Gamer Goods

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Claire woke up on a Sunday morning, in the crisp freshness of a beautiful Spring day with its beams of morning sunlight landing right on her batting blue eyes and long eyelashes. She stretched, yawning and taking in the bright sunlight, and felt her dreams slowly fade away into waking life. She turned and looked at her clock, and with an almost pitiable groan, she rolled out of bed and stood up, brushing her hands through her long, light brown hair before cursing the fact that she’d have to be shut inside that damn video game store for 8 hours on such a pretty day.

It had been about a month since Claire had started working weekends at a local mall’s video game store to earn money so that she could pay for her college textbooks. Having already gone two whole weeks without a single day off, she was not loving the prospect of having to spend yet another day selling video games. The lack of resting time was starting to tire her out, and if her grades started to fall, she’d have to quit the job and find some other way to pay for textbooks.

Claire pushed the negative thoughts out of her head as she showered and headed to her room to dress. The sheer brightness and breezy warmth of the day was such a great change from the dreadful clouds and constant cold of the last few weeks that Claire couldn’t help but feel good, despite having to go to work. She dried off and started to get dressed, basking in the warmth of the sunlit morning, accompanied by the cool Spring breeze. Since this was the first nice day in weeks, Claire decided against the usual loose-fitting sweater and work pants that she had been wearing to her job, and instead donned something a little more “appropriate” to the Spring sunshine.

Claire was a performing arts major at her college, and specialized in belly dance. Years of hip rolling, figure eights, and belly undulations had given her a thick, curvy figure to die for. Despite this “extra skin”, Claire was somewhat lean with much of her body being toned, but not at all muscular. She had the best curves in all the right places. Her favorite thing about her body was her belly, which she proudly showed off as often as possible. She had a smooth, white, sexy, slightly plump belly; the kind where the abs are only slightly strong, but soft enough to hide under a narrow layer of fat that forms a tiny pooch that protrudes only slightly over a pair of hiphugger jeans. Her belly button was a gorgeous innie, with a very sexy lip on the bottom and just deep enough so that a finger- possibly a handsome man’s- could slide in to play with the little folds and skin of her tiny belly button hole. Together with her very shapely ass, Claire’s lower body in hip hugger jeans was a sight that stopped traffic.

Of course, Claire slipped on a pair of hip hugger jeans. She didn’t think anything of it, staring out at the clouds while pulling on her form fitting pants, just as she also didn’t think anything as she pulled her favorite shortcut belly-button sweater out of the drawer and put it on. She was so used to letting her belly button show on nice, bright days that it wasn’t until she was halfway to the mall that she realized she had made a potentially-humiliating mistake.

She felt a sudden pang of panic as she remembered the dress clause in the little employee rulebook she had gotten from her boss when she began working at the video game store.

“All staff members of Gamer Goods are to be dressed tastefully and in a professional manner while at work.”

She knew that her manager, Adam, would not be too pleased to see her walk into the shop in tight hip huggers and a cropped sweater, with her midriff and belly button bared for all the world to see. Adam was a very young (and, to Claire’s occasional embarrassment, very handsome) man, but he was also very business-oriented and no-nonsense. She was dreading her imagining of canlı bahis the look on his face if he were to see her exposed belly button as she entered the store.

To her sudden relief, Claire had remembered that Adam was not going to be there when she opened up the store. He usually opened early on Sundays, but Claire remembered that he had said a few days prior that he would not be here on Sunday. He had said something about helping his friend Jackie with her stomach flu. Reaching the shop, Claire opened up the security gate, turned on the lights, and went directly to the storage room. The mall would be open in half an hour, and Claire had to do inventory and stock the delivery of new games before customers started to come.

As she worked, her thoughts went to her bare belly button. She knew that Adam wouldn’t like her to be dressed this way at work, but she still felt a jump in her heart rate when she imagined his eyes fixed on her bare belly… Claire pushed the thought from her head. He was her boss, (her very handsome…. sexy… boss, she thought) and besides, there’s no chance that he also shared the same fetish as she did. Claire looked down at her sexy bare stomach, and began to gently poke at the intricate folds of her belly button. For as long as she could remember, she’d been very turned on by belly buttons, especially when someone looked at, commented on, or touched her own. It was the main reason why she started belly dancing in the first place, so she can have her stomach and navel at center stage for all to see and lust after.

