Frenemies with Benefits

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He spied her across the room and rolled his eyes. Jennifer Brandon. How he hated her. They’d known each other practically from birth. He was older than her, the same age as her older brother, so he was around her frequently growing up. They went to the same elementary school, junior high, high school, and college. It was maddening. It was almost like everything he did or wanted to do, she had to out do him. Anything you can do I can do better kind of thing. Except now, he was her boss.

He smiled in victory, watching her work at her cubicle while he sat in a corner office. She despised that he was in charge of her. Finally, he could say, “Yeah, I am the boss of you.” She looked up at him as he stared at her, rolled her eyes, and looked back down at her work. He laughed and turned getting back to his.

To be completely honest, she was better at that job than him. They both worked at a marketing company, marketing being their major of choice in college. They’d applied here at the same time, had interviews on the same day…She was definitely better than him. And he knew it. But he was a better people person. I guess you could say he’s a kiss ass, but he didn’t really care. He was still the boss.

John glanced at her again. She really was pretty. Well, actually she was smoking hot. Honey colored curls to the middle of her back, green eyes, great smile, medium sized breasts (just big enough for a good handful) curving into a small waist, full hips over one of the sweetest asses he’d ever seen, on top of long curvy legs. He’d seen her in a bikini after they’d reached adult hood, and still couldn’t get the image out of his mind. Even as he watched her that day, he could see that wet headed beauty emerging from the water.

Still, with as beautiful as she was, and as attracted as he was to her, he hated her guts. She, even from child hood, had always tried to out do him. He didn’t know what it was about him that she despised so much, but she tried to get at him from day one. Biting sarcasm, rude, snobby, everything he hated in a woman. And they showed it in front of everyone. They’d either pick at each other, which always ended up in screaming matches, or would ignore each other completely, the cold silence between them thickening the air with tension. She’d stare him down with those fiery green eyes, and he’d huff in anger glaring back.

He almost felt bad about having the position she deserved, but every time she glared at him with those fire eyes, he felt absolutely proud of himself. He’d officially out done her. And there was nothing she could do about it.



She nearly felt sick watching his gloating eyes watching her from that shiny corner office. How the hell could she top that? He’d always been so damn snug, knowing he could kiss up to anyone with that charm and they’d listen to him.

She thought back to their coinciding childhoods, and grimaced. He was in her home every time she turned around. Her own parents cooed over him. He’d been her brother, Mike’s, friend. Mike was pretty much a let down to their parents. He held onto a decent football career in high school that let him pass his classes, but when he tried to stay alive in college, he failed miserably. He flunked out, just like they’d always suspected he would, and now works at a factory. John was the son my parents always wanted. They went to every event he had, whether it be sports, academics, church, yada freaking yada. Then they’d gloat to all of their friends showing pictures saying, “He’s just like a son to us…Just like a son,” while Jennifer was doing every single thing he was doing, and better. No one noticed. Not one time. Her parents missed nearly every event she had. Mostly because they were at John’s….and they still wondered why she was so shocked that they showed up to her graduations.

Jennifer did everything better than John. Everything. Including this job. She knew this company backwards and forwards, and ever since she went to college, she’d wanted to work here. Not anywhere else. This was the one and only place she applied to after graduation. And she didn’t just want some cubicle job. She wanted his job. It was perfect for her. She had actually told him about it one day through her own absent minded idiocy, and he stole it, right from under her.

She hated John Tate with all her ever loving heart.

But even as she knew that, she couldn’t help but freeze up a little when looking at him. He was very tall, about 6’2″ and broad shouldered, well muscled (though not over done at all), these gorgeous sincere brown eyes, perfect, dark locks of hair that fell just right into his eyes when he turned his head a certain way…

Just thinking about it had warmth and wetness stirring in between her legs, and she cursed inwardly. No matter how much she hated the man, she couldn’t help her hormones. He was so sexy it hurt to look at him.

He caught her illegal bahis looking his way, smiled and gave a wink. She glanced around to make sure no one was looking, and flipped him off. His look of dismay was enough to give her a satisfied smile as she turned back to her work.


