Friend In Need

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There she was. Who could resist such a goddess? Harry and a co-worker, Steve, were staring across the street at a young blonde girl in her early 20’s. She had emerald green eyes, beautiful skin, the perfect body. Her tits were not too big, not too small – just in between, just the way Harry liked them. Her rear end was firm, and he couldn’t help but keep his eyes on her.

“She’s so sexy. If only there was a way I could talk to her. But, she doesn’t know me. How do I start the conversation? What do I say?” Harry mumbled.

His co-worker ignored him, staring through the glass window.

“She might see us.”

Harry reluctantly agreed. It would not be long before she noticed the two men undressing her with their eyes. As Steve finally pulled his eyes away and continued on his way down the corridor, Harry still kept his eyes focused, wishing he had this woman in his arms – wishing he could pleasure her, like the goddess she is.

“She’s gorgeous – and I don’t even know her name.” Harry sighed.

“Why don’t you just go talk to her?”

A female’s voice rang in his ear. Someone appeared behind him. This time, it was his longtime friend, Michelle. She was nearly ten years older than Harry, and she had worked at the company for many years.

“Well?” Harry’s hands shook. He couldn’t respond.

“I … don’t know.”

“Well, you had better think of something to say, because I’m tired of you talking about her. Not a day has gone by without you mentioning that you’d like to be with her, so just tell her, already!”

She was right. Harry needed to take a step forward. He agreed and started his frightening journey across the street. He walked into the greeting card store where she worked.

She smiled and spurted out her sales pitch, just like she did with every other customer.

“Hi, welcome to The Greeting House, where all of our greeting cards are custom made, just for you!” He couldn’t get over her smile. He just stood there, his hands to his sides, not even smiling.

“Can I help you, sir?” she asked.

His mouth started to open, but nothing came out but a soft patch of air. Just enough to make him say “Aeeeh” in a whispered voice. She looked puzzled. Mumbling, he tried to start a conversation.

“Um… have we…ever…you met me… before?”

He felt like an idiot. Before she could answer him, or even pretend to understand what he just murmured, he let out a quick, squeaky “Nevermind!” and then stumbled out of the shop.

“DAMN IT!” Harry shouted.

“Calm down, you’ll do better next time, you just need to get her to want to know you, that’s all.”

The day had passed. Harry and Michelle had both worked most of the day, and were pretty worn out by this time. But every now and then, they liked to go to each other’s house, and just have some fun to cure their boredom.

Ever since they were younger, they would play board games together, and this was one of their hobbies. Whether it was trying to solve mysteries, building words on a table, or owning real estate, it was always a fun thing to do to pass the time.

That night, it was Poker. They had gotten tired of the board games and decided to raise the stakes a bit. They didn’t like to gamble, so they played a version of poker where whoever won the hand would have to do something for the other person, like a favor. Sometimes it was silly stuff, but eventually Michelle got a little more wild. She had just won the hand.

“Okay” She undressed.

He was shocked. “What the hell are you doing?” He asked, frantically.

“I’m showing you what to casino siteleri do for your dare!” She pointed to her nipple.

“I want you to kiss it.” He looked at her nipple. He was impressed, he had never thought of seeing his older best friend naked before, let alone, actually enjoying it. She smiled with a come-hither look.

“You’re going to seduce me?” He asked.

“Yes, and then I’m going to make you fuck my brains out.” She noticed he immediately got an erection between his legs. Trying to hide it, he turned away. She followed him to the couch, where they sat down.

“No I can’t!” he yelled. “You’re my best friend.”

She smiled and grabbed her breast, grasping it. Leaning forward, she put her titty at the side of his face, grabbed his head and pulled him towards it. His lips lightly touched the nipple and she closed her eyes.

He started using this to his advantage, moving his tongue around on that nipple, while sucking more and more of the breast into his mouth.

“More… MORE, I SAID!”

“Okay!” He used his hands and ran them up and down her body as he made out with her nipple. Her legs were smooth, and he just had to feel them a little. She moaned once again, sensing his fingers running down her body, and his lips around her nipple.

