Forever Yours Ch. 12

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Welcome to the twelfth chapter of my story. It’s been really wonderful having you wonderful readers with me. I hope this chapter entertains you like the others. I love you and I look forward to more ratings. Don’t forget to drop your comments at the end of this chapter. Enjoy…


“Ahhh…” Ramon’s mouth gaped in a silent scream as Marcos pounded in him relentlessly.

It was such a wonderful feeling taking both his breath and his senses away. Marcos surged his hips making sure that he hit Ramon’s prostate nice and sweetly making Ramon moan his senses out. Marcos had his fingers in Ramon’s mouth which he sucked furiously, his fists clenched on the sheets, moaning slowly on Marcos finger.

“Fuck, you are so tight,” Marcos moaned, his dick pounding the arse of the boy he loved. Ramon’s ass was hot, sweet, pleasurable, sizzling and so damn tight. The friction between Marcos and Ramon’s body made things hotter.

“Ohhh…” Ramon moaned, “That’s…fuck!”

Making sure he was still balls deep in Ramon, Marcos used his hand to jerk the leaking cock of Ramon and the boy’s moans and breathes increased.

“Oh…that feels so good,” Ramon moaned, writhing uncontrollably on the bed.

Fuck, how Marcos had missed seeing Ramon moan and squirm on the bed as he pleasured him with his merciless cock.

“Fuck I have missed you,” Marcos said in a low sexy, orgasmic voice removing his fingers from Ramon’s mouth and replacing them with his lips. He sucked on Ramon’s lips furiously as if it were the last thing he would do. Their tongues met and were fighting for dominance as each one moaned softly making Marcos’ tongue vibrate in pure ecstasy.

He slowly moved his hips and made sweet love to Ramon as his muscles spasmed making things even sweeter as his movements increased making Ramon to moan in his mouth which only made things sweeter.

Marcos broke the kiss and cupped the sides of Ramon’s face, enthralled by the total pure bliss on Ramon’s face. He looked absolutely stunning, sexy, and hot as he moved his head from side to side in total pleasure.

Marcos moaned as if he were experiencing the greatest pleasure, which he was. Then he continued hammering into Ramon slowly and relentlessly. All the emotions were getting into him…grief, pain, love, regret and immense joy. Every thrust took him deeper into Ramon, hitting his prostate over and over again, driving so much pleasure into Ramon it made him writhe on the bed. Their combined moans and groans of pure ecstasy filled the room.

“Fuck, you’re so sweet,” Marcos growled sweat pouring from his face. “You are so sweet and so fucking hot.”

Marcos heard Ramon’s moans grow deeper, sensual and utterly loud. His breathes increased and his squirms were uncontrollable and he knew that he was over the edge. Marcos jerked Ramon’s cock as a series of moans escaped his mouth. It was not long and Ramon erupted on his tummy, gasping Marcos’ name as his ass muscles clenched making Marcos to scream in pleasure by the tightness of Ramon’s muscles.

Ramon’s screams of pleasure was music to his ear and it just made him to hammer into Ramon hard and relentlessly.

“Fuck…” Ramon cried out. “So good…” His cock was spatting ropes of cum while Marcos fucked him hard.

Still buried inside of Ramon, Marcos picked him up and made him lie on his stomach while he remained on top of him. He was still buried inside Ramon and he began fucking him hard and deep as a series of moans tore from his throat. He fucked him hard and deep, his pubes slapping Ramon’s bubbly butt which vibrated encouraging him to pound some more.

He used his hand to hold Ramon’s neck, kissing on it sensually as Ramon’s moans grew even louder.

“I love you,” Marcos whispered. “I really do and I don’t know how I survived without you over these past years.”

He saw Ramon turn his face to him, his eyes watering as soon as he looked deep in them. “More than you can imagine.” Marcos watched as Ramon’s tears fell, linking with the sweat on his face. He really loved Ramon a lot and it scared him a great deal to see Ramon cry. “Now that I have you, I will never let you go.” Then leaning to give Ramon a mind blowing kiss, Marcos began to move his hips, fucking deeply into Ramon just like he remembered Ramon liked it.

He fucked deeply, faster, relentlessly until he felt pressure build up in his balls. “Oh fuck…” Marcos breathed feeling his orgasm build up. “Oh fuck I am coming,” He roared, feeling his orgasm burst out of him powerfully. He threw back his head and roared like a wild cat as he spurted hotly inside Ramon’s arse cumming like he had never before. He continued pounding into Ramon’s ass until every last drop was in Ramon, trembling like a leaf.

