Gay Days Ch. 01

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Some 30 years ago I wrote, with pen and paper, a long history of my gay sexual experiences, from my first sexual fumblings – right up to the day of writing. Then I added events and chapters as they happened for the next ten years or so, ceasing only when time and freedom ran out and then I found out all about computers so I transferred everything into electronic words.

The whole essay was way too long and rambling for publication – not that I’d ever intended to publish my sexual autobiography…but since I hit my 60s, (and now my 70s) I’ve felt that I should really let others partake in some of the fun that I enjoyed.

So I’ve attacked and divided up the story, edited it to the best of my ability, made it more readable and turned it into eight parts for you to read.

The original writing was also very much in my 1980’s/90’s style – comparatively polite and lacking conversation, so I hope that my efforts to liven the stories up meet with your approval.

And the stories are in English from England, so please put up with my British spellings and phraseology.

I’m not expecting everyone to like these stories but they’re my effort at “saving” my past memories, which I’m now sharing with you. They’re probably not written as I’d write today with more excitement and more teasing – and more sex – they’re written as I remember the events.

This therefore is the FIRST (and longest) of those segments of my life – “Extra Curriculum Entertainment.”


In 1963, at just short of 18 years old, I finally left school. I’d managed to acquire six GCE ‘O’ level passes and then my parents had insisted I stay on until I’d had a go at my GCE ‘A’ level exams and thank heavens I managed to obtain decent passes in two vital subjects; Mathematics and English Language. But my parents still weren’t happy that my education was complete and so, after the summer break and at the age of eighteen and a bit, they sent me to the local College to complete a two year Business Studies course.

It didn’t really worry me because at least my entry into the big hard world called ‘work’ was now delayed, because at that age I had simply no idea what career I wanted to pursue. Back in those days the school’s lacklustre careers master would probably merely have thrust an army recruiting booklet into my hands and left me to it – so continued education seemed quite sensible to me.

As an aside for my American readers, I’m in Britain where our education system is different to yours. Nowadays we go to school until we’re 15 or 16 and are driven to obtain some GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) qualifications but then we have options – to stay at school for another two years; to head off to a secondary education college (and possibly University after that)…or to just leave education behind. Many choose college in the hope of gaining additional qualifications; others use college just to delay their debut into the world of commerce and I was somewhere in between.

Anyway…our college, which has long since been demolished and rebuilt, was an old establishment with huge brick-built buildings and massive rooms that were now our lecture rooms.

Our section of the building was for the various Business courses – there were two or three different courses I think with multiple sections to each course and they were almost entirely populated by male students; the ladies who ‘did’ Business courses being few and far between in those days.

The one major difference from school was that we stayed in our own classroom when possible and the lecturers came to us but staying in one room did have its problems when several different sections of the courses or curriculum ran side-by-side. If the lecture wasn’t on your list, then you were kind of pushed to one side and ignored rather than getting involved in the lecture or being allowed to leave the room.

Therefore there was usually at least one lecture a day that wasn’t of relevance to me and also to a small group of other students and to keep us out of the way during those lectures we were made to sit together right at the back of the spacious room.

And there at the back of our room was a large and ancient science workbench where there was space for at least a dozen students to sit and there we were told to sit down, keep quiet and find something to do.

The group who occupied the bench varied occasionally but eventually just four of us were the usual group whose course seemed to be different to the majority and we soon became used to the routine. We’d settle ourselves behind the bench; perhaps revising or just working on our coursework but often boredom took over and we’d find something better to do!

Thank heavens that the tutors of the day were a pretty decrepit bunch on the whole as I remember them and so long as we kept quiet in our corner, they didn’t usually worry or take much notice of us at all, which was fine by us!

Right then, at that stage of my life, sex casino oyna just hadn’t reared its head; well, not properly, anyway. Oh sure – my cock reared its head all the time. It would become stiff at a moment’s notice and at the most awkward times and often dominated my world – a world of sexual ignorance. My small sexual world was centered around my cock because I knew of nothing else. Of course I could wank as well as anyone but sex with another person – now that was a frightening prospect!

