Forget to Remember Ch. 02

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***if you haven’t read Forget to Remember ch. 1 than do so NOW before you read this one. it’ll make this story feel so much better.***


The sun warmed my face sweetly and kissed my skin with its rays. The water looked cool and inviting as the waves tossed themselves onto the shore. The deserted island behind me was silent but for the stirring wind in the trees and the roar of a waterfall in the distance. I feel like I’ve been running for days but as I see the shipwreck in the distance and planks of broken wood surrounding my tired body sprawled on the sand I know what made my muscles weep. I survived.

In wonderment and desperation I looked around to search for survivors. The stillness of the water in the distance makes me think for the worst. I turn my head from the sea and blink my sadness away before my tears begin to fall. I survived the shipwreck on my own and now I need to survive- starting right now.

I get up and turn to the shoreline. Surely some of the goods have washed up or at least survived whole. My bare feet walk along the wet sand and crash against the oncoming waves. The only thing left on my body is my tattered camisole and undergarments but I’m lucky to have that. My dark hair tangled by the sea and sand lays cool on my bare back as the sun beats onto my skin. And I walk.

In the distance I see something large and long and when I approach it I see it’s a person. I run with hopes of a survivor and as I get closer I see the dark hair covering the head to clue me into the body. Before I can understand why, “My love,” escapes my sore dry lips and I run to him. In my mind I know this man- his eyes, his hair- but I don’t know him really. His pants cover his legs to his calves and his bare back faces me with a gash on his shoulder.

I begin to think horrible thoughts. Maybe I’m wrong and this is his remains. I couldn’t bear to see his dead eyes staring up at me before I ever really knew him. A wave washes over his body as I approach him, rolling his body to the side. His eyes are closed to me but his body is still warm; maybe he wasn’t dead yet. I held onto those last tendrils of hope. With trembling fingers, I reached his throat and searched desperately for a pulse.

In a rush, a flood of memories come to me that I don’t remember experiencing. My father’s personal blacksmith and handyman, this man has been part of my life many years. As a young boy, his father worked with us and we grew together until his father died when he was twenty, just four years ago. I remember holding him close at the funeral, standing for the only family he has. I felt the tears soak through my dress when he cried on my shoulder. I’ve been secretly in love with him just about all my life.

Now seeing him helpless and possibly gone forever without knowing my feelings I fear I may never tell him. The pulse is there and very slow. I know not how to save him or how to help him. This may be my last chance to be with him, so I lay by his side and hold him to my body. His limp form is still hard with muscle gained from working hard. I’ve always admired his form, his silhouette, as he would work in his shop. His arms would ripple with the strain of his hammer being thrown onto the metal over and over.

The tears that swelled my eyes have now fallen, streaming in rivers down my flushed skin. I don’t know why I’m crying but this desperate sadness overwhelms me. This may be it, forever. His silent canlı bahis şirketleri face tells me nothing but I pull it close, kissing the lifeless lips in out first kiss that may be our last. My mouth pressed to his as I wept and willed him to stay with me. In a moment before I pulled away, I felt his lips move under mine and they opened, his tongue searching in my mouth. I opened my eyes to look in his, awake and… alive. In a fit of joy, I threw my arms around him as my tears continued to flow. Our embrace ended slowly, with me gasping for breath when our lips separated.

“Why do you cry, my lady?” he asked as he wiped my face this his thumbs.

“I thought you were dead. I-I thought I’d never see you again.”

He smiled and it looked slightly strained, but his deep voice was soothing. “I’d never leave you without saying goodbye. And even when that day comes, no heaven would be as sweet as the embrace of your arms and your lips.”

“I’ve waited so many years for you to say that to me.”

He pulled me closer to his body, very much alive and throbbing as he pressed against me. “And I’ve waited years more to say them.”

He pushed my body onto the wet sand and kissed me once more, almost as if gaining energy from out joined lips and holding me tighter and closer with each passing moment. He crushed his hips closer to me and I felt the thrust of his pelvis onto mine, stirring new things deep inside me.

In the back of my head, my emotions were going mad into the frenzy of confusion. One part of me is panicking, feeling emotions and thrilling things in places I didn’t even know could be thrilled. I know I’ve never been with a man and I became scared that he would want to be with me. But I didn’t know the first thing to do! What do I do? How do I act? I have this unfamiliar drive to satisfy him and do whatever I can. I grind my body to his and I hear a moan escape his lips. In answer he moves his kisses to my neck and bites, kisses, delights and licks the delicate flesh that has never gotten this kind of treatment before.

Now the other part of me kicks in. This part is much lower in my body and hungry. It wants these kisses from his lips and it wants to feel his bare skin under my fingers pull and break from my nails. I felt an emptiness deep inside that I know he can fill.

When he pulls my camisole over my shoulder, a little panic grows to a grown up panic and I hesitate my body from his. He must have felt my tension because he stopped his oral assault on my body and took his glorious gaze to mine, searching.

“What is distressing you, love? Tell me and I’ll take care in what you need.”

Another wave took over our bodies and washed my camisole up my front, revealing my stomach and the bottom of my bare breasts. I feel the sweet sea breeze trail over my damp flesh and color sprang to my cheeks. He noticed and smiled, a cocky mouth turned in expression.

“Your modesty, my heart, shows your innocence. You have never been with a man before?”

I shake my head and say no in a panic again. “Are you angry with me?”

He laughed and kissed my frown. “On the contrary, I am delighted. No man has had the pleasure of sharing your body or your heart and I would be honored if you le that be me.”

His wet fingertips slowly grazed my cheek and rested on my shoulder. A yearning inside me wants him to go lower and touch my body anywhere he can find.

He whispered canlı kaçak iddaa to me, “I almost lost you forever and the thought of not having you right now is pure torture.”