She finished stocking the new video games, then returned to the main desk to work on the computer and operate the cash register. The mall was now open, but nobody was shopping yet. Claire was tapping the keyboard with one hand, and absentmindedly fingering her innie with the other. She didn’t notice that a pretty forty-something woman had walked in, and, blushing, snapped her hand away from her tummy when she felt the woman’s eyes upon it.

“Morning, Claire! Beautiful day, huh?” said her cheerful, warm voice.

“Hi Tammy,” Claire replied, her face heating up as the woman continued to gaze at her navel. Tammy worked in the jewelry store a couple of shops down from the game store Claire worked in. She was also a friend of Claire’s mother and had known her since she was a baby. Tammy had only ever seen Claire in more conservative outfits, and Claire didn’t know what to make of the scandalous smile that had crossed her lips as she eyed her tummy.

“Hehe, you know, I used to wear belly button shirts a lot when I was your age. My belly looked alot like yours, but your belly button is much sexier than mine.” The way Tammy said “sexier” made Claire feel a bit turned on. She became even more aroused- and even more red-faced- when Tammy, still smiling, swiftly stuck her finger right into her navel and wiggled it around. Tammy giggled a bit, fingering Claire’s belly button for a few moments before removing her finger. Tammy then lifted up her own shirt to expose a surprisingly tight midriff and an inbetweenie belly button.

“Mine’s just a small inbetweenie,” she said as she poked her finger into her own belly button.

“It still looks good,” said Claire with another blush. Tammy beamed and thanked her.

“Sometimes I still dig out some of the old belly button outfits and show off,” she said, still smiling coyly, “My husband hates when I wear them in public, but then again, considering people’s reactions, I can’t say I blame him! You’d be amazed how much the guys still stare, even the young ones. Well, I’ve gotta get back to work. Tell your mom I said hello. Bye, Claire!”

Claire said goodbye and returned to her work. She was very aroused, and didn’t know what to make of the events that just took place. She was sure that Tammy was going to scold her for showing her belly bahis siteleri at work and give her some lecture about respect before calling her mother. Instead, she had complimented her belly button, fingered it, showed her own, and admitted to wearing crop tops. She was so tangled up in her own arousing thoughts again that she hadn’t even noticed that the store now had several customers.

There was a mother with three children by the Super Mario kiosk, a older couple scanning the shelves, and a number of younger guys, all pretending to be interested in something else while stealing quick glances at Claire. Claire noticed immediately that the boys were checking her out, and saw that a couple of them seemed to be her age. Sadly, most of the guys were out of shape, nerdy gamers with paunchy builds, and fat, acne-covered faces. Only a few guys, here and there, were kind of cute. Regardless, Claire suddenly felt very empowered and stepped out from behind the cash register, her hands clasped behind her back so that everyone could get a good view of her sexy belly button. She walked slowly and as sensually as she could, making sure that the cute guys took notice of her bare stomach. She felt very sexy as she approached the woman by the Super Mario games.

“Hi! Welcome to Gamer Goods! Can I help you with anything?”

“Yes, actually,” replied the woman. She seemed completely oblivious to Claire’s stomach. “We’re looking for the new Super Mario game, the… Super Mario Odyssey, but all the ones at this kiosk are just older classics. Do you have any copies of Odyssey?”

“Sure, we just got a new order in today. I haven’t shelved them yet, but I’ll go back and grab you one.”

Claire walked through the shop, back to the storeroom, taking care to look very sexy as she swayed her hips with each step. She noticed every face turn towards her as she came back out, Super Mario Odyssey games in hand.

“Ah, thank you!,” said the mother, as her three children giddily passed the copy between them. Claire rang up the purchase, and the lady left, leaving the old couple and the groups of guys, which seemed to be growing. Claire was about to do another sexy strut through the store, but the old lady came up to her first.

“Hello, dear. I was wondering if you could get something down off the shelf for me… my husband and I aren’t so limber anymore, you know.”