When he eventually stopped coming, Marcos slowed the thrusts of his hips and buried his face on Ramon’s neck, nipping on it and breathing hard as Ramon made his own silent moans. He had never cum so hard in his life like the way he did. It was just sexy the way Ramon moan as he nipped on his neck.

“I casino oyna love you so much,” Ramon gasped, “I never stopped loving you and I will stay with you forever. I will forever be yours.”

That statement was too emotional for Marcos. He leaned and kissed Ramon on the lips drawing a series of moans from the both of them. His cock was still hard so he slowly moved his hips, driving his cock deep feeling his hot cum inside of Ramon. He kissed him passionately, sensually, deeply and furiously feeling his cock get even harder and deeper. It was such a wonderful feeling, feeling Ramon’s hot ass on his dick. He bit his upper lip as he drove deeper inside of him bringing cum with him every time he pounded in him. He fucked Ramon all over again until he felt another powerful orgasm that left him crying at the top of his voice when…

Marcos suddenly woke up breathing fast, sweat dripping and eyes wide open. He has been having the same dream for two days now, same dream, and same words. He slowly got out of the bed and realized that his boxer was extremely wet. He had cum so hard like a fucking teenager after a wet dream.

“Fuck,” He swore, circling his fingers around the big wet spot. Then he slipped it off and took a long hot shower that made him feel better. It has been two days and he hasn’t been able to leave the house, thanks to his mother who has stood her ground and locked him in or watch him whenever she can.

She had made it clear to him that unless he comes back to his senses and stay with Dan, she would never allow him walk out. Due to the respect that he has for her, he has stayed indoors with her watchful eye but he has spent it in his room. These wet dreams had started the day before and he always wakes up horny and hard.

Today he had promised himself to go to Ramon no matter what happens. He has refused to talk with Dan since that incident as Dan just wants to argue with him. Marcos had even got surprised when Dan stopped coming to his room.

Marcos slipped on a green shirt, black jean and brown shoes. He then combed his hair backwards to look more appealing and then with determination and a mission at hand, he left his room with the car keys. He had barely finished going down the stairs when he saw her, his mother. Arms on her chest, eyes fixed at him, grimace on her face and a pose, ready to reprimand him.

“May I know where exactly you are going,” She asked, eyes locked with his.

“I don’t need this,” Marcos said, passing her before she blocked him.

“You are going to see that whore, aren’t you?”

“Yes, mom,” He laughed, eyes still locked on Olivia. “I am going to see Ramon.”

“Haven’t you heard anything I said?”

“I did, mom,” He breathed in deeply. “But I also told you to stay out of my relationships.”

Olivia brought her arms to the front as her mood changed completely. “Why do you want to hurt me?” Olivia asked, trying not to raise her voice. “Why is it that when it comes to that boy, you lose your senses?”

“Its love, mom,”

“Love you say?” Olivia snapped. “You are not going anywhere today.”

“I have stayed in this house today under your orders for the last two days but today you will not stop me.”

“Watch me,” Olivia said, rushing to the door and locked it.

“What are you doing?” Marcos heard his father ask from upstairs.

“Father, I…”

“I am talking to you, son.” He smiled, rushing down the stairs. “I am talking to your mother.”

“What does it look like I am doing?” Olivia snapped. “I am preventing Marcos from making a huge mistake. Unless he tells that…”

“Give me the keys,” James ordered then extended his hand, waiting for the key. Olivia just stared at him, looking at him like he was a no body. “I said can I have the keys?”

“What for?” Olivia asked, moving her head in a series of swings.

James laughed softly and then he took the keys from her hand by force and gave them to Marcos. Olivia was now in rage, desiring to kill Ramon for sure. She knew she couldn’t go against her husband but she was not going to back down.

“Here,” James handed the keys to Marcos. Marcos gushed at his father and left after the door opened. Olivia was furious and she stormed out of the living room after warning her husband not to act smart with her. She was slowly losing her son to Ramon, again and she was gonna do something before he found out the truth and hate her.


“…You got the things in life and I will make it happen. Just like a trophy I am shining but I will be there anytime to play. So don’t forget, it’s you and me together forever.”

Phew, that was stressing, Ramon thought, removing the large ear phones from his ear. He was glad that he was done with that song and now he just has to do a few more and then videos. The demand for his music just keeps on increasing. Many contracts just wait for him to sign but he hasn’t even had the time to review all them. He has performed for many Companies in the little time that he had come back.