The idea of him being as frustrated and full of need as I am made me secretly delighted. With a new found boldness I took the bottom of the tattered cloth covering my chest and took it over my head, revealing my naked torso for the first time to a man.

“Take me,” I said with a raspy voice that I didn’t recognize as me, thick with desire, “Please take me as if these are our last moments together.”

His beautiful eyes, the same color as the deep sea that threw us ashore, searched my face and smiled to me. I took my fingers dancing through his hair and pulled him to my lips. I have kissed others, a few men that have tried to court me, but none has ever take my body as solely as this one kiss. My body couldn’t move, even if I tried. He was desperately slow and took care with me, savoring our moments for the precious few we have left.

He moved the hypnotic kiss from my mouth and trailed once more to my neck. This time I urged him on. This time, instead of tensing, I pressed his head further down to my naked chest. He kissed my breastbone and took both of his hands to my white globes peaked with strawberry cream. His fingers manipulated the fragile flesh that I offered him. His touches brought sensations through my body that I never felt, this burning that rippled over my skin. My nipples were taken by his fingers and pulled, twisted, making them hard and the skin tight but feel so good. I let a sigh escape from deep inside as he replaced his fingers with his mouth. My love’s lips were so warm, even on my bare flesh that has been baking under the sun.

As if someone had turned up the same glowing ball in the sky, my body became hotter by the sacred moments. The waves crashing over out bodies were nothing more than back round to what happened to our bodies. The way he made me feel, I wanted to do the same for him; I wanted to make him feel as good as I feel.

I bring my hands to his hips, massaging the flesh covering his bones and his mouth grew rougher, biting my nipple hard. So I moved closer. His pants still restricted his body and so I pulled the waist away and slipped my hand to the hard organ contained inside. The smooth flesh was a strong contrast to how solid the long rod was in my grip. I could feel his heart beat quick remarkably through his skin and smiled at the though that I held his entire being between my fingers. He pulled his mouth away from my body and his spine bowed back, body gasping at my touch. I thought for a moment that I hurt him and I let go.

“No. NO, my sweeting, it’s okay. It just felt good is all.”

So I touched him again. I rolled him to his back and straddled his legs in a bold move that was unlike me, pulling the pants off his body. He was glorious in the nude. His stomach rippled when I touched him and his tanned body seemed to glow when the sun touched his skin. The curls on his stomach trailed to between his legs and grew delicately in worship to the tower of skin in the middle. I took him in my grip and moved my fingers up the shaft to feel his length as his breath quickened.

“That’s the way, love. Just like that.”

Pumping him faster and faster, I can feel his trembles beneath me. His fingers dug into the sand and his hips move with my motions. My sensitive canlı kaçak bahis fingertips felt each bump and line of his penis with each thrust of his hips. This new found power of his body was wonderful and I loved the feel of him in my grasp.

He sits up suddenly and crushes his mouth on mine, rolling us into our original position. I can feel him digging into my hip but it wasn’t uncomfortable, it was gratifying. My undergarments were ripped from my body and were both naked bodies, burning under the sun as a sacrifice to the gods. I wrapped my legs around his body as he slipped his hands between and rubbed my flesh, drenched by the sea and my own juices. With his mouth drinking from mine, he flicked a finger over my tiny bud, taking me by surprise and tearing another moan from my body. I moved with his fingers, pressing closer. I love he knows just where to touch me and how he knows to make me feel so good.

His hand moved and he pressed into my womanhood, taking away some of the emptiness I felt. The warmth grew that I had deep in my belly. I could feel it pulsing, and I wasn’t sure what it was, but I knew I didn’t want it to stop. His fingers were making my body numb and before I could say anything I felt an… explosion take over my body. I gripped him hard with trembling fingers and my legs pulling him closer. It was as if something took over my body and I have no control, but I didn’t even care. When I gained my breath back, he kissed me.

“What was that? It was amazing.”

He smiled, “I’m pleased you liked it, my lady. Gaining the pleasure of a woman through her orgasm is the best reward.”

I wanted more. I wanted to feel him inside me again. As if reading my devilish mind, he once again touched my flesh, but this time it was different. This time it seemed softer and smoother. His hand held the shaft of his organ to the entrance of my body.

“I will go slowly. You must tell me when to stop, or if I am hurting you.”

I nodded the consent of an eager virgin and felt him slowly glide inside my hole. Then came the pain of my skin breaking, my maidenhead tearing and my innocence ending. I am now a woman. I cried out with the majestic duo of pleasure and pain as he stopped and kissed the tear from my eye.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

His concerned look made me laugh. “I have never felt better in all my life. Don’t stop, my love, please don’t stop.”

He went slow at first, still filling me gingerly but as the pain left, I only felt the sensation of him inside pumping in and out of me. I chanted “harder” and “faster”. Take my body, do what you will. I trust you. I love you. Our bodies met in a rhythm that we set together, bringing me once more to a wonderful orgasm that drove him to his own as I felt him coat the insides of my body with his creamy lust.

He pulled me to him, cradling me to his body as the sea washed away our mixed spent passions and the blood of my youth. I felt like a child with a belly full of sweet, but I was no longer a child. I was a woman. Satisfied and happy.

“Oh, I love you-“, my mind went blank at my words. I love him but, what is his name? His name escapes me and when I look at him he smiles.

“I love you too.”

The panic clearly showed on my face but he ignored it. Kissing me on my forehead he said, “Two more days. Only two more days left.”


I awoke in my bed. The alarm hasn’t shrilled yet and I have three more minutes before it goes off. Who is this man that haunts my subconscious?? All I know is that after two days this mystery better be solved. This throbbing between my legs needs a release. I turn off my alarm and temporarily satisfy myself.

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