing pleasure for Andy. A wide ranging buffet of sexual pleasures and the delights of female flesh were available for Andy — — frequently available.

On average, he received sexual satisfaction once a week, sometimes he had it twice in a week — any more sexual activity would decrease his fishing, golf, and vacation time.

Andy did not discuss any of his intimate times with others – what happened between Andy and one of his V S L F stayed with the two. But he kept separate notes of the actual work done and the pleasurable acts with his lady friends. He knew that several of his V S L F knew each other casually, but all had decided to be discrete and never discussed private times. And private affairs.


Andy had just turned over the calendar page in his home office. May was just starting and he already had received telephone calls from three of his very special lady friends — — Roseanna, Stephanie, and Bellajane — to do simple home repair jobs on different casino siteleri days. Within the next few weeks, he expected his other three special friends would phone him for some type of repair work — — — followed by mutually pleasing service work.


It was mid-afternoon, in early May, when Andy stopped his SUV at the home of Roseanna. She wanted a leaking faucet fixed and an electric outlet added to a kitchen wall. He estimated that the work would take him less then one hour. After completing the repair work, Roseanna and he would continue the service work as had been done in the past.

She greeted him even before he rang the door bell. Her brunette short hair was neatly combed and she was dressed in tight fitting blue jeans and a pale blue shirt.

In less time than he thought, the two jobs were completed. He was sitting in the kitchen looking at Roseanna as she slowly and erotically moved about the room and unbuttoned her shirt. She approached him and he pushed the shirt off her shoulders; it fell to the floor. He unzipped her jeans, stuck his thumbs into opposite sides of the waist band and pushed her jeans over her hips; they fell to the floor. She was not wearing any panties. Actually, Andy had never seen Roseanna wearing panties.

“Do you like what you see?” Roseanna asked, as she stood — hands on her hips — within several feet of Andy.

“Yes, I always like looking at you when you wear revealing clothing. Actually any clothing or no clothing.”

Both laughed softly

Roseanna was wearing black thigh high hose and a modified black bra. The fabric in the center sections of the bra had been cut away. Like a picture, her pleasing ample breasts were framed in narrow strips of black cloth. Her nipples were firm — but not yet enlarged. Her slit was partially covered with some pubic hair.

“I like the contrast between the black fabric and your white mounds of female flesh.”

“Thank you, Andy. And I know that you also like the contrast between my white skin and the moist pink folds of flesh between my legs.”

“Yes. I appreciate you pussy.”

She turned on some easy listening music and said: “Let’s dance while I undress you.”

As the two moved around on the kitchen floor, Roseanna unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders; it fell to the floor almost on top of her shirt. His chest was bare. She undid his belt and unzipped his pants; both fell to the floor. In a few more minutes, Andy was completely naked. His manhood slightly erect from the intimate contact with female flesh.

“Let’s go to the bedroom and continue our special work,” suggested Roseanna.

“Yes, I almost always do my best work in your bedroom.”

Eyes met, and the two smiled.

Roseanna grabbed a slightly erect penis and started pulling it down the hallway and toward the bedroom. Andy quickly followed his penis.

On the bed, the two cuddled, and kissed. Tongues explored mouths for an extended time. Andy played and caressed her breasts, framed in narrow black strips of cloth. While he continued gently handling her breasts and nipples, his other hand slowly traveled over her stomach to the juncture of her legs. A finger found her clitoris and rubbed her button of nerves for many minutes, then a finger pushed past her pussy lips and entered her cunt as deep as possible. A second finger soon followed into her treasure. Her natural moisture flowed — there was no need for lubrication from a bottle.

As Andy played with her breasts, Roseanna had rubbed his chest and stomach but her hand was soon playing with his penis. Her fingers were around the base of his partial erection and slide toward the penis tip. His manhood, rubbed for many minutes, became firm as it prepared for the mission of penetrating her cunt. Her finger started to gently rub the very sensitive underside of his penis just above the rim; Andy enjoyed her rubbing this triangular area — his bundle of nerves.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Thank you.”

“Please lay on your back. I want to give you a breast massage.”

She removed her hose, unfastened her modified black bra and tossed both on a nearby chair. After she applied some baby oil to her upper body and boobs, Roseanna bent over. Her firm breasts rubbed his thighs. Then she engulfed his swollen manhood between her lubricated breasts — rubbing up and down — — and from side to side. Andy closely watched her boobs move his manhood. Her nipples firmed; his cock grew larger.

Andy sighed and said, “Yes. Yes. Wonderful. I love your breast massage. Please continue.”