Two Weeks Later:


“Damn it!” she cursed as she got out of her car. She’d suspected correctly. A flat tire. In the rain. In the middle of no where.

She lived in a suburb of the city, so going to and fro there was always a patch of nothingness in between. And here she was. Stranded. Without a spare.

Soon getting soaked in her work clothes, she got back in her car. She knew she’d have to call John since she’d been headed for work. She gritted her teeth and dialed.

“This is John Tate, how may I help you?”

“I’m going to be late,” she said with distaste at feeling hot just hearing his voice.

“Now, now Jenny, you know we can’t have that. We don’t allow our employee’s to be late.”

“It’s Jennifer. Come on John, you know I’m never late. If anything I’m always early. Earlier than you, in any case.”

“Lighten up Jenny. Is everything ok? Why will you be late?”

“I don’t owe you my life story John I just…” She was interrupted by a loud clap of thunder, the rain pouring harder onto her vehicle.

“Jennifer…where are you…?” he asked hearing the commotion.

She sighed at having to give up her position, “I’m in Dibol John. I was coming to work and I spun out, hit a rock or something, and now I have a flat without a spare. I just need to call Mike and I’ll be fine but I figured I’d call you first…”

“Nope, I’m on my way right now don’t worry Mike. It’s dangerous out there in the rain. I’ll be right there.”

Before she could protest, he’d hung up. She felt she had no other choice but to wait.



He raced to get to the neighboring town, only slowing down when the rain got heavy. He couldn’t believe she’d been careless enough to let herself spin out. He slowed even more further down the highway trying to see her little blue mini-cooper.

“Stupid foreign car drivers,” he muttered peering through his wet windshield.

Finally he’d spotted her, and was able to pull over. He ran to her window through the rain to find out that she’d fallen asleep. He muttered and tried her door finding it open.

Taking a second, even in the rain, he stared at her. Her hair was a mess from the rain, clothes still damp and clinging to her, her light make up a little messy, and she looked more amazing than ever.

He shook her a little, and she awoke with a start, but before she could say anything, he practically screamed at her.

“Damn it Jen you fell asleep? With your doors UNLOCKED? Do you not realize that there are freaks out there! Good God you’re practically begging to get kidnapped and gang raped by some freakazoids! What is your PROBLEM?!” He began to get flustered as she gasped in surprise at his outburst, then he saw the fire in her eyes.

“Why the hell do you care Tate?? God I was perfectly fine with taking care of this myself but you had to go be macho and come prove yourself or some bullshit. Just leave me alone John!”

He ignored her and grabbed the spare he’d brought from his car and began working on hers. She got out of the car to continue to yell at him, “John, I said go! Are you deaf?! Look…look you’re just making it worse…”

She continued to prattled as he finished up her car and double checked to make sure everything was ok. Finally, he stood as she was still yelling at him, and took hold of her arms moving her back against the car. She was effectively shut up, and his lips came inches away from hers.

Jennifer was breathing heavy when she whispered, “What are you doing John?”

He only brought his lips down to hers, brushing them against her gorgeous pink puckered mouth, then placing them fully on hers as he began to kiss her. She felt stiff and unresponsive for what seemed like a millisecond, but then melted against him, wrapping her arms around his neck, sighing as she opened her mouth to let him in, their tongues caressing each other. The kiss began to enter the feverish stage when she broke it, looking up at him with those eyes he loved and hated.

She seemed more vulnerable in that moment than he’d ever seen her as she murmured, “John… I…”

He pulled away from her abruptly, interrupting her, “Here’s what we’ll do. I’ll follow you to your place, you can shower if you feel the need, and we’ll both change since I brought extra clothes for myself, then I’ll drive you to work then back home. I want you driving on that spare as little as possible until we can get it changed.”

She narrowed her eyes and hissed, “I’m perfectly capable of taking myself…”

“I’m sure that’s what you thought before, and here we are. I’m taking you. End illegal bahis siteleri of story.”

“You can’t tell me what to do Jo…”

“Yes, I can. I am your boss. Don’t forget it.”

