Freedom For Goddess Ch. 04

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Part 4 – The Influence of Almost:

Thank you for taking to the time to check out this continuing story about male orgasm denial. I hope that you read the prior parts first since the story is about a Goddess trying to get back mystical powers, but first she needs to complete a certain task. If you find this topic interesting, please drop me a line. I have been slow to get the entire story completed (work gets in the way of play), but there is one last chapter after this. Enjoy.


Goddess woke with a big stretch and rolled over to give ant a nice big hug. This lasted for all of about a minute and she carefully tickled him out of his sleep-deprived stupor. The laughter rocketed into stomach muscles and the ripples in his muscles reminded her of so many studs before him. She carefully planted her knee between his legs to test his response and he soon let put an “AWWWwwwwwww” sound. “Tender” she thought.

Goddess had so loved his tears that she wanted to see them again, but perhaps some food was in order. She again placed the blindfold over his eyes.

She was naked and her body, now hidden by the blindfold stood over him as remained motionless on the bed. She climbed on top of him and placed her left breast into his mouth. “Go ahead and suck on it ant, let it comfort you again” and she quickly brought her knee up into his groin as his stomach muscles contracted and he lurched in a spasm of pain. This was repeated five times and he sucked and began to whimper.

“Time for breakfast ant” and she got dressed and then removed his blindfold. He was in pain and his lack of sleep produced bags under his eyes and a look of worry on his face. Still naked, she had him go behind the cabin and turn on the propane tank. “Nice to have gas in the middle of nowhere,” she thought. She fried up some eggs, made toast and ant cut up a fresh pineapple. “The pineapple will make your cum taste good ant,” she noted.

“Thank you Goddess,” he said enthusiastically.

At the end of breakfast she removed his condom and emptied its contents into his eager and open mouth and poured it slowly onto his tongue. “Swallow now ant” she noted and then she handed him a new condom and the string to hold it in place.

“Thank you Goddess,” he said enthusiastically.

After a quick cleanup it was time for a walk. The woods were so beautiful and ant was going to be so sore from gravity pulling on his balls. The plug was still in his ass and she inspected the way it looked stuck in there. She smiled and then had him dress in some sweatpants with no underwear so that his swollen member could bounce about freely on their walk.

The area was beautiful and the fall leaves made it all the more special. They hiked down long fire roads and through some of the motorcycle trails in the area. It was clear that even the surroundings did not help him to relax and his mind was clearly on his pain. Climbing a large hill his balls ached more than ever. The view from the top was spectacular and it showed the silver haze over the valley below, but it did little to distract him from his pain. Goddess was enjoying the view and the grimace on his face. She was empowered with Mother Nature and the thoughts of getting her powers back. It would be just hours from now.

As she walked back to the cabin with ant at her side, they talked about Mother Nature and spirituality. She asked him if he believed that some people had super natural powers such as predicting the future, mind control and other psychic abilities and he said, “Yes.” That led her to probe his thought on this topic and the steered the conversation in the direction of mind control.

“Do you think that my control over you is mind control or just mental stimulation?” she asked.

He went on for some time how a mind fuck was the best fuck of all and that prolonged denial of his needs was making him crazy. But he did not believe that he could read her thoughts from this and that it was just experimentation and role-playing. They walked on and the cabin was getting closer. They had been walking for over an hour and finished the last of their water bottles as they approached the cabin. Goddess thought about her next move. “When I enter the cabin ant, what should I do with you ant?” she questioned him.

“I don’t know what would please you Goddess, but in my mouth or in my ass please,” he noted.

“He can’t hear my thoughts in his mind, but that will be soon enough,” she thought.

She placed the blindfold over his eyes again and had him undress while she removed her clothes. “Assume the position ant,” she demanded and he fell to his knees and spread his ass cheeks yet again. She had him stand up and then walk to the out-house with his cheeks spread wide.