And back in those dark days so long ago, sex education and the internet didn’t exist so what sexual knowledge we could acquire had to come via the occasional dog-eared magazines; from ‘bragged’ boastings from older lads and from the occasional enlightened parent.

Hell, in those days, being gay was still entirely illegal – but that didn’t mean that there was no man to man sex around and lacking a decent sex education didn’t mean that we were never horny – quite the opposite – we were typical teenagers, weren’t we?

But we were ignorant – sometimes perhaps blissfully ignorant; but often worried and ignorant about how we’d feel or what we’d do with a sex partner…but nevertheless we were definitely always curious!

My curiosity was based on penises – all about them and many of my pals seemed to have the same interest because at our stage in life we’d had few opportunities or experiences with girls (at least, I hadn’t managed to get intimate with one yet) and therefore “sex” to me meant “cocks”.

It wasn’t that we were really gay at that point (and the word bisexual wasn’t widely known) – we simply had so few chances to ‘discover’ sex with the opposite gender – so what else could we play with or explore so easily? Girls brought to mind only a quick grab of a heavily padded bra-clad tit or perhaps a hand thrust up a skirt – while the sight and scent of a hot cock was quite well known. Truthfully it was simply delicious and both the sensation and the feel of my own oozing cock in my hand was enough to send me into a frenzy!

More than that, cocks were far more likely to be seen than any other sexually interesting part so that was where my interest was centred and that’s what I wanted to find out more about.

So, back to the lecture room…in those long-ago days we only used surnames; the sociable use of first names in schools and colleges had yet to arrive…but to hide our identities, I’ll use first names only in this tale.

In our isolated corner, the four of us, Tony, who had been at school with me; Arthur, William and I, Chris, would get bored just sitting there and with nothing better to do, we’d play around with the only thing that was of interest and readily and quietly available – our cocks. Yes, of course we were really supposed to be making use of the time to study for another subject but we were boys!

I don’t remember how it started but I’d guess that one of us must have sprung an involuntary erection which then became the centre of attention and the fun developed quickly from there. I do remember that before long we were all contriving to get erections and we’d make them bob up and down in our trousers – truly juvenile fun! Then, moving swiftly onwards, we became more adventurous – undoing our zips to expose our strained underpants to more clearly show off our covered cocks as we made them jerk.

And then my friend Tony had an accident – his erection slipped out through the fly hole in his underpants!

I was alerted to it by Arthur who nudged me sharply in the ribs one day.

“Hey look – Tony’s got his cock out!” he hissed and my eyes pivoted rapidly and there it was, a goodly length of Tony’s solid rod exposed to our gaze, just as his hand was rapidly descending onto it to hide it.

By the time he’d put it away though Arthur and I had both had a good quick look at it and it wasn’t long before we were asking him to show it to us again.

And one day he did just that, purposely allowing it to slip out again to stand proudly before us. It looked so exciting – nice and straight and fairly long, with a bright shiny partly-hidden knob.

He made it jerk a few times, then turned towards me and nodded his head, while his eyes cast down at his erection.

“Do you want to touch it?” he mouthed, his hand demonstrating what I should do.

“Nah,” I breathed quietly, “Not really.”

“Come on, get hold of it. Try rubbing it a bit,” he said hopefully.

“You’re joking,” I said, as I shook my head and eventually he put it away again.

But truthfully I did fancy the idea…but I was way too scared to take up his offer!

A few days later and he had his erection out once more, throbbing and jerking excitedly and once again he asked if I’d hold it for him and by now I’d had time to consider the deed. Not only that, this time he and I were right in the corner at the end of the old bench and my body shielded our actions. The scene was set perfectly for a nice bit of fun, not to mention a way to canlı casino find out if other cocks felt the same as mine did and so, fascinated and following his instruction, I gingerly reached over and put my hand around his hot rigid penis while Tony’s face remained blank and exuded an air of innocence to the lecturer. Nevertheless, I heard him gasp quietly when my hand found his cock.

