Forced Ch. 04

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I deftly felt Scott soaping up my lower back and ass with soap. He was careful when cleaning out my hole, as I was pretty sore. “You fucking slut,” he joked, spanking me lightly. “You used my big cock to get off, didn’t you? You love my big cock deep in your ass, don’t you?”

I was still on orgasm overload and just mumbled gibberish back at him. Scott cleaned us both off and rinsed the remaining soap and cum from our bodies. At the end of the shower he had my body turned towards his. Our cocks were occasionally touching; the tip of his cock was even resting on the base of my cock for a while. Neither of us got completely soft. Scott hugged me a couple of times and even kissed me, exploring my mouth a bit with his tongue.

He turned off the water. Our skin looked like raisins, we were all pruney. Scott took control and dried my body thoroughly with a hotel towel. He spent some extra time on my cock and ass.

Suddenly I heard a knock at the door.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

“Put this on around your waist and get the door while I dry off, OK champ?” Scott asked with a cocky smile. This guy was so conceited it drove me nuts. But again, I conformed. I wrapped the towel around my waist and left the bathroom. I looked out the peephole and asked, “Who’s there?”

“Airport delivery sir, we have your luggage.” A young looking Hispanic guy was on the other side of the door. I was so happy to get my luggage – I would be able to brush my teeth and change into fresh clothes. I opened the door in just my towel. The gentleman in the hall looked up and down my body quickly.

“Scott Banks?” he asked.


“Are you Scott Banks?” he inquired again.

“I am Scott Banks,” I heard behind me as Scott came out of the bathroom. The Hispanic guy’s jaw almost hit the ground. I turned slightly and saw that Scott was buck naked. He was still sporting a semi and it swung back and forth across his nuts. “Hey, my luggage is here, sweet!”

Nobody said a word for a couple of seconds, but those seconds seemed like an hour. I was between Scott and the door, so he asked me to grab his bag. When I leaned forward, Scott must have grabbed the edge of my towel and pulled it quickly from my body. I felt the cool air of the hallway whisk over my body. My nipples reacted immediately and got instantly hard. The delivery guy shot me a quick look and stared right at my cock.

Scott moved up behind me and pulled my body towards him. “Come on baby, let’s go back to bed and let me fuck you again.”

I was speechless. The delivery guy had a wry smile on his face and blushed. I know I was instantly deep red, too.

I tried jerking away from Scott but my only way of escape would have been out into the hotel hallway. He pushed me forward a bit towards the doorframe and I had no other recourse than to push back into him. His cock nestled into the top of my ass crack. “Yeah, he wants it bad again, buddy. You interested in joining us?”

“Jesus Scott, shut the fuck up!” I pushed back with more effort. I pulled the suitcase in with me and slammed the door shut. Scott was laughing his ass off as I stormed back into the room.

“You think that is funny, huh smartass?” I snapped at him.

“Hilarious, baby, hilarious!” he laughed back at me.

“Why the fuck did you do that? It was stupid. You are stupid! Asshole!” I yelled at him.

I was really pissed off on so many different levels. I am more modest than this. I don’t go around flashing people. I don’t solicit sex from strangers. I don’t have sex with guys. Well, not normally anyway.

“Lighten up, Randall.”

I hate being called by my last name – with one exception. My wife calls me Randall as a pet name. Or when she was really pissed at me.

“Don’t’ call me Randall, you prick!”

“Easy, baby! Settle down. Let’s get dressed and grab some breakfast. You can use some of my stuff to get ready. Your clothes from last night are over there, I folded them up last night” he motioned over towards a chair in the corner.

Sure enough, my clothes from yesterday were neatly folded. He put his suitcase on the bed, unlocked it and unzipped it. I stood in place, breathing through my nose trying to calm down. Scott found his toiletry bag and opened it. He grabbed some speed stick and spread some under his puts. I watched from across the bed. He threw the deodorant my way and I caught it. I opened it and could smell the musky spicy scent that I had picked up from Scott’s body earlier. I spread it on my pits and threw it back to him. He smiled deeply at me and I could read his mind – yeah, I have even more of his scent on me. GREAT!

I turned towards my clothes and picked up my boxers. I bent forward to pull them on and heard a low whistle coming from Scott. “Nice fucking ass, Jason. Still can’t believe you let me tap it last night. Haven’t had a cherry ass like yours in years.”