She relaxed and let him work his way around her figure. Harry had never done this with a friend before, but he felt more comfortable this way. He forgot about his dream girl once Michelle got a hold of him.

He caressed her thighs, her stomach, the arch of her back – using his fragile fingers to his advantage. He moved his mouth from her nipple, and started kissing the front part of her neck. She loved this so much, she bit her bottom lip.

It was a natural feeling, and who better to share it with than someone who actually has an imagination? The game of poker was obviously over, but the cards still lay on the table. At least until they knocked them off.

He picked her up and put her on the table, getting to his knees. He positioned her where her legs were at his head. He had the perfect setup. He shimmied his head into her crotch, right between her beautiful legs, and starting playing with her clit with his warm tongue.

“Ooooooh!” She moaned and closed her eyes once again.

He used his fingers and pretended like he was going to insert them into her pussy, but kept pulling them away, slightly touching her effective parts without actually doing anything. His wet lips captured her clit perfectly, allowing him to tickle it. She enjoyed this very much.

After a few minutes of soft foreplay, he finally stuck one finger into her pussy. His tongue still ran wild on her clit, and this made her squirm a lot! She moaned under her breath and Harry could tell she wanted it even more.

So, he added another finger into her pussy and started using them like scissors inside her, trying to poke around inside her to find any tissue that would make her cream herself. She was already soaken wet down there, and he would occasionally pull out his fingers, sucking on them. He tasted the pussy juice and loved it.

The only problem with this is that it left her clit vulnerable, and she didn’t want him to stop, so she used her fingers to rub it herself while he explored her inner walls with his thick fingers.

While fingering her slowly, tugging at her insides like a sharp hook, he started to use his common sense. He decided that he would give her extreme pleasure by doing the “little things”. He used his mouth for this. He started kissing her all over the place.

If she had a body canlı casino part, he kissed it. This made her thrilled to see he was using his imagination. She wanted more. And more he gave.

He inserted another finger, making that three fingers inside her soaked pussy. It was becoming slimy and easily lubricated. He finally sat upwards and pulled out his cock. It had grown very thick from all the commotion and needed some air. But it didn’t stay out long! He placed it inside of her, with her still rubbing her clit.

Harry’s cock slowly forced its way into her, opening her vaginal passage. She could control her muscles perfectly, closing in around his cock, tightening herself while he continued forcing it inside her. Her pussy grabbed him like a bear trap and wouldn’t let go! The force of the resistance made it feel even better for her. It made her inner muscles contract onto his penis, which caused more friction on the inside.

She smiled and bit her finger, while still rubbing her clit. He was confused a little bit as to why she was doing this, but he decided he needs not to worry about it right now.

“Now is not the time!” Harry thought to himself, while sliding his hardened cock straight up into her.

He fucked her for a while, not too hard, not too soft. It felt great for the both of them. They both moaned simultaneously, as the table was moved across the floor.

He took both of his hands and started massaging her thighs and stomach, lightly, pulling her skin a little, getting her all worked up. His mouth ran across her breasts once again, letting his tongue leave trails of saliva all over her. She smiled at him, rolling her eyes into the back of her head.

“Fuck me, Harry, fuck me HARDER!” He seemed sort of shy about it, being that this is his best friend.

“I never thought she wanted to be fucked like this, or I would’ve done it along time ago!” Harry thought.

He started going faster, her thighs slapping up against his legs, making little slapping noises as he impaled her. His penis grew stronger, and she could feel it throbbing inside of her. She rubbed her clit faster and faster, moaning.

“Ooo..OOOOH”. She was enjoying it more than him. Maybe it was because this was the kid she grew up babysitting? Maybe she wanted him all along, and was just waiting for the right opportunity, or for him to find out.

“You like to fuck your babysitter don’t you, Harry? You better be a good boy, or I’ll tell your parents!” He thought back to those days, and was kind of embarrassed about those times.

But, it was turning him on.