“I hope that was good,” Ramon said, moving canlı casino out of the studio.

“Spectacular,” The crew clapped.

For the last two days, he has been busy in his music company recording songs but thanks to his sharp brain, that was over though he would soon be back in the studio. Ramon took a few steps back, leaning to the wall as he slipped water into his dry mouth. He just has a lot to do. After he made sure that he was done with everything he went to his office, threw his tired body on the couch and sighed.

“That was really stressful,”

He figured he needed a little shut eye before he actually went home. Closing his eyes in hope of getting some sleep, he heard a knock on the door. Why did anyone have to disturb him after that stressful day? He asked whoever was at the door to come in. The door opened, revealing his beautiful, sexy secretary coming towards him.

“Yes,” He asked, closing his eyes.

“Mr. Martinez is here to see you?”

“Marcos,” Ramon exclaimed, getting up quickly from the couch. Why did he act like that?

“Yes,” The secretary said in her sexy, seductive voice. “He’s been waiting for quite some time now.”

“Let him in,” the secretary left. Ramon positioned himself on a chair beside his table, moving it around. He was ready to face Marcos, trouble in paradise uh!

A few minutes the guy was knocking and Ramon didn’t take any time to tell him to enter. He looked like he had not been sleeping probably from all the arguments with Dan. His eyes were fixed on Ramon, his entire body moved towards Ramon, his steps slow and calm. His smile was bright and radiant.

Marcos’ gaze was fixed on Ramon. He was seated on the chair looking so damn sexy. After checking every possible location Ramon was expected to be found, he was now here, in front of him but all he did was stare at him.

“Yes, Marcos,” Ramon said, resting his legs on his office table. “How may I help you?”

“Err…I came to see you,” Marcos gulped, smiling at Ramon like he was the most delicious thing he had ever seen. “I really need to tell you something.”

“I am listening,” Ramon said his eyes on the nervous looking Marcos.

“Can I at least take a seat before…?”

Ramon offered Marcos a seat and the guy sat, looking as comfortable as ever.

“I broke up with Dan,” Marcos muttered.

Finally, Ramon thought, his whole body rejoicing at the thought of seeing Dan’s face. He was looking straight at Marcos, his face so sure but he added a little bit of a confused look. He was acting to be surprised or rather not to care.

“Why are you telling me this?” Ramon asked, dropping his legs from the table. “Last I remembered, we are just business partners. We are not friends like that.”

“I just feel I need to tell you.” Marcos muttered, trying his possible best to tell Ramon how he felt but he was scared of the answer he might get from Ramon.

“Okay,” Ramon rolled his eyes, pretending to be surprised. “Why did you break up?”

Marcos looked straight in Ramon’s eyes as he gathered the confidence to utter the truth to him. “You!” Marcos said accompanied by a chuckle.

“Me?” Ramon asked, pointing at himself. “What do I have to do with all this?”

“I broke up with him because I have just realized that we are not compatible. I may just be in love with someone else.”

Ramon raised his eye brow followed by a long, teasing and surprising laugh. He knew what Marcos was saying and he realized it but he just found it funny. Those words coming from Marcos’ lips sounded like a funny joke. He knew Marcos was talking about him, he knew it very well but he was still laughing.

Marcos had no freaking idea what was so funny about what he had just told Ramon. He knew that it was probably because Dan had been so rude towards him but that was not funny.

“I am sorry,” Ramon laughed till he began coughing. “I am really sorry about that but I just can’t believe that it’s over. He was your fiancé, right?”

“No, he was just my boyfriend,”

“So are you here to blame me for that or what?” Ramon chuckled, nodding his head.

“No,” Marcos said, moving his hands in total disagreement. “I don’t blame you at all.”

“So why are you here because last I checked, we aren’t friends.”

“Because this is where I will get all my answers,” Marcos said, his heart racing at the answer Ramon was gonna give him.

Ramon’s smile just faded. It was like he was frozen and swooning, surprise, astonishment, heat, pressure and total disbelief where all running through him. He felt more tired than he had been as his head took him miles of emotions. Marcos just told him that he was gonna get answers from him and he kinda expected it but it had hit him harder than he thought.

“What?” Ramon gasped. “You are bluffing, right?”

“No, I am serious,” Marcos said his smile brighter and his mood lighter. “My answer lies with you.”

Ramon’s smile faded but he brought it up again. “I am sorry Marcos, you are getting me confused.”