“Thank you, Andy. I want to provide you with pleasure.”

“Did I ever tell you that your have a beautiful pair of boobs? Almost like a matched pair of large bookends.”

“Yes. You have made that type of comment several times. And I still like to hear those words. I want my boobs to give you pleasure.”

“They do, Baby. They do.”

“And I want my clitoris and love tunnel to also give you pleasure.”

“They do, Baby. I love fucking you.”

She moved further canlı casino up his body and rubbed her oiled breasts on his stomach and chest. Then she rubbed her breasts back and forth across his face, her nipples passing over his mouth and

receiving quick licks and sucks. Back and forth she moved her breasts over his mouth; finally she stopped — a nipple was sucked for many minutes. Then the other nipple was sucked. No milk flowed. But Andy was very pleased with the extended breast massage and sucking.

“I would appreciate having you suck my clitoris,” requested Roseanna. Laughing softly, she added, “Suck me hard. I want quick service.”

“I will not only get to your clitoris quickly but it will be a gentle and satisfactory service on your pink flesh.”

Moments later Roseanna was on her back and Andy had his mouth directly on her clitoris. He sucked and sucked. Then he licked and sucked the pink flesh that covered the entrance to her love tunnel. More natural lubricant flowed. Andy sucked her natural juice into his mouth, then swallowed.

Finally, Andy led her to the bathroom – she watched as he sat on the toilet and urinated; a yellow stream flowed from his penis and hit the water. She washed his organ and balls with warm water.

She stood in the tub, legs spread and urinated. Andy watched as drops turned into a steady yellow stream, then again drops as her stream slowed and stopped. He washed her legs and cunt using a flexible shower hose.

“Thanks for the reverse urination show. My cock has gone a little soft. Please give me a blow job. Than we will go to the missionary position.”

“I enjoy watching you piss —– Yes, I want your cock in me.”

Andy was on his back with his legs spread. Rosanna was laying on her side — one of her hands was playing with his balls. Her tongue flicked out many times touching the penis tip and rim. Then she opened her mouth and took his erection into her mouth. Her lips passed over the penis rim , the shaft entered her mouth inch by inch until she could take no more. But most of his manhood was hidden in her mouth — — her lips were close to Andy’s matted pubic hair.

Up and down — her head bobbed, for many minutes — — his erection grew. Now her sucking activity was focused on the cock head, rim, and several inches of Andy’s organ. No longer could Roseanna take his entire erection into her mouth.

“I want to fuck you now. I want to make you feel like a woman. A woman who knows that she is being fucked hard. Very hard.”

“Yes. I want to be fucked. I want you to possess me. Completely!”

She got on her back, her ass raised by a pillow, her legs spread wide. Andy moved quickly and got between her legs, his bare hard cock pointing directly at her moist treasure. He pushed in between the pussy lips, his shaft followed until she was penetrated as deep as possible. In, and almost out — the penis head was always inside her tunnel, the shaft covered and then uncovered. Andy pumped and thrust very hard. And very deep inside her body.

“Yes. Yes. Ram my cunt harder.”

Andy continued the ramming and pounding of her cunt. Roseanna knew that she was receiving the excellent pounding and ramming that Andy almost always provided her. His bare cock enlarged some more — then started throbbing in the depths of her tunnel. Bare male flesh rubbed even faster and harder against the inside bare cylinder of lubricated pink female flesh.

“I am starting to ‘cum’, do you feel me getting larger?”


His cock exploded, shooting his male juice deep inside her.

Temporarily exhausted, Andy laid down close to her — they cuddled and held hands.

Roseanna seldom had an orgasm — but at her age she very much appreciated the free work that Andy did and the mutual sexual pleasure that they frequently shared.

After resting, Roseanna said, “I have prepared one of your favorite meals. Let’s go to the kitchen and eat the food.”

Completely naked, the couple sat across the small table, ate the excellent meal and talked — background music was softly playing. Some candles were burning. As Andy ate, he watched Roseanna’s ample breasts move slightly as she breathed.

“Are you enjoying the meal?”

“Yes. You are an excellent cook. And I also enjoy looking at your breasts and teats.”

“Possibly you would like a mold.”

“A mold?”

Several candles, on the kitchen table, were still burning — their sensuous aroma filled the room. Now, Roseanna lighted a special candle — a candle that melted a special blend of wax to produce a melted wax that had a low temperature.

After removing some dishes from the table, she laid on the table, and said: “Please put some wax from that special candle on to my nipples.”

Carefully, Andy tilted the special candle and let the warm melted wax fall on her nipples — drop by drop. Slowly her brown-pink areolas and nipples were covered with green wax. The wax became hard.

