Georgia Girl

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Every girl has the dream of being a movie star. I was no exception. Though my family did not have much money, and we lived in a small Georgia town, my Mom shared my dream of me becoming a somebody. The somebody that she never was, except to me. She paid for years of dancing and voice lessons. Mom and Dad scraped up enough money to sent me to Vassar.

I think that I was the poorest girl in my class. I helped out with my expenses by holding down two part-time jobs. In addition, I took acting classes, and joined the Poughkeepsie Theater Company, which was a group of amateur actors who put on plays.

I guess that I should also mention that I was blessed with a nice singing voice. People tell me that I sound just like Brenda Lee.

Being this busy left no time for dating. Since I was now a resident of New York, worked there, and voted there, I qualified to be a contestant in the Miss New York contest, which I won. $20,000.00 was awarded to the winner to pay for college expenses. I did not win the Miss America title. All was not lost though, because the Miss New York title opened many doors for me to at least try out for parts on Broadway, Hollywood, or the TV circuit.

Between you and me, I have another confession. I am quite sure that I am the only girl to graduate from Vassar in the last fifty years who was still a virgin. Nor, did I have sex while Miss New York. One of the reasons, perhaps, is the fact that I prefer to wear full dresses, with high necks, long sleeves, and which extend to my ankles. I am very conscious of my figure. I stand five foot six inches and weight one hundred and twenty pounds.

My agent, Laura Stein, phoned. “Lucy Gardner, please?”

I recognized her voice immediately. “Hi Laura. It’s me. How are you?”

“I’m just fine, Lucy. I have some great news. Billy Danford, the director, is in town holding auditions for his new movie “New York Women.” One of the parts is you all the way. It is a girl that just arrived in the City, dates and is used by a mobster. She gets to sing two songs in the production. Danford has seen your pictures, and heard a tape of you singing. Can you meet him at an estate this weekend? He suggested that it would be best if you came Friday afternoon, and planned to stay until Sunday. This could be your big break, Honey.”

I was so excited, I was trembling. “Oh, God, Laura, Billy Danford? What will I say to him? I am so excited.” Then, it hit me. Friday to Sunday?

“Laura, why does he need to see me from Friday to Sunday?” There was a long silence.

“Lucy, if you want the part, you will have to fuck the director, the producer, and any of their friends that they want to pass you on to. Honey, your pussy is your ticket to ride. I fucked him this afternoon just to get him to look at your portfolio, as well as three other actors that I represent.”

I was stunned. I was also completely out of money. I had no idea where the food and rent money for next month would come from. I did not even have enough saved up to rent a “You Haul” to take my things home. Meekly, I told Laura, “I’m a virgin. I don’t have any idea how to have sex, fuck, as you say. What on earth do I do?”

Laura burst out laughing. After a few moments, she said. “Lucy, you have just given me the bargaining chip to get you and my other three clients roles in Billy’s movie. I will call him and tell him that I have a virgin for him, but only under my conditions. You in, Honey. As far as the sex goes. When you get there, ask him to give you three Martinis. Drink them down, one right after the other. Then go with him to his bed room Let him undress you and lay on your back on the bed. Open your legs. He will do the rest. His address is 4438 Stanford Place, just off South side Road. You will have no problem finding it. You will be there at three PM on Friday?”

“Yes.” We both hung up.

I was about to chicken out and call Laura back and say, thanks, but no thanks. Then I remembered that my folks had done everything in their power to help me be a somebody. Now it was my turn to do my part. If my part was to be a “Fuck” for a famous director, so be it. It might even be fun. I sat there for an hour thinking of the different angles. Billy Danford was forty six years old, some twenty-one years older then me. He was nice looking. Surly, he would be a considerate lover. The fact is, at twenty-five, I wanted to be fucked, as Laura had called it. I took off my panties and put my finger in me. I closed my eyes, and as my finger ran in and out of my womanhood, I tried to picture what a man’s penis looked like, and tried to think of how one would feel in me.

At five minutes to three, I rang the door bell at 4438 Stanford Place. An elderly butler answered the door. He looked me over for several seconds and then inquired, “To whom may I announce your arrival?”

“Please tell Mr. Billy Danford that Lucy Gardner is here to see him.”

“Miss Gardner, Mr. Danford instructed me to bring you to him. Please follow me.” He led me through the main building, casino oyna out to as guest house. Billy Danford answered the door, with a huge smile on his face. “Oh, I’m so glad you are here,” He said to me.