I felt the rush of blood creeping across my body as I blushed crimson. I decided not to say casino siteleri a word, because I wouldn’t have stopped yelling it I started.

I sat on my chair and pulled on my socks, then grabbed my undershirt and pulled it on. My khaki pants and button down followed. I looked up at Scott as I was buttoning up my shirt. He was slowly pulling up his jeans. He hadn’t put on underwear. His cock flopped out of the zipper.

“I like to go commando, Jace. It gives me easy access to my goodies. You should try it, I’d like to have easy access to your goodies, too” he said with that conceited smirk I hated.

I sat down again and started lacing up my shoes.

“You can use my toothbrush and razor if you want to, after what we shared last night exchanging a little more body fluid isn’t going to be a big deal, is it?” Again, that fucking smile.

He had his toothbrush and toothpaste in his hand and went into the bathroom. I heard the water running and after a minute or two, he poked his head out. “You can use it now.” Perfect, I get to use his used toothbrush. He was showing the pecking order of our relationship.

I grudgingly went into the bathroom. It was a mess. There were towels all over the floor. The shower had hair all over the tub floor. Mostly black curly hair, but I could also see my lighter and straighter brown hair mixed in there.

I moved up to the sink and started brushing my teeth. Scott came in closer behind me and I could feel his body rubbing against mine. I could actually feel this tumescent cock rubbing alongside my upper ass. Scott said, “excuse me” as he plugged the razor into the wall socket and started shaving his face. I could feel the cool air replace the spot his body had been rubbing up against.

He let me use his razor when he was finished, but I had to empty out all the trimmings before I could use it. Fucking hairy beast. Once I was done I joined him in the room again. He was finished dressing with a really nice polo shirt, jeans and leather boots. “Let’s go,” he said as he headed for the door.

We walked in silence down the hall to the elevator. He was checking his voicemail on his cell phone. Once we got inside the elevator he announced that Denver had gotten almost 3 feet of snow and the airport was still closed. When we got down to the lobby, it was evident there had been quite a bit of snow. There were lots of people milling about. Suitcases were scattered around the lobby and there were cots everywhere. People were still sleeping away, even with all the commotion around. We walked slowly towards the restaurant/bar and made our way in. It was packed. The only seating was up at the bar.

We made our way up and grabbed the last two seats. The hostess who led us up to the bar left us with two menus. As I looked over the menu I suddenly realized how hungry I was. I hadn’t really eaten anything since lunch yesterday, and it was going on 11am night now.

“Little hair of the dog, friend?” came a chuck from the other side of the bar. I looked up and recognized the bartender from yesterday. He had a broad grin on his face.

“No thanks,” I said shaking my head, “I think I had more than my fair share last night.”

“Two Bloody Mary’s, please” came a quick response from Scott. “A little hair of the dog is exactly what you need to get your head back on.”

The bartender pushed something across the bar toward me, it was my phone. I looked down at it. There were 11 missed calls. “Talked to your wife late last night and again this morning. You better give her a call, she is mad as hell at you. Damn thing kept ringing, I had to finally answer it.”

The bartender went about making the drinks. He joked with me a bit, telling me I was lucky Scott came along when he did last night, or I would have fallen right on my face off the stool. When he went to pour the shots of beer he looked at me and asked, “Coors or Kilt Lifter, Laddy?”

“Kilt Lifter,” Scott replied before I could say a word. “It worked like a charm last night. Had no problems getting under his kilt.”

The bartender was taken aback by Scott’s response and put the Bloody Mary’s and beers in front of us quickly and moved away. People on either side of us at the bar shot us some questioning looks, too.

“Will you shut up for once?” I seethed.

“What?” he feigned indifference.

“Leave it alone. It never happened and will never happen again,” I said shakily under my breath.

“We’ll see,” Scott replied.

It took the bartender a while to come back to us, I had to ask him to come over, in fact. He wasn’t nearly as friendly as before when we put in our orders.

We sat in silence for a while. I excused myself and walked to the restroom with my phone. I dialed my home number and my wife picked up before I even heard a ring.

“Randall, you selfish ass! I am worried sick about you. I didn’t hear a word from you and when someone finally answers your phone they are passing it around the bar. What the hell is your problem?!!”

