Friends, Sexcapades and Love Affairs Ch. 15

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Chapter Fifteen — Back In The Saddle

Jared pushed his hands into the pockets of his jacket, adjusting the bag on his shoulder, and walked purposefully into the bar. Yes, it wasn’t the one with the awful beer, but it didn’t look any better. The same blue-collar workers populated the pub, and there were some people there who looked like they had just gotten back from working the fields. Maybe it was a look that was coming back in fashion, Jared mused. The difference was that no dance ring was in sight. Per se, he had nothing against the audience, but he couldn’t see how he and Shane could get acquainted in that kind of place. He suspected that public displays of affection between two gay guys wouldn’t be a welcome sight.

He scouted the area for Shane, and when he didn’t see him, he decided to take place on one of the tall stools and order himself a beer. No, he would make it a tequila. Maybe a stiff drink would make the bad taste in his mouth after meeting with Chris’s husband finally go away. The bartender was a morose man in his fifties that served him his drink without the faintest shadow of a smile. Jared wasn’t bothered by it; probably, the bartender wasn’t exactly into that rowdy atmosphere and hated his workplace. There was some sports match on the large HDTV mounted on a wall, and the audience was being part of it all.

He grabbed his shot and grimaced. Then he gestured for the bartender to hit him again. The man gave him an unreadable look, and then he put a half-full bottle in front of him. That was bold of him, Jared thought, but he decided to leave the man a tip. Maybe he would smile a little then.

The booze, on the other hand, was good. Jared didn’t quite recall when it had been the last time he had done shots. If Shane didn’t show up, at least he would have a good time by himself. He reached for the bottle so that he could fill his glass again, but a rough hand covered his. “Have you started partying without me?”

There was an unmistakable drawl in that voice, and Jared smiled, despite himself. He tried to turn, but Shane’s warm body kept him a prisoner. Talking about bold, for real, this time. “I didn’t see you, so I thought you’d bailed on me. Or that you’re running late. Take your pick.”

“Bail on you?” Shane was talking into his hair, and Jared felt a bit overly conscious. They weren’t in a gay bar, after all.

Or were they? Jared tried to look around, but Shane was still keeping him trapped. If he recalled correctly, he hadn’t seen any women inside. It looked like there was an all-male audience. Was it a gay bar? What kind of gay bar was that?

“Um, would you mind allowing me a bit of space?”

“I do mind. I have to stop you from bailing on me.”

“Why would I bail on you?” Jared wondered out loud.

Shane spoke into his hair again, “Because you surely look like you’re not too happy to be here.”

Oh, damn. Jared knew that he was an easy to read kind of guy, wearing his soul on his sleeve and all that. He used to believe it was a positive trait, but now, he wasn’t so sure. It meant that he was easy to take for a fool, too.

But that would end tonight. He was at that bar, with Shane seriously crowding his personal space because he had chosen to be. Now all he had to do was to avoid getting involved. Easy-peasy. It was just a hookup, although it seemed to start in a weird place, with an odd bartender, but with pretty damned good tequila.

“It would be easier to talk if you just sat by my side.” Jared patted the empty seat next to him.

“I have a table. Let’s go. And take the bottle with you.”

“Then let me pay for it first. The bartender might think I’m trying to run away with his booze, and he looks like a guy who doesn’t take such things lightly. I don’t want to be responsible for being the guy who ruined his day completely.”

Shane burst into laughter. “Old Charlie? He wouldn’t think that. And I’m sure that if he left this bottle here, he has serious doubts you’d be able to finish it. It’s his way of weighing the clientele.”

“Old Charlie might just be surprised,” Jared replied, feeling a bit competitive. “I must ask, though. Do you come here often?”

“It’s close to where I live, so yeah.” Shane wrapped one hand around his and pulled him from his seat.

“But it’s not,” Jared leaned in so that he could whisper in Shane’s ear, and still somehow manage to beat the loud noises around them, “gay, is it?”

Shane chuckled. “I don’t know. Some guys might be, though. I’m not judging.”

Jared had a feeling that Shane was pulling his leg. “Really? You’re not one? Then what are you doing, holding another dude by the hand like this? Experimenting?”

“I think I’m past that stage,” Shane replied.

They sat at a table in a corner, Shane plopping down next to him on a wooden bench. They had no glasses, Jared noticed. “Hey, maybe we should –“

Shane took the bottle and took a hefty sip.

“—get glasses,” Jared completed his sentence, his eyes never leaving his date for the night.

