Friends Swing for the First Time

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Shelly and I were married when we both graduated from college. We are both in our late 30’s, having good careers and a great family with our teen girl and boy. Living in a suburbs in a very nice neighborhood and with good friends seem to be a American dream. We would often spend our Fridays at Jerry and Katie’s place. Usually Ron and Mandy would stop in after all the kids would end up in their recreation room. They would be there for hours playing video games. Many time the kids would just get played out and sleep the night there and we would just picked them up on Saturday morning.

One Friday night we all met up at Jerry and Katie, Bruce and Misty stopped in. They did not usually stop in since they were both in the late 20’s and usually went out clubbing. When we asked what was up, they just said that they were getting bored with the club routine plus it was getting a little too expensive. Mandy made the comment that maybe they are just getting to old and need to have a couple of kids to make their lives complete. They just laugh and said that is something they will planned down the road. Well all us guys were just sitting around on the patio drinking a couple a beers while the girls were in the living room drinking wine and watch a program on television. We could usually hear them laughing or discussing some topic that they would be watching but tonight they were quiet and intrigued at the program.

Jerry gets up and said he going to get some beers, on his way back he stops to see what the girls are watching. It one of those cable channels running a documentary on alternate life styles. After waiting a few minutes we start yelling for Jerry and the beers. When he come out he tells us what they are watching. Jerry opens the blinds and sides open the door, we all turn our seats and can see what they are watching.

” Can you believe that just sitting there watching and not saying a thing” goes Jerry.

” Yea you would think that they would be arguing up a storm on that topic” Ron pitches back.

After a few minutes we just go back to sitting there drinking but it was somewhat different this evening. We spent most of the time just waiting to hear them say something. After a couple of hours we call it the night. We walked over to Ron and Mandy’s but the kids are all asleep on the floor and couches. ” We just get them in the morning”

Ron replies “yea, just let them sleep.”

When Shelly and me got home, I had to ask what was up with them all being so intrigued with what they were watching. She looked at me with that deer in the headlight look. She just stayed silent there for a minute or two. She then just kind goes ” we didn’t know that you guys were spying on us.”

“What – we were all sitting out on the patio – we usually hear you girls in there laughing or chatting about something. It was just odd that you all were so quiet.”

“Well it just nothing – just an interesting program. Something wrong with us girls watching something interesting?”

With that Shelly jumps into the bed and rolls the comforter over her and goes to sleep.

The next day I walk over to Ron’s to get the kids. Ron is out in his back yard. I walk over to him and ask” What was up the girls last night? Shelly just got all pissed with me and went to bed.”

“Yea, Mandy was really somewhat chatty last night. Asking me questions about my relations that I had with other girls before we got together. Not really sure what that was all about.”

Just then my cell phone goes off, it’s Jerry. ” Hey what up Jerry?”

He just quiet for a moment then he goes,” I know that this might sound somewhat strange but Katie was asking me if I ever thought about having sex with anyone else but her?”

” What did you tell her?”

” I just say no.”

I looked at Ron and said” Something is just really odd here. Had to be something with that program that they were watching last night.”

Heading out to the home improvement store and I run into Bruce. “Hey Bruce – was Misty acting odd last night?”

“What do mean?”

“Asking odd questions about sex or just acting plain out strange.”

Bruce looked at me and laughed.

“What so funny? Shelly was just plain pissed off and I have no idea what I did.”

“I asked Misty what they were watching last night. She said that it was a program on swinging. You know like two or more couples getting together and having sex with each other.”

“What – does she think that I screwing someone else? This just doesn’t make any sense to me.”

“Don’t get yourself all in a uproar there – just they were watching it and I guess they were talking about it last night among themselves. After a day or two they probably forget all about it and go on to some other topic.”

I called Jerry and Ron later and told them what Bruce told me. We just all agreed that this would probably just pass.

Following Friday came and like the usual routine we met up over at Jerry and Katie, the kids were at Ron’s playing videos. Around seven it casino oyna started getting cloudy and we could feel some rain falling so we headed indoors to the kitchen. Sitting there drinking some beers, the girls are in the living room laughing.