Handing me two documents, Mr. Danford said in a business like manner; “Look these over. One is an overview of “New York Women,” and the other is the dialoged of “Rita,” the part you are auditioning for.”

“I will leave you for thirty minutes. When I return, I will ask you to give me a reading, if you are comfortable. Food and drink in the refrigerator, if you would like something.”

I said, “Thank you,” as he walked out the door.

Exactly thirty minutes later, he was back. For the next twenty minutes, I was “Rita” and Mr. Danford was the other characters. Abruptly, he asked me to stop. He provided to me the words for the song, “Cry me a River,” made famous by Julie London. As I sang it, he closed his eyes and leaned back with his hands behind his head. When I finished, he exclaimed, “Wonderful, just wonderful. Your read was perfect. Your Georgia drawl, combined with your Vassar diction is perfect for this part. Laura was right about your singing. It is big league. One more hurdle to cross. I need to see your body. Please undress for me.”

The smile froze on my face. I looked him squarely in the eyes. He had made the request with the same inflection in his voice as he had used when telling me about the script. There was no excitement in his eyes now. He was still all business.

“My dear, “Rita” has several scenes where she is either wearing little, or nothing at all. Your figure or lack of one will either land you the part, or lose it for you, so please let us not waste time on little girl shyness.”

I turned my back to him. Carefully, I removed my shoes, pantyhose, and dress. I still had on my white cotton panties, and my bra. I was beet red with embarrassment when I turned to face him. A fact that he noticed immediately, bringing a smile to his face.

“Walk over to the piano, and back. Strut like you are a Queen.”

When I returned to him, he mused, “Take off your bra and panties. You took dancing lessons. When you are naked, I want you to do a tap dancing routine for me. You do have your dancing shoes with you?”

“Yes,” I said as I went to my small suit case to get them. It was only when I reminded myself about all that my parents had done for me, that I had the courage to take off my bra and panties.

“Dear, during your routine, I want you to include several sessions of shoulder shaking so that I can study how your tits bounce.”

If you are a dancer, you know that each dance that you do is a routine that you have practiced over and over. He put on the song, “Sweet Georgia Brown.” It was Showtime! After the first thirty seconds, I knew that I had to forget being naked, and concentrate on my dancing. I put a smile on my face, and gave it my best. When it came time to shake my shoulders, I got close to him, bent over, and shook my puppies right in his face. As I did so, he applauded, as he said, “Lucy, you are marvelous.”

When the song ended, I stood with my hands on my hips. Sweat was running off my brow. Mr. Danford got a wet towel for me to wipe my face with.

“You have the part, my Dear. Has Laura informed you what the part pays?”

Just like that, I was in a major movie production with an Oscar award winning director. I stammered, “No.”

“Normally, it would have paid $750,000.00. But, since you are a virgin, We negotiated a package for you. Your pay will be $500,000.00 when you sign the contract. In addition, I will pay you two percent of the films net profit, if you will contract with me to escort either myself or men of my choosing for a period of five hours a night, when requested. In addition, I will pay you $250,000.00 to make a low budget movie for me a year or so down the road, when you are a star. That project will only take one day.”

“Oh, Oh, Oh,” was all I could say.

“Is that a yes?”


“You understand, I was informed by Laura, that you understand that you will be my sexual pacifier for me and others. Yes?”

I nodded.

“Well then, lets go fuck, shall we?”

He took my hand and led me to the bed room. As we walked in, I was shocked to see that he had three production cameras, several lights, and microphones set up around the bed. He laughed when he saw my face.

“I will make a hundred copies of you loosing your virginity. Send them to my friends. Those that care to, will call me up to set up an appointment to fuck you.”

With that, he dropped his shorts, took off his shirt. Naked, he walked to each camera to turn them on. I was sitting on the bed. He zoomed one camera in on my face. He picked up a mike and spoke into it.

“I am introducing to you, Miss Lucy Gardner. Lucy is twenty-five, a virgin, soon to be ex, and is available for your pleasure. She is a Vassar graduate. So, my friends, if you need an escort to any important functions, she will enhance canlı casino your image. I intend to make her a star. So sit back and enjoy her deflowering.”

