Flight Delay Ch. 03

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I heard her screaming my name “Oh God, Teddy, yes, yes!” then awoke with a start, feeling a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and the beautiful flight attendant, with the dark hair and dimpled cheek, was shaking me.

“We’ll be landing at LAX in just fifteen minutes sir.”

My dream was so real. It seemed that our loving would go on forever. I hoped that I’d not been talking in my sleep. The aching hardness between my legs seemed to have a memory of its own. My skin was stretched tight, and there was a burning sensation, both inside my urethra and at the underside of the purplish helmet. I shook my head, lifted my tray table and brought my seat back to its upright position.

“Nice dream, huh?” she said, stealing a lightning glance at my crotch, winked, and moved down the aisle.

As the plane began its descent my mind went back to the motel in Detroit, and I remembered waking from my orgasm induced slumber. I was lying on my stomach, my balls beginning to ache with more activity than they’d known since my honeymoon. I seemed pinned to the bed, and could feel her legs straddling my back, the warm wetness of her sodden pussy vibrating in a small circle just above my butt. I could feel her hand moving, touching my back, and I heard her labored breathing. I began to move.

“Stay still Teddy” she said, as if talking through clenched teeth. “I’m almost there” she gasped urgently as her hips started shaking me from side to side, and she began stifling muffled “uh, uh, uhs.”

I felt her hand stop, realizing she had two fingers canlı bahis inside her, pressing her swollen gspot. I knew what she was doing, having discussed this fantasy of mine on line so many times.

“Ohhhh Godddd Teddy” she exploded, as her body froze, then quivered and raised.

I can’t remember whether I heard the muted sound of the rushing liquid first, or the feel of my back being sprayed with warm water. But I knew that she had ejaculated on my back, gushing the flow which existed in but few women. Her soft ass settled on the small of my back, and she began moving the liquid up and down. Now I could feel her flaccid wet labia, on the back of my neck, on my left shoulder, then my right, spreading the exotic mixture of her female lubrication and the delicate urine-like aroma from her tantric sponge.

“I want to smell like you” I told her that night, three months before, “I want you to wash my entire body with your pussy.”

“Is this as good as you thought it would be?” She asked as she turned me over, lowered her pinkness to my forehead, then, cadging backward, washed down my nose, across my lips, chin, neck, and now my chest. I could hear the soft sibilant noise of her delicate lips as they slathered their sensuous surfactant.

As if floating in ethereal amniosis, I lay there feeling a soft buzzing in my ears with the sensation of tiny Lilliputian fingers tickling my body. It was more than titillation, it was a complete massage, the kind that few mortals would ever experience. She continued down, now sliding over my right bahis siteleri thigh, the wetness making a wet abrading sound on my plentiful leg hair. When she got to the arch of my foot, she raised slightly, held my big toe, and lowered herself on it, my toe feeling the warm sponge. Then she repeated on the left leg, fucked my toe with three slow plunges, and then moved backward on her elbows and knees.

I could see the redly chafed clam between her legs, seeping with the wetness of her passion. Still on her knees she straightened her back, then walked backward awkwardly, and bent at the waist. Her hands took my partially swollen penis, and I winced again as she began sucking the softish head between her lips. I hardened further, and she began sucking me in an exquisite motion. At the same time she bent her legs as her cheeks and ass spread. I saw her lips part with a liquid click, stretching a gossimer string between them and breaking it.

Her pussy and anus were a work of erotic art: reddened large lips, with pink ginger-like petals in between, spreading to show the fuck opened hole, glistening pink insides showing it’s marvelous contents. Her wondrous gash was topped by the pinkish brown moue, spoked by her delicate wrinkles. And, it seemed to be pulsing, bulging out, and gently sucking back in. The other end of the sensual slit was decorated with her fleshy node, covered partially by a soft protective sheath, the glistening pink head peaking out. I watched her soft bottom lower to my forehead, until the redolent clam pressed against bahis şirketleri my lips, and the spoked anus touching the tip of my nose.

Together we licked and sucked, wiggled and bucked, until her bottom vibrated, and she tensed, as my body went ridged, and my semen flowed from aching balls into her covering mouth, and her body went limp on mine.

It was as if we were one organism now. Our breathing matched, as did our heartbeats. We were melted together, she laying on top of me, weightless, almost buoyant. I could only see her legs, the contour of her ass, her reddened puffy lips with the tiny bit of clitoris peeking out. I wanted to spoon with her, to caress her, to fondle her soft breasts…and we did.

As we lay together neither of us drifted off. We were alone in our thoughts but together in the rest of our allness. We were afraid to talk, knowing that our talk might be futile; both committed to our marriage. This liaison was never supposed to have taken place, but karma demanded it. As we lay in silence we both dwelt on the karma that might allow it to happen again.

She dropped me off at the airport, with a smile on her lips, and tears in her eyes. I got out of the car and started to talk. “Shhh” she said placing her index finger on her lips. With a lump in my throat I waited for her to say something. Her eyes welled as she whispered “I know” and the car started moving forward. I nodded and closed the door.

I opened the door to my house, and heard “Hi honey, did you get any new business?”

“Well, nothing immediate. This is going to require a couple more trips I think.”

She walked to me with a smile, and hugged me tightly. “Welcome home sweetie.” Placing her head on my chest she paused. “I love your new cologne.”

the end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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