Golden Oldie

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Growing up, I didn’t think of myself as any different to the other boys in the neighborhood but as we entered our twenties and started dating seriously, I realized that I wasn’t satisfied with the skinny girls that we hung around with.

Sex was OK but I was always left with the feeling that there should be something more.

This I discovered when our next door neighbors of twenty years moved out and the new owner of the property was a middle aged divorce.

Annie, as she was called, was about five six and must have weighed 250 pounds at least. Her large breasts were supported upon her big stomach, you could see her coming around the corner before she arrived.

She had three or four children but they were all grown up and had left home so most evenings she was alone after work.

One evening, about a month after she moved in, my folks asked her in for a meal and when she came over we began chatting, Her youngest was about my age and she showed interest in the courses that I was taking at college.

We sat down next to each other at the table and soon I felt the pressure of her leg against mine.

I found myself getting hard thinking of what was pressing against me and made no attempt to shift. After the pressure came a rubbing of her leg at first and then, canlı bahis after she had finished eating, her hand started to wander around beneath the table and soon found something to play with.

I lowered my hand and stroked the inside of her ample thigh through her trousers and when my Mum got up to start clearing the dishes she turned to me and asked if I wanted to feel the real thing.

My heart almost stopped and I realized that this was what I had been looking for, an experienced, big woman.

Squeezing her for a reply, I decided that I would have to look for an opportunity to go over to her house and see where all this led.

A few days later my parents went off for a long weekend to visit an aunt of mine and when I came in from studies I dumped my books and headed next door.

I rang the bell and the door was opened by Annie wearing a loose housecoat. It was slightly open at the top and hung down from her breasts like a tent. Without a word she ushered me in and closed the door, we both realized what was going to happen and although we were both a little nervous we carried or.

She led me into her lounge and we sat on the couch, she sat slightly turned away from me and I stretched my arm over her shoulder and began to stroke her breasts gently while she bahis siteleri slipped a hand between my legs and helped my already engorged prick on its way to full size.

I reached round with my free hand and opened the buttons of her housecoat and discovered that she was braless. I stroked and gently rubbed her large nipples and she moaned in pleasure. She spread her legs apart and I had a first glimpse of her hairy triangle although most of it was obscured by her overhanging belly.

Slipping away from her I slipped off her coat from her shoulders and she reached out to begin undressing me.

I waited patiently as she worked, slowly stroking any part of her body that came within range of my hands and when she had stripped me naked she took my prick in her mouth and began giving me an experience, the like of which I had never had before.

My whole body seemed to be compressed into the sensations emanating from between her lips. I wanted it to go on forever but at the same time I yearned for release from the ever building up pressure inside my prick.

I regretfully withdrew and pushed her gently back onto the couch and knelt between her sumptuous thighs.

I kissed and licked them, moving ever closer to her treasure trove. Their softness and texture and taste brought bahis şirketleri forth sensations that were ecstatic. I felt as if my prick would never cease growing and as I reached her lips and parted them with my tongue she began to moan and move. We established some sort of primitive rhythm which increased in tempo until she was crying out for me never to stop, to keep on licking her until she came, which she soon did.

She leaned forward and pulled me up towards her and I licked and kissed as much of her body as I could.

When I reached her breasts I rested upon them, savoring in the softness of their pillows, teasing her nipples with my tongue and pressing them against my teeth.

“Come inside me” she said and I was only too pleased to oblige. She raised her legs high so make it easier for me to fit inside her while lying on her and I pressed into her with my balls slapping against her arse.

Entering her was like embarking on a journey into the unknown, a mysterious, exciting odessy full of the promise of pleasure, which it soon became.

As I approached my climax she thrust her tongue into my mouth and it was as if we were fucking at both ends. This took me over the edge and I exploded inside her.

We lay together for some time and at last she said that she was really grateful to me for fucking her as she hadn’t had a fuck since long before she was divorced.

I told her that the pleasure and that we could repeat it any time she wanted.

“How about after supper?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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