Fun When Lynn Visits The Club

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Jayne and I have always been discreet about our swinging lifestyle, in recent years having our fun purely at clubs and loving every minute of it. It was only a privileged few who we shared our adventures with, as we wanted to be careful with having two children and both of us in responsible, professional jobs. One of the few people I shared our adventures with was my distant cousin Lynn, we were the same age and had spent lots of our childhood together although had drifted apart as we got married and had families etc. Only recently, having met at a birthday party, we decided to keep in touch as we were both on the Internet and we spent many evenings chatting online, catching up on the last 10 years or so and after a while exchanging stories.

I had incorrectly assumed everything about her marriage was ok, but the reality was she was unhappy and only stayed for the children and the opulent lifestyle her very dull husband afforded her. The thing she had done was enjoyed numerous affairs, one night stands and flings during this time but she yearned for the lifestyle Jayne and I enjoyed with lots of extra marital sex and fantasy fulfilment without the deceit. Lynn got turned on hearing about our swinging time at clubs and I got equally turned on hearing about what a slut she was as we regularly chatted online. We decided to meet for lunch one day and Lynn and I got so horny discussing our various adventures that she treated me to a magnificent blowjob in my car! A dream had come true for me.

Several days passed without us chatting so I was pleased to receive e-mail from her and even more delighted with the content. Her husband Kevin was off to Egypt on his own diving for two weeks and Lynn was hoping for me to take her to a club. I discussed it first with Jayne who giggled at first and then simply said go for it! So I replied and suggested the following Friday, a singles and couples night would be most appropriate as after all she had shared many of her unfulfilled fantasies with me!

So that is how I found myself walking into our regular Midlands swingers club with gorgeous, tiny blonde Lynn on my arm. I could feel her shaking as I held her close as we walked across the small carpark to the entrance.

“I know it looks dingy from here, but trust me it’s lovely inside.” I said looking at the entrance, stuck between the delivery entrances to the shops of the small town shopping centre. We quickly went in, paid our money and I escorted Lynn to the changing room. I stripped off; down to my shorts and Lynn put on a tiny sparkly thong and bikini top set, she looked gorgeous! At only 5′ tall and a size 8 she looked fabulous and had an arse that was perfect!

“I need a drink to calm me down Gary, I am so excited though,” she said.

We went down to the bar and Lynn quickly got stuck into the vodka she had bought with her, as this club was unable to serve alcohol. After two very strong drinks and a couple of calming cigarettes, Lynn visibly relaxed and I saw her eyes wandering around the room.

“Already got your eyes on someone my little slut?” I asked.

“More than one, I am glad we came when there are so many men in!”

Despite having been so unfaithful in her marriage Lynn had never been in a threesome and had a fetish for black men, although had yet to experience being fucked by a big black cock. Looking around the large bar/lounge area I guessed that the ratio of couple to single men was about two extra single guys for every couple, probably about right for what slut Lynn had on her mind.

“So who you got in mind then?” I asked. Lynn just nodded towards to a booth just behind me, I turned and glanced at the two men sitting there staring hungrily at Lynn.

I laughed and grabbed Lynn’s hand firmly; “Well, in for a penny in for a pound! After all you may never get the chance to come here again.”

I saw the Lynn go pale as I walked her towards the booth and casino oyna sit down beside the two guys eyeing her up. “Ok to join you guys?”

“Yes, sure!” They said in unison, their eyes lighting up as they looked at Lynn who sat between them and me. We introduced ourselves and they said their names were Tony and David. I could see why they had caught her eye; Tony was a huge man who obviously did bodybuilding while David was a good-looking black man with a goatee beard looking a lot like an older version of Craig David. Lynn sat close to David and they made some quiet conversation between them while I chatted with Tony about the club. As I sat next to Lynn I began rubbing my hand up and down her thigh, going higher and higher each time. Her breathing was becoming ragged and I knew that she was excited by the situation.

“Mind if I smoke?” she said smiling sexily and watching Tony produce a lighter from a shelf behind him. She leaned over David towards Tony, placing her hand on David’s thigh letting her hand wander up his leg till it was almost touching his cock. She took a puff, tilted her head back and blew smoke into the air leaving her hand high on his thigh. Seeing her with this black man was exciting, the thought of my sexy little Lynn getting her pussy pounded by his big black cock was making me hard.

