Graduation Party

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My apologies that this is not a stand alone story and you should read them in order.

1. Pre Graduation Party

2. Home Video Circa 1980

3. Jody’s Plan

4. Seduction of Parents

5. Jody’s Dad

6. Virgins No more

All participants are over 18 years old.


Bridget’s Story

It’s Friday night and it’s our Prom night. Prom night is a night to remember for many girls, and guys too I guess. I know this will be a night to remember for me and my girlfriends. We’ve planned a special weekend to follow our Prom night with our school friends.

We’ve invited four guys we know fairly well for a weekend party in the mountains. These guys are our friends, although we’ve never actually dated any of them, we plan on having sex with them. We only know them through school but they’re nice guys and good looking too but it’s not like we’re planning on marrying them. They’re not jocks but not nerds either. Is there an in-between class of guys? Of course, there are, because they’re in it. I guess they’re The Naturals. Someone you can trust, be yourself with and not have great expectations of happy ever after.

It’s about 45-minute drive from Prom to Cabin so we’re planning on leaving the dance right after they crown the Prom King and Queen. I have everything we need packed in my folk’s car that I’ll be driving to the cabin in after Prom. Ginger and Janet are going in Ginger’s car and Jody is riding with me. The guys are meeting us there but they’re leaving about half an hour after us. We need to get there ahead of them to get things somewhat organised first.

Most proms the guy picks up the girl and they go together. This prom night is a little different. We’re meeting the guys there and taking separate cars up afterwards. It didn’t make sense to have four guys pick us up in four cars and then us not have our stuff with us and also be at the mercy of the guys to bring us up there and back. Girls got to look after her own best interests.

“Jody, are Ginger and Janet here yet? I’d like to get dancing, I’m so excited I can’t stand still,” I said to Jody.

“Ginger just texted me, they’re on their way. They should be here in five minutes,” replied Jody.

“Oh, here they are now, wow lead foot or what?” I said.

“I guess they’re excited to get things started too,” said Jody.

“Hi Jody, hi Bridget!” called out Janet through the open car window as Ginger parked the car.

“Hi you guys, it’s party time!” I shouted as they got out of the car.

We all walked into the dance together as a foursome and we were all dolled up too so as we walked in we got some looks from all the guys and some of the girls too. The guys were already there being wall flowers. They looked hot too, all dressed up for us.

We walked up to the guys and greeted them each with a kiss. I was with Bill, Janet with Jason, Jody with Jim and Ginger with Greg. Matchy matchy… Everyone has the same first letter in their name with their partners. Seriously we didn’t do this on purpose.

Once the music started we all got up and danced the night away. The music was perfect, some fast, some slow and some dirty dancing to get us in the mood.

By the time they crowned the King and Queen we all were somewhat hot and sweaty and very ready to leave.


Jody and I pulled into the open area by the cabin to park the car. Everything was dark and gloomy looking.

“I think we need to turn some lights on and get a fire going first thing,” said Jody and I agreed.

I got some wood together and started a fire in the wood stove and another in the fireplace. Everything was damp but would dry out quick with both fires heating up the cabin. Jody was quick with finding all the light switches using her flashlight on her iPhone to find her way.

Soon the place was bright and warming up. Ginger and Janet pulled in a few minutes later. Apparently, they had to stop to pee more than we did due to having drunk more punch at the dance.

We quickly got the cabin set up with munchies, glassware and napkins. All we needed now were men and drinks. They would be arriving in a few moments. I was getting excited just thinking about what would happen tonight and over the weekend.

“I have a list of things to keep us occupied this weekend if we find nothing to do,” said Ginger.

“What do you mean, if we have nothing to do?” I asked.

“Well, like if the guys seem stuck and not making a move, we could play truth or dare or something to get things rolling,” replied Ginger.

“Good idea!” I said.

At that moment the guys pulled in and all of us held our breath for what seemed like an eternity. I let out my breath and said, “Oh my god, I’m so excited about this I feel faint.”

The guys came into the cabin carrying some food as well as all the beer, wine and vodka we could drink. Once we got things stowed away we all sat around the fire with our drinks.

I sat next to Bill on the love seat while Jody and Jim sat on the couch with Janet and canlı bahis Jason. It was a tight squeeze but nobody seemed to mind. Ginger and Greg sat in the armchair, or rather Greg sat in the arm chair with Ginger in his lap.