“Now bend over ant,” she instructed and then she gently wiggled the butt plug from his ass and dropped it into a washbasin that she had carried with her. The open hole was a bit red and pink and somewhat gross at casino siteleri the same time. Still, she admired it. After a few moments of staring at his gaping hole, she instructed him to enter the outhouse and do his business. She showed him where the toilet paper was and kept the door open. “I’ll be right back she noted.”

The stove provided some hot water and she carried the hot pot to the washbasin for him to clean the plug and his ass. Goddess dropped a washcloth into yet another basin and added hot water and soap to each. Yet another basin was available for clean water and Goddess assisted ant in finding what he needed to complete his cleanup and rinse.

With a soft washcloth she bathed him slowly. The warm water felt good to ant and the evaporating water sent chills through his back and made him giggle as Goddess slid the cloth over his nipples, neck and elbows. The condom still dangling with fluid from his cock tempered her slow-motion rinse on his cock. “We need to empty that soon ant.”

“In my mouth please Goddess,” he replied.

“Yes of course ant, in a bit of time.”

The outdoor bath continued as she worked down his butt crack and tickled the backs of his legs. He was indeed swollen and she gently cupped his swollen testicles in her hands. “Now these are balls,” she thought as she worked the testicles upward into his abdomen to watch his squirm from the light touch.

With one her thumb and forefinger holding the testicles up inside him with one hand, she used her fingers to tickle his ass and as she got closer to his anus he began to squirm. “Now ant, you need to be still,” she noted,” as she pushed up harder and compressed his testicles.

He tried but her constant altering between rubbing his testicles with strong upward force and her tickles along his anus were too much and he again moved. She knew he would, but it was time for her to finish her exercise anyway and he might as well get a workout too.

Goddess removed her fingers from his scrotal sacks and the testicles slid down from inside him. She spanked him with all of her might, just once.

Goddess had completed her cleaning from ears to toes and he was lead to the cabin with Goddess pulling him by his latex enshrouded penis. He had no idea that Goddess was naked before him.

She had him lay on the kitchen table and she used some of the hot water to gently wash his penis with the condom now removed. Into his mouth went the drippings yet again.

“Thank you Goddess,” he said after his swallow.

A feather provided more delight and she slowly caressed his body with soft waves that sent chills and tension through his body. She stroked his condom-covered penis slowly and spent large spans of time sliding the feather across the tip of his erect member. Both her feather and his wiggles produced a hypnotic rhythm and she began to get into the daydream zone again.

Soon she was at that place in her mind again where thoughts of reality form the past blended with the present. “How come men liked to cum so much?” she thought. It reminded her of the joke:

“Even a brain surgeon gets bored after doing the same procedure over and over again…

A blow job on the other hand…”

This made her smile and she quickly returned to the thoughts of the orgasm that he so desperately needed. Of course one orgasm was not going to be enough to relieve his pain, but that first emptying would get her what she wanted as soon as he had swallowed his seed. She found herself getting wet from this thought and the drip down her leg snapped her back to the feather and body before her.

“I didn’t get my exercise in today ant,” she exclaimed. “That walk was not enough and I missed my step class this week on Thursday. I think it’s time for a workout. Besides, you wiggled outside and I think a little punishment is in order.”

She stepped into her belt harness and attached the 1.5″ diameter dildo to the center and admired the awesome 8″ length. “WOW,” she thought as she admired the translucent blue dick now strapped to her waist. He had no idea at all.

With a few commands ant had followed her instructions and assumed a sitting position on the couch. She carefully and gently moved his mouth into position and instructed ant to open his mouth and pucker his lips. The rubberized cock touched his lips. “Kiss it softly and slowly ant.”

His lips started with gentle kisses placed here and there on the tip and shaft of her strap-on, but he had no idea that it was strapped to her waist. When ordered to suck, he started with short strokes of the tip and soon found himself licking the length. To his blindfolded eyes, his mind made it clear that this was wide and long. Perhaps too long, but there was little that he could do to defer what was to transpire soon and he needed to cum. No, he absolutely needed to cum soon and this was part of what he had agreed to do.

Goddess was quite amused by the size of the tip disappearing into his mouth and once again, canlı casino this seemed to hypnotize her into thought of the past.