“Well looks like it back to the normal for them” Ron goes.

Mandy yells out” Hey guys come on down.”

We just all kind of look at each other think now what’s up. So we pick up our beers and go into the living room. The television is off and the girls are just sitting there quiet. After a few awkward minutes of just standing there Mandy goes ” any of your guys have ever thought about – you know like swinging or something?”

Ron almost dropped his beer and looking stunned. Jerry just stood there and Bruce just sort of smirked a little and then just put his hand over his face. After a few more minutes of silence Mandy say” Well guess that dead subject.”

We just went back to the kitchen sitting there not even finishing the beers we had, just wondering what that was all about.

Later that evening I picked up the kids and we headed home. After they went to bed, I went up to the bedroom and asked Shelly what was that all about?

“Well last week we were watching the show on alternate life styles and they were talking to some swingers. How they like doing what they do and how it makes their sex life more interesting.”

” You serious? I mean what…who….don’t I satisfy you?”

“No it has nothing to do with that. You are great lover and all. Just doesn’t it intrigue you one bit? Serious haven’t you ever wonder what be like to get a blowjob from different woman while I would be watching or maybe doing the same thing to some other guy?”

I just sat there – somewhat amazed that my wife of all these years is saying this. I really didn’t know what to say – so I just go ” You are serious about this? I mean are the other girls thinking this or what?”

“Babe just relax – just talking about it. I really don’t think this is going to go anywhere anyhow. Just us girls being girls.”

With that said she pulled the covers back and pulls my shorts down. “Hmmmm that just looks so good” as Shelly slowly stars to stroke my dick.

I really didn’t what this was about. She is usually not the aggressor when it comes to starting sex. After a few minutes of stroking I could feel her mouth covering the head of my dick. She was just not of the other girls who really like to give blowjobs. But I was just enjoying the moment. Her mouth was just sliding up and down my staff, she really getting into this. After a few minutes she climbed off the side of the bed and I could see in shadows that she pulling her bottoms off. She got back into the bed and got into a 69 position. Her pussy was already wet. I put my tongue into her clit and her juices just tasted so good. She went back to sucking my cock and to my surprise I could feel her lips at the base of my cock this was rare occasion, seems in the past few years I only got this type of treatment on special occasions. I love the feel of her lips running up and down along with the movement of her tongue. After a few minutes I pull her off and onto her back. I grab her legs and push them towards her exposing her wet pussy and ass. I lounge into her clit and run my tongue from the top working towards her ass.

About ten minutes into this she moans out” Baby fuck me”.

Without hesitation I go to satisfy her command.

The next morning I go to Shelly and ask her if she was serious. I just had to find out what was going on with her. One day she all pissed and the next she is one horny vixen. “What is all this that you were talking about last night? You really want to us to be with other people having sex? What else were you thinking about last night when we were making love? Where you thinking of me or someone else? Come on babe what’s this all about?”

“Well that show we were watching the other night just got me thinking. I mean that we be faithful to each other all these years. Haven’t you ever just wonder what it would be like? Mandy and Katie were thinking the same thing. It would just be us – not like picking up some strangers or something.”

” You are serious about this aren’t you and the other girls them too? I mean what if we …. I mean what if we did go through with this? Do you really think that the other guys would be open to this? I really don’t know about this.”

“Well just take it easy – this is just us girls talking about fantasies. Probably won’t come to anything. You guys just froze up the last night anyhow.”

For the rest of the week the subject was not mention anymore but it was always in the back of my mind. I mean Katie and Mandy were both good looking and both kept themselves in shape. I really couldn’t see Misty participating in this anyhow – with both her and Bruce in their 20’s and we older than them anyhow. But still I wouldn’t mind having a younger woman. I tried to imagine Shelly sucking other guys’ cocks and getting fucked by them and as the week progressed canlı casino it started to turn me on. That Friday when we both got home from work and the kids were already out over at Ron’s.