We all chatted for a while and then Lynn asked for another drink, which I fetched from the bar, yet another very strong vodka. Deliberately I took my time and chatted a little at the bar hoping that they would come onto Lynn while I was gone. As I returned with Lynn’s drink I saw that she was now sat on David’s lap giggling. As I sat down she spoke, “thanks Gary, not sure I need much more vodka to relax me.”

I looked at her and smiled. “Having fun?”

She realised I was checking to make sure that she was ok; she simply leaned forward and kissed me. “I’m fine.” She whispered looking me straight in the eyes and nodding before gulping the drink back. The conversation was muted now as I noticed Lynn squirming on David’s lap, obviously enjoying the feel of his hard on as Tony now rubbed her thighs with his hands. From what Lynn had told me of her exploits I was pretty sure that with this much vodka in her and being so turned on she was going to be game for just about anything.

“This is really quite bizarre Lynn, we are treating you so politely and nicely but I think its probably time we took you to a room and fucked you senseless!” I said.

My comment almost took her breath away, I knew she got so turned on by dirty talk, and both David and Tony fell silent awaiting her reply.

“Well, as you said Gary this may be the only time I ever get here, so good idea!” She said clearly having made her mind up.

“Come on then let’s go, or we will have to fuck you right here in the bar,” I said holding Lynn’s hand as she got off David’s lap.

I notice Lynn look both guys up and down as we stood, Tony was huge, about 6′ with a huge chest and massive arms from body building and David was just a little shorted but with a lean look about him. The three of us dwarfed Lynn, her small body looking tiny as she walked between us wiggling her arse down the hallway towards the back of the club. I tried a few doors to private rooms but they were locked and it was when we reached the third floor we at last found an empty room.

“Mm! This will be fun,” Lynn said giggling looking at the huge bed in the room, the mirrored walls and porn film playing on the TV in the corner. I am not sure you noticed the viewing window beside the bed though; no doubt we would soon have an audience. I shut and locked the door; our slut had enough on her hands for tonight I’m sure! As I turned back I was pleased that Tony and David had gone for it before Lynn had time to change her mind, they had both lost their towels and stood naked either side of her, towering above her. Tony stood behind her, his hands running canlı casino up and down her back and squeezing her bum, while she kissed David deeply as he fondled her breasts. I too dropped my towel on the floor and stood beside them.

“Let’s get these off and have some fun with you now,” David said peeling her g-string down over her thighs at the same time as Tony unclipped her skimpy bra.

“Take my bikini off, I can’t put it back on if it gets covered in spunk.”

“There is a lot of cum heading for you soon baby,” Tony said.

“Fuck, what a horny body,” Tony said.

I nodded towards the bed and Tony just held her arms and placed her on the bed. This was a new situation for Lynn as she was about to have three men concentrating their efforts on her alone, this would be a fuck to remember and now there was no turning back for her as Tony parted her legs and began to suck her cunt. She opened her legs further, wrapping her thighs around Tony’s neck as I watched him slide two fingers deep inside her and began working them in and out. The bed creaked as I climbed beside her, “Open your mouth slut!”

Being the obedient horny slut she is Lynn propped herself on one elbow and opened her mouth letting me slide my cock between her lips.

“Do you like that Lynn?” David said to her as she began to squirm under me. My cock slipped from her mouth as she fell back on the bed panting. She began to and writhe, with her legs wrapped tightly around Tony’s neck her whole body tensed.

“Cum for us slut, do it!”

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming,” she moaned writhing about on the bed. Tony just stayed between her thighs slurping noisily as her cunt squelched and she caught her breath. As Tony got up from between her thighs she lay there naked legs apart, her pussy wet, swollen and glistening with her juices, as the three of us all naked sat around her leering openly at her body. She looked such a whore!

“Show him how much you want a black cock slut. I want to see you suck him you fucking whore.” David and Tony looked at me gone out at the way I spoke to Lynn. “She loves it guys, the dirtier the better!”

David moved closer and put his cock in her hand. Tony knelt behind Lynn and slipped a condom on while telling Lynn, “Kneel up slut. Get on your knees slut, time to fuck.” Tony said. Lynn obediently got on all fours and David slipped his hard on into her mouth pushing her head down on him.

“Suck it baby, she has a sweet mouth.” David moaned as she sucked.

I noticed she was rubbing her pussy, I slid down near her and stroked her back before whispering in her ear, “You ready for this honeybunch, ready to be filled with two strangers cocks?”

“Oh yeah. I want both of those cocks in me right now. I’m loving this Gary.”

