Girl’s Night

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I got the invitation to the girls night slumber party you were throwing. It said, “girls night. sexy nighttime wear requested, toys permitted”. I got wet just thinking of the fun we could have. Never having been to one of your parties, I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect, but I knew it would be very fun.

While packing, I went through my toy collection and picked out a few very special toys. I love my glass dildos, and I knew you did too, at least the old one. I wanted you to try the new one, as well. So both of those went into the bag, with a sexy little black baby doll nightie.

I drove to your place, rubbing my clit as often I as I could along the way. I love masturbating in traffic. Always hoping someone will be able to look in and see what I am doing. I was thinking of what the evening would bring. How you would orchestrate it, so I got to fuck you, as well as other women.

I get there, and you answer the door, fully dressed. The lingerie hadn’t come out yet. There were 3 other women there, already. One more followed right on my heels. The party was getting started. I loved hanging out with women and talking about men. I love hanging out with women and talking about sex. This night was my first experience in hanging out with women and having sex, too. And of course, you, the only man lucky enough to be invited. But it was your party.

We were all sitting around, talking, eating drinking, in our nighties, when someone made the first move. I don’t know what started it, who started it, but there was a couple over there kissing. It’s beautiful to watch to women kiss. And I was enthralled by it, I couldn’t stop watching, and then another couple started kissing. You turned to me and said, “we decided that I would be the one to start with you, since you don’t really know anyone else. I hope you don’t mind?” I didn’t. You kissed me, gently at first, but then the kiss got stronger, casino oyna harder as our hands started roaming each others bodies.

While I really couldn’t wait to fuck you, it wasn’t time for that yet. Couples around the room kept changing and I ended losing you to another woman. But that’s ok. the second thing I really couldn’t wait to do this night was to eat some pussy. So, when we were torn apart, I came face to clit with the pussy of my dreams! I wasn’t in a teasing mood, so I dove right in, taking her clit in my mouth, sucking hard as I thrust two fingers in her sopping pussy. She tasted like heaven.

You were watching as I ate her, stroking your own cock. Women having sex all around you; you joining in here and there to watch, to taste, to touch. You were in heaven, yourself. All of these women were here for you. And, you told me, me. This was our party.

As I was finishing up drinking her juices, I felt a tongue on my clit. I looked down, and there was another one of the women teasingly licking at my lips. Each woman moved on to a new partner, as a dildo slid in to my dripping cunt. And the woman who was pleasing me now, expertly licked, sucked, nibbled and bit my clit. Fucking me with my glass dildo. Realizing it was double sided, another woman came over and asked if she could join us. I couldn’t talk at that moment, but I indicated it was ok. She slid her self on the other side of the dildo and we started fucking each other. The woman on my clit was expert enough to hold on while I was bucking against my partner. I came and came and came all over these two.

This was one you didn’t want to miss, you came over to help clean me up. But you positioned yourself so I could suck your cock as well. I was glad you came back to me. I wanted to share as much of this night as I could. After you came in my mouth, shooting warm ropes of your cum down my throat, you turned around canlı casino to talk to me. You finally told me what the main event was tonight. You and me, side by side, pleasuring all the rest of the women. The other four women where going to get to fuck us over and over, in any way possible.

You and i laid down on the blanket on the floor, side by side, and shared one last kiss before the main event began. Then all of a sudden, it was time. You aren’t used to being submissive, but tonight, for me, you were going to submit to these women. One of hem came and sat on my face as one sat on yours. I was enjoying this, immensely, licking and sucking at the pussy in front of me. I can only imagine, you were too. And then there was a mouth on my pussy. Someone, I couldn’t see who, was tongue fucking me wildly, darting her tongue in and out of my pussy at lightning speed. From the gasp of pleasure I heard from you, I assumed someone had taken your thick cock in her mouth. I was licking this girls slit, front to back, and sucking her clit into my mouth as my next orgasm hit. I screamed into her pussy as I came. The mouth on my pussy slowed a bit, but kept going in order to allow me to bring the girl off on my face.

She finally came and I drank down her juices, before the two on me switched places. Meanwhile, you were expertly licking your girl to her orgasm, and her moans added to the “music” in the room. The one on your cock, hadn’t finished you off yet, but they switched places on you, too. All of the women in the room, myself included were cumming again, over and over as they kept moving places. You and always had a pussy on our face and a mouth on us as the night progressed. At some point, someone must have ridden your cock good and hard, because the next pussy on my face was filled with your cum. I eagerly lapped it up as I tongued her pussy.

After the four of them moved around us, kaçak casino again and again, you couldn’t submit any more, so your more dominant side took over. You started to direct the show in front of us. You had four of us eating each other out in a daisy chain. The fifth was bent over at the waist with you pounding her from behind. Slamming your thick cock in against her cervix and slapping her ass as you fucked her.

But there was one more thing you wanted to see. You wanted to see me, covered with pussy. So you had me move to the middle of the blanket, with one woman sitting on my face, you had two women position themselves so I could finger fuck them at the same time. And the fourth was fitted in a strap on and was fucking my pussy. You were standing above us, stroking your cock slowly as you watched me fuck four women at once. This was almost as good as the time you brought seven men for one of our fuck fests. I was still sloppy in cum, but it wasn’t quite the same as being covered in man cum. But that’s ok, you had some for me. As I fingered, ad sucked these women to orgasm, the strap on in me was doing the same to me. But the best part was when you jerked yourself off and came all over my tits and stomach. The women, hungry for cum, licked me up and cleaned me off.

I was a little tired, my tongue was sore. But I wasn’t done. You escorted the women out so it was just you and me. You licked my face clean of pussy juice, and kissed me as you slid your rock hard cock inside of my pussy. Slowly at first, but gaining speed as your cock continued to swell inside me, pushing against my cervix. You pushed up a little, allowing my legs to go over your shoulders. And finally, what I have wanted all night, your thick, long, hard cock as pistoning in and out of me with such force! Your balls were slapping my ass, your cock hitting my cervix, your hands were kneading my tits, teasing my nipples with you fingers as I felt you cum and shoot your final load of the night, deep in my well used pussy.

We fell asleep shortly thereafter. But before we did, we discussed what type of party we would have next…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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