We all chit chat for a while, eating some junk food and washing it down with beer. After a while, fatigue started catching up with us and we didn’t want to lose the opportunity to get laid on the first night, so I boldly got up and took Bill’s hand and led him to my bed. I don’t know what he was expecting, but I don’t think this was it. But he didn’t complain as he followed my lead. Once I closed the door, I could hear others making the same journey to their beds. Tonight was going to be private, couples only. Tomorrow all the stops would come out.

I led Bill to the bed and as he stood by the side of the bed I undid his belt and pants and pulled them down as I knelt at his feet. He lifted his feet one at a time to get the pants off along with his socks. He wore wine coloured boxer briefs, which I also took down, slowly exposing his cock which was at half mast and growing. Bill quickly pulled off his shirt, leaving him naked.

I took him in my hand and stroked him a couple times and licked the head of his cock with my wet tongue. I could hear him gasp and then moan as I engulfed his cock with my mouth.

My head bobbing up and down as my hands grabbed his tight ass. Each time I let him slide into my mouth he went deeper. I squeezed his ass and pulled him in as deep as I could on the next stroke and felt his pubic hairs tickle my nose. I had him all the way in, lodged in my throat, I held him there working my tongue as I sucked. I held my breath as long as I could, feeling him swell in my throat. I didn’t want him to cum yet so I pulled him out to let him cool down a bit. I wanted this cock in my cunt, but first I wanted him to eat me. I stood up and kissed him and said, “how about returning the favour?”

“Sure, I’d love nothing more,” said Bill as he pushed me gently down on the bed. He lifted my dress up, exposing me from the waist down. He slowly kissed his way down my thong to my now wet spot. I heard him inhale deeply, making me blush. I knew he could smell my excitement and for some reason, it embarrassed me somewhat and turned me on at the same time.

He reached up to my hips and inserted his fingers into the band of my thong and pulled them down to my knees. I lifted my feet high in the air so he could pull them right off. I then spread my legs with my knees up, giving him full access to my pussy and ass.

His tongue extended and gently licked my pussy lips, first one side, then the other. Finally, he licked from bottom to clit between my outer lips, tasting my abundant pussy juice that was leaking from my cunt. When he reached my clit, I jumped at the contact and let out a gasp. He pulled back for a moment, but I quickly grabbed his head and pushed his face back into my pussy, letting him know I wanted more.

He started licking again slowly at first, then as I started moaning with pleasure, he speeded up his licks and focused on my clit more. I was so turned on that within minutes I was cumming on his tongue.

“Oh, fuck yes, don’t stop! I’m cumming Bill, please don’t stop…” I cried out as I came hard. As soon as I could breathe again I said, “fuck me now, Bill. I want your hard cock in my cunt now.”

“No problem, my cock is real anxious to oblige you, Bridget,” said Bill as he crawled up and on top of me in the missionary position. His nice long hard cock sliding up my inner thigh, leaving a snail trail all the way to my waiting vagina.

As he touched my opening I looked him in the eyes. I could feel his cock head pressing into my cunt slowly. Just the head of his cock was in me when he stopped moving. Our eyes were locked on each other as if waiting for something. I couldn’t wait any longer and I thrust my pussy up to meet his cock and pushed him half way into me. “Ugh, more, please fuck me, Bill, I want your cock in my NOW,” I said.

That’s all it took, Bill slammed hard and his cock was buried to the hilt in my aching, wet cunt. “Ahhh, yes that’s it Bill, fuck me hard please!” I cried.

My legs wrapped around his waist and pulled him deeper into my cunt and my arms circled his neck pulling him down on my breasts. I was still wearing my dress from the Prom. Wow, talk about being anxious to get fucked. I didn’t even take my dress off.

The thought of being fucked in my prom dressed turned me on so much I came again, and again as he fucked me. I think we fucked for only 7 or 8 minutes and I had cum twice. Suddenly he said “I’m going to cum… Where???”

“In my pussy, cum in my pussy, Bill,” I replied gasping for breath.

With that, his face contorted and turned red as I felt his cock swell again and pulse deep in my cunt. I could actually feel his cum spurting inside me. I came again! “Fuck, yes cum in my pussy, I can feel you cumming, Bill.”

Bill collapsed on top of me, breathing heavy. I held him tight as my pussy bahis siteleri convulsed on his cock. After I came down from my euphoric high, I pushed him off of me. I got up and took my dress off and crawled into bed beside Bill. He wrapped his arms around me and we fell asleep.


