First Time Meeting

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It was the usual scene, clubbing on a Friday night. I was feeling particularly horny with the amount of girls all around in London and decided with a friend to try out this new club called Anon Anon.

Its a club and with 7 separate bars on different levels. Because I am not a real drinker I had a few drinks mainly rum and coke and proceeded to the dance area on the top floor.

That night it was reasonably packed with people, a few ladies did catch my eyes and there were others with their boyfriends. My friend and me did our usual thing of drinking and dancing on the floor knowing sooner or later we would bump into the right ladies.

After approaching a few, it became evident that some had lost their inhibitions that night and weren’t up for anything at all until meeting Louise.

Louise is a sexy lady; she dressed with a long tight skirt hugging her petite yet fuckable figure. Her tits weren’t that big but I have to admit she had a pretty face and diamond eyes which did more for me then anything else.

We chatted in the club, I offered to buy her a drink but she was only into water, still good I thought. We danced a little, not really close but we still enjoyed each other’s company.

The night came to an end and because we were with our friends we decided to go our separate ways, but before doing so I made sure we exchanged numbers.

I made no contact with her until about a week later illegal bahis when I sent her a hot text message basically saying I thought she had beautiful eyes, loved the way she danced on the dance floor among other compliments.

Immediately I got a text message back saying she was free Saturday night and she would like to meet.

Saturday night came; we met at a bar and had a few drinks. The bar was quite busy, had great atmosphere and most couples were enjoying themselves plus all the other people there.

After some more drinks and chitchat, we got closer together before we both sneaked a quick kiss in. We both could feel we wanted each other. We had a few more drinks, danced a little then departed.

I arranged to drop her home since I was driving. On the way back to her house, we listened to music and made small talk. We did glance each other but we never touched. Once outside her house, she asked me in for a coffee. That’s when it all began.

As soon as I got past the front door and into the kitchen, she poured a cup of water from the fridge made out that she was going to give it to me, put it on the table instead and we were in each others arms like lovers that haven’t seen each other in ages.

We kissed slowly, my hand holding the back of her neck gently as it moved down her body. Our tongues in twined together, locked, exploring each other intimately. This continued for a while illegal bahis siteleri before she led me up the stairs to her room.

On the way up the stairs we were fondling each other, and could not wait to get to her bed! By the time we reached her room we practically were in each other and she broke away before undressing in front of me down to her lacy knickers.

With quick motions I was out of my shirt and trousers and just in my boxers with an obvious bulge. We climbed into bed and I stroked her, kissed her softly, tenderly, caressed her breast, and twisted her nipple before my tongue trailed down from her mouth to her nipple. I took it in and sucked it, it became instantly erect to my mouth, I played with the other nipple with my hand then my tongue trailed to the other to suck it.

This continued all the while, slowly my hands caressing her body, my tongue sucking on her nipple all around, she was becoming wetter, I looked up her eyes closed as I continued to play with her beautiful body.

My hands worked its way down her body, her leg that was close together instantly parted as I sucked harder on her erect nipple; she found mine by touch alone and started to pinch mine.

We continued slowly before she guided my hand down her body and motioned for me to take her knickers off. I went down low giving her soft kisses on her inside thigh not touching her sweet aromatic pussy,

I canlı bahis siteleri took the sweet musky smell in and stared at her pussy for a moment marveling at its beautiful glory. It looked good I couldn’t hold back any more and I let my tongue glide over it. Louise let out a low moan, my tongue slid over it again, taking in some of her juices, before she forced my head onto her.

Impaled my tongue raced for her clit and I was sucking and licking, circling her pussy at a frantic pace as if I were a man fresh out of jail never been with a lady in ages. Louise moaned out louder as I parted her lips and slid my tongue into her pussy.

“AHhhhhhhhhh” she cried as my tongue fucked her wet pussy. My tongue locked onto her pussy before she let out a loud cry and a flood of juices filled my mouth. I eagerly drank up and continued licking and sucking.

I eventually got my fingers in the scene gently finger fucking her pussy before going like a battering ram with two fingers before her body shuddered and she came again and again exploding violently.

I twisted my body position and she took my cock into her mouth. The 69 was the best I’ve been in. She licked all the way up and down my shaft, sucked my balls, took them in her mouth and gave my cock hard steady sucks at the same time my fingers darting in and out of her wet pussy and my tongue lapping up all her juices.

I couldn’t take any more and it was a matter of time before I blew my load, she swallowed not letting any escape. The night continued much the same, we didn’t fuck each other but she later revealed that was her first time but there would be plenty of other opportunities for full blown sex!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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