I could not believe what I had just heard. Noting my confusion, Mr. Danford said, “My Dear, Director Mike Todd, did exactly what I have just done to Elizabeth Taylor, when she was an unknown. He sent the movie to all his friends. Everybody fucked her. What goes around come around. Todd spent so much time with Elizabeth, that he fell in love with her, and married her. Bottom line is that the men she fucked made her a star. Got that everybody?”

“Lay on your back and spread your legs. I will take a close up of your pussy.”

I did. He did. As he climbed on to the bed, his cock bobbed up and down. It did not look too big. He sat by my side and held the lips of my pussy apart for the camera. “Watch me eat her.”

Remember the first time that someone ate you? My eyes closed. A sigh escaped my lips. I had masturbated with my finger, but it did not feel like a tongue. I thought of the money. So much money. He shifted his weight. As I opened my eyes, his face was next to mine, as his hands were holding my pussy lips open. His cock head was at my lips. He pushed slowly into me. He made a low moan. He pushed more in. I could feel the warmth of his cock. “She is so, so tight.” He said loud enough for the mikes to pick up. His ass rose, and fell, thrusting all of his cock into me. I did not know it, but his cock was not long enough to hit my cervix. He begin to fuck me with slow steady strokes. It did not feel good. It did not feel bad. It, frankly, was a non-event. What to hell is all the fuss about? If this is sex, it’s not much, I thought. He was pumping faster. His heart was beating fast, and he was out of breath. Finally, with a groan, he cum in me. I could feel that too.

He rolled off me. He got to my side to push my legs apart so that the camera could record his cum running out of my pussy. He got up, shut off the cameras, went to the bathroom to pee, and returned with a bottle of “Slick Glide.” When he was ready, he said for the cameras, “First ass fuck for Lucy.”

To me he said, “Pull your legs up beside your body.”

I did not move. He raised my arms. Hidden handcuffs were used to secure them above my head. Lines from two block and tackle rigs at the head of the bed were used to lift my legs over my head in such a way that my ass was fully exposed. The nozzle of the “Slick Glide” was inserted in my ass. His finger spread it around. With no further comment, he mounted me and thrust his cock into my ass.

“Damn it, that hurts.”

“I’ll buy you some butt plugs so that you can be ready for some of our longer, thicker friends.” As he said that he turned to smile at the camera.

When he had cum, he rolled off. He said, more to the camera then to me, “Will wash off now. Next, a soothing blow job.”

He had a bewildered look on his face, and then laughed when I said, “What is a blow job?”

He looked at me, the camera, and back to me. To the camera he said, I will send this to you all; Federal Express.

After I was untied, he explained exactly how I was to suck his cock. One point that he stressed was that under no circumstances was I not to let a man push his cock deeply in my mouth when he cum. It took me twenty minutes of frantic sucking, and jacking his cock up and down before he finally cum with almost no jism. What is the big deal about that? I thought.

Billy. He told me to call him that. Anyway, he got up, put on his clothes, and said, as he went out the door. “I will have Alfred bring over a meal for you. Do you want lobster or steak? Preference in wines?”

“Lobster. Any wine.”

“I am going out. Will be back about nine. I will come out here to spend the night with you. I suggest that you take a nap.”

I did. He joined me at nine-fifteen. He fucked me four more times that night. I still could not figure out, for the life of me, why sex was such a big deal.

I was one very confident girl when I went back to my apartment Sunday evening. I had a signed contract, a $500,000.00 check. For that kind of money, Billy could fuck me all he wanted.

A week later Billy called. I was told where the producer was staying. It was a joke having sex with him. He was sixty-five. He had to take Viagra before he fucked me. Even then, it was small and soft. He fucked me once and fell asleep. I let myself out and was in my apartment by twelve.

Production started. I felt right at home. Everyone was so nice. The male lead was Marlon Brando. He loved blow jobs. The female lead was Anne Heche. Billy gave me some pointers on how to eat a woman. She became my buddy.

Several of the receivers of the “Lucy” film, as it is called, would call Billy to set up a meeting with me when they were in New York. I got to meet, Charlie Sheen, Freddie Prinze, Jr., George Clooney, Josh Brolin, Luke Wilson, Paul McCartney, Harrison Ford, Troy Aikman, Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, plus several producers kaçak casino and directors.

I thought I had this game down pat. All the above listed men, were very gentle, and treated me well. I had yet to have a cock touch my cervix.