I looked at Shelly and said” if you are really serious about doing this – then I am on board with it too. I don’t know if anyone else is going to go along but if they do, you have my support.”

With that Shelly smiled and we went out the door.

As we walked over to Jerry and Katie’s place, I could see that Shelly had excitement in her eyes. We were the first ones there and Shelly started chatting with Katie. I grabbed a beer and walked over to talk with Jerry.

About a minute later Shelly and Katie come walking over and Katie goes to Jerry “How would you like to have the chance to screw Shelly?”

Well so much for Katie using a subtle approach. After a few seconds Jerry looks at me then Shelly ” you guys serious? Katie you serious about this?”

Shelly and Katie nod yes and I just gave him a thumbs ups.

“Who else have you asked about this?”

“Right now it just us four” goes Katie. “Thinking of asking Mandy and Ron on their thoughts – also Misty and Bruce.”

“Well I think you girls need to be somewhat more selective on how you are going to approach Ron and Mandy. I really don’t know how they would take this.” Jerry said.

“Well I think Mandy is already aboard on this – not really sure about Misty but I think she would like to join in on this” replies Katie. “Just give us girls a chance to work this out.”

About an half an hour passes and Ron and Mandy come walking over. Katie and Shelly meet up with Mandy and you can hear Mandy going ” you kidding – seriously they agreed?”

With that Mandy calls over Ron. Jerry and me are getting somewhat nervous wondering how Ron going to react to this situation.

After a couple of minutes Katie waves us over and Ron goes “you two are ok with this?”

We just nod and he goes” anyone else going to be invited to this?”

Just about then Misty and Bruce come walking in. Since we are all in one group they both come walking over and go “what’s going on guys?”

Mandy looks at all us and said ” Bruce did you ever think about…”

“Swinging?” goes Bruce “Misty was telling all about the chats you girls been having. I told Misty that if she has no problems with it then what the hay.”

With that said it seemed that we all were aboard to trying this.

“One problem guys” goes Shelly. “What about the kids. I really don’t want to take the chance of any of them finding us doing this.”

” I hear something about a trip that the school was having from my boy” said Jerry. ” It suppose to be an overnight stay to see some band and then go to some kind of museum. From what I read on the permission slip they leave two Friday’s from now and come back Saturday evening”

“Ok then let we need to see about getting the kids signed up for this” Shelly goes.

So she and Katie call over at Ron’s to see if they wanted to go. This was an easy sell since Ron’s two were already signed up.

“Ok now that we have the day – where?” I asked.

“Well I think that the recreation room over at our place would work. There is plenty of space and our neighbors aren’t all that close to us plus we have the hedge fence so we have enough privacy.”

As we all were sitting there in the living room, none of us really had any clue to what was all involved in this. We decided to jump on the internet and see what information was out there on this subject. After a few different sites we found some pretty decent information and a few brief videos. As Jerry click on one of the videos we all were just watching in silently, I looked over at Shelly and I notice her hand was rubbing her pussy area. She was really getting into this and just this thought was getting me little excited. Just then the phone rang, the kids were getting hungry and wanted pizza. I went and made an order for both the kids and us.

Later that evening when Shelly and me got home, I looked at her and said “well this is going to happen”

“Yea are you ok with this? I am going to be doing things with the other guys you know.”

“I’m going to be with the girls so you going to be ok?”

We both just shook our heads yes and we went into our entertainment room. I turned on the television and we both sat on the couch.

“What are you….what are planning to do that day?” I said to her. ” I really like to know what you are planning…..wanting to do.”

” I don’t know, I mean not like I really thought this out to that point. Do you have plans of which one of the girls you are going to fuck? I just kind of thought that I would see what happens and go with the flow.”

“No babe not trying to get you upset. Just wondering you know like the videos that was running at Jerry’s. There was that one girl getting screwed and giving a blowjob at the same time. I mean…I thought that was somewhat awesome and I just thought that.”

“You can’t kaçak casino wait for this can you? Are you getting turned on by the thought of another guy banging me? Wait you don’t need to answer that – I can see by the bulge in your pants that it does.”