Goddess recalled the sucking and throat poundings that she had both participated in and orchestrated. Surely she had seen it all, but that was all so impersonal and this was all so self fulfilling and self directed that she just grinned in pleasure. She wanted him to go deeper and the though of this made her grin turn to a wide smile. With a girlish giggle, she demanded “Hah, deeper.” No, she thought “Deeper slut!” and then she said “Deeper slut.”

Once again the gagging started and ant was having trouble getting the head past his tonsils. His tears began to flow yet again and his gag sounds were pronounced. It was perhaps half way into his mouth and she again ordered “Deeper slut.” And deeper it went. With her hands now on the back of his head he knew that she was wearingthe strap-on and the thought excited him.

He could only handle about 6″ of the shaft and Goddess was amused at his attempt and disappointed that he could not make it all the way. “I’m not impressed with your lack of skills and it is time to punish you ant,” she demanded. “Now turn around and rest your body on the couch, but keep your knees on the floor and assume the position.”

“I had wanted to work-out in your mouth, but clearly a deeper hole is needed. You need to be butt fucked for the first time anyway you virgin slut.” She wanted control, she had control and she was energized by all of this.

The feather provided ample tickles to his anus and he was instructed to stay still but could not. “That hole needs training ant. What should Goddess do about it ant?”

“In my ass please Goddess”

“I can’t hear you ant. You need to be much clearer.”

He began to beg for his ass to be humped. He said, “please” over and over again.

Goddess slowly used the feather to tickle his anus even more and prepare it for the journey ahead. With graceful and fluid motion she danced like a ballerina across the room to retrieve her lubricants while her strap-on bobbed up and down and side-to-side. She opened the AstroGlide and applied some to his anus and the tip of the strap-on dildo. She moved the tip into contact with his anus.

With extreme care and a slow pressure, she rocked her hips left and right, followed by up and down. She coached him to breathe deeply and to push out as she pushed in. After just two minutes she was almost in. “Time to push out ant,” she whispered softly between his breaths. “On my count of three.” she said, “Push.”

She was inside and she began to rock her hips. Soon the dildo slid in and out freely and the base applied pressure to her well-lubricated vagina and clit. Her needs began to build with each stroke, but she told ant “Time to get my workout going.” With that comment she began to hump his ass like a man would and she made sure to slide the stap-on all the way in and then all the way out. He was being used and this made her feel alive and all-powerful.

She grabbed his hair as her need to cum escalated. “Time to cry ant, I want to hear you cry as I cum.” Once again ant found himself bending to her wishes and the tears flowed down his cheeks. “Louder ant, I want to hear you let is all out.” He cried as if a child.

Her orgasm was sharp and strong and she pumped hard to bring herself to a strong climax. She continued to pull his hair, while listening to his cries as she shook in short pelvic thrusts forward and backwards and then it was gone.

She still wanted that workout and she was enjoying this whole scene. Se began to rock her hips and soon she established a rhythm that allowed the strokes to come all the way out to the tip and then all the way in until the harness was bottomed out on his ass.

She was entering the “zone,” a strange detached zone between the earth and the ceiling where she pictured watching herself from about 10 feet away and just floating above her head. She was screwing his ass in a slow and fast set of rhythms that kept her in that zone.

Ant remained silent and his crying had stopped. This was a good thing because she was in a place that she had only been in during some rare meditations and she drifted back in time to a party that had taken place for the benefit of one of the princes. The girls had been twirling about and belly dancing in erotic ways as the men inhaled the hashish from the hookah pipes and exhaled the smoke into the lungs of the girls as they kissed. Everyone was intoxicated with desire and the dancing became slow motion, erotic and time stood still. The pierced nipple girls had strung themselves together with thin chains and surrounded the men as the scarf clad belly dancing concubines had darted under the chains with limbo arched backs. Slowly and over many minutes a pile of scarves was laid at the feet of the prince and the women began to caress the prince while fondling each other, themselves and the guests.