She glared at him and her nostrils flared like they always did when she was really super pissed, “Fuck you, Tate.”

“Please do Jenny.”

She huffed and stalked back to her car, not bothering to look back.



She was trying to make sense of what had just happened. She’d let him kiss her. She’d let that bastard kiss her, and worse than that, she’d kissed him back. And liked it. Loved it even. There was still heat pooling between her legs, and she’d been driving for ten minutes.

She hated it but she’d always wondered what it would feel like to kiss him. His lips were perfect, shapely but not too big, still looking masculine. They’d felt so much better against hers than she’d ever imagined.

What the hell was wrong with her??? She hated John Tate. Hated hated hated…hated…

She tried keeping the mantra going in her head, but her thoughts were continuously forced back to his tongue being inside her mouth.

Veering a little from the distraction, she pulled her car back to the middle of the lane, cursing at herself. She was going crazy. Maybe she just needed a fuck. It had been a while…yeah that was it. She just needed a good old fuck.

Finally she was pulling into her driveway, John not one second behind her. She ran from the car to the door, quickly trying to unlock it when she heard him behind her, “You know I always knew you’d drive like a mad woman, but even in the rain? Damn, you’re gonna get us all killed.”

She flipped him off with one hand as her other was fumbling with her keys.

“Oh, so you lock your house, but not your car. Makes perfect sense to me.”

She ignored that one simply because she DID feel pretty stupid leaving her door unlocked as she slept. That one deserved a remark.

They finally walked into the house, cold air greeting them, despite the cold weather.

“I always knew your house would be frigid.” He smirked as they entered.

She spun, “Would you just shut the hell up, Tate? God! I’m hot natured! So fucking sue me!”

That one did quiet him surprisingly. She stalked down the hall, removing her jacket and letting it fall to the floor behind her, doing the same with her other clothes right in front of him. She was doing this as a tease, but really she was just trying to shower as fast as she could. She was freezing, and she needed hot water. She looked back after she’d shed her sweater to see his open mouthed stare at her. She grinned, and disappeared around the corner.



His hard on was ridiculous just after watching her semi-strip. He couldn’t believe she’d done that. He’d always figured her to be prude-ish.

Soon he heard the water start, and her shower door shut. It was all he could do to stay in the living room. He began pulling his old clothes off to put his fresh ones on, and all he could think about was her lips. Her lips on his was the most amazing thing he’d ever felt in his life. She was so responsive…so sensitive. He still wasn’t even sure what had prompted him to kiss her…he just had to. He stood there, now naked, and decided there was something else he had to do.

Almost tip toeing down the hallway, he entered her room, then tried the door to her bathroom. Unlocked. He had to wonder if she’d done that on purpose. He quietly, slowly opened the door. Her clear shower doors showed a fuzzy image of her, her sexy back side to him.

She was almost in her own world as he stepped into the shower behind her, and gasped when his hands came to gently touch her waist as he whispered into her ear, “Damn it Jen do you not realize there are freaks out there who will come into your bathroom if you leave it unlocked?”

She was froze, probably unsure of what to do, so he helped her. He kissed down her neck onto her shoulders, and she was soon leaning her head back against his chest. His wet hands trailed down her arms and moved to her hips, going back up to stroke her breasts. She moaned under his touch as he tweaked her nipple.

He’d always wondered what her breasts looked like bare. They were just the perfect size, her light brown nipples now jutting out to greet his hands as they played.

He turned her to face him, kissing her again bringing his cock to nudge against her stomach. She gasped at the size of him rubbing against her, and brought her hands down to stroke him as their tongues intertwined. Now it was his turn to moan, her soft hands touching him just like he’d always imagined.

He began to kiss down her body, getting on his knees to kiss on her hips, licking, nipping and sucking the flesh there. He lifted one of her legs onto the rim of her shower, opening her up to him. The smell of her femininity canlı bahis siteleri came to his nostrils like perfume as he licked the inside of her thigh moving up ever so slowly. He reached her nearly hairless pussy lips and sucked one into his mouth, eliciting an ever so sexy moan from her.