Morning came early, and cold. The sun was just coming up and birds were chirping. I slipped out of bed and grabbed my robe from the chair and put it on, wrapping it tightly around me with a shiver.

I made my way out to the fireplace and found some red embers left there, so I put a few small pieces of wood strategically on them and gave a gentle blow, then another. Flames flickered up around the fresh wood and with them, heat.

I then did the same for the wood stove. Within minutes you could feel the heat growing and dampness leaving.

I got a kettle of water and placed it on the wood stove to boil for coffee. I needed coffee, as I’m sure everyone else would also. Filling the coffee maker with coffee grounds, I waited for the water to boil.

I heard the sound of a door squeaking open, followed by soft footfalls. I turned to see Ginger standing in the doorway, her hair, a dishevelled looking mass of red flames. She wore a short nightshirt that barely covered her bottom.

“Are you naked under that nightshirt, Ginger?” I asked with a grin.

Ginger flashed her naked pussy at me and turned and repeated with her bare ass. “Does this answer your question,” she replied.

“Mmmm… I’d love to have you, but I need coffee first,” I said pouring the boiling water into the coffee pot. “Cowboy coffee, Ginger?” I asked.

“Fill me up, Bridget,” replied Ginger.

“Just give it about 8-10 minutes and I’ll do that for you,” I replied.

Ginger walked over to me and gave me a hug and squeezed my ass with both hands. “Careful girl, we can’t start that just yet. What will the boys think? We need to break it to them gently,” I said to Ginger, as I slipped my hands under her nightshirt and felt her bare ass with both of my hands.

“Right, they don’t know about our sapphic love affairs yet,” said Ginger.

“Sapphic, I like that word. Why have we not used it before?” I asked.

“Probably because I only just learned it last week while reading a story on Literotica,” said Ginger.

“Literotica, what’s that?” I asked.

“Only the best website in the world for erotic literature and the like. You should check it out,” said Ginger.

“I’ll do that when we get back home, it sounds interesting!” I replied.

Slowly everyone started making their way into the room in various states of undress, looking for the holy cup of java.

Once everyone had some coffee in them, breakfast started cooking and the smell of bacon was in the air. Everyone ate well and had a second round of coffee.

Finally, we got through breakfast and cleanup. They guys were great, helping wash, dry and put away dishes while the girls collected plates and cutlery. It took no time at all.

“So, what’s the plan now?” asked Janet, as she sipped on her third cup of coffee.

“I think showers are in order, or maybe a dip in the lake?” said Jody.

“Who’s up for skinny dipping?” I asked

“I’m game if you all are,” said Bill

“Ok, that will save time since we only have one shower,” said Ginger.

“Last one in is a rotten egg,” yelled Greg, as he pulled off his sweatpants and T-shirt, leaving him naked, as he ran out the door and plunged into the lake with a splash.

Everyone followed him out the door, peeling off what little clothing we had on as we ran. Soon all eight of us were naked and in the water, laughing and fooling around. This happened much earlier and easier than I had thought it would. I expected that we wouldn’t get everyone naked until after dark tonight.

The guys paired off with the girl they came with and started making out as we did last night. But the girls had other ideas.

“Hey, Jody,” yelled Janet, “Is Jim as good a kisser as Jason?”

“Hmm, I think he might be but I’ve never kissed Jason, so I can’t be sure,” replied Jody. “I’ll let you know in a minute or two,” said Jody as she swam up to Janet and Jason. When she got to them she wrapped her arms around Jason and gave him a big kiss right on the mouth. Jason was a little surprised but didn’t object too much. Soon Jody had her legs wrapped around him as well as her arms and could feel Jason’s cock growing and press up against her pussy.

“Oh, Janet, he’s as good as Jim is for sure. But I think you should find out for yourself,” said Jody.

At that, Janet swam up the Jim and repeated what Jody was doing with Jason.

“What the…” said Jim as Janet’s lips made contact with his. Soon both couples were ‘coupling’.

Ginger and Bridget watched with anticipated breath as their girlfriends swapped partners in front of everyone. They soon turned their attention to their own dates. Ginger closed in on Greg and said, “Greg, would you like to make out with my girlfriend Bridget?”

Greg bahis şirketleri stared open mouthed at Ginger, not knowing what to say. Ginger wrapped her arms around Greg from behind and grasped his cock with both hands.

“Oh, I think you like that idea, Greg. See how big you got just thinking about Bridget?” Ginger said.

“Bridget, I think Greg wants to try swapping too. What about Bill?” asked Ginger.