I had to admit that this was really turning me on. Not just the fact that she just be getting fucked and sucking other cocks. I hoping that this would loosen her ambitions some. I always dreamed of her sucking my cock till I cummed and maybe with the group she would. We attempted anal a few time unsuccessfully when we dating but refrain from trying it after we were married. Seem as if then our sex live just became plain and non adventurous. Maybe this is why she seemed to be so much into doing this.

As we sat there watch television I think that both of our minds were elsewhere. All I was thinking was what is going to be like that day. Really didn’t know what to expect or what anyone was willing to do. I mean Mandy is good looking and that but I really never image her giving Ron a blowjob let alone some other guy. I trying to image how the girls would come – whether they just be naked or do some kind striptease…..and who would be with who. I looked over at Shelly and noticed that she dozed off so I went over the computer and got onto the internet. I started searching swinging and partner swapping when I found one site with so home videos of sex parties. I clicked one that looked like it had four or five couples in it. As it rolled along there was one guy lying on his back with one of the ladies riding his cock. Then another guy comes over and holds his cock by her mouth – which she quickly start sucking. After a few minutes she get off and then she goes onto all fours and back to sucking and fucking then every few minutes the guy screwing her would pull out and then stick it in her mouth and someone else would fuck her.

“Is that something you want me to do?”

I gasped as I didn’t realize that Shelly was standing behind me and I didn’t know what to say.

“You know that does seems exciting. Is the thought of me maybe having a cock in my pussy and my mouth turning you on? You know Jim that ever since I saw that video over at Jerry’s….I been thinking of what it would be like. And to be honest I don’t know how far I would go.”

With that said I just about ready to blow a load. I never image Shelly doing anything like this and here she is talking about it. We have a sex party planned and just now have to wait for two weeks to pass.

Well the next Friday came and it was just the same ritual as we all met at Jerry and Katie’s and the kids were at Ron and Mandy’s. We all gather together to plan out some items for the upcoming weekend. I suggested that maybe we only have only two or three bottles of wines to help break the ice but not get anyone drunk. Katie then suggest that two would be enough to help loosen up ambitions. Bruce then suggest that maybe we should a preview tonight – well that got shot down since no one wanted to chance any of the kids catching this.

“You’ll just have to wait another week” said Misty.

Shelly and Katie said that they would go shopping to pick up some special items that might be needed. Misty and Mandy then said they would join in with shopping trip. All the guys agree to meet at Ron’s around 4 to get the recreation room ready and the girls would get the kids to the school for the overnight field trip.

This seem to be one the longest weeks in the year. I would go to work every day just thinking about upcoming Friday night. I think that this must have been one of the lowest productive weeks I ever had and the days just dragged. When Friday finally arrived the minutes dragged like hours and I thought the day would never end. Finally it was three, I just shot out of there and headed down to Ron’s. We wanted two sofas so we had to carry one from the living room to the recreation room and the covered them with sheets. Moved all the kids stuff to open up a space on the floor between the two sofas then again move the sofas so they would be facing each other. The phone rang and the girls said the kids were on the bus and they would be back in a while after they picked up some things. Ron already picked up the wine and had it on ice. Since we had things pretty well set up here, I headed home to jump in the shower.

About 6:30 all the guys meet back up at Ron’s. As the phone rang and Ron picked it up. ” The girls are on their way back. They want us to get comfortable and wait for them in the recreation room.”

“Well what is comfortable? Just lounge here like this or should we get naked or what?” goes Jerry.

I replied “I don’t know about you guys but I think we should at least take off our shoes and socks”

So we taking off the shoes and socks and Bruce pulls off his pants. “Hey I just want to be ready”

We could hear the back door open and Mandy yell down “you all wait down there, we just need a few minutes to get ready”

I looked at the guys and said “Do you believe that we are going to go thought with this?”

“Yea I know what you mean, like I never image that Mandy would want to do something like this. …but you know Bruce I can’t wait to see Misty nude.”

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