Got Milk? 02 – The Reunion Ch. 03

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Mac opens the fridge door inside his kitchen. Taking out a red Gatorade for the basketball scrimmage with the Kliq, he is already dressed to head to the park. Wearing his black tank top, his high school basketball shorts, black Nikes and plain white ankle socks, he opens up the Gatorade and takes a sip. The flavor isn’t as pleasant, as he forgets that he brushed his teeth and used mouthwash 10 minutes prior. “Well, that’s definitely an acquired taste” Mac sarcastically says.


“I got it, Macky!” Jessica, Mac’s mother shouts as she heads to the front door.

“Ok, Mom!” he shouts back, putting the finishing touches on his lunch sandwich: Lettuce, a slice of cheese, and leftover ham his mother made last night. He spreads the some mayo onto his wheat bread, and begins to pack it up inside a sandwich wrap. As he places the sandwich inside the container, he can hear a concoction of shouting voices in the living room. Already in defense mode, he rushes into the living room.

“Hey, what’s all the commotion about?!” he yells as he steps in. What he sees stops him dead in his tracks: Hugging his mother tightly, and giggling away in appreciation… it is her. It is Delilah. HIS Delilah. Mac gasps, and his eyes widen up as open as they can go.

“Oh, my God, it’s been so long, sweetie!” Jessica says to Delilah, hugging away. “Yes, it has, ma’am! It’s REALLY good to see you again!” Delilah says back, stepping back to look at her. “You get more and more beautiful every day.”

“Oh, please, Del! Compared to you? Look at yourself, you’ve grown up into an amazing young woman!”

“Hehehe, aww, thank you!” As Delilah twirls her hair back, she shifts her head to see Mac standing in the kitchen entry with his mouth wide open and left eye twitching. She giggles along with Mac’s mother, and they both look at him amusingly. “I think he is at a loss for words, sweetie” Jessica jokes. “Well, that’s a first, ain’t it?” Delilah quips back, sharing a joyful chuckle with Jessica.

“Well, don’t mind me, guys, I’m sure both are just aching to catch up with each other. We can all get together another time, if you’d like” Jessica says to Delilah while walking towards Mac’s way. “Yes, please! It’s great to see you!” Delilah says to her. Jessica waves back to her, stopping to kiss Mac on his right cheek. “You guys have fun, ok, sweetie? I’m gonna start getting ready to meet up with my sister.”

“Ugh, um, uh, sounds g-great, Mom…” Mac blurts out within his state of shock. “He speaks! Success!” Delilah shouts, giggling. Jessica laughs, and heads back upstairs to her bedroom, leaving Mac and Delilah finally alone. Mac takes in the view, studying her every movement. Delilah bites her lip as she feels him violating her with his eyes, making her blush.

Delilah then twirls her hair, and tugs on her blue Captain America shield tank top with her left hand. She then pulls up her white shorts so that they show more of her thighs, and stands tip-toed inside her left converse sneaker. Mac begins to mutter “Uh… um, er, um…”

Delilah giggles again, saying “So are you gonna just stand there, dude, or are you gonna come over here and show me how much you’ve missed me?”

Mac finally snaps out of it as she speaks. “Whoa… I don’t know what happened there… you just… you just put me in a semi-trance.”

Delilah laughs, and extends her left arm out towards him. Using posture similar to WWE wrestler The Rock, she motions with her hand for him to come her way and shouts “JUST BRING IT!”

Mac laughs, and rushes over to her. Delilah laughs and makes her way towards him. Meeting in the living room, they lovingly tackle each other, hugging as tightly as they could. Mac wraps his arms around her hips, and Delilah squeals in delight as she wraps her arms around his neck. Giggling again, she allows her legs to wrap tightly around Mac’s waist and clings on with her ankles together, not daring to let go. Mac sighs, and kisses her deeply with hunger, as if he hasn’t eaten in weeks.

Delilah kisses him back, moaning and sighing with a built up satisfaction. She missed him badly. She missed how he felt whenever he caressed her. How he cuddled on her shoulder, how he would fall asleep in her lap. How he intensively and passionately massaged her feet. She missed everything about him, and now here he is, back into her life. After being hundreds of miles away from each other at different colleges, it is a total turnaround to return to being only 5 houses away from each other on the same block.

Mac makes sure to plant kisses all over her face, making her eyes close in desire. He moves his kissing to her neck and shoulders, and she begins to melt in his physical attraction to her. She leans her head back and sighs, enjoying the soft touch of his lips. However, she snaps back into her own needs, and reaches in with her lips to plant loving kisses all over the top of his head. Mac holds onto her waist with his right hand, using the left to caress her right knee behind him. Delilah joins in, taking her right hand to caress the hand that is caressing her knee.

Mac finally breaks the silence, and softly moans out “Oh, my God. Del… Oh, Delilah…”

Delilah grunts, kissing his forehead “Tiger… oh, tiger… my tiger…”

“Too long. It’s been too damn long…”

“I missed you… mnng… so much…”

“I fucking missed you, you hear me? I missed you, Delilah…”

“God, this feels incredible…”

Delilah breathes hard as Mac finally lets her go, her feet placing themselves back onto the floor. Mac breathes hard with her, leaning his head onto hers. As they both catch their breath, they look into each other’s eyes as the dormant connection begins to re-awaken with a vengeance. “How long has it been since we last saw each other?” Delilah asks him.