Shane was dressed canlı bahis pretty much the same as the other night when Jared had met him, although it could be a different checkered flannel. But the hat, and the tight jeans, and the boots were all there. For a moment, Jared wondered what he was getting himself into.

“Booze is better straight from the bottle,” Shane explained with a sly smile.

Jared could feel his lips twitching. There was something about Shane’s smile that was infectious. “Not any booze.”

“Any booze,” Shane said with conviction.

“Even champagne?”

“Yeah, even champagne.”

“Of course, if you’re some racing champion who just got first place,” Jared retorted. “And now, how am I supposed to drink after you?”

“What? You’re worried I might give you the cooties?” Shane asked, and his grin grew bolder.

“It’s not exactly hygienic,” Jared pointed out.

“Ah, then when I’m going to kiss you, you’re going to think the same?”

Shane sat close to him, and Jared was overly conscious of his body heat. There was something about that man that made him pretty weak to his knees. He was truly masculine, with his shiny belt buckle and his cowboy hat, and his sexy grin. Maybe it was the shot making its way into a kick, but Jared felt like licking Shane’s lips, just to learn how they tasted like.

Right now, maybe of the probably expensive tequila that would go on Jared’s tab. Not that Jared could hold that against Shane since he had been the first to start drinking by himself.

“You’re quiet, so that’s a bad sign,” Shane said with a small sigh. “All right, I’ll use a condom on my tongue. Would that work for you?”

“A condom on what?” Suddenly, the idea of seeing Shane trying to fit the rubber on his tongue seemed awfully funny to him, so he burst into laughter.

“Hey, don’t make fun of me,” Shane complained, but his eyes were twinkling. “And what’s to laugh? I’ll do anything it takes to kiss you tonight.”

Jared reined in his laugh, with some difficulty. “What makes you think you’re going to kiss me tonight?” For some reason, he felt like being a bit of a tease.

“A man can hope,” Shane offered. “Right?”

“Sure,” Jared said and grabbed the bottle to take a sip, too. Man, that was sure to make them both drunk, even faster than shots.

“You drank after me,” Shane said, and he seemed happy when saying that. “So, after all, I don’t have to put a condom on my tongue?”

Jared snickered. “You’re funny, you know?”

“I’m trying,” Shane said.

“But it’s not like we can kiss here, right?” Jared gestured around.

“Everyone’s watching the game,” Shane replied. “I don’t think anyone would notice.”

“Yeah, right,” Jared said with a snort. “So you won’t mind being burned at the stake tonight, huh? Just for the record, I don’t like to live dangerously.”

Shane laughed. “Then, we’ll go somewhere else we can kiss.”

“Your place,” Jared said, feeling emboldened by the tequila in his system.

“Sure, why not?” Shane took the bottle again. “It surely tastes sweeter now.” He winked at Jared and drank.

Jared liked how easygoing Shane was. That was what he needed, and Mike was right. Shane was fun, and they wouldn’t see each other after tonight. “You said you lived close?”

“Yeah,” Shane said, “it’s because –“

“Then let’s go,” Jared said. There weren’t many times when he felt this courageous. Most of the time, he wasn’t the initiator. But that, too, would change tonight.

“Right now?”

“Yes. Is there a problem? Are you all talk and no action?” Jared teased Shane again.

Shane pushed his hat back and looked at him. “Me? No action? It looks like you want me to prove myself to you.”

“Sure thing, that’s what I want,” Jared said. “You might look like a cowboy, Shane, but I’m not sure that you know how to ride.”

Shane gave him an almost serious look, but his eyes were laughing, as much as it looked like he wanted to keep a straight face. “That hurt, you know?”

“You also look like you have tough skin. I think you’ll manage,” Jared said and added a wink since that seemed to be part of Shane’s way of communicating.

“Hmm,” Shane said.

Hmm? What’s that supposed to mean?

“Let’s go,” Shane said and pulled him up.

Great, he was a bit tipsy now. But he had used to be a champion at doing shots, and that wasn’t supposed to fade with time. It was like riding a bicycle, right?

“Wait, I need to pay for the bottle,” Jared said as he followed Shane through the crowded pub.

“Don’t worry; I have an open tab here. Old Charlie will take care of it.”

“So, you really are a regular.”

“Would I lie to you?” Shane asked and gave Jared a smoldering look.