“Let me check,” I said to Ginger as I moved over close to Bill and took hold of his cock, which was at full mast. “Looks to me like he’s all for the idea, whether he knows it or not,” I replied as I looked into Bill’s questioning eyes.

“Go on Greg, Bridget’s waiting for you,” said Ginger

Bill and Greg swam past each other and shrugged their shoulders and gave each other a ‘High Five’ as they went by.

Greg approached me with a shy smile and said, “I hear you’re waiting for me, sorry I took so long.” He slipped his arms around my waist and pulled me into his chest and planted his lips on mine. I could feel my boobs pressing into his chest as our tongues duelled for supremacy. Greg’s hands cupped my ass and as he lifted me my legs wrapped around his waist, dropping my pussy right on his long, hard cock. Within seconds he was in me to the hilt.

“Oh, yes Greg, fuck my cunt with that monster cock,” I said as I impaled myself over and over on his beautiful cock.

Greg continued to hold my ass while we fucked. Soon he was squeezing it and pulling my cheeks apart, which really turned me on because his fingers were getting close to my needy asshole.

All around us I could hear the sounds of rhythmic splashing as everyone was having sex with each other’s partners. I could see over Greg’s shoulder, Ginger and Bill fucking up a storm in the chest deep water.

Jody and Jason were the first to cum and were dragging themselves to the shallows so they didn’t drown. “Hey girls, let’s move out of the water before someone drowns out here,” yelled Jody.

Janet and Jim had also both cum and were making their way out to dry land.

Ginger and Bill had not yet reached their climax, nor had Greg and me but we decided that better safe than sorry. Bill and Greg walked out of the water onto the shore carrying us while we were still impaled on their long, hard cocks.

Jody had laid out towels for us on the grass. “Here Greg, Bill, lay them down on these towels so you can continue fucking their pussies while the rest of us watch.”

Janet and Jim brought out a few beers and they replenished themselves while they watch the live sex show put on by Ginger and me with the guys.

Greg was on top of me, his forehead against mine, our eyes locked on each other as his cock pumped in and out, in and out. My pussy was on fire. Greg still had his hands on my ass. He slid his middle finger down my butt crack and over my asshole. “Oh…” I said as I felt his digit touch my needy asshole.

“You like that?” asked Greg.

“Uh, yes I do,” I replied.

Greg took the not so subtle hint and penetrated my ass with his middle finger, using my own juices as lubrication. I was suddenly on the crest of an impending orgasm.

“Oh, fuck, yes Greg, fuck my cunt with your cock and fuck my ass with your finger. I love it! Oh, I’m cumming!” I cried as a powerful orgasm crashed through my being, my legs squeezing tightly around Greg’s body so hard I thought I would hurt him. I was left feeling like a wrung-out dishcloth and completely out of breath. Greg collapsed on top of me, also gasping for breath.

“That was fucking awesome you guys,” said Jody, now sitting with Jim and Janet was again with Jason.

“Would you four like a drink,” asked Janet holding out four bottles of beer to us.

“Thanks,” said Ginger as she took two bottles and passed one on to Bill. I took two and handed on over to Greg.

“Thank you, Ginger, I needed this,” said Bill

“You’re welcome Bill, and thank you for that really nice fuck,” said Ginger. “You can have him back now, Bridget,”

“Thanks, Ginger, Greg is all yours too, for now…” I replied with a sly grin.

Both the guys looked at each other and laughed. “Looks like it’s going to be a wild weekend, guys,” said Greg with a wide smile.

“Just wait until tonight, we’re playing Truth-or-Dare by the fire pit after dinner,” said Janet, as she walked behind Jody and cupped both breasts in her hands.

“I can hardly wait,” yelled out Jim, “Bring it on!”

“Soon, Jim, soon. Let’s, um, get our clothes on and get some lunch, I’ve worked up an appetite with you guys this morning,” said Janet.

Lunch was a self-serve meal on paper plates with plastic utensils. None of us wanted to be dish bitches this weekend. We had potato salad; coleslaw and rotisserie chicken from the supermarket. There was also an assortment of block cheeses; some fruits and crackers to nibble on all afternoon paired with a box of wine. Not to mention bags of chips and pretzels for anytime snacking.

Beer and shots were taken throughout the day to keep everyone in the party mood. Occasional nude dips in the lake were taken by all but no sex since our first skinny dip of the day. The girlfriends agreed that we didn’t want to wear out the guys before tonight.

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