“About a year and a half” Mac answers her. “A long, antagonizing year and a half…”

“Ever since the… the funeral…”

“Yeah… y-yeah…”

“I’m so sorry, Mac… I am extremely sorry. I should’ve been there for you… I should have BEEN there, I ju—”

“Don’t hurt yourself about that. You needed to focus on your education. As did I.”

Delilah begins to cry. “I am so truly happy to see you. I am so glad to see you again, Mac.”

Mac nods, and brings her in to hug her tightly. She clenches her hands onto his back, softly sobbing as she kisses his chest. “I love you, baby… I love you so much…”

“I love you, too. I’m so glad that you’re here…” he says to her as he twirls her hair, wiping the tears from her eyes with his free hand. “But, hey… we gotta focus right now. We got people waiting on us. We can talk more personally later, ok?”

“Hehehe, yes… I don’t want to get this outfit all soaked with my ‘Manly Tears’, you know?”

Mac laughs, understanding the reference. “Someone’s been watching a lot of Key & Peele, hasn’t she?”

“I would’ve lost my damn mind a long time ago without them. Haha!” she says while chuckling. She finally steps back, posing admirably. “I didn’t want to go too overboard for my outfit, but I’m sure THIS…” she says as she turns around, letting Mac observe, “… is sufficient?”

Mac nods excitingly and says “I would say that is a great start.”

“Hehe… I’m not saying I’ll do anything… but at the same time, I’m not saying I WON’T… I guess you’ll just have to find out at the park…”

Mac raises an eyebrow and laughs “Great… now I’m gonna pull a Westbrook and miss all my shots.”

“You were gonna miss ’em, anyway.”

“Blah blah blaaaah” Mac says while smirking. Heading to the kitchen to quickly retrieve his sandwich and Gatorade, he returns to the living room where Delilah is waiting and says “We should start heading out to the park. The rest of the gang should be there already.”

“Yes, I can’t wait to see those guys. Let’s get outta here!”

Mac heads to the front door and opens it up. Luckily, they were only 5 minutes away from the local playground, which is right next to the park. As David, Jesse, Phillip and Sandra have to drive, Mac and Delilah are fortunate enough to only have to walk there. Delilah steps out of the front door. As Mac checks his pocket to make sure he has his wallet canlı casino and key, he smiles and locks the door behind him. They both look up at the sky, the sun shining brightly on the lovely June day. The weather a constant 105-degrees, and not a single cloud lurks in the sky. Mac looks back down at the street, amazed at the feeling of being back home. “It’s like time stood still since we last left. Nothing’s seemed to change…”

Delilah nods with him, saying “Yeah… but that is a good thing. Familiarity is always a welcome vibe to come back home to.”

“I agree” Mac says as they step off of the porch curb. They both head across the street, walking up the sidewalk that leads up to the park. “So what time did ya get to town yesterday?” Delilah asks Mac, her left arm around his waist as they walk in unison. “Around 3 pm. David picked me up from the airport and dropped me off at my house. So after my mom and I talked a little, we went shopping. Haha, she made ham.”

“That explains the sandwich” she says in a joking manner. “I wish I could’ve gotten here earlier last night. I was SUPPOSED to be home around 9, but ugh, shit just kept trying to stop me. First the plane got delayed for 2 hours, so Sandy and I were just trapped in the airport eating stale peanuts. I felt like I was in that Terminal movie!”

“Hahahaha, damn! All that matters is that you guys finally made it.”

“We almost didn’t. Wingz wouldn’t answer his phone. We kept calling him like 10 times before he finally picked up, and THAT took like another hour. He was asleep of course, but he eventually came and got us, thankfully.”

“Yeah, Phillip is a good guy like that.”

“He truly is. It just sucks that I got back super late because my parents were already asleep. I’m sure they were waiting for me, but I had called my Mom and told her that I was gonna be delayed… Oh, YEAH!” Delilah says, remembering what her mother told her earlier. “Ok, so… my Dad wants to have a family dinner tonight at 8 pm. We are supposed to go out to some restaurant, but I don’t know which one yet.”

“Oh, ok…” Mac says “Well, I can just message you whenever you get back home from that.”

“Actually” Delilah says back, “my Mom wanted you to know that you are welcome to join us!”

Finally arriving at the entrance to the playground, Mac smirks in slight shock. “Wow, really? Are you sure that’s gonna be ok with your Dad?” Delilah laughs and says “I don’t see how it wouldn’t be!”

“Well, he hasn’t been actually casual around me. Especially whenever I come by.”

“Yeah, well, we are adults now. So whatever problem he has with you, he has to deal with it. I would like you to be there with us. Please, tiger?”

