Ganged at the Barracks Ch. 01

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Marnie could feel herself drawn to the army barracks again, like every other Friday evening. She would always finish at 5pm sharp at the Real Estate office where she worked as a receptionist and she would drive the short distance to the training barracks.

At this time of the day the soldiers were always milling around before going to the mess tent for dinner. Seeing those men in uniform stirred up feelings that always surprised her. Perhaps it was because her father had been in the army? She wasn’t sure, but that warm tingling feeling that ran through her body and made her feel alive was coming back to her again.

Her earliest memories were when she was a little girl, perhaps eight or nine, and her father would arrive home from being away for months at a time. She could remember hugging him for the longest time when he came home through the front door and showered her with kisses. That was the happiest time in her life. Until that day when he didn’t come home!

“Missing in action.”

Her Mother read the telegram to her. Although she hadn’t seen her father for over 12 years, she still could remember the musky aftershave he wore religiously after shaving. A shiver ran through her as she sat in her car as always when she was thinking of her father.

This particular Friday, the men seemed to be having an outdoor bbq, some sort of celebratory event. Marnie parked her black mustang close to the fence, but quite well covered behind some thick shrubs.

Quietly exiting the car, she crept up behind the shrubs and stood holding the fence. In this position she could see quite clearly the men, and in particular the well defined muscles in their white t-shirts and their khaki pants. Biting her lower lip stained with pink lip gloss, she inhaled deeply and felt light headed. The same tingly feeling coursed through her whenever she was there. Clinging to the fence, Marnie could feel a wetness staining her white lace panties.

Feeling naughty, Marnie lifted her tight black skirt up around her crotch and started to rub her aching pussy through her panties. Leaning on the fence, her back now to the men, her fingers slid under the lace fabric and probed her wet folds. She surprised herself as she dipped into her honey pot how wet she was. Her free hand reached and twisted her nipples through her sheer white blouse, her button nipples already erect through the thin sheer fabric. Closing her eyes, she enjoyed the moment of pleasuring herself. Her body grinding in a downwards motion on her fingers, inserting them in her aching cunt. Breathing heavily, she didn’t hear the couple of men who regular patrolled the perimeter of the barracks moving towards her.

Roger and Steve, who had been patrolling the outside perimeter casino oyna had noticed something or someone a few minutes ago and wanted to check it out. Moving closer, they parked their car near some trees and walked cautiously towards the person at the fence. As they got closer, they could see it was a curvy woman in her early twenties perhaps, leaning against the fence with her car next to her. Her car was shadowing her so they couldn’t see what she was doing but it looked like her eyes were shut and she was smiling. Roger and Steve moved closer, carefully treading in the drying grass which was growing just off the road. Steve worked out what she was doing first and nudged his friend. This girl was frigging her pussy on the barrack fence line! What an opportunity – they could really use some tight pussy at tonight’s celebrations. Both men watched in awe as this young beauty moaned and caressed herself.

Several minutes passed before Marnie had the feeling that someone was watching her. She opened her eyes and screamed out in fright as she noticed Roger and Steve watching her less than ten metres away. Stumbling at the fence she quickly removed her fingers from her dripping pussy and pulled down her skirt. Roger’s delight in finding this beauty on the barracks doorstep was already evident with his khaki pants already tenting a bulge. Grabbing Marnie with both arms, he forced a sloppy kiss on her lips. Marnie struggled in his strong arms, his hands gripping her tightly. Marnie was no match for Roger’s strong frame as he towered over her. One of his hands slid down her body, feeling the curves it had to offer. Sliding his hand over her skirt material he hoisted it up and slid his hand over Marnie’s tight, panty covered ass. Squirming under his touch, her pussy was now dripping; eager to be touched and fucked. Roger sensed it, and broke away from the kiss.

“You can come with us now to join our party, or I can charge you with trespassing. What’s it going to be lady?” Roger asked her.

“I wasn’t trespassing, I was lost,” stammered Marnie.

Steve, being the superior officer, flicked the torched, which he just got out of the car, and shone it on her name badge.

“Look, umm Marnie, you know as well as I do you are not lost, and you seemed to be having a good time by yourself here looking in. I will give you the option. You either come with us and we will give you a great time or I will have to report you and you will take your chances through the judicial system as you are trespassing on this land,” Steve informed her in a firm voice.

Marnie looked at Steve.

“It looks like I don’t have a choice, do I?” Marnie replied with a seductive smile.

Steve and Roger escorted her into their car and drove back canlı casino into the barracks. Roger sat in the back seat with Marnie and requested that she take off her panties immediately and hand them to him. She did as he said and started to wiggle out of them with no shame. Within seconds the deed was done and she handed her wet panties over to him. Roger could smell her musk and brought her panties up to his nose and inhaled deeply. He loved pussy scent and put them in Steve’s face.