Goddess had planned kaçak casino and orchestrated the entire event and they had rehearsed and tried various combinations for the entire week in preparation for this. But here she was now in a cabin, in the woods with her plastic dick in ant’s ass and she was actually in both places as she slowly pressed the bottomed out phallus into his ass to stimulate her clit just a little harder as she recalled how that orgy had been the best.

She came in a slow flowing waves and they hummed and rocked her with contractions as her body and mind floated in that special place that was now, but with the perfect memory of that orgy so long ago.

It had been an hour from start to end and she pulled the strap-on from his ass. She admired the red gaping hole that it left and it would not be long now before she had control. But the floating meditation from fucking his ass was special and she just wanted to relax and enjoy the quiet.

Ant was tired from his lack of sleep and humiliating anal experience. Goddess had him now and she would soon guide him to the fruit that would set her free and allow him to worship her with extreme devotion. Soon she would have several men to administer to her needs.

Goddess removed the strap-on and placed it in a washbowl for ant to clean it. She wrapped herself in a towel from the waist down and remained topless while removing the blindfold from ant’s head. The light strained his eyes as they focused on her still erect nipples.

They ate lunch and then Goddess wanted to be washed up. After all she had walked, worked out on his ass and traveled hundreds of years in her meditation. The warm water felt wonderful as ant slowly caressed her back, neck, breasts, and stomach. She needed to undress to finish the washing and she wanted ant to enjoy her and want her. The towel gently slid down her backside and landed on the floor as ant gazed at her pubic hair and curves. He continued his work.

Once at her feet she instructed him to suck on her toes as she moved to the couch.

“ant, pour me a glass of wine and bring it here.”

She sipped the wine as he continued his ministrations on her toes. She was in heaven.

ant did such a great job that she fell asleep for almost an hour and he stopped when she fell asleep so as to not disturb her and he was able to stare right at her vagina, labia and clit from her bent knees and spread legs. He grew hard and his drip continued.

With dinner just hours away, Goddess awoke slowly and decided to play with him some more. “No time like the present to pump him up some more,” she thought.

He needed a shave and it she got his toiletry bag and lathered him up. He seemed a bit nervous, but she had done this many times before and soon he was smooth and clean.

She started by having ant pour her another glass of wine and she turned to her stomach to let ant caress her behind. She instructed him to use only his lips and now soft and smooth face cheeks to caress her ass. It felt sooooooo good.

Time for him to lick her ass again. “Lick my butt ant. Lick very slowly”

This sent shivers down her spine and she wiggled and giggled and relaxed as she took another sip of wine. After some time, she ordered him to go deeper and he was once again probing her with his tongue. It felt sooooooooo good that she drifted off to sleep for a few moments.

Dinner was approaching. It was time for ant to suffer before dinner and before his special desert.

She had him get on the table again, on his back and she positioned his legs into a pike so that she could once again insert the butt plug. The sparkle of the lubricant made her giggle with joy as it slowly slid in and all but the flat outside retainer disappeared inside him.

She moved his pike position legs further over his stomach and then over his head. He was on his back, his hips in the air and his feet over his head with his penis now directly over his lips and pointing straight at them. “Perfect, perfect, perfect,” she thought.

He was instructed to put his elbows at his side, to bend his arms and then use his hands to hold his hips in place. Goddess stepped back and admired what was before her.

She put a small amount of lubrication on her hands and began stroking his cock while massaging his balls. He knew it would be soon.

Her strokes ended at the head of his penis and she loosened her grip to a tickle on each trip to the tip. His drip had filled the condom tip and she removed the condom. Without any delay she emptied the small amount of precum into his mouth, he swallowed and again let out an enthusiastic “Thank you Goddess.”

She could now feel his warm skin against her hands and with more lube; she began the slow torture again. He was rock hard. He needed more pressure on the tip to cum and she alternated between full strokes over the head to shorter ones just below the fold of skin that could give him so much pleasure. She continued to alternate her pressure, her fingertip play on that stimulation point and fast or slow speeds.

Before long she heard ant say “eight”

Then soon he said “nine”

“Open your mouth ant, nice and wide for Goddess”

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