I’d never held anyone else’s penis before and not only was I now shaking with excitement; I was also shaking with a kind of fear – a fear of the unknown, and fearful too because Arthur and William might both get to know what I was doing!

His cock jerked suddenly as I held it, so I slid my hand down his length, pulling back his foreskin and as I did so the broad plum of his knob, glistening with moisture, was exposed and on my return stroke a little trickle of lubrication ran from his little slit, just like mine did. My up-stroke gathered it and as I pulled down again, so it spread over his knob. It looked utterly delicious already and I was captivated!

On the other side of me Arthur nudged me in the ribs and I turned my head towards him. He had his hand inside his underpants and was obviously rubbing his own erection as he tried to watch and I presumed that William was doing the same.

“I’ll get to you in a minute,” I mouthed before I turned back to Tony.

But this was just too daring to continue for long and Tony soon pushed his cock back into its place but we’d stepped over a huge boundary now and things could only progress from here. I secretly sniffed my hand afterwards and the wonderful scent held therein ensured that this would happen again!

Within an hour I’d told Arthur and William about my exploration and soon we were all taking turns to show off our erections. Tony, Arthur and I could all produce respectably hairy and thick six or even seven inch cocks, but William’s penis was perhaps just a slim object no more than perhaps four inches long – he was a late developer, he said.

It wasn’t long before we were all stroking each other’s cocks – a kind of chain gang along the bench. We only dared to hold and very gently massage our penises and we always had to keep a wary eye on the tutor just in case, so our fun was fairly subdued. But it was so exciting to us that trips to the toilet for relief seemed to happen between almost every lecture!

William wasn’t actually all that keen to join in and before long he left the course anyway, (along with several others who were on different courses), but I still had two good cocks to play with and now, pretty well every time we ended up behind the bench, we’d start to play around, actions that were easier now that our group was down to just three members.

I always sat between Tony and Arthur, and Tony, who sat in the corner, was usually the instigator and would be the first to expose his penis. As we’d settle into place the bulges at our groins would already be visible and in minutes we’d be checking out the erection beside us and once the lecture was underway Tony would undo his fly and let his penis out. Almost inevitably my hand would quickly be around it, luxuriating in the delicious feel of a solid penis and as likely as not I’d soon have my hand around Arthur’s cock as well.

It was then just a matter of choosing whose turn it was to be played with first today.

“Who wants to go first,” I’d ask even though I much preferred to hold Tony’s penis.

We’d built up a friendship already and much as Arthur’s penis was as big and just as exciting, I always hoped that Tony would make the first move.

It was therefore usually Tony who won while Arthur might perhaps place his hand on my own pulsating penis to encourage me.

Tony, the exhibitionist, would already have made sure that his penis was well aroused and by the time we’d settle down it would already be oozing precum and throbbing with stiffness.

“Yessss, play with it, please,” Tony would always softly say, “Come on, give it a nice rub!”

I’d always be gentle, moving my hand slowly up and down the shaft, making his foreskin cover and uncover his knob. I’d always have to give both him and Arthur sensuous slow wanks – a necessary precaution because of the risk of large movements being observed by the tutor but anyway I preferred to do it that way.

It must have been torture and yet must have felt very sexy for them – it certainly was for me!

It was torture too in that I’d have loved to be able to watch the cocks as I played with them but I too had to keep my eyes on the lecturer…instead I could only glance occasionally at each penis sliding through my fists…and then it would be back to eyes-front.

Gradually, as Tony would become more aroused and turned-on, his lubricating fluid would begin to flow more freely and I’d now rub the lovely slippery liquid over his knob and down his shaft.

Naturally, this would cause yet more to ooze out and I’d continue to caress, rub and masturbate his penis kaçak casino until he’d put his hand on mine to stop me. I’d be able to feel his cock throbbing urgently with lusty need as he held himself just short of cumming and then he’d quickly push my hand away before he lost control.

