First Experience with Another Man

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It was when we were visiting my brother and his wife at their South Carolina beach house, last spring, that I had my first experience with another man. You’ll have to decide for yourself what “category” this episode fits into. To this day, I am not sure myself what I would call it.

I play tennis quite a bit at home, and there was a tennis club that was part of my brother’s resort neighborhood. I added my name to a doubles signup list in the hopes I might be able to play some competitive tennis during my visit. The second day I was there I got a call from the club indicating that a group needed a forth that afternoon.

I changed into my tennis shorts and shirt and went over to the tennis club house just before 2:00. I parked and went into the pro shop and the employee there told me my group was already down on court

As I approached the court, I could see the other 3 guys were already warming up. From my quick observation, they appeared to be good players, so it should be a good match. All the other players looked to be somewhat older than me, which probably put them in their 50’s. My partner for the day was well tanned, indicating he probably played frequently. We made short introductions. My partner’s name was Mike and he told me he and his wife were staying at a nearby condo for the month.

It was a beautiful warm sunny afternoon. Perfect for tennis. Mike and I seemed well partnered on the tennis court, me being somewhat more nimble in the back court and him with an aggressive net game.

We played for about 2 hours and ended up beating our opponents fairly convincingly. As we wrapped up our play and put away our rackets, Mike asked me if I’d like to join him for a cold beer at his condo, which was just a few steps away from the tennis complex. It sounded good, so after leaving my equipment in my car, we walked over to his place.

Mike grabbed a couple of cold beers from the fridge and we sat down on the couch. We had both worked up a sweat, so sitting back with a cold one hit the spot. Mike said his wife and he had come down here the past few years and really enjoyed it. She was out shopping for the afternoon.

As we sipped our beers we both talked a little bit about where we were from what we do for a living. Other than being a talented tennis player, there was nothing particularly remarkable that I noticed about Mike. He had a couple of grown kids. He was about 6 foot tall, well-tanned, and in average shape. My kids were somewhat younger. Even at 42, I’ve always had a slim athletic physique, stand about 5’10” and weight in at 150. I am sure my tennis play contributes to my staying in shape.

After my first beer I needed to use the bathroom. As casino oyna I got up off the couch, I could feel that my left hip and leg had really stiffened up on me. I remarked to Mike that I should probably have stretched out some after our match. I hobbled to the bathroom to relieve myself of the beer I had been consuming.

I came back to the living room, and my stiffness had improved but was apparently still evident. Mike commented on it and asked me if the soreness often happened after I played tennis.

Mike commented, “You ran around that court like a jack rabbit, so I am not surprised that your muscles have tightened up on you some.”

”Well I’m getting old, so it happens to me sometimes, but it will probably get better in an hour,” I replied.

“Do you want me to take a look? I did some sport medicine classes in college and am pretty good at evaluating these situations,” Mike offered.

“Well, I think I will be fine in a little bit, but if you have some ideas on treating it, I’m all ears,” I said.

“Come stand in front of me, facing the other way. It’s on the left side?”

I hobbled over in front of Mike, who was still sitting on the couch, turning my backside to him.

“Point to where it’s tight,” he said.

I pointed to my left hip and to the group of leg muscles just below my butt. With a surprisingly firm touch Mike probed the tight area with his hands. It felt good but a little painful at the same time.

Mike exclaimed, “Yes, both those areas feel somewhat knotted up. I think I can work the tightness out if you’ll let me.”

It certainly felt like Mike knew what he was doing. “If it’s not a problem, I think that would be great Mike.”

“Let me drop your shorts, so they’re out of the way.” Without waiting for an answer, I felt Mike pull on my tennis shorts, which easily stretched over my hips and fell to the floor. I was left standing in my white underwear and tennis shirt.

I was slightly shocked, but didn’t say anything to Mike. He returned to massaging my upper left leg with his firm touch. He first pressed his palms and then his thumbs into the knotted areas. He used both hands which wrapped themselves more than half way around my upper leg. He was so far up my leg that I could feel the top of his inside hand coming into incidental contact with my sac. Though underwear separated me from coming into direct contact with his fingers, the grazing sent a small tingle through my body.

“I can feel the knots loosening up,” Mike proclaimed.

“Yes, I think you’re right.”

“Your tennis shirt is petty long, why don’t you take it off so it doesn’t get in the way when I am working on your hip.”