She canlı casino was pissed as I could ever remember. She rarely swore and to have two swear words in a row, plus the use of Randall – yep, I was in deep shit.

“Sorry honey. I didn’t eat enough and got snowbound and had a couple of beers. I guess it got a bit out of control,” I tried to smooth things over. I entered the bathroom and went directly to one of the rear stalls. My stomach was churning again. I felt like I was going to puke. I felt like a guilty, sick shit.

I didn’t get another word in for almost a full minute. She was on fire today. She had both guns a blazing. I closed the door to my stall then unbuckled my belt. I slowly sat my ass down on the seat. I released some built up gas and it sounded a lot different than before, less resistance. It just leaked out of me. I knew I had to take a crap, but my guts seemed to be tied in knots. Cramps seized me and I moaned a bit.

“What the fuck is your problem, Randall!” she yelled into the phone. She never used that word with me.

“I’m going to be sick, I’ll call you back,” I hastily hung up the phone, dropping it to the floor. I grabbed both sides of the toilet and bore down for a second and a huge blast exited my body. I felt measurably better until a second and third blast followed. Great, diarrhea. Once the last of it exited my body I felt instantly better. I gingerly cleaned up my rear end and flushed the toilet. I grabbed my phone off the floor and went to the sink and cleaned up a bit, the cool water splashed against my face was a life saver.

I called my wife again, but got voicemail. I apologized profusely and told her I had gotten sick but was going to try and eat something. I would call her back after lunch. I headed back into the bar and sat back next to Scott. Our lunch had arrived.

“Everything OK, Sport?” he asked.

“What is it with and names?” I asked. “Sport?”

“Don’t’ forget baby, sweetie and lover,” he said into my ear. I flushed red again and started to eat my lunch. It actually it the spot. As did the Bloody Mary.

“The airlines are closed and all flights are cancelled. I called the folks in Vegas and they are doing the trade show without us today but hope we can make it tomorrow.” He leaned closer again and whispered, “I get another shot at that ass tonight, sport.”

“Fuck off!” I didn’t’ even try to hide my anger towards him.

People around us shot me some looks but I didn’t care.

Scott leaned into me again and brushed his lips to my ear, “Don’t deny it, you liked every last thrust of my cock in your ass-pussy, Jason. In fact, you were the one fucking me this morning.”

I leaned back into him and responded, not-so quietly, “you fucking raped me asshole!”

With that I got up and turned away from the bar.

“Sorry folks, just a lovers quarrel,” quipped Scott.

I stormed out of the restaurant. I think I actually ran out in anger, embarrassment and frustration. I wasn’t used to this type of confrontation. I went directly to the elevator and up to my floor. I got down to my room but realized I didn’t have the key card. I went back to the elevator and got back to the lobby. The receptionist was quick with a replacement card. As I walked back towards the elevator, I figured Scott could just come in anyway, as he had the other key card.

I didn’t want to see him. So I walked down a hallway towards the fitness area and pool. The pool was deserted and I sat on a chaise lounge lawn chair and closed my eyes and tried to think. My mind was racing but my body was desperate for another necessity – sleep. I gave in to sleep and drifted off. My dreams were crazy. There was no stream of consciousness to them, but I just remember them being crazy.

I woke to the buzzing of my phone. It was my wife and I answered it groggily. She had calmed down a bit and we had a much more civil conversation. I looked out the window and it was snowing lightly, but still blowing. She gave me an update on the weather and told me to call her back tomorrow. The kids had soccer and basketball tonight and homework and she said they would be really busy. I knew she wanted a little break from my drama of the last day, so I said, “love you, talk to you tomorrow.”

I got up off the lawn furniture and looked down at the clock on my phone. It was 4:30pm. I decided to head back up to my room and clean up for dinner. I wouldn’t be going back into the bar again, but thought I could order room service. Once I got upstairs I slide the key card into the door and let my self in. It was completely dark inside. I moved forward and stumbled over something in the hallway. I got up and turned on the bathroom light and there was my luggage. Thank God!