He licked and sucked around the area she needed him most, but wouldn’t fully touch it, and she writhed trying to feel him, moaning, “John…John please…”

His eyes widened, shocked looking up at her. She’d never, ever even asked him for anything, much less begged. It wasn’t her style. This almost made him feel bad for teasing, so he sucked her clit into his mouth, giving it his utmost attention. He then inserted one finger into her tunnel, feeling her legs buckle a little as he felt the inside of her. He pulled it out, then inserted another, making her arch against the wall crying out. After much of this, he could feel her squeezing around his fingers as her thighs began to tremble feeling the oncoming orgasm.

She arched once again, moaning a chorus of “Fuck… ooohhh… oh fuck… yes… Oh John… Oooooooooooohhhhh fuuuuuuucccckk.”

He smiled against her pussy lips. He’d always known she’d drop F bombs every where when she was in ecstasy. She had that kind of mouth.

Her legs finally gave way, but she came down slowly, sliding down the wall of the shower to meet him on the shower floor, where by this time he was sitting with his legs out in front of him.

Before he could say anything, he was shocked as she climbed onto his lap straddling him while simultaneously being on her knees, and slowly impaled herself on him.

With her moves being so unexpected, he thought the sudden surprise of her warmth and tightness would undo him.

He stopped her, putting a hand on her hips. She looked at him, making a whimpering noise, biting her lip. Hell, when she looked at him like that, he thought he might cum anyway, even with her stopping. He nodded, watching her eyes become glassy with lust. She lowered herself onto him all the way, inch by tantalizing inch taking him further. Finally, she had all of him into her, breathing another curse word into the nape of his neck.

She leaned back a little, almost arching, and put both of her hands behind her head lifting her hips in small short bounces on his swelling cock, rotating those luscious hips in small circles making him feel every single fold of her sweet center. He watched her as she closed her eyes, her mouth opening in a small “O” as she pleasured herself on him. She was the sexiest thing he’d ever laid eyes on, her perfect breasts bouncing with her movements, her small stomach swiveling underneath the nearly searing heat of the shower water.

His breath caught as she groaned, “Oooh fuuuck,” and clamped around his hard member. She began twitching and contracting like wild around him, seemingly trying to milk him, and boy did she. She was still cumming and he practically screamed, “I…Jen…I’m cumming…I don’t have…”

She finished just before slipping out of him and taking him into her mouth, even with her juices covering his throbbing dick, and sucking him until finally he bursted into her mouth, grabbing a fistful of her hair in both hand and pumping into her mouth grunting incoherently as the heat of his orgasm passed over him. She fell back against the wall of the shower, and he did likewise on the other side.

Her eyes were hooded as she looked at him, then looked down murmuring, “We should probably clean up…”

He sleepily nodded, and helped her up off the ground after he’d stood. They slowly, almost romantically washed, and helped wash each other. After a time the water started to cool off, so they rinsed and turned the water off, drying themselves and dressing in silence. Once Jennifer had re-fixed her hair, and re-applied her minimal amount of make up, they left in his vehicle.


She watched out the passenger window as the wind and rain seemed to sweep everything away. What had she just done? You’re not supposed to have amazing hot sex with people you hate. What was going on between them? Was he interested in her, or just attracted to her? More importantly, was she interested in him?

John was apparently uncomfortable with the silence, so he turned on the radio, listening to some old ACDC song. She glanced at the radio in disgust and changed it to the local pop station. He then changed it back, already irritated with her, and turned it up. She did the same going back to her pop station. Finally after several minutes of this, he grunted, “Leave my radio alone Jenny.”

“It’s Jennifer! And you can’t tell me what to do Tate.”

“Yes, I can Jenny. This is my radio, in my car, and I’m your boss.”

Her nostrils flared again, and she hissed, “Fuck you, John.”

He grinned, looking at her and licking his lips, “Please do, Jenny.”

No, she decided, she was not interested. But as she looked at his gruff, masculine face, she remembered their seemingly forever moments in the shower, and she couldn’t help but feel her heart skip a beat.

To be continued…

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