Full Moon Beach Party Pt. 02 Ch. 02

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02. Party time!

One of the girls in particular caught my eye. I don’t really know why, she just did. Average build, standing a bit taller than average, brown hair, pretty face. Somehow she stood out. That happens more to me, some girls just stand out. Getting closer I could clearly see her pretty eyes. It must be the eyes, beautiful dark eyes that were like magnets to me.

I approached her, asked her if she would want to join me for a drink, and of course she agreed. It’s their job to agree, I know that, it’s why they’re there, to please us. But it doesn’t make her any less attractive.

Her name was Rose. I like that name. Rose told me she’s a pole dancer, that explains her well toned arms and legs. It must be a delight to watch her dance.

We shared a few drinks and talked a bit about life, about beaches, and various other things. It was really nice talking to this girl, she’s an easy talker. I could tell she’s used to work the clubs, to talk to strangers.

And then those eyes, they were really beautiful. Like dark little puddles, drawing me in, making me drown in their depth. Smiling a lot, and smiling eyes are beautiful eyes. I could tell this girl is happy with who she is, and that also makes her look good.

For the rest, she’s pretty, not stunningly so. Average I’d say when trying to be objective. Rather small chest, but it fits the rest of her figure well. Slim waist and flat belly, very nicely shown off by those minimal clothes. I really liked what I was seeing, a natural and happy girl. That is so much better than a sultry supermodel, perfect measurements be damned. And then those eyes, they were wonderful.

Interestingly she had numbers written on her clothes, a nine on her top and a four on her skirt. The other girls also had numbers, it seemed they all had different numbers. I wondered what the meaning of those numbers is, but would find out soon enough. Knowing William, those clothes were due to be removed, and those numbers no doubt had to do with that.

With a drink and fun company time flies. Lunch had been prepared, and people started to eat. I was also getting hungry, having completely foregone the finger foods in lieu of talking to my pretty Rose, so I got up and took her with me to have lunch.

Lunch was excellent, there was so much to eat. Hot and cold dishes, salads and sandwiches, it was really fantastic. The saying goes, it doesn’t matter what you eat, it matters with whom you eat, well I say it both matters. Nothing beats excellent food with great company.

When we were done eating, William stood up for his welcome, and an introduction of today’s activities. He welcomed us all, gave a quick run down of the area and the amenities, and then came to the good part. Explaining the numbers. Now this was where the real fun was starting.

First of all he wanted us to change into our Speedos, which of course is a more beach-like attire than slacks and a dress shirt. Then we could go to his assistant Angel to get a bracelet, with a number on it, and find a girl with that number on her clothes and take that piece of clothing off of her.

Now that’s going to be interesting. Except that the hard part was that the girls were not going to sit and wait for us. But if we managed to catch one and get her clothes, we’d get to play for a bit with all her exposed bits. That sounded wonderful. This meant lots of beautiful half naked girls running around, and catching them was of course also a hands-on activity. Whether you had a matching number or not.

When he was done explaining, I looked at Rose and told her I enjoyed her company, and was looking forward to catch her later. She told me to remember her numbers, four, six, nine and eleven.

Four numbers? Two I knew already. It wasn’t hard to guess where the six and the eleven would be for. I told her I’d remember them well, gave her a hug, and quickly went to change into my Speedos, and then off to get a bracelet.

Angel, William’s assistant, looked stunning as usual. Really. She’s rather skinny, but oh my did she look good today. She was wearing a thigh-long raspberry rose dress, the front cut down to just below her small tits, just leaving the sides teasingly exposed. The waist of the dress was hugging her figure perfectly, it was backless with halter top. Her auburn hair was hanging loose on her shoulders, waving in the wind, her perfect smile finishing the look.

The bracelets were in a box, we were to draw one out, no way to select a number. My first one was a ten.

The girls were waiting a bit sheepishly, not sure what to do, and within seconds I managed to catch one. Grabbed her around the waist, and had a look at her clothes.

First time lucky, she had a ten on her well-filled top. I proceeded to strip the top off of her, and then claimed my five minutes. She looked really hot in that bra. It was a low cut bra, just covering her nipples, leaving the top part of her tits totally exposed.