After Andy dressed, the couple walked to the front door, then embraced and kissed for several minutes. kaçak casino Andy rubbed a breast and pulled off the green wax. He kept one wax nipple mold for a souvenir.

Both said, “See you early next month.”

As he walked down the sidewalk, Andy turned and waved good by. Roseanna returned his wave; she was standing in the doorway — stark naked. But one areola and nipple was still covered with the green wax.


It was mid-afternoon near the end of the first week of May, the SUV stopped at another house. Stephanie wanted several pieces of furniture to be moved and a lock to be replaced on the back door. Andy thought that both jobs should be done in under an hour — he looked forward to completing the repair work, then starting the service work with one of his very special lady friends.

He rang the door bell, Stephanie quickly opened the door and he entered the neat two bedroom house. He had been in this house frequently and had been in Stephanie. She was wearing a green skirt that just touched her knees, a deep yellow shirt, and sandals. Her hair was black and short.

Andy quickly switched two pieces of furniture in the living room — — then went to the kitchen and replaced the lock on the back door. The work took less then one hour.

“Thank you, Andy, for the new lock. How much do you want for the lock and work?”

“No money. Just our usual method of payment.”

Andy opened the refrigerator door and pulled out a brown long neck bottle of beer.

“Thanks for buying my favorite brand.”

Hand-in-hand, the two walked to the corner bedroom. The couple embraced and kissed. Tongues touched and explored deeply for several minutes. Separating, Andy sat down in a comfortable chair and removed his shoes and socks. Then he started to slowly sip the beer.

Stephanie said, “I have several things to show you this afternoon.”

“You have my complete attention and interest,” Andy replied.

Slowly she started to disrobe — moving around the room in an erotic manner. Sometimes her back was toward Andy but most of the time she faced him. One by one the buttons on the yellow shirt were unfastened; she removed the shirt and placed it on a chair. The zipper of the green skirt was slowly lowered; she pushed the skirt over her hips. Stephanie stepped out of the skirt and placed it on the chair.

Walking close to Andy she rubbed her breasts with one hand and her genitals with the other hand, through the fabric of her lingerie. Her bra and panties were a pale yellow color. Through the sheer fabric of the bra the dark color of her areolas and nipples were visible. Her nipples pushed against the fabric of the bra. The outline of dark pubic hair was visible through the sheer panties.

“Do you like my new bra and panties?” Stephanie asked. She was standing close to him.

“Yes, I very much like the clothes that you select. But I think that your bra and panties should join the clothing on the chair,” Andy replied — — as he continued to sip his beer.

“Why don’t you remove them,” she asked, and softly laughed.

She bent over and placed her hands on his knees. Andy reached behind her back and unfastened the bra hooks. In moments the bra was off, his hands started to play with her hanging mounds of female flesh. He gently pinched her nipples. At last, Andy pushed her panties over her hips, they dropped to the floor. She stepped out of her panties and spread her legs.

While one male hand played, caressed and pinched her breasts and nipples, the other hand started to rub her pubic hair. A finger entered her slit and started to explore the pink flesh between her legs. His middle finger slowly entered her treasure and explored as deep as possible. In, and almost out, frequently. Then a second finger entered her treasure. In, and almost out. Frequently!

Andy took the long neck bottle of beer and pushed the open end of the bottle against Stephanie’s pussy lips. Slowly, the long neck bottle pushed her pussy lips apart and entered her cunt — — as deep as possible. Then Andy pulled the bottle partway out — only to push it to her moist love tunnel. Again and again — — she was fucked with the long neck beer bottle.

“The last time you fucked me with a bottle, it was too cold. But this time the glass seems warmed.”

“Last time I had not started drinking any of the beer. It was still cold. But now the bottle is half empty or half full — depending upon how a person looks at such things.

Finally, Andy pulled the bottle completely out of her cunt. The brown neck was coated with her natural lubrication. Andy drank some more of the beer — — and some of her female juice.

“I love that special taste that your cunt lubricant gives to the beer.”

“I understand, Andy. I like sucking your cock after it has been in my vagina and is lubricated with my natural moisture.”

Stephanie took a step back, turned, spread her legs and bent over. Her ass and treasures were exposed. Andy looked at her pink treasure, then he looked past the invert V of her legs to her hanging breasts. Their eyes met, they smiled. Andy started rubbing her ass with both hands — but soon two fingers caressed her clitoris. Two fingers from his other hand entered her cunt — as deep as possible. Cunt and clitoris received ample attention.

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