Tony moved closer and started to tease her pussy lips with his cock, he started to ease it inside, making Lynn moan as he penetrated her slowly. He gripped her hips and rammed his cock deep inside her sopping cunt; she let out a loud groan and began to push back against him. “Okay Lynn, it’s time you got fucked!”

“Do you like that?” I said, placing her hand on my cock as I sat next to her. Now she was full, one cock fucking her pussy hard, mine in her hand a big black one in her throat. She could only groan and smile around the big black cock sliding in and out of her mouth as Tony began pumping her faster, breaking out in beads of sweat.

As he paused for breath Lynn knelt up, letting David’s cock slip from her mouth, “Your turn David, I want you to fuck me now.”

We all changed positions on the bed and as David fumbled for the condom packet she turned and took Tony’s cock in her mouth wanking it furiously between her lips.

“I’m gonna cum, do you want it slut? Suck it!” Tony said his face contorted as he held her head still fucking her face.

“Mm!” Lynn answered.

Tony pulled her head back and looked her in the kaçak casino eyes, “Beg for it. You’re a dirty slut aren’t you,” he asked teasing.

“I’m a slut. Cum in my mouth.”

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming.” She took his cock deep into her and drained him. Then she tipped her head and a moment later swallowed.

“Oh Fuck,” Tony said. “She swallows too.”

We were still for a moment until she rolled off Tony’s chest and lay back on the bed. I glanced over to the viewing window and saw several faces pressed against the glass, no doubt wishing they were inside. Lynn was starting to like a dishevelled wreck! Her hair was a tangled mess, her pussy was soaked and matted, nipples swollen and erect and cum stains on her face. She looked so horny as she smiled up at David and spread her legs waiting for him.

“I’m going to fuck you now, you sexy little slut,” David said as he finished rolling on a condom looking down at her, “Now, take a deep breath before I start to fuck you.”

Tony and I just sat either side of them as David started to give Lynn her first black cock. Kneeling between her thighs he started wanking his big black cock slowly pointing the knob at her dripping pussy, she stared back at him hypnotised as his big cock moved ever closer to her cunt. He started to ease it inside, making her moan, then with a grunt he pushed his hips forward and buried another few inches deep inside her. She groaned, louder. I knew she was going to cum again.

“You like that, Baby?” David whispered. “You like black cock now, don’t you?” He started thrusting his cock in and out of me harder and harder.

“I love it,” I hissed back. “Fuck me harder!”

Keeping one hand under her, gripping her arse for control, the other hand groped her delicate breasts. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead and his muscular black arms glistened with sweat as he fucked her with abandon.

“Oh God! Dave! I’m going to cum! Mm! Fuck!”

“You’re a filthy little fuck, you know that Lynn? You want to feel me cum, huh?”

David started pumping faster and with a huge thrust came deep in her hot cunt.

“Oh yea baby, oh yea take it. Oh fuck!” He said as he came hard. He rammed his cock deep, grabbing her shoulders and continued to fuck her as he emptied into her pussy. When David finished cumming and got his breath back he climbed off Lynn, their bodies squelching with perspiration as they parted. I had my hard cock in my hand and knew I needed to cum and it wouldn’t take much.

“Please Gary, no more. No more! Please! I am so sore now.” Lynn said as I looked at her pussy. “I am fucked, literally.”

“I need to cum so bad honey!”

She rolled over and in one smooth movement took my cock in her mouth. I slid my cock in and out of her luscious mouth, as she started sucking and slurping noisily.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming,” I yelled as Lynn kept me deep in her mouth and swallowed every drop. After a few moments I stopped cumming and calmed down and we all went quiet, I pulled Lynn up from my lap and kissed her deeply, ignoring the fact that I had just come in her mouth. I looked at David and Tony and said, “I’m sorry to break this up guys, but I think we should get going. We need to shower and it’s a long drive home for us. Both the guys bent down and kissed Lynn and thanked her for a great time before shaking my hand and thanking me too. True gents, they said it best for them to stay with us and escort us to the couples changing rooms and showers as we had gathered quite an audience through the viewing window.

We showered and Lynn dressed and sorted out her make up before we rejoined the men in the bar for a last goodbye. They both gave a quiet wolf whistle as Lynn did a pose and twirl in her skintight trousers and see through top, now looking more like a sexy Mum instead of a wanton slut.

We left holding hands, “Have you had a good night Lynn?” I asked.

“Lovely thanks!” She replied with a genuine smile. “It was more than I could have possibly wished for! I think all my fantasies fulfilled, it will just be so hard going back home to be a “Stepford” wife again now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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