Damn, the guy was a complete charmer. Good thing Jared had sworn he wouldn’t be as stupid as he had used to be. Now, he was all in for the fun, and not something else. Shane could lie to him all he wanted because it didn’t matter. Jared had no plans for the two of them beyond tonight. bahis siteleri And if Shane was as handy with certain parts of his body as he was at making charming conversation, it was a win-win situation. Jared would get over his nasty breakup and have fun while at it.


Shane was quiet on their way to his apartment, which, indeed, was close, and Jared felt a bit overly-conscious. But Shane’s hand holding his was warm and reassuring, and that meant that they were both into this.

Jared had to lean against the doorframe, as Shane opened the door. He took his time looking Shane up and down. Everything about his body made Jared feel a familiar, yet new, heat in the lower part of his abdomen. Shane was lean and strong, and Jared could already see himself wrapped around that sinewy body, enjoying its strength.

“Welcome to my humble abode,” Shane said with a smile and invited him in. “And, please, stop biting your bottom lip. I had an entire complicated plan of seduction in place.”

“You did?” Jared walked inside and smiled as he took in the small, but nicely appointed place.

It was a bachelor’s pad all right, but it looked comfy with the plushy carpets and the cozy sofa Jared could see in the living room. It also seemed like Shane really was into that cowboy stuff since there were pictures of horses hanging on the walls. He got closer to examine them; they were really good photographs, he could tell.

“Do you happen to like taking pictures of horses?” he asked directly.

“No,” Shane replied and squeezed his shoulders shortly. “I’m just the guy hanging them on the walls. Please, make yourself comfortable. This time, I’m planning to bring glasses.”

Jared turned and caught Shane by one arm. “I think the earlier tequila already did its trick. Come here.”

Shane gave him half a grin, but he allowed Jared to pull him close into a kiss. It was like instant electricity, how their lips fit, and their noses didn’t collide, and Shane knew precisely how to angle his head so that they could kiss completely.

Jared’s bag slid from his shoulder and fell on the floor with a small thump, taking him by surprise. He accidentally bit Shane’s bottom lip. And that was all about the perfect kiss. Some seducer he was, Jared thought, feeling a deep need to roll his eyes at his own clumsiness.

“Please, let me get that for you. And your jacket. I’ll hang them both in the hallway, is that all right?”

“Sure.” Jared cleared his throat and tried to hide his sudden nervousness. Did he really know what he was doing? There was a bit of tequila in his system, but it was only liquid courage, so it had to work with him, not against him.

Shane came back right away. “Please, sit down, Jared.”

Jared followed the invitation. The way Shane spoke was so interesting. He was polite, but he didn’t lack boldness. And when he was saying Jared’s name, he let the rhythm drop, allowing his voice to become more quiet and thick.

Jared wanted to taste Shane’s mouth so badly. He waited until Shane was next to him on the sofa to attempt a second kiss. This time, to steady himself, he caught Shane’s cheek in the palm of his hand and went straight for the prize. There was a promise in what he was doing now, a promise that he was finished being the guy who always waited on the sidelines, always allowing others to give him what they wanted to give.

Shane didn’t shy away from his kiss. On the contrary, he deepened it, exploring Jared’s mouth slowly, with soft rolls of the tongue. Jared felt like he could come from kissing alone, with a man like that. Rough on the outside, sweet on the inside; were such men even real?

No, he needed to get a hold of himself. Shane was an amazing seducer, that was what he was; he was also a fantastic kisser, which only meant one thing: he must have had a lot of practice. And Jared now knew a thing or two about seducers. They weren’t a likable bunch. They took advantage.

No, tonight, he would take advantage. He moved so that he could straddle Shane’s lap, and that without breaking the kiss. A small moan of frustration escaped his lips when he needed to let go of Shane’s mouth so that he could adjust his position. But Shane caught him by the waist and pulled him close. Jared pushed away Shane’s hat and ran his fingers through the dark mane of luscious hair. How could he look so much like a cowboy, and so much like a dream man? Not that the two things excluded one another, Jared had to admit. The rough sexuality coming off Shane was enough to make his head spin.

That, or it was a combination of that and tequila. It was a good combination, the kind of thing that could let him go wild a little.

Shane teased his lips, biting them softly, more with his mouth and less with his teeth. Jared grabbed a hand full of hair and forced himself on Shane. Their kiss was suddenly up a notch. With that, the rhythm of their bodies changed, too. Jared was struggling a little, wanting fast out of his clothes so that he could feel Shane’s rough hands all over him. By how bahis şirketleri he kissed, Shane had to be an awesome lover.

Their mouths were welded together, though, and that made any move close to impossible. It looked like neither of them wanted to let go, and that meant that they needed to give up at one point. It couldn’t be soon. They were practically breathing through one another.