She pressed casino oyna a button on a watch-like device on her arm, and said, “All yours now!” So that’s how they were going to keep track of time, clever.

The girl was looking good. Long blonde hair, falling to halfway her back. She was just over a head shorter than me. I put her down on the beach, it makes it much easier for me to get a good feel of a girl that way. I touched her smooth skin, she had a nice face. Round, blue eyes, button nose, and a very cute smile.

Her boobs were big, really big, especially considering the smallish girl they were attached to. They felt nice and appeared fully natural, unfortunately still that bra in the way. Her belly was smooth, her waist narrow, wide hips, and luscious, soft thighs. Very promising, and that was just the first of today. She felt really good. My Speedos started to feel really tight now.

Suddenly an alarm went off. Beep, beep, beep, it did.

“Sorry, time’s up,” she said. That was five minutes. It surely felt a lot shorter than that.

I helped her on her feet, and quickly went back for a new bracelet. The girl was immediately being chased down by another guy, and ran away, her boobs bouncing around seductively. I don’t know whether he could catch her, I just didn’t pay attention.

My next bracelet was a six. Oh my, this was my lucky day. Rose told me she had a six. Must be bra or panties, her top and skirt had other numbers, so this was going to be fun.

I looked around, hoping she was not engaged. There she was, my pretty Rose. She was looking in another direction, so I just went straight for her, hoping to catch her by surprise. That wasn’t to be, she saw me, and started running.

Damn, that girl was running fast, I could barely catch up with her. Finally I caught up, she tried to make some evasive manoeuvres, but I managed to grab her waist, crashing us both down in the sand.

We were both laughing and gasping after the run. Teasing her I asked her why she would run away from me. She replied was running away from a dangerous man that was clearly trying to steal her clothes. I played along, telling her I’m not stealing, that I want to make a trade instead, trading my beautiful bracelet for a boring piece of fabric.

She rolled on her back, arms above her head, and asked me to just check for myself, see if there was anything to trade.

I started with her top, looking at the number, looking at the bracelet, taking my time, running my hands over her soft body in the meantime. The skirt just so. I knew it had to be under there somewhere, just not which of the two. Then I flipped her skirt, and found an eleven there. Then finally I pushed aside her top to expose her bra, and of course there it was. A six.

I removed her bra, and claimed my five minutes. She pressed the button, and said she’s all mine.

She looked gorgeous. I sat down on her legs, at first just taking in the sight. I looked at her eyes, her hair spread out in the sand around her head, her nipples clearly visible under her stretchy top. I watched her chest move up and down with her breath.

I put my hands on her waist, slowly feeling her curves. A very nicely shaped waist with a smooth firm belly. My hands moved onto her chest, feeling her boobs. They were not big, about a hand full, but felt really wonderful. I massaged them a bit, feeling her nipples harden. I was really looking forward to see and feel more of them. I felt her shoulders, well toned, smoothly continuing up in her neck. I felt the muscles in her arms. She had closed her eyes, breathing noticeably faster.

My hands moved back over her body, back to those nice and soft boobs, massaging her again. She moaned a bit when I gently pinched her hard nipples through the fabric of her top. I felt her belly, her shallow belly button, massaging her body lightly.

Then the beep, beep, beep of her alarm sounded. Disappointed I got up, offered her my hand and helped her getting up as well and gave her my bracelet. She looked sexy, braless in her tight top, the contours of her tits were totally visible, and her nipples were sticking out. Delicious. And very promising.

I walked back for my third bracelet, an eight this time. Looking around I didn’t see eight anywhere, so just started to randomly chase down some girls.

They were damned fast, but I managed to catch one after a while. Tackling her by the waist I worked her down to the beach and “accidentally” ended up with my face on her soft boobs. That didn’t feel too bad. Unfortunately after thorough inspection of all her clothes I could not find a match to my bracelet so had to send her off, and chase another one.

A brunette came running roughly my direction, her boobs bouncing deliciously in her top. She was not very big upfront but clearly also lost her bra already. I took a beeline for her and a moment later I grabbed her tit, stopping her in her tracks. Very nice, right on target.