After the Lakers won the NBA championship, Billy told me that he was taking me to Orlando. He had bet on the game and lost. I was the payment. I would be used for several hours. “My Dear, this one, I want to watch.”

“What is so special about this man?” I said.

“You will just have to wait and see.”

We pulled up to a huge estate. A doorman leered at me, as he said, “Follow me up to the master bed room.” The bed room was all of twenty-four by thirty feet. The bed was ten feet by twelve feet. There were mirrors on the ceiling and walls.

Miss, I will take your clothes. I suggest that you remove all your jewelry also. Glancing at Billy, he added, “You will get quite a work out. There is a lot planed for you.”

Billy chimed in, “Please bring in an easy chair. I’ll have a pitcher of martinis and a plate of finger food. I like cheese and crackers, and some shrimp with dip.”

Another much ado about nothing. I lay on my back, propped up on my elbows. My breasts, now sagging from all the pawing and tugging that they had received during the last several months, slid to both sides of my chest.

The door opened. A booming voice exclaimed, “Billy, you Son-of-a-bitch, I have been really looking forward to play time tonight. I will have a go for a couple hours, and then some of my friends are going to stop by.”

Into the room walked naked Shaquille O’Neal. Open mouthed, I looked up at the height and size of the man. It is one thing to see him on TV, and quite another to look up at him while laying on his bed. The man is seven feet-four inches tall, and weights three hundred, twenty pounds. There is no fat on the man. His fingers are seven inches long. His feet are size twenty-two. My gaze traveled to his cock. Soft, it was eight inches long, and twice as thick as any I had seen hard.

I did not know, what I did not know. “Hi Lucy, Baby. You had a chance to pee?”


“Good idea to do that before I start.”

I went in to pee. When I came out, Shag was laying on the bed.

“Suck me for a bit, Lucy.”

Gingerly, I picked up his cock. I used both hands to hold it upright as I slid my mouth around just the head. It begin to grow, thicken. Soon it was hard. I took my mouth off it so that I could inspect it. Somehow, I did not think of it as a cock. It was as long as the distance from my finger tips to half way to my elbow. The head was twice as thick as any that I had seen. The cock itself was thicker then Billy’s wrist. And, it was hard. Really hard.

Shag turned to Billy, with a serious face. “Billy, I told you that you can watch, but you remember that once I start, you may not talk to anyone, or approach the bed.”

Billy nodded yes.

My legs were opened. A long finger went in deep. It begin to flick my cervix. Shaq took my clit in his mouth. His tongue gently went round and round around my clit. Something was very different. Of course, it was the action to my cervix. I begin to pant, as my pussy got wet, and sweat begin to bead on my face and in the middle of my back. I took a deep breath. I clenched my teeth, and turned my head to the side. My insides tightened up and I went into my first orgasm. As my legs opened to allow his finger to go deeper, Shag slid forward. My cunt was held open and the head of his cock was smoothly pushed in a few inches.

He gathered my legs up with his arms, and moved forward to where his ass was directly above my cunt. His pile driving ass came down, driving his rod in me.

“Stop, Damn it, you are putting that thing too deep in me.”

“You will stretch, they all do. In ten minutes, the discomfort will go away.” With that he begin to fuck me with long hard strokes. I closed my eyes, and gritted my teeth. It was more like twenty minutes before the pain went away. I thought of myself as a “Raggedy Ann” doll. My little legs were flailing out to each side of that massive man as he fucked me, and pawed my tits. We were not partners in this. I was his fuck.

Finally he cum. After we each downed a drink. He told me to suck him again. When he was hard. He sat against the head board. “Lucy, come over here and sit on my lap facing away from me.”

I thought that he wanted me to sit on his cock with my pussy. But, as I lowered myself, he positioned his cock at my ass hole. He had just coated his cock with some jell. I thought, he will never get that in me.

I sat on his cock. Carefully, I supported much of my weight with my legs. But, to my dismay, he used his legs to push mine apart, so that all my weight was on his cock. I felt the end of his pole slip past the entrance. There was a stinging.

He reached his arms up under my arm pits to grab my shoulders. He did two things at once. He thrust his ass up and at the same time pulled down on both shoulders. It was no contest. I had a foot of cock in my rectum. Once in, he thrust up and down so hard that my hair was flying every which way as I rode helplessly up and down his shaft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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