Fuckfest in Phoenix

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The first time I saw her, I knew I was going to fuck her.

I’d checked into a hotel in Phoenix, Arizona, only a couple of days earlier, and she had been working behind the desk. Her name was Shari; it said so on her name tag. We never spoke that first day – another woman checked me in – but we did look at each other. Just once. And right then I knew.

Sometimes you just know a woman wants your dick in her fuckholes. And this was definitely one of those times.

She was 34, blonde, pretty, married, and blessed with a body that was built to fuck. It gets insanely hot in Phoenix in the summertime, and the desert heat can do crazy shit to your head. One day, while I was outside catching some rays by the pool, Shari sex-walked past the pool area in these tight, black, rayon-type pants and stared at me with these glittering, bright green eyes, that said, “Fuck me. I’d had her pegged for a flirt from Day One – the kind who wanted men to want her, the kind who kept a mental scorecard upon which she tallied the number of guys who expressed sexual interest in her on any given day. Usually she never went farther than sexual innuendo and flirtatious glances, but this time, she was playing Fuck Chess with a grandmaster and I was definitely going to “mate” her.

“Hi Steve,” she said as she leaned against the security fence that surrounded the pool, her erect nipples clearly visible as they poked through the fabric of her white, corporate blouse. Even from a distance of 10 yards away I could see that they were plump, pink and perky – like pencil erasers.

No bra, I thought to myself. What a fucking slut.

“Hello yourself,” I replied in a low voice, dropping my sunglasses in order to let her know that I wanted a better look. I was on my stomach on a pool recliner as I paused for a moment, to stare at her tits. “Damn hot today, ain’t it.”

“Oh yeah,” she muttered in agreement. “Too hot to work.” She rested her elbows on the four-foot high fence, and leaned forward, giving me a direct view of her cleavage.

“What time do you get off,” I said point-blank.

The query caught her off guard. She looked flustered for a moment, but when she brushed her blonde hair away from her face in a nervous gesture, with this desperately sexy smile on her face, I knew I had her in the bag. Like I said earlier, sometimes you just know that you’re going to fuck the shit out of a woman.

She smiled sluttily at me, and her eyes widened. “I get off in 20 minutes.”

“Oh you’re gonna get off all right,” I said to her with dead certainty in my voice. My dick started to harden in my Nike shorts. I rolled on to my back and put my arms behind my head as I lay back on the pool recliner, so she could take a look at my growing bulge. Her eyes narrowed and she licked her lips hungrily while she stared at my crotch. I saw her gulp, just once, as her green eyes dilated.

“I’ll be in my room in 20 minutes,” I said to her, never taking my eyes off of hers. “Bring that pussy over and I’ll teach it how to do shit you can’t pronounce…”

She smiled crazily at me, with this pure look of absolute lust on her face, peered around nervously, in order to make sure nobody else was watching, and, finally satisfied, she looked back at me one final time, nodded, and mouthed the words, “Fuck me,” as she turned on her heels and headed back to the office.

Women can get crazier than shit sometimes, when it comes to sex. They are definitely hornier than men, as a rule – and by a wide, wide margin. And they get crazy horny periodically, to the point where they’ll do anything to get dick – doesn’t matter if they’re married, single, or living with the greatest guy in the world. When the planets line up in just the right way, they’ll do any damned thing. They’ll go out of town and get gangbanged by strangers in a hotel room, or a van, or whatever is handy; they’ll call cab companies and ask for a black driver so that they get reamed in the ass by a dick that has a high probability of being large. As long as they know that nobody is going to find out, most women will fuck anybody, anywhere, anytime. Women scheme on sex casino siteleri the way corporatists scheme on squeezing more money out of the brain-dead masses. But in the same vein, women know they can’t shit in their own nest, by fucking every guy with a big dick who happens to live in their town. But they will definitely take their shots at that sport, too, when the odds of not being caught are in their favor.

Thank god this was one of those times…

I waited another 10 minutes, then went back to my room. It was at the very end of the hotel, downstairs. I slipped inside and took a quick shower, in order to get the sand and sweat off my body. The water felt fantastic, as I soaped up and thought about what was going to happen in a few minutes. My dick started rising to the occasion as I fantasized about what Shari’s pussy might look like. She had a pretty face. And that usually meant “pretty pussy”. I could tell that she hadn’t been fucked worth a damn in a long, long time. Any man can tell that, just by looking at a woman’s face, once the flirting starts.

I put on a fresh pair of athletic shorts and a Texas Longhorns T-shirt, then sat down on edge of the bed and waited, scanning a few articles in the local newspaper. I glanced at the microwave clock in the kitchen after a bit, and saw that Shari was officially two minutes late. I wondered if she’d had second thoughts.

That notion evaporated from my mind instantly, when I heard a light knock on the door.

