First Time Sucked by a Guy

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This is an absolutely true story of my first time with m2m contact.

I entered the adult bookstore wondering if anyone I knew might see me there. My curiosity brought me to pay the fee to pass through the turnstile into the land of the video booths. As a 40 something divorced guy with a girlfriend, I had always gotten aroused by the possibility of m2m sex. This was my first time experimenting, although I often fantasized about it.

I noticed in the darkened corridors that various guys loitered around while others used their tokens to play videos. Many apparently intentionally left cracks in their booths which would allow one to walk past and gaze inside as they fondled their penises.

I entered one of the booths, closed and locked the door, and fed the tokens which allowed me to start enjoying the widest variety of porn videos I had ever seen. My curiosity was obvious in my video selection as I either chose guys with guys or women sucking huge cocks! Myself, I am fairly well build with an 8″ cut cock! Needless to say, I was nervous as hell!

I was pretty aroused, but I hadn’t whipped out my cock yet. I got brave and opened the door to an obvious crack to see where it would go. I saw a guy staring through the crack checking me out. A few minutes later my appearance must have been acceptable to this guy as he opened my door, nodded at me seeking the approval that I provided, and closed and locked the door!

The sensations of arousal I felt were incredible, but I was nervous as hell. The guy who entered was shorter and stockier than me, but that was okay as I wasn’t looking for a male casino oyna model type. While attracted romantically to women, my many readings on m2m activities led me to seek the pure animal lust that only two horny guys tended to have! This guy was sort of what I would later find out to be a “bear” type and that suited me fine.

He sensed my nervousness and I think I mentioned something about it being my first time in the booth! He gruffly but calmly said, “Don’t worry, we’ll just fool around a little!” That seemed to settle me down. Within seconds he grabbed my semi-hard cock through my pants – what a shock and thrill that was! He simultaneously grabbed my hand and placed it on his pants to feel his bulging, fat cock! While this move took me by surprise, my curiosity would not allow me to do anything other than hold onto that cock!

The next thing I know, he is unbuckling my belt, unbuttoning my pants, and unzipping me to get a better feel of my cock. He initially holds it through my underwear, but shortly decides to pull down my pants and briefs to my knees to get a good grip on my naked, now fully hardening, thick cock!

He said something to the effect, “Nice big cock”! I was a rookie at this stuff and was not sure where this would go. After stroking it for a minute or so, he drops down to his knees and looks up at me. He was either asking me, or telling me, that he was going to suck my cock! I was too hard and aroused to do anything but nod approval and wait for his lips to touch my cock! I wasn’t sure if this was what I bargained for when I entered the booth, but I knew now that it was going to happen. canlı casino This bearish guy was confident and assertive while being respectful, I felt! I was really turned on and with him in control I wasn’t sure if I could stop him from doing anything he wanted that evening! He eyed my hard cock as he moved his lips towards the huge head!

This was the first time a guy had ever touched my cock, and to say that I was hugely aroused when his lips touched the head is an understatement! He sucked in the head effortlessly and the sensation briefly left me breathless! After savoring the taste of my big head and precum he proceeded to lick all over the head and shaft as he worked his way all the way down to my pubes. He somehow managed to take the whole thing down his throat and proceeded to work up and down while he gently massaged my balls and the area between my balls and asshole! I was in heaven! Although I was not at that time looking for anal stimulation, I would have been hard pressed to shut him down if he had chosen to finger my asshole. He was in control and my cock and balls were his at the time!

He must have been enjoying pleasuring me enough to want it to last at least a few minutes as he would pause briefly if he sensed I was getting too close to cumming. This guy was good – I have to admit that he probably sucked my cock better than any women had previously done!

After a few minutes of this he apparently decided that it was time to drain my balls! He applied a little more pressure to my shaft with his lips and would pop my head in and out of his mouth at the end of each stroke. He continued kaçak casino to suck up and down my entire shaft until he must have sensed the expansion of my head as happens just before I have a really good orgasm! I felt my orgasm building and I knew it would be a big one. I tend to have huge loads and one of my recent girlfriends who loved sucking cock told me that she had to swallow several times to get it all down. So when I felt it building I felt it was only fair to warn the guy as I had no idea of whether he wanted me to shoot into his mouth or not. I mentioned my imminent orgasm to him, but little did I know of his intentions and the fact that he knew exactly what was about to happen. Seconds before I came he moved his lips up to just behind the head of my cock and held them firmly there while he stroked the bottom of my cock with his hand.

All of a sudden I had one of the strongest orgasms I have ever had. This guy was content to keep his lips clamped onto my shaft the whole time I orgasmed. His lips didn’t budge for quite a while and he didn’t lose a drop. I was glad that he was not sucking right on the head after my orgasm since I have found since that I become overly ticklish on the head right after I cum. When I was completely spent he removed his mouth from my cock and turned to the side and spit the huge orgasm out. I was only slightly disappointed that he chose not to swallow, but I understood his action and was more than gratified by what had just transpired. I wasn’t sure if he expected reciprocation and the lull from my post orgasm state would make that a chore. As it turns out, we nodded to each other and he left the booth. I knew that I would be back in the booth again soon, but I was finished for today! That was years ago, but I’ve returned a few times and hope to elaborate in future stories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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