In retrospect, Mike’s canlı casino seduction was so obvious, that an idiot should have seen right through it. But, Mike had gotten me to a state where, in my mind, I was just complying with the “doctor’s” orders and he was indeed brining needed relief to my sore body. I dutifully pulled my sweaty tennis shirt over my head and placed it on the floor.

Next, Mike started in on my left hip. Again firmly kneading it with both hands. After a short while his hands starting going a little off target as he massaged all of my ass. It felt good and I stood in silence as he worked my glutes with his hands.

“I am sure you’ve heard this before, but you have a great ass,” Mike off handedly commented, like he was talking about the weather.

While I thought my ass was one of my best features, and had been complimented on it on more than a few occasions, those observations had never come from a guy, much less one that currently had both of his hand on it. I am sure I turned a shade of red. I just let the comment pass, not knowing how to respond to his compliment.

We continued my therapy as he thoroughly worked my hip and ass muscles over. The silence was broken, when he instructed me to turn back around. I obediently complied. Here I was in some guy’s condo, I had met 3 hours ago, wearing nothing but my underwear, and doing whatever he asked me. Mike started in massaging my leg from the front. I stared down at his hands as they worked their way up my leg. The obvious was finally starting to dawn on me. Mike’s touches were becoming less and less therapeutic and more, for lack of a better term, sensual. I could tell that he was enjoying touching my body. In my mind I was thinking to myself, “but this guy is married!”

I have to admit, I didn’t dislike the attention Mike was paying me. I could have walked away at any time, but I didn’t. I was actually beginning wonder just how far this “therapy session” would go, if I let it.

As his hand worked steadily up my leg, I could feel myself begin to stir. He pressed into the top of my leg and groin, just an inches from my growing cock. One of his fingers lightly traced the elastic leg openings of my shorts and lightly scratched at my ball sac. He moved his hands to my other leg and repeated the process. By the time his hands moved to the top of my other leg, I could feel my cock rapidly hardening. I wondered where his hands might go next and I stared down at myself and watch my hard-on fill out the front of my shorts. I hardly noticed when Mike began to tug on my shorts. As they were lowered, my hard member sprung free. Both of us watched it bob about for a few moments before stopping at its flag pole position. kaçak casino

“Very nice,” I heard Mike exclaim. I’m like, did someone just compliment my package? Before I could react or say anything, he leaned forward and engulfed my proud boner with his mouth. I practically gasped for air as he swallowed my cock. This was nothing like my wife’s occasional and tentative oral attentions.

I felt him cup my balls as he bobbed up and down on me.

“Doesn’t that feel good?” Mike asked.

A soft moan was all I could give him in reply.

“When you walked out onto that court this afternoon, I said to myself, I’ll bet that guy has a cock that is just perfect for sucking and I was right. I love my wife, but sometimes I see a guy and I just need to suck cock.”

I wasn’t sure what to make of his “confession”, but here I was, enjoying the benefits of his obsession. Mike was working my cock like someone who was starving. Fortunately, Mike backed off a little, allowing me to cool down some. He explored my length with his hands and licked the underside of my erection with his tongue. He took just the tip into his mouth this time and swirled his tongue over my cock head and then without warning his mouth swallowed me whole again, causing me to moan once again.

I never cum when my wife performs oral on me. It is enjoyable, but simply is not stimulating enough to bring me to the edge. This was different. My whole penis tingled every time Mike plunged his mouth over my length, milking me with his throat. I was just getting to that point where I knew there would be no holding myself back. Mike seemed to sense that and backed off me.

His hands explored me more extensively, running over my abs and chest. Then down between my legs and behind my sac. Reaching further back, he ran his fingers over my ass and lightly probed between my cheeks. Meanwhile I just stood there, taking it all in, with my rock hard cock pointing at the ceiling. Soon he returned his concentration back to the part of my body most in need of attention. Using both his hands and wet mouth he rapidly bobbed up and down on my pole. Sensations built quickly as he relentlessly slurped, fondled and beat me off. I knew I was close.

I told Mike, “I’m going to cum!” and started to pull back some.

Mike reacted by wrapped his hands around my ass and pulling me deeper into his mouth. Instead of passively standing by as he sucked me, I began to thrust my hips as I anticipated my impending climax. I could literally feel my toes curl as my orgasm began to come over me. My cock was slammed as far back as it could go as I began to ejaculate. I am sure he could feel cum spay the back of his throat. I continued to unleash my seed down his greedy mouth. Finally I pulled away, as I was too sensitive to continue.

Mike exclaimed “So has the stiffness gone away?”

“Do you mean from my leg or my cock? Yes to both…” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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