Mac ponders a minute, and looks at Delilah, who is swaying him with her puppy dog eyes. “Besides… I don’t want to have to wear my… flats for nothing tonight…”

Mac widens his eyes at her, and submits to her teasing. “Well… I would be RUDE not to honor this fair invitation, now wouldn’t I?”

“Just saying… hehe… I think it would be worth your while… some good company, good food… and some eye candy? Hehehehe…”

Delilah has won the battle once again. Mac can only nod and accept her invitation to dinner. “Fine, fine… haha, I’ll be there.”

Delilah squeals as she hugs Mac tightly “Oh, thank you, tiger! This is gonna be great! 8 pm, ok? I’ll text you the details on where we are going.”

“I gotcha. I’ll be ready” he says to her, smiling. Before Delilah can say anything else, they are both stopped by a loud feminine voice saying “There they are! ‘Bout time you popped up!”

“Haha, totally. They’re a couple now, and they think they’re too good for us” another voice says right after. Smiling brightly, Mac and Delilah look at each other, and look up to see Phillip, Jesse, and Sandra covered around the park table. Delilah laughs in delight, and rushes over to them in ecstatic fashion. Before Mac and even run over himself, he is caught by surprise as David creeps from behind and jumps on his back. “Haha, still slow, like always!”

Mac fakes a cough, and quips “Haha, still kaçak casino ugly, like always!”

“Good to see you again, brotha!”

“You too, man. Now get the fuck offa me! Haha!” Mac says. David hops off his back and they proceed to give each other a a quick handshake/hug combo before they start catching up to Delilah running to the others. After almost a year and a half, the Kliq are fully reunited at last.


“Man… this place sure hasn’t changed a bit” Phillip says as he takes a huge gulp of water from his bottle, wiping the sweat from his forehead. “I know, man… it’s almost like we haven’t graduated. I had a lot of great memories here” Jesse says as he looks at his watch: 12:38 pm.

The sun sits high in the middle of the sky in the afternoon day. Sitting on the top of the bleachers of their old high school football field, Mac and his best friends since childhood, David, Jesse, and Phillip watch over the distance as they begin to reminisce over past times there. Sitting 2 rows below them are Delilah and her best friend, Sandra, gossiping away in their own world. Delilah sits on the right end of the bleacher against the guardrail, and Sandra is sitting next to her left side. After playing basketball for over 2 hours at the park, they decided to take a detour to the school so they could catch up more. And it wasn’t that much of a walk from the park, only about 10 minutes away.

Mac laughs at what Jesse says and responds “I bet you did, you wannabe pimp. You were always surrounded by the cheerleaders up here.”

“Hey, what can I say? The ladies loved me” Jesse says chuckling. “More like they pitied you, with your held back butt!” David chimes in, causing the others to laugh. As Mac laughs with them, he trails his eyes towards Delilah and Sandra. The sun makes Delilah’s body radiate with sexiness, and Mac can only smile at the visual of his girlfriend.

And as if almost on cue, Delilah shifts towards her edge of the bleacher she is sitting on and crosses her left leg over her right. Mac can hear her laugh at what Sandra says to her, and as she laughs, her foot inside her worn out converse sneaker flexes highly, making the shoe stretch from her toes. Her crossed leg and foot hangs over the edge of the bleacher, sharing a horizontal connection with the grass that is about 6 feet below it.

“Hey, Mac… MAC!” Phillip shouts as he looks at Mac, who has a trance-like look on his face. Mac suddenly snaps out of it, and turns back to Phillip and says “Yeah, yeah, what up, Wingz?”

Phillip laughs at him and says “What the hell, man? You were lookin’ like a damn zombie over there!”

“I think the heat is getting to him, yeah? Haha!” David jokes, adding “Over there lookin’ like The Walking Dead or some shit! Ha!” Jesse laughs and adds “Haha, yeah, Negan, where your damn bat at?!”

Before Mac can snap back at him, he gets a notification on his phone and looks at it. It’s from Delilah on her Instagram, and she tagged him and the others in the group selfie they took together at the park. The caption reads:

Reunion with my loves. #TheKliq #Basketball #JesseLooksDumb

Mac smiles as he sees the others reach for their phones as well, each receiving the same notification. Mac taps the picture once, and each of their usernames pop up, including his own. Mac can only chuckle at them:

MacNCheeZ (Mac’s username)

DEL_I_Copter (Delilah’s username)

Philmonger (Phillip’s username)

yagirlSandz (Sandra’s username)

jUsT_DaVe (David’s username)

WhosDatGuyItzJess (Jesse’s username)

“Ugh, I look horrible!” Sandra says as she looks at the picture, but decides to “Like” it regardless. Delilah laughs and says to her “You say that about EVERY pic I tag you in!”

Mac looks up and sees the others all concentrated on the selfie picture, which gives him an opening to look back at Delilah, her crossed left leg bouncing away in bliss. He studies her movements, enjoying the complete candidness of it all. As he watches on, her ankle begins to rotate slowly. Thanks to the fact that her shoe is now unlaced, her heel begins to slightly slip out of the shoe, exposing a bit of her black-with-white-hearts sock in its heel…


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