“Smell this buddy, isn’t that good enough to eat?” Roger smirked.

Marnie, although she should have been scared witless, was so horny at this moment she couldn’t wait for Steve or Roger to fuck her. It never occurred to her that the other men would want to fuck her also.

Roger moved closer to her and started to kiss her deeply, bringing her frame close. Marnie responded and kissed him back, sliding her tongue deep in his mouth. His hand slid up her unclad crotch and opened her womanly folds. Dripping with her sex sauce Roger delved into her slit and rubbed up and down. Her already enlarged clit was aching to be touched and Roger knew it. Roger teased her pussy with his fingers before roughly inserting three into her soaked cunt. Marnie gasped, broke the kiss and spread her legs wider for him.

“Oh God, yes yes,” Marnie whimpered.

“You horny slutty bitch.”

Marnie smiled and asked, “Can we just stop here for a minute?”

“Why?” Steve asked.

“I need cock and I need it now, please,” begged Marnie. “Please”

“God damn Steve, stop the fucking car, I gunna fuck this bitch right now,” said Roger.

And with that, Steve stopped the car. Roger & Marnie got out of the car and Marnie leant over the boot. Lifting her skirt she exposed her dripping pussy and Roger didn’t waste any time in kneeling down between her legs and licking her from ass to her clit. Squealing with delight Marnie spread her legs further. Roger stood up, unzipped his member and stroked it a couple of times and drove it home in her love hole. Within a couple of strokes in Marnie’s pussy his cock was well lubricated and Roger was in a fast rhythm, pumping stronger and harder with each stroke. Marnie was holding onto the edge of the car and the boot to steady herself as the pumping action in her cunt was getting her off balance. With his balls banging on her ass, it wasn’t long before Roger shot a huge load of cum in her.

After Roger had blown his load, Steve was already fully erect to get some of the action. Pushing her head down making her cheek rest on the boot, he eased his cock in Marnie’s sloppy cunt. Steve immediately grabbed her hips and fucked her hard, ramming his cock deeper and deeper with each stroke. Marnie was squealing with kaçak casino delight, each thrust of Steve seemed to make her squeal louder until she couldn’t take it any longer and her whole body quivered as her orgasm ran through her. Within minutes of Marnie cumming Steve shot his semen deep into her womb.

Several minutes later, they had got their breath and Roger handed her panties back to her.

“Put them on. I want all that cum to leak out in your panties and at the end of the night, those panties will belong to me. Do you understand?” Marnie nodded and smiled.

“Now get back into the car. We have been gone way too long and we need to introduce you to our buddies. You want that don’t you?” Steve asked. “We saw you looking in and begging to be fucked Marnie!”

Driving the last little way, Marnie put her skirt back on in the car, and tried to look presentable.

“I wouldn’t bother with that. The boys can tell and smell a slut when they see one,” Roger said laughing.

Back where the bbq was being held, the rest of the platoon were settled in for the night and were drinking beer steadily and laughing loudly. When Roger and Steve returned and got the attention of the others, Steve yelled out, “Boys, we have a surprise. Meet Marnie. She is our slut for the evening.”

With a loud cheer eight men crowded around Marnie, one handing her a beer, which she downed immediately, while the others started stripping the clothes off her. With so many hands, Marnie’s insatiable desire to be filled again was burning deep in her loins. One of the larger men, Adam, picked her up and placed her on the wooden outdoor table, slid off her drenched cummy panties and threw them over to Roger knowing he would want them for his collection. With so many men there, Marnie felt hands everywhere and there was already a swelled member in her mouth which she was sucking on feverishly. Adam had already stroked his cock hard and placed her legs over his shoulders as he entered her cummy pussy. Long strokes pumped into her and Marnie groaned in delight as he pumped faster and faster, his balls banging on her asshole.

Marnie was in her element, cock in mouth about to explode hot cum into her mouth. Several other men were pawing her and jacking off over her leaving long strands of cum on her tits and tummy and Adam was just about to explode his seed deep into her pussy. With a final thrust, Adam came and added his cum to her already cum filled pussy.

Several men fucked Marnie that night, some didn’t because of alcohol related woes but Marnie had a ball. It was decided that Marnie would be their slut mascot and be on call to the men when they decided. Of course this suited Marnie and really was a win win situation.

Many months have now passed and Marnie ‘belongs’ to the platoon and sees them all quite regularly. Her biggest fear is that they get deployed one day. She doesn’t want to lose them like she lost her Daddy.

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