As Tony’s approaching orgasm was subsiding, I’d usually turn my attention to Arthur and do the same for him. He’d have been watching me manipulating Tony’s cock and would now be able to enjoy my attention to his own stiff penis. It was very similar in both length and thickness to Tony’s cock but he had a broader knob and a longer, looser foreskin.

His cock would become drenched with generous quantities of gorgeously slippery pre-cum fluid that he produced in abundance, lubrication that was thicker than Tony’s and mine – almost like syrup and because it was so different to ours it was that much more exciting!

It would readily ooze from the tip of his cock to pool on the floor – there was so much that I just couldn’t make use of it all – it was a terrible waste, I used to think! Nevertheless I’d do my best to catch every treacly drip and trickle and to smear it onto his thick stem where my hand could rub it over his shaft and knob. I’d even bring his precum to rub onto my own penis and I remember how my hand would smell arousingly delicious after I’d pleasured him…

I also had to time things right because if I played with him too near the end of a lecture and then had to move to my more usual seat for the next lecture my hand would be all sticky and wickedly scented, his strong aroma following me as if I had a big light shining above me!

Like Tony I often took him to the edge but he wasn’t willing to cum in public either and especially not in class!

But what a waste of that lovely precum, because in those days, the very idea of licking it from my hand and perhaps, heaven forbid, swallowing it, just wasn’t on. Perhaps truly gay men might have done that but we were merely playing…

Anyway, while I’d be playing with someone’s cock, the other student would be giving mine the same treatment and their actions together with mine would be so stimulating that I too would have to still the hand that wanked me rather than cum and by the end of the lecture (that we were no part of) all three of us would be on edge and in need of relief.

We’d all require bathroom breaks after such ‘lessons’ and as I said before, the toilets were visited regularly but because there were numerous students around, we could never enjoy mutual games there – merely solitary masturbation in locked cubicles, but relief nevertheless, at least until the next lecture!

Down the other end of the college another set of communal toilets was attached to the sports changing rooms and showers and there I did however witness Arthur having a wank and shooting off. I also saw several other students wanking themselves in those toilets or the showers from time to time, although I never had anything to do with them.

When I spotted Arthur ‘at play’ I’d come in from a game of tennis and Arthur couldn’t have noticed that I was at the far end of the showers just beyond the toilets, where I was quietly drying myself off. Thank heavens that the toilets were otherwise empty.

Something must have got him very worked up or he was just very full of spunk, because he walked straight to the urinal, pulled out his cock – it was already hard – rubbed it for no more than perhaps twenty seconds and with a grunt, he shot his spunk into the trough.

He ejaculated his cum in five or six distinct jets – I actually heard the first few hit the back of the metal urinal even from the shower area – and then there were several dribbles, which ran from his cock before he shook it, returned it to his trousers and quickly departed. I just stood there covering my throbbing erection with my towel. When I left the shower-room I looked at the toilet and his creamy-white spunk was still there, clinging to and slowly sliding down into the metal trough. I wish that I’d been able to have made him cum; to do it for him – it was and still is something of a fetish of mine to see jets of cum being ejaculated, especially if I can do the masturbating.

Another student whom I watched tossing himself off produced a spectacular fountain of spunk – I really wish that I could have got to know him but he was on an entirely different course and I seldom even saw him again. And yet another student whom I saw wanking had a cock that must have been at least ten inches long or even longer and it was many years before I met one anywhere near as big.

The smell of hot sex and the feeling of holding and rubbing Arthur’s and Tony’s stiff, slippery, lubricating cocks was wonderful then and I’ve enjoyed playing with cocks ever since. I just wish that we’d have been able to wank each other to completion but, apart from the risk of detection and the inevitable mess, none of us dared to give in to the final pleasure in public. I presume that it would have been considered unmanly as well; definitely a very gay thing to do but as I said before, we weren’t really gay at that age; we were just experimenting, playing, exploring – and enjoying ourselves.

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