I had a sudden change of plans and decided to go work out. My muscles were a bit sore and my mind needed a diversion. I changed clothes, putting on shorts, a t-shirt and running shoes. I headed straight down to the exercise room. It was really nice for a hotel. Free kaçak casino weights, a couple of bikes, treadmills and ellipticals. And Scott. I swore under my breath. He was on an elliptical in the corner and had headphones on. He was reading a magazine and didn’t seem to notice me. I went over to the free weights and worked my upper body very hard. Probably too hard. After about 30 mintues, I jumped on a treadmill and went for a run. I decided to work extra hard and went for a full out run. This really helped my frustration…but I only made it about 3 miles at this pace before my lungs and legs gave out. By the time I was finished, sweat was pouring off my body. I walked off the treadmill, panting. During my run I had taken my shirt off to use as a sweat rag, and it was soaked. I took the shirt and stuck it in the waistband of my shorts and headed out of the gym. I could see Scott pulling himself out of the pool as I left…he must have been swimming laps. I grabbed a towel as I left the room and went directly up to our room. I had been gone for almost an hour. My heart was beating strongly in my chest and I was happy I had worked my body. When I got into the room I went right into the bathroom and turned on the shower. This would feel good. The place had been cleaned up by housekeeping. I stripped down and threw my sweaty clothes in a pile and climbed in the shower.

It did not take long for me to get the water adjusted, and then enjoy the luxury of all the hot water. The shower seemed larger than before. Oh, that’s right, before I had someone in here with me. I just stood there, enjoying the hot water running over my body, watching it run down my chest and stomach and off of my prick. One thing I had noticed today is that my cock never did get fully soft today. It wasn’t semi hard, it was just a lot fuller. As I soaped up my body I started to get aroused and watched as my cock grew towards its full size. I decided to finish, Scott would be up here soon. I turned off the water and dried myself. I went out into the room and found Scott pulling down his trunks. His back was to me and I could see his muscular, hairy ass flex as his trunks slide from his body. There was so much hair in his valley I couldn’t see anything but hair. And the same was to be said of his what was between his legs. From changing in locker rooms all my life I had become accustomed to seeing men in all states of undress. But when a guy is dropping trou and is bent over like that, you always see their teabags…and sometimes even a cock. But Scott was so hairy all I could see was dark black hair.

My cock reacted as if on auto pilot. I felt it get heavier.

“Did you save me any hot water, sport?” Scott asked.

“It is a hotel, they have an endless supply Scott”, I replied. We were trying to be pleasant.

I walked past him and started digging through my suitcase for something to wear. I heard the bathroom door close behind me and the shower start. I pulled on a pair of loose running shorts and cleaned up my mess. I grabbed the phone and called room service. I ordered up a cheeseburger and a couple of beers. I sat on my bed and cleaned up emails using my blackberry. Nothing urgent. I heard the shower stop and more noise from the bathroom.

The knock at the door startled me. Before I could even make it off the bed, Scott answered the door. He didn’t even dry the water off his body, he was dripping wet. Unlike earlier today, he had a towel around his waist. He opened to door to a surprised looking middle aged lady and grabbed the tray from her. He gave her a tip and asked if she could bring up a 12 pack of beer when she got a minute.

He placed the food on my bed and ate a couple of fries. As is typical with restaurant food, there was way too much food for one, so I ended up sharing it with him. Our conversation was pleasant and centered on work. He never changed into anything else and sat on the bed and cleaned up his email as well. The beers I ordered were quickly gone but then I heard another knock at the door and Scott came back with more beer.

We turned on the TV and watched the news, it was now after 6pm. More about the weather. I should have stopped drinking, but had 6 more beers with Scott. In all we had 7 beers each and were feeling no pain. Not hammered, just happy. We were both laying back on the bed with our backs to the headboard. Me in my shorts, Scott in his towel. His right upper thigh was plainly visible to me as his legs were spread slightly. I could just make out where his pubic hair got thicker near his groin.

“Hey Sport-O, where are you sleeping tonight?” I asked Scott in a somewhat sarcastic way.

His cocky smile parted and he replied, “Inside you.”

Damn did the fucking bulge under his towel look impressive. Knowing what was behind that towel as well as his comment made one corner of mouth turn up in a smile. He sure was a confident, good looking fucker.

We both laughed a bit.

“Sorry for being an asshole earlier. I know this is a lot for you. You are straight and it was a one time thing. I probably pushed you too much and you were drunk. If not, you never would have done a thing with me. You willing to give me another chance,” he whispered real low and sexy?

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