She was right, when he was younger, he dreamed about fucking his babysitter, and that babysitter WAS HER! He thought for a minute.

“So why did I ever lose interest in her?” He asked himself. He didn’t know the answer and it didn’t bother him, because he was having sex with her now. And now is all that mattered.

“I want you to cum inside me Harry, come on, cum inside me!”

He fucked her harder, and she could still feel his warm cock going deep inside of her, rubbing against her inner walls. He leaned her upwards, hitting her vulnerable spot inside. She could sense it perfectly, and it was making her feel tingles all over, while continuing to rub herself.

Fucking her harder and more ferocious, Harry closed his eyes, ramming it inside her. That’s what she wanted.

She said “Harder, Harry, HARDER!”

She liked rough sex, apparently. Harry had no problem with that. Her pussy was sucking his penis further as he pushed it inside her. Finally, after many minutes of this, he started kaçak casino getting tense.

“I’m… gonna… cum.”

She smiled and rubbed herself more.

“Do it, Harry… Oooh… do it inside me!” They both got ready, and finally the tip of his penis shot a huge load of cum inside her, and it kept squirting more and more cum, filling her up. She felt the hot cum inside her and her eyes once again rolled back in her head.

“Now I want you to pee in me, Harry.”

He stopped fucking and stared blankly at her.

“WHAT, you’ve gotta be kidding me.” She smiled in ecstasy, “Do it, damnit! Harry, pee inside of me!”

He accepted and just mumbled “Okay, whatever you say Michelle.”

He continued fucking her trying to keep his dick hard, and it worked. He pulled out and stroked it for a while, he didn’t want to have it going flaccid on him at the wrong time.

“I’ve done this before, I used to masturbate and every time after I’d have to pee, so this shouldn’t be too hard.” Michelle kept stroking her clit with her fingers, waiting for re-entry. He had drank nearly a gallon of water earlier in the day, and had still not been to the bathroom, so he had to piss anyway.

When a guy has to pee after sex, it’s the greatest feeling once you finally release it. He knew this, and she may not have, but she wanted him to pee inside of her. So he agreed.

He leaned over her pussy as she continued rubbing herself, and he tried to pee out of his hard cock. She could tell he struggled a bit at first, but eventually the first bit of pee came out, and squirted all over her tits and stomach.

“Aaah!” she yelled, smiling. She liked that.

He did it again, but this time holding his cock with his two fingers so that he only let a little bit of it out. Once again he squirted over her, except this time closer to her pussy, just below her stomach. After holding it back he started to release, while holding it in there with his fingers. The pressure was building quite fast, and he knew he was going to blow it some time, soon.

She was anxiously waiting, and she could still feel the hot cum inside of her, wanting more.

Finally, he aimed his thick cock right at her sweating vaginal hole and let go of his fingers at the same time that he shoved it in. He released his piss inside of her, forcing his urine in at a very high speed. She moved along the table, and felt the hot urine going deeper inside of her, spraying her inner walls with his liquids.

“Ooohh, my god!” she cried out loud.

Harry smiled and continued peeing as the river of piss flowed through her body, giving her chills. While all of this was going on, Harry’s penis was rubbing against her G-Spot inside of her, causing even more friction. The piss was spraying off of that area, creating excitement for her entire body.

She shook violently as she continued rubbing her clit, faster and faster.

“OOOOOOOOOH! OOOOH!” She yelled.


She let herself go, squirting her own liquid out of her pussy, forcing his cock outwards. Her juices sprayed violently over his penis. This was the first time anything like that had ever happened to her, and she couldn’t help but feel grateful.

She felt tingling sensations all over her body, and it was magnificent! After a few seconds of nonstop squirting what seemed like a gallon of vaginal juices, it settled down.

She laid her head back on the table and was worn out from the orgasmic reaches of his cum and urine, both still relaxed inside of her, slowly dripping out along with her very own cum juices.

Harry had fucked the babysitter. It was amazing. He made an older woman feel like she had never had sex before.

“Thank you, Harry.” she simply said, closing her eyes.

“No problem.” he laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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