I glanced through the peephole, and saw Shari standing there, nervously, as she looked around with quick, furtive glances. She had to be really horny, I thought to myself, to take a chance on fucking a guest, during the afternoon hours, at the very place where she worked. Oh well. Like I said, sometimes women do crazy shit for dick.

I opened the door and motioned her inside, with a Cheshire grin on my face. She walked in quickly, brushing her taut nipples against my right shoulder as she moved past me, and I immediately closed the door behind her.

“Like a drink?” I asked her in a light-hearted manner, as I motioned for her to sit down on the couch in the tiny living room section of the hotel suite. I walked toward the adjacent small kitchen in anticipation of her saying, “Yes” – but my mouth widened in surprise as she moved briskly to the bedroom area, while I continued to hover near the refrigerator door.

She immediately kicked off her work shoes and began to unbutton her blouse. “No,” she said firmly, turning to face me, as I watched her crisp, white shirt fall to the floor. “I want your dick in my ass and pussy. I want you to fuck my mouth, and use me. I want you to cum in me, and all over me, until I can’t take it anymore. I’m a slut, and you know I’m a slut, and I want your big fucking dick.”

I didn’t need an engraved invitation. I jumped around the desktop work station that separated the kitchen from the living room area, and peeled my T-shirt off, as I moved briskly towards her. She was now completely naked, and she lay back against the three pillows that were stacked in front of the headboard on the bed. She stared fixatedly at my dick as I pulled down my shorts, and she started madly rubbing her clit in tight, wet circles, with the index finger of her right hand.

I paused for a few moments to drink it all in – Jesus-fucking-Christ her body was incredible.

“You like to watch, don’t you, slut,” I growled at her, while staring at her glistening pussy. She nodded once, her eyes widening in anticipation.

“Then watch me jerk off, whore,” I ordered her. “I’m gonna shred your holes with this big fucking dick…”

I took my thick, eight-inch cock in my right hand, let my shorts drop to the floor around my ankles, and started to jerk off slowly, while I watched her play with her pussy. She stared at my dick, mesmerized, parting her legs wider and angling her body toward me on the bed, so I could stare directly into her now-dripping pussy. Her juices were flowing steadily out of her vagina and I could see a stream of pussy fluid trickling down to her asshole, where it puddled, and then overflowed canlı casino on to the bed sheet.

“You’re a slut, aren’t you,” I said to her in a low, rough-edged, knowing voice; it was a statement that we both knew was true beyond a shadow of a doubt.

“Yes,” she said, gasping, as she spread her legs even further. She was rubbing her clit faster now, and she never took her eyes off my cock as I stroked it harder and harder, from a distance of about five feet away.

“Don’t you fucking cum, bitch,” I ordered her. “Open your fucking mouth and take your hand off your clit. I’m gonna fuck your throat.”

She immediately did what she was told, tilting her head back on the pillow and opening her mouth, licking her lips and smiling like the little fuck-slut whore we both knew she was. She kept her legs spread wide, and started to thrust her pelvis up and down, up and down, leering at me with a crazed, sexual smile on her face.

I leapt at her like a hungry dog and straddled her chest, shoving my thick, cum-shooting cock into her open mouth. She shuddered and gagged, pressing the open palm of her right hand against my abdomen, in attempt to lessen the impact of my thrust. It didn’t work – I was balls deep inside her throat in an instant.

She loved it. I looked down and saw her eyes widen as I began to pump steadily, thrusting my hips, and working my big, veiny dick in and out of her pink-lipped, hungry mouth. I reached down with my right hand and squeezed her left breast like it was a piece of meat. Her nipple hardened until it stood out about a half an inch from her creamy, perfectly shaped breast – and she moaned like a bitch in heat, while I squeezed and thrusted, squeezed and thrusted, as she rubbed her clit with her fingertips while spittle and drool oozed from her grasping mouth.

“Focus on ME now, cunt…rub my balls with your right hand,” I ordered her.

She immediately stopped rubbing her clit and began fondling and rubbing my ball sac, working her practiced fingers on my nuts like a safe-cracker at a sperm bank. She knew instinctively what I wanted, what I required, and as she massaged my balls while I continued to fuck her face, I reached back and shoved two fingers inside her impossibly wet pussy, using my thumb to rub her clit. I mimicked the exact movements of her fingertips on my nuts, as I worked her throbbing clit with my thumb. She shuddered and sucked harder at my dick as I began to thrust faster and faster inside her warm, slutty mouth, the back of her head now banging against the padded headboard of the bed while I fucked her throat in urgency like a rabid animal.

“I love the smell of your asshole – you understand that, don’t you, bitch,” I hissed at her, grabbing a handful of her blonde hair and pulling my cock out of her mouth for an instant, so she could answer my question.

