Fuck Me

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I whimper helplessly as Cole’s tongue draws circles over my clit.

I’ve never wanted to fuck so much in my life.

I fist my fingers in Cole’s blonde hair in an attempt to hold him in place, but he stops his attentions and laughs at my frustration.

“Tell him what you want.”

I love the way Derek takes charge, and I love how dirty his mouth is.

I answer breathlessly “I want to come!”

Without another word Derek bends down and takes my nipple into his mouth while Cole sucks my clit.

The pressure is building fantastically when they both stop. I feel the loss of their mouths deep in my soul.

The disappointment of the ruined orgasm is devastating.

I buck my hips and beg “Please, please. I want to come.”

“You can’t always get what you want princess.”

Derek’s deep voice drips with amusement as tears threaten to spill from my eyes.

He points to Cole and commands “Get up and undress him.”

I take a moment to admire Cole’s bare chest and the deep lines just above his hips.

I make quick work of the torn jeans before looking back to Derek for my next direction.

The hundred watt smile I’m rewarded with tells me he’s pleased that I looked to him.

“What do you want?” Derek asks, per usual.

“I want to suck his cock.” I reply, but what I really want is to suck both of their cocks. I want to strip Derek out of his charcoal grey suit. I don’t want him to just watch me this time.

Like he can read my mind, Derek fists his hand in my hair at the nape of my neck and forces my head back so that I’m looking him in the eyes.

“Do not lie to me! What do you want?”

I boldly answer “I want to strip you out of that suit and take you in my mouth, I want to feel you deep in my throat. I want to gag around your cock.”

Cole squeezes my nipple and in his easy going tone asks “Hey now princess, what about me?”

I smile at casino oyna him “I want you in my mouth too.”

Derek roughly presses his lips to mine, obviously pleased with my confession.

He orders me to undress him so I take my time. Running my hands over the expanse of his hard chest.

His cock is huge, much bigger than his brother’s, and Cole doesn’t have a small cock by any stretch of the imagination.

I sink to my knees, the cold hardwoods are uncomfortable, but I don’t care. I just want to feel their cocks in my hands, I want to wrap my lips around their cocks and taste the saltiness of their skin.

With a dick in each hand, I slowly run the head of Derek’s cock across my lips. I dart my tongue out to lick the moisture gathered there.

I start at the base and slowly lick my way to the head, while I pump Cole’s cock in my hand.

I finally open my mouth and wrap it around Derek’s cock, but just the head. Satisfied I can take more of him I stretch my mouth wider and take him in slowly until my nose is nearly to his abs.

I feel Cole’s hand on the back of my head, slowly guiding me further.

“That’s it baby, take my brother’s cock. All the way, you’ve got it.”

I do have it. Derek’s cock is in my throat and I try hard to suppress my gag reflex, but it doesn’t work and my throat constricts. I pull away coughing.

I take Cole in my mouth now, eager for more. Back and forth I suck, running my tongue in circles over his smooth skin.

Derek grabs my hair and jerks me away from Cole’s cock.

“You’re not getting off that easy little one.”

I open my lips wide, but am not expecting the force of which he enters my mouth.

Derek’s head hits the back of my throat like a ramming rod. Causing me to cough and gag, but instead of pulling away he holds me there.

“Look at her brother.” Cole says “she likes it rough.”

Cole bends down to my level as Derek let’s canlı casino me up for air. I gasp, my eyes watering and smile.

“More please.”

I can’t help it. I love it, I love the pain, and the challenge.

“Take his cock baby, let him fuck your mouth.” Cole encourages me and I feel invincible. I relish in the feel of Derek’s cock hitting my throat, over, and over, and over.

When Derek holds my nose shut and shoves his cock in my mouth my pussy pulses painfully.

My insatiable need for cock outweighs the fact that I can’t breathe. I close my eyes and take in the feel of losing air, the feel of the hard cock taking up every spare inch of space in my mouth. I feel my throat constrict around him, over and over as I fight not to gag.

Finally Derek pulls out of my mouth and drags me to my feet.

“Good Girl.” He praises.

My pussy tightens at his words. I want them both so band I can barely stand to be in my own skin.

My nerves are on fire. I want them to stretch my cunt. I want to scream their names. I want to feel a cock in my mouth while the other pounds my pussy.

I crawl on the bed on my hands and knees. Wordlessly asking for what I want.

Derek smiles “You can’t always have what you want princess. Get on top of Cole. I want to look at you as you ride my brother.”

I feel disappointed that Derek is only going to watch again, but my cunt is greedy for a cock so I straddle Cole and lower myself.

“That’s a good girl, now ride me while my brother watches.”

I ride Cole… slowly. Inching his cock out of my pussy then slowly letting him fill me again.

The bed dips as Derek climbs up behind me.

“Let me feel how tight she is little brother.” He asks.

Oh, God.

Derek’s cock hurts. It’s stretches my cunt but the pain becomes pleasure and I feel my muscles gripping around him, greedy for more.

When he pulls out and Cole enters me again kaçak casino I feel a sense of loss… until I feel Derek press himself against my ass.

I start to protest, but Cole takes my mouth and silences my word.

Derek speaks to Cole in an amused tone.

“I don’t think she’s had a cock in her ass before little brother. Should I show her how good it feels?”

Cole’s eyes sparkle and he looks me in the eyes as he answers. “Fuck her tight hole good for me big bro.”

I feel Derek’s cock coaxing my ass to open. It’s painful already. I squeeze my cunt around Cole’s cock and wait for the intense pain I know is coming.

He didn’t even bother to warm me up, there’s no lube other that the wetness from my own pussy.

I force myself to relax, focusing on the cock filling my pussy instead of the one poised to rip my ass open.

With one push Derek enters my virgin ass and I scream, struggling to get away from the pain, but I’m stuck between Derek and Cole with no choice but to take both the cock in my cunt, and the one in my ass.

A cock in my cunt, and a cock in my ass… wait… I like this.

The pain subsides and they both begin to move. I’ve never felt anything so wonderful in my life. My screams become moans.

I beg “Please… yes… please?”

“Do you want to come little one?”

Why does Derek insist on making me ask for it!

Angrily I scream “Please make me cum. PLEASE!”

Derek and Cole both move faster. Cole pounding my cunt and Derek stretching my ass.

The pressure builds and builds, it becomes almost painful and I snap.

My vision fails me as every nerve in my body explodes with the orgasm.

I vaguely feel both cocks pulsing inside me and shots of hot liquid fill both of my holes.

Derek and Cole pull out and leave me on the bed. My ass is up and my face is buried in the pillows.

My stomach clenches at the fact that my pussy and ass are both filled with hot cum. I love it, I love the feeling of it leaking out of me, mixing with my own cum and dripping down my legs.

I’ll never be able to have regular sex again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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