Again no canlı casino luck, no eight on her too, so I handed her off to her original chaser who proceeded to remove her top. The lucky bastard. Those tits really looked nice, smallish with nice pink nipples. I hoped to get a turn with her later.

My luck was running out, I chased a few more, caught one, but again got no match for my bracelet.

Tea was announced, so we all got a break. The girls were in various states of undress. Plenty of boobs out in the open, some naked from the waist down, it was really an interesting sight. None was completely naked yet, though.

At the tea table I almost immediately ran into Rose, who was sitting at the table chatting with a an almost completely naked girl. Rose was still wearing her top, but her skirt was gone. She was wet, apparently had taken a dip in the sea, making her clothes transparent. I could easily see the shape of her tits, straining against the wet fabric, a sight to behold.

The other girl introduced herself as Alicia, and shook my hand. A very normal greeting, as if she was not standing there near naked. I love it when a girl is so confident with her body. She had auburn curls, brown eyes, and was a bit bigger built than Rose with nice full boobs.

I told Rose she looked stunning, even better than before. She smiled, a very sweet smile. I was drowning in her eyes again. I told her I was hoping to get an eleven soon, that would be my ultimate prize.

She didn’t say anything, she just looked at me, she appeared to be thinking of something. I saw her nipples starting to grow, which was very obvious under her wet top. I commented on that, suggesting that she also seemed to like the idea of me getting her panties. She tried to brush it off, saying it was just the wind chilling her wet clothes, but she was not exactly convincing.

While finishing tea I spotted a dark blonde girl sporting an eight on her top. Her curly hair was tied in a ponytail. This was a bigger girl, fairly full built, her obviously braless boobs straining against her top. That was going to be my next target. I kept an eye on her, and as soon as the chase was on again I went for it.

When she saw me approaching, she started to run. I saw her round boobs swing in her top. She was a quick runner, and tried to avoid my approach, but just seconds later I had my arms around her anyway. We fell on the ground, she landed half on top of me. A bit of a rough landing but my prize was in my hands.

She laughed, she was obviously having a good time. I heard a lot of laughter around me, that always happens when you have adults run around like little kids.

Time to claim my prize. I quickly proceeded to strip her top off of her, exposing her beautiful boobs. They were indeed rather big, hanging a bit under their own weight. Dark nipples on large aureoles, a perfect match for the rest of the girl. Just looking at her made my cock stir.

I didn’t wait for her to set her timer and immediately started to suck her like a baby. As she was sitting in the sand, I used one hand to support her back a bit and the other to massage the other tit. I slowly pushed her back down in the sand, continuing to suck and massage her.

After a while I took my mouth off her nipples, and started to run my hands over her body. I really wanted to get a better feel of the rest of her body too. Her boobs were fantastic, but the rest was nice too. She was really round and soft, and felt wonderful.

My Speedos were getting really too tight now, I wonder who thought it’s a good idea to have us wear such a small garment, it was like torture. Knowing time was running out, I decided to get my dick out of its constraints. I put it on her chest, and pressed her boobs together. Now that was wonderful, fucking those soft boobs. She laughed when I did it, she told me she enjoys giving boob jobs, especially seeing the head of the guy’s dick peeking out from between her boobs. She playfully licked the head of my dick a few times when it was in reach of her tongue.

When the alarm went I let go of her boobs, and with some effort managed to pack my dick in those tight Speedos again. It was not exactly comfortable, but it had to do.

I returned to the beautiful Angel for another armband. Oh my, it was really my lucky day, an eleven! I felt my dick harden immediately, it almost popped right out of my Speedos. Now where’s that girl gone, my Rose? I wanted her, badly. I wanted pussy, Rose’s pussy. I wanted to look in those dark eyes while fucking her hard.

I spotted her, not far away, and immediately ran for her as fast as I could.

She saw me coming, and again was playing hard to get. Catch me if you can, she must have been thinking. She ran away, fast, I managed to catch up. She started to twist and turn, making it hard for me to grab her.

It was fun, seeing that tight ass, her muscles tense in her beautiful long legs as she made her turns, her boobs swinging in her kaçak casino top. We ended up in the sea, and there I finally managed to stop her. As additional bonus we got wet so her top became completely transparent again, really not leaving anything to the imagination.