“Yes!” she screamed, rubbing my swollen balls harder while she smiled like a cum-rabid whore. She bent lower and sucked hungrily at my balls – just once – and quickly pulled away from them in a teasing fashion, as thick, viscous strands of spittle dangled from her blood-engorged mouth.

There’s nothing quite like the site of a woman’s lips, all swollen from sucking cock – add in the fact that she was smiling, and her eyes were begging me to let loose completely, and that was all it took to put me over the edge.

I stood up on the bed in a flash, reached down, and grabbed her with both hands by the waist, flipping her on to her stomach easily as I knelt behind her, using my knees to spread her legs wide, while she aimed her tight, pink asshole toward the ceiling. I leaned in close and sucked her neck, inhaling her scent, as I squeezed her beautiful tits with both hands from behind, while rubbing my big dick up and down vertically along the crack of her ass – she smelled of soap and perfume and sex.

“Rape, BITCH,” I intoned directly into her ear, leaning still closer. “Rape you…all…fucking…day.”

I thrust my dick inside her wet cunt at the precise moment that I uttered the word, “bitch” – and she orgasmed. Her entire body shuddered as she let out a moan kaçak casino that made every inch of my skin tingle. She shuddered, and shuddered, and shuddered again, writhing beneath the urgency of my rabid, frenzied, focused, sexual assault, as her insanely desperate pussy gripped my rock-hard prick with all its might. I pounded her cunt with pornographic precision, forcing her head down on the bed with my right hand, my hips bucking wildly as she spread her legs wider and wider, her body going completely limp underneath me, her vagina contracting again and again, again and again; her supple, toned legs bent at the knees; her perfect, pink toenails pointing toward the ceiling in utter submission; her eyes wild; her moans and cat-like shrieks permeating the sex-scented air that surrounded us.

I continued to power-fuck her tiny cunt, and she continued to orgasm like a wild-eyed slut – until she suddenly cried out, as if suffering from the sudden onset of sexual Tourettes – “OH my fucking GOD…OH my fucking GOD…OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OH,” as I pounded her harder and harder, reaching underneath her with both hands now, and lifting her up completely off the bed, her legs dangling like a rag doll’s beneath her sweat-coated body, while I gripped her hips tightly, my blood-engorged dick jack-hammering inside her pink, slutty, still-contracting pussy.

“You fucking slut, you love dick, you love being fucked by strangers, you’re a cum-loving, cocksucking slut-bitch-WHORE and you want my fucking HOT CUM in your asshole don’t you, BITCH” – I spat the last word out, and felt my balls contracting in a pre-orgasmic shudder. I stopped fucking her immediately, gripped the base of my cock tight with my right hand to keep from cumming, dropped her to the bed face-down, positioned my cockhead against her moist, tight asshole, shoved it inside with one powerful thrust, and, as we both grunted in satisfaction, I ejaculated inside her pink, perfect, asshole for what seemed like 30 seconds straight. She moaned like a whore the entire time, her face bright red, her jaw muscles clenched, the veins standing out on her neck as she squeezed my pulsating dick with her luscious asshole, anticipating every single squirt, every minute droplet, ever pulsation of my cock, as I filled her ass with my boiling sperm.

After leaving my still-pulsating cock inside her beautiful ass for several more minutes, I slowly pulled it out, rolled her on to her back, straddled her face, and shoved it deep into her mouth again, so she could clean it off. She sucked at my dick hungrily, licking every square inch of it, over and over, her pretty hands cupping my balls, her tongue and whorish mouth working together in perfect unison, nibbling and sucking and licking at the tip of my cock, all the way to the base, and back again, with a mind-boggling, rhythmic intensity, until it was completely clean.

We fucked like animals for another several hours that day, taking only brief, periodic breaks. I used her fuckholes and took from her what I wanted, and she used my cock in return, and at the end of the day, we were both drained, happy and completely satisfied.

After fucking her from behind later that evening while we stood near the door of the hotel room, and dumping a final load inside her tiny, cum-craving cunt, Shari asked me for my cell phone number before exiting. I balked at first – giving a married woman my cell number was not something I typically did. But she convinced me that her husband was a non-factor in the equation, and what we had going on was strictly between us and us alone, and, besides, she had a girlfriend she wanted to introduce me to…

Since I was leaving for Las Vegas the next morning, and since Shari had indicated that she had no problem making the eight-hour drive to come up to Vegas in order to get her brains fucked out again, the temptation was too hard to resist, and I finally relented.

It’s going to be a great summer. I’m already thinking about what will happen when Shari and her slutty girlfriend make the drive up to Vegas. Who knows, by then, I’ll probably have another fuck-slut lined up – might as well make it a foursome.

Like I said earlier, sometimes you just know a woman wants your dick in her fuckholes.

And there are plenty of them out there, waiting to get the shit fucked out of them, if you only have eyes to see…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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