Marcos suddenly stood kaçak casino up and got so close to Ramon’s face. What surprised him was that the guy did not move an inch. He kept staring at him confidently.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Marcos said his breath getting stronger.

Marcos was determined to get an answer from Ramon about the way he felt. He was unable to control his feelings but he was gonna find out from Ramon why he was making him go through what he was going through. He had tried to forget about Ramon but he couldn’t and now he has broken up with Dan for Ramon.

“What are you talking about,” Ramon was now serious, no expression on his face.

“You know what I am talking about.” Marcos held on to his hand. “The photo shoot, the office and even when you are around. Are you trying to tell that you haven’t noticed what you do to me?”

Ramon removed his hand from Marcos’ and then moved away from his seat to stare outside the window. “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Of course you do,” Marcos moved furiously from his chair, held a firm grip on Ramon’s hand and brought him closer. “I can’t just control these feelings anymore.” Marcos breathed. Ramon was so close to him he could feel his breathe on his face. “Can’t you tell that I am in love with you? I feel like I will go insane if I go on this way so I came here to know the truth.”

“What truth?” Ramon released himself from Marcos’ grip and then went back to the chair.

“Do you still love me?” Marcos came so close to him. He could see love in those eyes which had once shown him the same kind of emotions he was reading in his eyes.

Ramon began laughing so hard it was making Marcos mad. The guy had just poured his heart out to Ramon but he found it funny, how rude. Marcos was being serious, Ramon found it funny.

“Thanks for still loving me, Marcos but…” Ramon got so close to Marcos’ face as if he was about to kiss him and then withdrew, picked up a magazine.”…No,” Ramon said confidently, opening one of his magazines.

“Stop denying it because…”

“Because what?” Ramon asked, suddenly wondering where the conversation was really headed. “Because we coincidentally bump into each other almost everywhere we go or because we just work together?”

“Because what I feel is real and we had something in the past,” Marcos smiled.

“What we had was long ago,” Ramon chuckled. “What makes you think that I still love you?”

“I can feel it,” Marcos was confident that Ramon loved him a lot.

Ramon was smiling brightly. “Get out of my office!” Ramon muttered.

“What?” Marcos muttered, surprised at Ramon’s reaction.

“I said get out of my office.” Ramon made sure his voice was slow and hoarse. “I am really tired and I don’t have time for jokes.”

“It’s not a joke.” Marcos hollered. “I am telling the truth. I love you a lot and I have forgotten everything in the past.”

This was an opportunity to make Dan suffer even more. Who knows, he might get the truth out of Olivia and Dan but he feared confessing his love to Marcos and once again get hurt. If he doesn’t respond to anything, he might push Marcos away and probably end up with Dan again. That would be bad as it would mean that he was back to square one.

“Is it a sin to confess to someone that you really love them?” Marcos asked looking straight at Ramon whose eye never left him.

“Not at all,” Ramon answered, passing his index finger on his lips. “But it is a sin to lie.”

Marcos knew that Ramon was sure he was lying but whatever he felt was the truth. He had no reason to lie to him anymore because his emotions were getting stronger and stronger every day. In this case he was hoping for Ramon to understand him and probably accept him back.

“I am sorry, Marcos,” Ramon said. “But I don’t have feelings for you anymore. Those feelings were lost long ago.”

No matter what Ramon said, deep down inside of him, he still had great love for Marcos. He was not ready to get hurt. He needed someone who loved him and trusted him unlike Marcos who had not trusted him in the past.

“Your eyes,” Marcos muttered. “Your eyes are telling me something else.”

Ramon chuckled teasingly. “You just broke up with your boyfriend and now you are here telling me that you love me?” Ramon’s voice sounded hoarse. “What do you think of me?”

“I know that we passed through a lot but I can’t forget you.” Marcos said, moving his chair closer to the table. “What do I have to do to show you that I really, really love you?”

“Nothing,” Ramon muttered. “There is absolutely nothing you can do. In fact you are just wasting your time if you think that I am still in love with you. It was a long time ago. Forget it.”

Marcos was angry that Ramon was probably joking with him while he was being serious. He couldn’t afford to be joked at or anything. He was laughing so uncontrollably, flipping through a magazine. That just made Marcos angry.

“Do you think it’s a joke?” Marcos snapped, snatching the magazine away from Ramon.

Ramon raised his face to see the serious look on his face. It brought so much sorrow to him, he didn’t know what to say but one thing was for sure, he had to stand firm on his ground.

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