Jared felt the tie keeping his hair being pulled away, and next, a hand was buried in it, the roughness of the gesture making his desire increase tenfold. They pulled away from one another at precisely the same moment and looked into each other’s eyes.

“We better take this to the bedroom, right?” Shane asked with an almost sheepish smile.

This tall, strong guy couldn’t be shy, right? Jared pushed the thought away; was he being silly now? “Yeah, this sofa is way too small,” he replied.

Shane stood up, and Jared hooted as he was hiked up in his partner’s arms and carried with ease to the bedroom.

He took little in as he was placed carefully on a large bed. Now it was no time to admire the furniture. His eyes set on Shane. The look in his dark eyes was unreadable. Jared could swear Shane looked a bit nervous as he unbuttoned his flannel shirt with brisk moves. He was soon distracted from such thoughts by a beautiful hairy chest and a suggestive treasure trail pointing at the treasure guarded so well by that shiny buckle.

Jared licked his lips as Shane got rid of his shoes fast, and his hands went for the belt. He even pushed himself up on his elbows so that he could see the show. There had to be no better man for him to get back in the saddle with, after that fiasco with Chris. Rebound sex clearly had its perks.

Shane had to be a man sure of his raw sexuality. He exuded it through all his pores, and Jared wanted to drown in it for one night, one hour, one minute. Shane pushed down his jeans and underwear in one go.

“Wow,” Jared said as his eyes fell on the magnificent erect member. “Locked and loaded.”

“You can bet,” Shane replied. “I get it that you want me to undress you, right?”

Jared laughed. “Sorry, I was too caught up in the show.”

“Do you like what you’re seeing?”

“Are you kidding me? You’re like a walking wet dream, for both men and women.”

“I’m a bit shy of the idea of shaving,” Shane said and rubbed one hand over his chest.

“Are you kidding me? You’re perfect as you are,” Jared replied.

“Ah, you’re just saying,” Shane drawled playfully. “I bet you’re all smooth under those clothes.”

“There’s only one way to find out, right?” Jared suggested teasingly.

Shane jumped on the bed like a playful kid ready to unwrap his Christmas present. He moved slowly as he began to pull at Jared’s t-shirt. His fingers were rough, indeed, but they were kind, and Jared trembled when they started to caress the skin on his lower abdomen. He reached between Shane’s legs and caught the beautiful cock in one hand.

“You’re not playing fair,” Shane complained. “I should tell you, Jared –“

“Don’t tell me anything tonight, Shane,” Jared stopped him. “You’re a handsome man, and I want you, madly. There’s no need for any seduction or artifice. This is between you and me, all right? Nothing else matters.”

He couldn’t explain why it felt as if Shane was having second thoughts, but Jared was eager to put his mind at ease. To make sure that he wouldn’t back down, Jared changed his position and buried his head between Shane’s thighs. Not only was his cock beautiful, but it smelled and tasted nice, oh so nice, too. Shane replied with a small desperate grunt at having Jared’s lips wrapped around his manhood.

A sudden thought stopped Jared. He wouldn’t make the same mistake, right? He stopped and looked up at Shane. “Are you married, Shane?”

“Married?” Shane seemed genuinely surprised. “No.”

“No lover, either? Boyfriend?”


“Good. Just checking. I’ve had enough of two-timers in my life.”

And if Shane were one of them, it would be totally on him. Jared wouldn’t see him again tomorrow, so it didn’t matter. He grabbed Shane’s cock with one firm hand and pushed it into his mouth completely. Even Shane’s cock fit well in his mouth, as impressive as it looked. Jared was happy with what he was given. Shane began pulling at his clothes again, and Jared stopped only so that he could allow his partner to undress him. Soon enough, he was as naked as Shane was. The rough hands were on him, on his back, caressing it, then grabbing his ass, while Jared did his best at giving Shane a blowjob.

“As I thought, you’re so smooth,” Shane whispered.

Jared stopped for a moment. “It’s just something I got used to. You don’t have to do it. Actually, I think it’s better if you don’t. You’re all so fully male like this that you must get hit on a hundred times a week.”

Shane replied to that with a chuckle. “Your lips are so good on me. And you’re so beautiful.” Again, the last word was like a breathed whisper, as if Shane was happy to let it out. Such an absolute charmer, Jared thought with his mouth full of the said man’s cock. But he wasn’t being used, and that was all that truly mattered. He was exactly where he wanted to be and nowhere else.

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