Finally, I had what I wanted. I picked her up from the water, and carried her up the beach. We were well away from the rest of the party, all the better.

I slowly removed her tiny panties, revealing my ultimate prize. I touched her pussy with one hand while massaging her tits with the other, she felt wonderful. I told her she really looked better every time I saw her. And I meant it, this body really should not be covered up so much. It’s a work of art, and is meant to be seen.

She started her timer and from that moment was all mine. I kissed her pussy, licking her, but all I could taste was the salty seawater. I hoped to get a taste of her. She reacted strongly to my touch.

While I sucked her I freed my dick, and moved up until my dick reached her hot opening. I guided the head in, and slowly continued to push my dick into her pussy.

She put her legs around me, pushing me in. Oh man that girl was hot, she obviously wanted it too. We started to fuck, first slow, then harder. Hard and deep I fucked her hot pussy, I felt her getting wetter with every thrust. She felt wonderful. I looked at her face, her wanting eyes looked at me.

Too soon her alarm went. Knowing we shouldn’t cheat I reluctantly pulled out. I told her we should finish this up tonight. And then properly. She agreed, and told me to make sure to last long for her. I didn’t know what to say, that was not exactly the answer I expect from an escort girl. Maybe it just proves that escort girls have feelings too, I’m sure this was not just acting. Eyes can’t lie, and her eyes told me she wanted me.

My next bracelet was a five. I looked around, and saw a very busty girl with long black hair sporting a five on her skirt. That was my next target.

She didn’t see me coming, I grabbed her naked tits from behind. They were really big, but unfortunately not natural. I took her skirt, but to my disappointment she was still wearing her panties! No more pussy. And fake tits do not a good fuck make.

So the next five minutes I just enjoyed myself playing with her, and had her suck my dick. She felt nice, and was quite OK at giving a blow job. She really shouldn’t have added those implants, I’m sure without them she’d be big enough. Oh well, can’t have it all.

I was now really going fast handing out bracelets and collecting clothes. I lost count. That should have been at least five by now, so I was going for my sixth. Only two bracelets left in the box, so the game was almost done. This was going to be my last, and the girl’s last, so that was going to be more pussy for me for sure.

I really needed to shoot my load soon or my balls would explode. Five minutes should be enough for that.

Maybe I should save my load for Rose? I wasn’t sure what to do. Would I be able to get her with me for some private time after the game is finished? She’s not obliged to. I don’t really have the right to ask her. But it seemed she’s interested in me as well. She was so eager to agree to extra time tonight.

I looked at my bracelet, a fifteen. Not many girls left. Several were engaged, a few were hanging around. I randomly started chasing one. A bit chubby, those don’t run fast, easy catch and at the least a nice grope. Very soft, luscious tits. Indeed an easy catch, but not my number.

The third one that I caught was the correct one. Bra number fifteen. Long black hair, tinted skin, she definitely had some Asian features in her face but probably mixed blood. Small, beautiful tits, not even a hand full, standing firm from her chest with remarkably large dark brown nipples. I wasted no time sucking those delicious nipples.

After spending a minute or so there, I moved down to her pussy. Fully shaven, very smooth, and very deliciously tasting. I dove in, licked her labia, sucked her clit, enjoying her reaction. I heard her moans, she started to get wetter, and her taste intensified. Her nectar tasted really like heaven, the perfect combination of sweet and salty. And the occasional grain of sand, to remind me we were doing it on a beach. I really loved her taste, and almost forgot I was going to fuck her too.

She was really wet, and pretty tight. She felt very good around my dick. My balls were full and under pressure, but she was so wet it made it easy for me to hold back. I had decided I was going to save my first shot for Rose. A minute later time was up already, and my sampling of her pussy came to an end. Sampling that certainly made me want more of this girl.

Knowing the game was finished I just delivered her bra to Angel and went to the bar, looking for Rose, hoping for a little private time with her.

She was at the bar, together with Alicia, whom I met during tea time. They both looked stunning, naked and having great fun. They were doing body shots, Alicia told, smiling. She also said that they were just about to do one off Rose, and if I wanted to join.

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