Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 69

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As evening fell over Las Vegas, Miss White and Jodie roused themselves from bed, got cleaned up, and dressed to go out for the evening. Jodie was in her new cocktail dress and shoes, and Miss White in a suit with a tight, tapered skirt. This time Miss White wore heels as well — it simply wouldn’t do to have Jodie taller than her.

Jodie was still without glasses, so Miss White again had to guide her as they headed to the boutique to pick up her new ones. Once she had them Miss White looked her up and down. She looked very sharp, very smart, and very cute; but somehow something was missing. Miss White was trying to figure out what it might be when they passed a shop window that caused her to stop short.

In the window was a leather collar unlike any she’d ever seen. In the front it had a loop like you’d attach a leash to, but a series of gold charms were arrayed around its circumference: a cross, an ankh, a woman symbol, and a heart. Miss White’s eyes lit up, and a couple minutes later the collar was around Jodie’s neck. It wasn’t cheap, but Miss White didn’t blink an eyelid when told the price; she whipped out her card with relish. What was money for, if not to get what you really wanted?

Somehow the collar tied Jodie’s outfit together, and suddenly she looked almost painfully sexy. Miss White was tempted to head right back to the suite for another go-round. But then she felt a pang in her stomach and decided that hunger was the more urgent need the moment.

Taking Jodie gently by the arm, Miss White led her in the direction of the sushi restaurant they’d chosen for that evening’s dinner. As they walked Miss White saw heads turning, both male and female, and smiled smugly to herself. Some of the men in expensive suits looked at Jodie like she was something they could buy, and Miss White enjoyed knowing that they would never, ever have her, no matter how rich they were.

As for the women, well… one or two of them might get lucky before the night was through. There was plenty of time for that. At the moment food was the most important thing.

* * *

After casino oyna dinner they spent some time just walking around, people-watching, taking in the sights. Las Vegas was such a weird place, with its faux pyramids, Eiffel Tower, New York skyline, and Venetian canals.

Miss White didn’t like to gamble, at least not in casinos. She was an avid and skilled poker player, but she knew that in a casino, the house always wins. Jodie wanted to play roulette, so Miss White bought her some chips, which she promptly lost. Eventually they ended up back at the bar in their hotel, sipping Prosecco and idly watching fish swim in an aquarium, feeling peaceful and contented.

But then Miss White spotted a beautiful redhead sitting alone in a corner of the bar. She looked to be about Miss White’s own age, with long straight hair the color of a tiger’s fur. She seemed a little sad, but was one of those people who sadness makes more attractive, with big, soulful green eyes.

Miss White had no way of knowing this, but the redhead — whose name was Karen — was in an extremely vulnerable state. This was her third trip to Vegas for her company’s sales conference, and each time she had told herself she was going to have some kind of adventure. And now it was her last night in town, and again it hadn’t happened.

She was generally a happy person, married with two kids and a good job. Still, every once in a while she yearned for something more, and Vegas seemed like the place to get it. But she was naturally shy and risk-averse, and ended up mostly just hanging out with her co-workers. They were a fun group and liked to drink, and a few of them had hit on her, but she’d never been tempted — the men weren’t that attractive, and she knew that it would be awkward when she had to see them again.

In fact she’d never actually cheated on her husband. But she kind of wanted to. He was a nice enough guy, for the most part, but he was a selfish and unimaginative lover, and they’d been together since high school. Karen felt like she deserved a treat. And what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in canlı casino Vegas, right?

Karen sighed and took a sip of her drink. It hardly mattered now; she had resigned herself to her fate. She would finish the quarter-inch left in her glass and head up to bed, then tomorrow she’d back back to her regular, everyday life.

But then Karen caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of her eye, and next thing she knew a dark-haired woman was sitting down beside her. “Mind if I buy you a drink?” said the woman, putting a glass down in front of Karen before she could even process what had been said.

By consulting the bartender Miss White had learned that the redhead was drinking the same Prosecco as Jodie and herself. She had bought a round for all of them and decided to just take the direct approach.

Karen studied the new arrival. Her black hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail and her eyes were a steely gray. Her expression was friendly but suggestive of a hidden agenda. It was usually Karen’s policy not to accept drinks from strangers in bars, but in her current state her curiosity overcame her misgivings. “Sure,” she answered.

“I’m Alexis,” said the woman, extending a hand.

“Karen.” The hand she took in hers was firm and strong, though outwardly soft, and something about it made Karen’s stomach flutter. She sensed immediately that she was in the presence of a forceful personality; she had been feeling drowsy, but now she was wide awake.

“Mind if my friend joins us?” asked Miss White, nodding toward Jodie, who was still sitting at their table.

Karen shrugged. “Of course not,” she said, and Miss White nodded. The lovely young woman in the tight-fitting dress stood and came toward them. Karen was intrigued. Where might this be leading? Her heart began to beat a little faster.

Jodie sat down across from them, but a little apart. Miss White began to chat up the handsome redhead. She could be quite charming when she wanted to be, and she gave Karen everything she had — asking questions and listening intently to the answers, telling funny stories, kaçak casino gazing steadily into the redhead’s big green eyes.

It was clear that Karen was responding. She played with her hair, occasionally looking down shyly, then back up to meet Miss White’s piercing eyes. Now and again she glanced over at the young woman whose name she hadn’t been told. Jodie just sat there, looking pretty and nodding along with the conversation, but never saying a word.

Karen was interested to learn that Alexis was the house manager at a sorority. She had been in a sorority in college — though a regular one, not a coven of hyperactive lesbians like Alpha Beta Delta. It gave them a connection, though. It never occurred to Karen that Jodie might be a college student; dressed as she was, in this environment, she seemed much older than her years.

One drink turned into two, then three. Miss White had slowly and subtly been edging closer to Karen, who was feeling pleasantly warm and lightheaded. She could sense the body heat radiating from Miss White and she liked it; liked having this beautiful woman so close to her, liked the attention she was receiving.

Finally Miss White sensed that the moment was right. Leaning in close to Karen, she whispered into the redhead’s ear, “My friend here would like to lick your pussy.”

Karen did a double-take, feeling a blush start to spread across her face. Had she really just heard what she thought she’d heard?

“You wouldn’t have to do anything,” purred Miss White. “You could just lay there and enjoy it.”

Karen was speechless. She looked over at Jodie, who favored her with a big, warm, knowing smile. Karen’s stomach turned somersaults. She’d never been with another woman; of course she’d thought about it, everybody did, but it had never seemed like a serious possibility. Suddenly it hit her: Here it was, her chance to do something wild, step out of her comfort zone.

Miss White whispered their room number, polished off the last of her Prosecco, and stood up. Taking Jodie by the hand, Miss White led her out of the bar. As they left Miss White glanced back over her shoulder at Karen, who sat there dumbfounded, trying to make up her mind what she would do — but knowing deep down inside that it had already been made up for her.

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