“Of course, ma’am,” she replied as her heart jumped another beat. The idea of all those guys drooling over her sexy bare belly as she stretched up, exposing it even more, sent a chill up her spine and gave her goosebumps all over, even covering her bare belly. She walked over to where the old man was standing and stood up on her tiptoes, stretching up slowly and flexing the soft muscles around her midriff to reach up and grab the book. She felt like a beautiful goddess as all the eyes laid fixed upon her exposed skin. She knew damn well that she had every guy inside the shop in the palm of her hand- or, as she giggled to herself, “in the folds of my belly button!”

As she reached up to the shelf, Claire heard low murmurs and excited gasps, becoming more and more aroused by the minute. She even heard someone drop something, knowing they were completely distracted by her now concave stomach. She took as long as possible to retrieve the book for the elderly couple before ringing them up. She eventually returned to the floor, walking around innocently, and very consciously stroking her hand up and down on her tummy, giving her gorgeous innie belly button a quick fingering every so often.

As if she had spellbinding powers over the every one of the young men of the store, they casually followed her around the shop, constantly repositioning themselves to keep her naked stomach and bare belly button in view. She felt like the sexiest woman on Earth, and began to think that wearing bahis şirketleri a belly button outfit to work was not a bad idea after all.

One by one, the guys in the store began to ask her to retrieve video games that were placed high-up on the shelves. She acted like an innocent employee helping her customers, but she knew very well what was going on, and felt so aroused that she was more than happy to get the stepladder and give them all a sexy tease. One by one, they watched her ascend the ladder and stretch up to get their games and devices, staring at her sexy belly button, the sensuous skin of her belly and back, the beautiful shape of her curvy hips, and firm, toned butt. One by one, they happily purchased games that Claire had suspected they had no real interest in.

Hours passed and the day dragged on exactly like this. It was as if young men everywhere had suddenly gotten up and decided to buy video games. The store was packed with guys, with some of them being very attractive, but all of them sneaking looks at Claire. She oozed sexiness as she swayed through the store, all the while exploiting every possible way of showing off her belly button. She played with it while they watched, pretended to stretch so they could get a good look while her head was turned, and spoke in the sexiest voice she thought she could make, which she noticed seemed sexier and sexier as she became more and more turned on. She felt so powerful and so sexually charged that she didn’t even notice Adam standing in the middle of the crowd, his mouth wide open despite not having seen Claire yet.

Claire felt the pangs of panic return as she tried to think of an explanation for all this. What would Adam think of her, seeing her there with her belly button showing and a massive crowd of young guys packing his store, drooling and eyeing her up? Her mind was now jumbled and confused, and what Adam said next didn’t seem right at all.

“Holy shit!” he beamed. “I’ve never seen the store this busy, selling this many products before. What’s going on here?”

Despite her apprehension, Claire slowly appeared from behind a shelf, no longer feeling empowered, but instead returning to the blushy embarrassed state she had experienced when Tammy came in earlier. It didn’t help her embarrassment at all that Adam was now directly staring at her belly button, although it did give her heart a twitch due to her romantic feelings for him. Contrary to her assumptions, Adam’s face assumed a look of understanding, and a smile of approval that Claire did not at all expect.

“Ahaaa. Well that explains things. You’ve been drawing customers into the store by advertising with your belly button.” Adam smiled and thrust his finger right into Claire’s sexy innie. He played with it in a way that was slightly more than innocent; a way that made Claire’s heart race with arousal. She was shocked at the idea of one of her actual fantasies occurring right in the middle of her work place. After what felt like a heavenly eternity to Claire, Adam took his finger out of her belly button and his characteristic no-nonsense look returned to his face. What he said next filled Claire with a sensation so arousing she nearly fainted with anticipation, dreaming of the next move she’d make in the little romantic game that was now sure to progress.

“I’m glad your belly button has sold so many games Claire, but I don’t think you should let it show at work anymore. I don’t care about the “employee dress code”, but I have a very big infatuation for the bare midriff- especially with regards to the female navel. So you should probably not bare your midriff unless you want me staring at your stomach and poking your belly button all day.”

And so, despite the ethical concerns of conflicting interests between manager and employee, it was this day that marked the beginning of a very long, romantic, and sexy relationship between Claire and Adam. Claire still wears belly shirts and crop tops just for his affection, even when she’s not belly dancing for him, which she usually does before they get intimate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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